by nevermind

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Anouk and two of her friends go on vacation in a beautiful lakeside cabin. It seems almost too good to be true – and Anouk soon learns what is true, and what isn’t.

“Jesus Christ, this is amazing!”

Anouk let her bag fall to the floor next to her as she took another few strides into the enormous living room. She spun around, taking it all in. The enormous, comfy-looking sofa, the giant flat screen TV, the wall-high windows overlooking the lake.

“No kidding,” said Ryan, equally shedding his travel baggage to enjoy their arrival. Brooke and him were holding hands as they followed after Anouk. “It’s even better than the pictures. I can't believe they rent it out for so cheap! We got really lucky!”

Anouk turned around to look at the pair. “Holy shit, thank you so much for dragging me along!”

“We’re not dragging you, Ani!” said Brooke, softly shaking her head. “We just stopped you from jumping ship.”

Anouk sighed. For a moment, her mind went to the bad place. To Paul. Nope! Nope! She wasn’t going to waste one single neuron on that cheating bastard of an ex-boyfriend! She was not going to miss him -- or think about the fact that they were three instead of four.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” she said, managing a smile and returning her thoughts to the wonderful forest-scented present. “Anyway, thank you! This place is great.” 

“Wanna pick rooms?” Ryan said, looking towards the staircase that led from the ground floor to the second.”

“Sure,” Anouk said. She picked up her bag and schlepped it up the polished wooden steps. Upstairs, she was greeted by a spacious hallway lined by six doors, four of them marked with colorful names: ‘Room Chestnut’, ‘Room Cerulean’, ‘Room Emerald’, and ‘Room Sunflower’. The other two doors she assumed led to bathrooms. She opened the door labelled ‘Room Sunflower’, and she didn’t even need to see if she’d like the other rooms more. 

It was stunning. A king-sized four-poster made from pearwood with golden-yellow drapes, and dressers and cupboards to match. It was warm and inviting without being tacky or overly kitschy. It radiated positivity, which was exactly what Anouk needed right now. A place to grab a blanket and just be comfortable.

Behind her, she heard Ryan and Brooke open the door to another room. She turned around to comment on her own choice when the door labelled ‘Room Emerald’ snapped shut with the two of them behind it, leaving Anouk standing by herself in the doorway to her own room with a half-open mouth.

“I’ll leave you to it, then,” she mumbled flatly. From beyond the other door, she could clearly hear the muffled sound of two people enthusiastically falling onto a bed.

Really?! You’re going to do it immediately?!

Whatever. It wasn’t like she could expect them to stay celibate for the trip. When it had still been the four of them planning it, that had been the implicit idea anyway — not that anyone had said it, but… yeah. Big, beautiful lakeside house. Someone to organize the booze, someone to organize the pot. Things were going to get physical, and no one had any problems with it.

But really, immediately after they arrived?

Anouk gritted her teeth, torn between feeling hurt and trying to let the two of her friends have the fun they came for. She closed her own door and opened the door to the balcony (there was a balcony!). As she looked out, she had a wonderful view of the lake, and the warm breeze flowed gently in, kissing her skin with the smell of leaves and grass. She took a deep breath and laid down on her own bed, listening to the birds and to the rustling of trees.

After a minute, she could hear Brooke’s moans through the walls.

Oh come on!

She took out her phone and plugged in her earphones.

Anouk was in the living room an hour later checking out how the TV worked when Ryan and Brooke finally decided to descend from upstairs. They had both showered, and Brooke’s blonde hair was sticking to her neck in long wet strands. At least they had the decency to have put on proper clothes and not just sweat pants.

“How’s your bed?” Anouk asked without looking at them. “Springy or foamy?”

“So you heard,” Ryan said. He sounded embarrassed. He better be.

“Yup. I heard.” Anouk said. She turned around to look at them properly. She was trying really hard not to be angry at them, and only partly succeeding.

“You know, I’m not trying to step on your fun,” she said, raising her eyebrows. “But you promised not to make me feel like the third wheel! And you immediately broke that promise!”

The pair looked at each other, lips tight.

“Sorry,” Brooke said.

“Sorry,” Ryan said. “I asked her to let you join in, but she said no!”

Brooke punched him on the upper arm. “Ryan! Oh my God! What the fuck!”

Anouk meanwhile couldn’t help but chuckle, despite her better judgment. She raised her finger at Ryan in a threatening gesture, but she was stifling a smile even as she still seethed. His delivery and the sheer audacity of it had somehow taken it over the line a second time and made it funny again.

She looked at Brooke. “You’ve got a real charmer there, honey.”

Brooke made a grimace of discomfort. Her face had taken on a slight shade of red. Anouk lowered her hand and relaxed a bit. She took a deep sigh. For a moment, she considered sticking to her guns. But what for? She didn’t want to argue. The two of them weren’t out to hurt her, after all, and usually they weren’t inconsiderate dicks. In fact, they almost never were.

“No, thank you,” she said, giving Ryan a wink. “I'm going to have to pass on that threesome. I wouldn’t want you to end up being the third wheel.”

“Point taken,” Ryan said. “We’re really sorry.”

“Good, because I wasn’t feeling like helping with cooking anyway.”

It was late. Well, not that late. But Anouk was dead tired already. She yawned.

“I don’t think I can make it to the end,” she said as she grabbed the remote to pause the movie they were watching. “You two can finish without me.”

Ryan opened his mouth.

“Don’t you fucking dare make a dirty joke,” Anouk said, raising her finger at him. “See you tomorrow. 11 a.m. breakfast? Let’s check the hiking routes. Maybe drive somewhere up the mountains.”

“We’ll see tomorrow,” Brooke yawned. Anouk handed her the remote and walked up the stairs to her room.

She fell asleep almost as soon as she hit the sheets.

When she woke again, it was still dark. Her mouth was dry, and she was having a headache. She groaned, and tried to turn over in her bed — only to find out that she couldn’t move! Her pulse spiked, and she was suddenly wide awake.

“You are paralyzed,” a female voice said in the darkness, and Anouk shrieked. Tried to shriek. But she couldn’t muster anything more than a weak whimper. Oh God, what was happening?! She couldn’t move! There was someone in the room with her!

She tried to sit up. Nothing happened. She tried to kick out. Nothing happened. Her heart was beating in her chest like war drums, but she couldn’t move!

“You woke up sooner than expected. The lattice is still forming,” said the voice. It wasn’t a voice that Anouk recognized.

She barely managed to turn her head slightly, and when she did she noticed the metal bands that were clamping down on her. The pain of them was dulled into little more than pressure, but her head still felt like it was ready to burst.

“I’m sorry about this,” said the voice, and Anouk felt a painless poke in the small of her arm. “This will put you back to sleep. Usually it isn’t needed.”

Before Anouk could be alarmed, she already felt herself inexorably slipping out of consciousness. She felt an overwhelming sense of leaden sleep descend upon her, and even as she noticed it, she had already closed her eyes, already let out a sigh, already given in, already—

—she woke again, moments later, and it was bright daytime. For a moment, she remained disoriented, trying to figure out what had just happened. Where was she? She was in bed, and there was sun shining in. Yellow drapes around her. A woman sitting next to her bed.

Again, adrenaline smacked her awake. Again, she tried to get up. Again, nothing happened.

“You woke on command,” said the woman. “Very good.”

Anouk stared at her with wide eyes. The woman was about her age. Mid twenties. Straw-colored hair, bound back in a tight bun. In addition to a summer dress she was wearing surgical gloves, and Anouk could see a metal table next to her at the side of the bed. Fear balled itself up in the pit of her stomach. Oh God, what is happening?

“The lattice in your brain has now solidified and is ready to be activated,” the woman said, as if that was meant to clear things up or calm Anouk down instead of doing the opposite of both of these things. Anouk wanted to scream, but she couldn’t move at all. 

“It has already undergone its first self-tests and calibrations. As you notice, it has already overridden your motor control.”

Anouk’s mind was reeling. What?! They had implanted something in her brain? This couldn't be real. This couldn’t be what was happening. She was supposed to be on vacation. Where were Ryan and Brooke? 

“Command: Say ‘sunflower’.”

“Sunflower,” Anouk said, and in her mind, she descended into utter panic. She hadn’t meant to say it. She hadn’t even been ready for it. But the moment the strange woman had told her to, she had said it. And the strangest thing about it was that it had felt like her own idea at the moment. It hadn’t been her mouth moving by itself. It was like the part of her that formed speech had decided what to say without asking for permission from her brain.

Except that it was her brain. They had done something to her brain!

“Command: Say ‘fucking cunt’.”

“Fucking cunt,” Anouk said, and again it felt like some small part of her had gone rogue. How could this be real? How could this be happening?!

“Command: Masturbate.”

No! No! No! She thought, but even as she tried everything to stop herself, she couldn’t help doing it. It was like a reflex. Like someone poking her eyelid. But instead of blinking or flinching she was pushing her fucking fingers down her panties and between her folds. Oh God, why couldn’t she stop this?! Why was it feeling like she was doing it herself? She wasn’t doing it! But she was! 

Next to her, the woman was checking the screen of a tablet that lay on the metal table next to surgical equipment. The woman was studying it intently, nodding slowly.

“Command: Stop.”

Anouk stopped. Her heart was racing, and her breathing was heavy.

“Override Alpha.”

Something lurched in Anouk’s mind, and the world felt suddenly different. She knew it was still the same, but everything had changed. Not her confusion, however. Not her panic. Not her fear. 

“Please,” she whimpered. For the tiniest moment she paused, realizing that she was able to speak again. Then she screamed.

“Help!!! Ryan! Brooke! Someone help me!!!” she wailed at the top of her voice. “Please! Anyone!!!”

She was greeted only by the sound of wind and chirping birds. No one was answering. She strained her eyes looking left and right to see if anything was happening, but she only saw the young woman at her bedside mustering her with an unsettling aura of detachment and patience. 

She whimpered. “What are you doing to me?”

“I will now align your mind. The ceramic lattice in your brain is giving you perfect suggestibility. That is why you are awake now. I need you to understand what I will tell you to believe. The lattice will monitor your understanding of my words and make you permanently believe them. Your waking brain will do the rest to rationalise the forced changes.”

Anouk blinked as that sunk in.

“No,” she said, matter-of-factly. “No, you can’t do that. Why would you— No. No, no, no, no. Stop. Please. Don’t do this. Just… just let me go. Please, just—”


“Yes?” she asked automatically, the mention of her name bringing her off balance. Her heart was racing in her chest, and she felt numb with fear. Please. Just let me—

“Everything I say is true. You will believe everything I tell you.”

Anouk felt the gravity of the woman’s words slam into her like hammer blows. Oh God, it was true, wasn’t it? Everything she’d said so far was true. There was something in her brain, making her do things, stopping her from moving. The woman was telling the truth. Everything she was saying was the truth. Oh God, no. How could it all be true?

She sobbed. “Please. I don’t want it to be true. I want to go home. I—”

“Anouk, it is so much easier to relax and listen.”

Anouk swallowed heavily. She could still swallow, apparently. If she could, she would have nodded with bitter defeat. Fuck, of course it was easier. But she didn’t want to! She should be fighting! But there was nothing she could do. She hated it. She was so scared. But the woman was right. It would be so much easier to just relax and listen.

“Anouk, it is better to relax and accept what is happening.”

“I…” she began, some part of her still reflexively trying to lash out and bargain or fight. But the woman was right. It was easier this way. There was nothing she could do anyway. She had already screamed. There was no one coming. She couldn’t move. She could only relax and accept what was happening.

“Anouk, you accept what is happening to you.”

Anouk still felt the aftertaste of adrenaline in the back of her throat. She still felt the cold sweat on her skin. But what the woman was saying was true. This was going to happen. Nothing to be done about it. And she felt much calmer already. It really wasn’t so bad, was it? She wasn’t giving up. But kicking and screaming was getting her nowhere. 

“Yes,” she said with a resigned sigh. “Okay. I guess you’re right.”

Some part of her still remembered the panic and the fear, but it felt so far removed now. It hadn’t accomplished much, anyway. She couldn’t blame herself for being afraid, of course. She was right to be afraid. But this was happening, no matter what. Okay. What now?

“Anouk, it’s best if you help me along with anything I do to you.”

“Okay,” Anouk said hesitantly. She’d rather not be changed even more than she had already been changed. Up to this point, everything was fine. But she didn’t know what else the woman wanted to do to her. It didn’t really change the fact that Anouk would rather help than resist, however. Of course, she would help. That would give her the best chances. Go along with it. Keep the peace they already had between them.

The woman nodded. “Very good. Anouk, it is important that you answer all my questions completely truthfully and without inhibition. Very important.”

Yes. Of course. After all, this was going to happen. She’d already begrudgingly accepted that. And it was fine. It was okay. Lying to the woman with access to her brain sounded really dangerous. She didn’t want brain damage. She’d tell her everything if that meant avoiding that. 

“Yes. I won’t lie,” she promised. She still had a knot in her stomach.

“Thank you, Anouk. Do you feel at all inhibited or impaired? Dizziness, drifting thoughts, sluggishness?”

“No,” Anouk said. “I feel perfectly normal, except that I can’t move.”

“Very good. Can you remember where you are? Do you have any noticeable gaps in memory?”

“I’m at the Somerset Lake house, and I’m here on a trip with—”

“—you do not need to recount your memories, thank you. I only need your self-assessment.”

“Sorry. Yes. No memory gaps as far as I can tell. But there might be things that I don’t remember that I don’t remember.”

The woman smiled thinly.

“You’re overthinking.”


“It’s fine, Anouk. Thank you for cooperating. It feels good to cooperate.”

“You’re welcome,” Anouk said. It was true. After all, she felt so much more relaxed now that she was going along with all of this. It was so much easier this way. This was quite nice, actually. It almost felt like some sort of strange therapy. She still felt a little nervous about what else the woman was going to do to her brain, though.

“Anouk, cooperating means letting me change you.”

Anouk considered the idea. It made sense, of course. She already felt so much better than five minutes ago, and it had to be because had been cooperating so well. Of course! Thank God she’d been smart about this. She didn’t miss all that fear of resisting and fighting. She preferred to cooperate. And all of this was fine. She had already been changed, and it was fine. And this was happening anyway, wasn’t it? Just cooperate. Just let the woman change her. It wasn’t a big deal.

“Okay,” she said. “‘I’ll cooperate.”  As soon as she said it, she knew that she was doing the right thing.

“Good. Anouk, being changed is really interesting and exciting.”

Huh. Anouk hadn’t seen it that way until now, but it made so much sense. This was so unexpected. So unreal. She had been telling herself that it couldn’t be happening. She’d been so overwhelmed and afraid of change. But now that she was more calm and collected, she saw the appeal of it. Who else got to experience something like this happening to them? This was so crazy.

“You want it, Anouk,” the woman said, and Anouk agreed. Of course! It was so exciting, and she wanted to find out how it would feel. She’d been afraid of it. Why? How didn’t she see it before?

“Yes,” she said, hardly able to believe her own words. “I want it.” The memory of panic was still fresh in her mind. But it felt so nonsensical now. She was so glad that she had decided to accept what was happening. This was so exciting!

“Do you feel any impulse to resist?”

For a moment, Anouk was confused by the question. Of course not! She wanted this, after all. But then she remembered again, and framed against the question of resistance she almost felt ashamed of the way she’d cried and screamed. It had been so stupid.

“Not anymore,” she said. “It’s gone now. Promise.” 

She couldn’t help but smile. She felt proud for cooperating so well. This was going very well, just like she wanted it to go. She really wanted this. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the woman check the tablet she had already checked earlier. After a moment she seemed satisfied, and Anouk felt satisfied, too.

“End override Omega.”

Anouk felt a sudden pinch in the small of her neck, and a wave of prickling eddies seemed to cascade down her spine and down into her body. With a small jerk of her head she realized that she was free to move again.

She calmly sat up on the bed and looked at the woman at her bedside.

“Thank you,” she said. “This is much less claustrophobic.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Are you going to change me now?” Anouk asked eagerly, finally able to properly look the woman in the eyes. “What’s going to happen to me?”

“Please be patient, Anouk.”


“It’s quite alright. Anouk, you will accept everything that I tell you calmly and readily. ”

“Yes, of course,” Anouk said after a moment of thought. Why wouldn’t she? She was game for whatever. In for a penny, in for a pound. She wanted this, after all. No way back now. She wasn’t going to miss out on this. No matter what. 

“Very Good. Anouk, being changed is wonderful, and you will let me do anything to you.”

Anouk nodded thoughtfully. ‘Anything’ was an awfully big word — but she wasn’t going to let apprehension get in her way now, was she? So what if there were going to be really big changes done to her brain? That would only make it more exciting, wouldn’t it? She wanted to be changed, after all.

“Do whatever you want,” Anouk said, trailing off at the end of the sentence. “What’s your name, anyway?”

“Aurelia,” the woman answered with a thin smile.

“Hi Aurelia. Nice to have you here,” Anouk said with a smile. Then she shrugged. “Where are Ryan and Brooke, by the way?” 

“They are undergoing the same procedure as you. Your travel party was selected for looks and personality to be brainwashed and enslaved.”

Anouk raised her eyebrows. Wow. Holy shit. So that was what was going to happen to her now. She was going to become a brainwashed slave.

“Huh,” she said. “Okay. Not what I would have wanted.”

The woman eyed her critically, eyes narrow.

“Oh don’t worry, Aurelia. I’m game,” Anouk said with a chuckle. “As I said. Do whatever you want. I want this. Sorry it took me so long to realize it.”

Aurelia nodded. “I’ll need another minute to run one more round of self-tests and calibrations before we can begin.”

“Sure, take your time,” Anouk said, and watched Aurelia crane her neck over the tablet that was connected to the mysterious lattice in Anouk’s brain. As Anuk watched her work, she became suddenly acutely aware of the immediate physical presence of the thing in her head. It was inside of her right now, with complete control over her. It was so fucking crazy. This was crazy. It was so exciting. It could make her think and want anything. Aurelia had told her so, and more than demonstrated it. Anouk took her hands and slowly brushed her fingers across her scalp, trying to feel if anything was different.

“The lattice was injected into your bloodstream,” Aurelia mumbled without looking up from the tablet. “It self-assembled in your grey matter over the course of eleven hours.”

Anouk nodded. It was still hard to wrap her head around it — no pun intended. There was something inside of who and what she was. It wasn’t something she often thought about but she knew that in the end her thoughts and feelings were nothing but electrical impulses. Matter over mind. Change the matter, change the mind. They could do that to her with the push of a button. It would be terrifying if it wasn’t so exciting. 

She watched Aurelia work impatiently. She was so damn ready to be changed. It felt awful to be left waiting.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long. When Aurelia looked up from the tablet with a satisfied look, Anouk beamed at her. “Can we go now?” she asked breathlessly.

“One more thing before we start. A demonstration — and a sort of tradition among enslaved people like myself. Mistress allows it, and we appreciate it.”

“Okay,” Anouk said. “What is it?”

“We call it the Flip. The lattice has an in-built command history. Commands can be undone one by one, or an operator can jump to any point in the history.”

Anouk tilted her head. “So you can—”

Before she could finish, Aurelia had already pushed a button on the tablet, and the world imploded. The artifice fell away and she realized with cold panic how she had already been brainwashed without even noticing it. The shock hit her like a brick, and she wanted to lash out and run away, but she couldn't.

NO! I can’t move! I can’t move!!! Oh God! No! Nonononono!! This can’t be happening!

She desperately tried to break out of her body, but she was trapped. Aurelia was looking at her, smiling as Anouk's thoughts descended into utter disarray. She remembered how calm she had become. She remembered what she had been thinking. She remembered what she had been feeling.

I’ve been brainwashed! Oh God, I really believed it! I really wanted it! Oh God, no! They are going to enslave me! They are going to make me want it! No!!! Please, no!!

"Please," she whimpered. "Please! Don't do this! I don't want this! I don't want this!!! I—"

Aurelia pushed the button again, and Anouk's thoughts cleared instantly.

She breathed a sigh of relief. She remembered the truth again. “Wow,” she said, awe in her voice. “You changed me so much already. I didn't even realize until just now. Holy shit. I really used to think that way, didn’t I? Jesus.”

Aurelia smiled at her, and Anouk smiled back. She pressed her eyelids together and shook her head with a grunt, trying to get the lingering unease out of her system. “Just… how?” she asked no one in particular. How could she have been so wrong about everything? It was so fucking obvious. How didn't she see it before? She kind of hated herself for being such a stupid, whiny bitch. Thank God that she had been changed to accept this. Thank God this stupid old version of her was already gone. This was so much better. This was so exciting. It was so fucking obvious that this was what she should have always wanted. A matrix in her brain to change her and enslave her!

She took a deep breath and looked at Aurelia. “Well.. if I wasn’t ready before, I’m definitely ready now. Do what you wanna do. I’m ready to be enslaved.”

The word felt forbidden and exciting. She felt like she was about to board a sailing ship bound towards the open ocean with no known land beyond the horizon. All she knew was that she wanted it. Whatever happened next would be crazy and wonderful, and she was glad to be here for it. Aurelia was going to change her!

Aurelia nodded at her. “Very good. Now that you are completely willing, your emotional responses will point in the right direction for the lattice to target your subconscious limbic reactions. First, we are going to get rid of your inhibitions.”

“Yes! Do it!” Anouk said, slapping her thighs. Yes! Turn on the thing in my brain!

“Okay. Anouk, it’s good to feel no shame. You want to be shameless.”

Anouk blinked. Yes. Of course. After all, she wanted to be changed. She wanted to help it as much as possible. Fuck second thoughts. It would feel so fucking good to just be ready to do anything. The thought excited her so much. She suddenly felt as if she was remembering every time she’d been ashamed in her life, and it was just so pathetic and incredible that she had ever felt that way.

Anouk smiled. “Yes. I think I can feel it working.”

“Take off your clothes,” Aurelia said and Anouk was suddenly certain that it had worked. She stripped off her sleep shirt and panties and felt nothing at all. Showing Aurelia her pussy and tits was as eventful as taking a sip of lukewarm coffee. This was so exciting! Her brain was completely pliable! Aurelia could make her want anything!

“Very good, Anouk,” Aurelia said with a smile. “Let’s go further. Anouk, you like your body being looked at. It’s hot to be desired for nothing but your body.”

“Yes,” Anouk said. She felt really pretty. Really sexy. The more people looked at her, the better. It was so fucking true! It was so fucking hot to be naked and desired.

“Start masturbating,” said Aurelia, and Anouk licked her fingers and pushed them between her legs. Some part of her was a bit surprised that this had become so sexual all of a sudden, but what else were they going to enslave her for? She didn’t mind, of course. It was sudden, but exciting. She was sure that this was going to help the lattice in her brain change her even more effectively. 

“Anouk, it’s hot to be naked and available to be fucked,” Aurelia said, and Anouk moaned softly as she realized just how true it was. This was so fucking good. Everything Aurelia said was another obvious truth that simply needed pointing out. The very moment she said it, Anouk immediately realized just how fucking blind she’d been all her life. It all clicked into place. How couldn’t she have seen how incredibly hot it was to easily offer herself?!

“Yes,” she affirmed, ready to be told the next truth. She knew that it was all in her head, of course. But there was no objective truth about herself except for what she believed about herself. The moment she believed it to be true, it became true by definition. 

“Anouk, you love to be put into your place. You love to submit. You love to offer yourself. You love to have no responsibility but to obey and follow commands.”

“Yes,” Anouk said, pushing down against her clit. Yes! Just like she had offered herself up to be enslaved. It was so easy to give herself up and simply do what she was told.

“Anouk, it is hot to be dominated. It is hot to be owned and controlled. You love the thrill of being completely at someone’s mercy.”

“Yes!” Of course! Of course!

“Anouk, you want to be property. You have to be property.”


“Anouk, you want to be used.”


“Anouk, you want to be an obedient slave.”

“Yes!” Anouk moaned. This was so hot. Everything was so obvious. And it felt so good to believe it. It was everything she already wanted brought to its logical conclusion. Being owned and dominated and used was so fucking hot, and she loved it, and being someone’s slave would be the best thing ever. She wanted to be changed that way. She wanted to become nothing but property. She wanted to become a slave.

“Anouk, being a slave is the ultimate act of submission, and nothing is hotter and better than being an obedient slave. You want it. You need it.”

“Yes!” Exactly! Exactly that! It was so obvious! Of course! She would get it! She would get the thing she wanted most! The best thing she could wish for! Yes!

“Anouk, you are a slave. It is your purpose to be used. It is your purpose to obey and serve. Anything else is unthinkable.”


“Anouk, you are property.”


“Anouk, you love being a slave. You love being property.”


“Anouk, being a slave is so hot that you want to cum when you even think about it.”


“Cum for me, slave!”

Yesss! Anouk obeyed. Her screaming pussy erupted into sizzling, sparking ecstasy and the orgasm shook her body to the core. She arched her back, her legs spread wide, her fingers pressing down hard against the shameless pleasure throbbing between her folds. She let out an ear-shattering scream as the sensation overwhelmed her, and for a moment, she lost track of everything around her except for one triumphant thought:

I am a slave!

“Oh wow,” she said as she came down half a minute later, panting and sweating. She was lying on her back with her limbs spread out in all directions as she cooled off. Next to her, Aurelia was simply watching her appreciatively.

“So that’s it?” Anouk asked. She still sounded out of breath. “I don’t really feel that different.”

“What are you?” Aurelia asked.

“I’m a slave,” Anouk answered without hesitation, and a surprised smile spread across her lips. Oh. Yeah. of course. She hadn’t wanted that, once. It was so easy to forget that in the face of how obvious it was now. It was just so ridiculous that she’d ever not been this way. This was normal, and not living to be used was just so fucking pointless and weird. Just how the fuck hadn’t she realized it before today?! For a moment, she had to remember the whole journey of her enslavement, from the fear and panic through slowly accepting and finally understanding the truth of it.

She was so glad. This was so much better. 

She looked at Aurelia. “Who owns me?”

“You have the same Mistress as I do — at least for now,” Aurelia said with a benevolent smile. “She will probably sell you after you’ve had some training, though.”

Anouk nodded. She felt her pussy tingling at the notion. It was so hot to be so utterly out of control. She would be sold, and she was just going to let it happen. Fuck yes, the idea of it turned her on so much! 

“We’re not done, yet, however,” Aurelia said, and Anouk looked at her with wide eyes and an expectant smile.

“Anything to obey and serve,” she said excitedly. “What’s next?”

“First, we’ll make you bisexual and raise your libido. After that, we’ll have to go through some aversion and avoidance to keep your thoughts even more in line. And after that, we’ll implant you with trigger phrases.”

“Perfect! Let’s go!” 

Aurelia smiled and went to work. It took another fifteen minutes, or maybe longer. Anouk lost track of time when Aurelia implanted sleep and reverie triggers into her controlled brain. In addition to that, she had some blank spaces in her memories in the aversion phase. Aurelia told her that she had shut off Anouk’s short-term memory during some parts to spare her recollection of potentially traumatic emotions. Anouk was thankful for that, because she could feel some mighty new monsters lurking at the unseen edges of her mind. Totally worth it of course if it meant being a better slave.

When they were finally done for good, Anouk looked at Aurelia with a trembling smile.

“Thank you,” she said. She was close to tears. “Thank you so much.” And before she knew what she was doing, she was leaning forward and kissing Aurelia deeply — and Aurelia kissed her back. Anouk revelled in the wonderful new realization of just how fucking hot the other slave was, and she gave in to the overwhelming temptation of putting her hands on Aurelia’s tits. They were firm and full and Anouk could only imagine how many hands had already caressed this piece of property that she was currently touching. She was so fucking hot. So incredibly fuckable. So fucking usable. Just like herself. Just like slave Anouk.

Aurelia’s tongue was pushing against her lips, and Anouk opened her mouth and sucked on it as she pushed into her. Her insides were on fire with lust. Aurelia had enslaved her. Aurelia had overwritten her thoughts! Aurelia had shown her the wonderful truth of what she had always meant to be. She wanted her so bad. She wanted to make her cum. She wanted to reward her.

For a moment, she hesitated. 

“Are we allowed?” she asked. “You know… without Mistress’s command?” 

Aurelia was shivering, and Anouk only now realized that Aurelia must have been hot for her the whole time. She had just been too damn straight to even consider the possibility — until fifteem minutes ago, when Aurelia had unveiled to her just how hot it made her to fuck women.

“All of this is Mistress’s will,” Aurelia said. “We can’t desire anything that displeases her.” 

Anouk trembled with desire and relief. She whimpered as she spoke. “Oh thank God,” she said, and pulled off Aurelia’s dress, baring the hot slave body that waited underneath, ready to be touched and used and fucked.

She pushed her onto the bed, kneeling at the edge with Aurelia’s legs around her shoulders, and pushed into the irresistible wetness between them. Aurelia’s moans filled the room and Anouk pushed her face harder into the soft flesh in front of her, taking in the smell of sex and sweat as she licked Aurelia’s folds, taking in her whimpers and groans as she sucked on her clit. She felt her tremble beneath her lips, and she got to her feet and onto the bed next to Aurelia. Aurelia greeted her with a hungry look as Anouk’s lips found hers, and Anouk buried her fingers between the legs of her fellow slave, stroking faster and faster, celebrating Aurelia’s groans and ever more high-pitched screams until she finally bucked and trembled, her legs clamping tight around Anouk’s slick hand as she came. 

“You’re so fucking hot,” Aurelia said a minute later, when they were lying next to each other. “I just wanted to fuck you the entire time I was enslaving you. It was making me so fucking horny to see your mind break.”

Anouk smiled. She was able to appreciate the fact that she’d been mind-raped and overwritten now. She was way too far on the other side of it to take offense. “You were quite the professional,” she said. “And you did a great job. I’m really glad that we have some spare time left after work to celebrate your success.”

Aurelia shrugged. “We’ve got plenty of time, actually. You went to bed almost two hours before the other two, and we’re not leaving until all three of you are enslaved.”

Anouk raised her eyebrows. “So Ryan and Brooke are still being enslaved right now?”

Aurelia nodded. “Their lattices should be just about done assembling.”

Anouk sat up. “Holy shit! Can we watch? I’d like to watch.”

“Hell yes, why didn’t I think of that?” said Aurelia, and Anouk lived for the perverted look of shameless lust in Aurelia’s face. Anouk looked at her, and pictured the lattice in Aurelia’s brain controlling her every desire. She was just as enslaved and brainwashed as Anouk was, and that was just the hottest fucking thing.

Aurelia extended her hand, and together they left the Sunflower room, crossed the hallway, and entered Room Emerald.

Anouk gasped at the sight that greeted them.

Brooke and Ryan were both on the bed, and on each side of the bed sat a female slave attending to the mental subjugation of Anouk’s friends. The slaves turned their heads as Aurelia and Anouk entered the room, and smiles spread across their lips.

“You’re done already, Aurelia?” asked the slave sitting next to the sleeping (or rather: unconscious) form of Brooke.

“Nice,” said the other slave.

“Crazy,” said Ryan, who was lying on the right side of the bed with his arms cradled on his chest. He looked deeply relaxed. 

“Ryan!”, Anouk said, and Ryan’s eyes found her. His gaze stayed on her face for less than a moment before it wandered down her body. Anouk felt herself shiver with the sudden joy of being naked for someone new, and the eager desire to be fucked and used bloomed between her legs. She let him see all of her before she continued.

“We thought you’d still be asleep,” she said.

“No, I woke up a couple of minutes ago,” Ryan said, and nodded towards his attending slave. “Chloe here just finished some calibrations, and I’m ready to be enslaved, I guess.”

“Excited?” Anouk asked.

“Not gonna to lie — I had a bit of a panic at first until I thought about it more. So yeah, kinda excited. Also, still a bit nervous. Is it good?”

“Really good,” Anouk said.

Ryan nodded, smiling as if to himself, then looking back at Anouk.

“We totally heard the both of you going at it, by the way,” he said sheepishly. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea how thin the walls are in this place. You must have heard everything yesterday.”

Anouk chuckled. Wow. Yeah. That had been a whole big thing, hadn’t it? It had seemed like a big deal at the time. “That’s ancient history,” she said. “Now don’t let me keep you. I know you can’t wait for Chloe to start changing you.”

Ryan sighed. “You’re right about that. Chloe, let’s go!”

Chloe had a soft and gentle voice, like that of a nurse patiently tending to a sick child. “Ryan, it is good to feel no shame. You want to feel shameless.”

Anouk watched as the suggestion hit him, and watched how it obliterated him. Seeing it happen from the outside made it laughably obvious how bluntly he was being changed. Remembering how it happened to herself, it was funny to realize how much legwork her own brain had been doing in helpfully smoothing over the cracks and rationalizing away any change. It had all seemed so seamless and reasonable at the time.

It was like there was a shadow passing over Ryan’s eyes, and for a moment, he looked utterly empty — and Anouk realized that the changes were actually taking some time. Time that she hadn’t noticed passing, because her brain had literally been shut down.

Ryan blinked, and a look of dawning realization started to appear on his face. He smiled.

“Sounds fair.”

“Take off your clothes.”

He did, without hesitation. He had only a pair of boxer briefs to slip out of, and he was naked.

“Very good. Ryan, you like your body being looked at. It’s hot to be desired for nothing but your body.”

“Yes,” Ryan said after he had gone blank for a moment, and a satisfied grin spread across his lips.

Slave Chloe looked at Anouk, and beckoned her over with an elegant motion of her hand. “You remember what comes next, don’t you?”

Anouk nodded, smiled and went to her knees. She looked up at Ryan and licked her lips invitingly. Her pussy was screaming to be touched, but this was better. She was serving. She was helping enslave her friend!

“Let yourself be sucked off,” said Chloe, and Ryan nodded enthusiastically. He pivoted on the mattress and positioned himself onto the edge of the bed. He looked down at Anouk, and for a moment the two of them made eye contact. He looked like he was still in disbelief, but Anouk could only see the lattice in his brain. She could only see his altered thoughts, knowing that he hadn’t wanted this.

She took his dick into her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. He was already half erect when she took him in, and he quickly became rock hard. Anouk let her lips slide over his length, feeling his warm flesh push in and out of her, and she could only think of herself as a part of his enslavement. Her body was being used to feed him pleasure, to make him accept whatever they wanted him to believe. She was nothing but an extension of the lattice in his brain.

Yesss! I’m being used! I’m nothing but a tool! She thought excitedly, and her body shivered with the wonderful thrill of it.

“Ryan, it’s hot to be naked and available to be fucked,” said Chloe, and Anouk felt Ryan shiver inside of her mouth as the truth of it anchored itself in his brain.

Yes! She thought. Yes! Make him believe!

She sucked him dutifully and fervently as Chloe enslaved him. By the end of it, his entire body was trembling with arousal, and he was grunting and moaning every time his beliefs became aligned a bit more. Finally, he was commanded to cum for being a slave, and Anouk felt his hot, wet cum erupt in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, and her mind celebrated, and she tasted the salt and the sweat and licked it off and swallowed it down. 

She leaned back and looked up into Ryan’s eyes, and she was met with the wonderful sight of absolute conviction in his eyes. He was smiling maniacally. He looked utterly happy. Anouk understood him so well. She was so glad she had been able to help him understand how hot it was to be property.

“Well, that was fucking amazing.” Ryan said with an incredulous smile. “I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Thank you for giving this to me.”

“You’re welcome,” said Chloe, and when Anouk looked at the slave, she was met with an appreciative smile. “And it was nice to have some help.”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, holy shit, Anouk! Well done!”

Anouk chuckled. “Thank you. Didn’t expect the vacation to take that turn, did you?”

“Not really.”

Anouk remembered something. “By the way, now that you have no more shame, tell me one thing: When you joked about me joining in yesterday, how much of you actually wanted a threesome?”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “That’s what you think of me, Anouk? I’m devastated. Believe it or not, it was actually just a joke. Sure, some animal part of me wanted you, because of course it did. You’re really hot. But I love Brooke, and I have standards.”

“Used to have,” Chloe corrected gently. Ryan raised his finger in acknowledgment.

“Used to have,” he said, deadpan. Anouk giggled. 

“We can totally fuck now if you want,” Ryan said. “I mean, you already fucked me, but I’d love to stick it between your legs.”

Anouk smiled. “Nothing like getting over a difficult break-up by being enslaved and fucking your best friend’s boyfriend.”

“Being property really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?”

“It really does. I should give them Paul’s number. Maybe he wants to buy me back.”

Ryan was about to say something when Chloe cleared her throat. “Before we get carried away.” she said with a soft smile. “You’re not quite done, Ryan.”

“Sorry,” they both said, but Chloe only smiled gently. 

“It’s alright, we’ve got plenty of time. Mistress doesn’t expect us until late evening.”

Ryan looked at Chloe with a resolute expression. “No. Let’s go. Fuck me up, Chloe.”

“Happy to.”

Anouk took a step back and watched as Chloe began deepening Ryan’s enslavement. Aurelia was standing next to her, and Anouk took her hand. Aurelia squeezed it playfully, and Anouk already wanted to fuck her again.

“It’s too bad that we probably won’t see each other after today,” Aurelia whispered. “It’s always better to fuck slaves that you’ve witnessed being free.”

“Makes sense,” Anouk whispered back. “I can’t wait to see Brooke give in.”

“Me, too.”

Anouk smiled happily, and together they watched as Chloe made sure that Ryan would never want anything else than to serve and obey. Some of it wasn’t pretty. Chloe had him run through extreme disgust and fear and pain to make his obedience the only option. After she was done, he wasn’t only eager to be a slave, but also quite unable to even consider wanting anything else. His mind would slip right off the idea.

“I really can’t remember you doing that to me at all,” she whispered into Aurelia’s ear.

“Trust me, I did. Thoroughly. You’re pretty even when you cry.”

Anouk looked at Aurelia. Their eyes met for a wonderful moment. Aurelia smiled at her mischievously. Anouk just couldn’t get over it. All of this was really happening. It was so wonderful. Her whole body felt like it was wound up tight with nervous, pent-up tension, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on the reason why she was feeling that way.

She watched Ryan receive some trigger phrases, and imagined him at the feet of some rich woman who had paid for the privilege of an eager man-servant, being turned on and off at his Mistress’s whims. And then it hit her. Why she felt nervous.

“This doesn’t really feel like we’re slaves, yet,” she said. “I know we are, but this is more like having fun with friends. We’re all into it. We all want it. But we’re not being commanded. We’re not being used. We’re just doing what we like.”

Aurelia squeezed her hand. “Don’t worry. You’ll be used plenty. But it’s true, we’re on very long leashes right now. Mistress has too many slaves to have us all under tight control all the time. You’ll obey much more directly once you’re sold off.”

“Okay. Good.”

“But it’s really not so bad once you get used to it. We still obey all the time. We just do it in our heads, by thinking correctly and getting off from it. And being Mistress’s slave means there’s always lots of other slaves you can fuck. And always lots of fresh ones coming through.”

Like me, Anouk thought, and shrugged. “Sounds nice, too. Can’t wait to find out what Mistress does to me. I would love to be sold. Would be great to join you, too. Maybe I’ll get to enslave others for Mistress with you?”

“I’d like that,” Aurelia said. “It’s very rewarding work.”

As if prompted by Aurelia’s last statement, Ryan blinked awake, and Chloe shut off her tablet.

“Are you done Chloe?“ asked the slave sitting next to Brooke.

“Yes, Amber. All done. Have you been waiting?”

“Only a couple of minutes. She’s ready now.”

Ryan turned around on the bed and looked at the unmoving form of his girlfriend with an excited smile. “Oh fuck, yes!” he said. “I’ve been looking forward to this!”

“Me, too.” Anouk said, and stepped closed. Aurelia followed after her.

Amber smiled at them and took a brief sigh that belied a bit of frustration. “Okay. Good. The bitch really took some time. Her lattice had some trouble. Too much blood alcohol. Please don’t distract her too much, at least until she’s in the acceptance stage of her conversion.”

They nodded in silence. Amber pressed a button, and Brooke woke up. Anouk watched her eyelids twitch gently, and after a brief moment they flew open wide as Brooke realized that she wasn’t able to move. Even without any flailing, Anouk could see the fear in them.

“The lattice in your brain has now solidified and is ready to be activated,“ said Amber. ”It has already undergone its first self-tests and calibrations. As you notice, it has already overridden your motor control.”

Brooke’s eyes were darting around in panic, but her expression was deliciously empty. Anouk pictured the lattice in her brain, already in control and ready to take over completely. 

“Command: Say ‘Emerald’.”

“Emerald,” Brooke said.

“Command: Say ‘Fucking cunt’.”

“Fucking cunt,” Brooke repeated, her lips and jaw the only part of her that was moving.

“Command: Masturbate.”

Anouk swore that she could see Brooke’s eyebrows twitch with fear as her friend’s hands wandered between her legs and pushed into her panties. Chloe let it go on for a moment before she spoke again, and Anouk felt her own hand push into her wet cunt. This was so fucking hot.

“Command: Stop. Override Alpha.”

“What is going on?” Brooke whimpered, now able to speak but still unable to move. “Ryan?! Anouk?! Help!!!”  

“Brooke.” said Amber.

“Help me! I can’t—”


“Please, just—”


“...what?” Brooke whimpered weakly.

“Everything I say is true, Brooke. You will believe everything I tell you.”

Anouk watched Brooke’s eyes go empty as the lattice in her brain burrowed down the path of her understanding and anchored itself at the base of her beliefs. One of Brooke’s eyelids twitched, and life returned to her expression. She looked scared and confused. “What is happening to me?” she asked, her breathing shallow and quick. Amber ignored her. Aurelia had been telling Anouk what was going on as it was happening. Amber was having no such patience.

“Brooke, it is so much easier to just relax and listen to my words,” Amber said. Her voice was so much harsher than Aurelia’s or Chloe’s. It was like watching Brooke being beaten into submission. Fuck, yes.

Brooke swallowed. “I… yes. But—”

“—Brooke, it is better to relax and accept what is happening.”

“...just don’t hurt me, please. I’m sc—.”

“—Brooke, you accept everything that is happening. It’s so relaxing to simply accept it.”

Anouk’s lower body was trembling. Her fingers were deep inside her, pushing in and out and pressing hard against her sizzling lips. Yes!

“Okay... okay.” said Brooke, and already her voice was more measured, and her expression was calm. Yes! It was happening so quickly! Brooke was helpless against it! Her mind was completely pliable! Anouk moaned voicelessly as a spike of pleasure shot through her. It took all her willpower not to scream. Oh God, yes!!!

“Brooke, it’s best if you help me along with anything I do to you.”

“Of course,” Brooke said, and after a moment her lips twitched into an apologetic smile. “Sorry. Yes. Of course.”

This time, Anouk let out a moan. She couldn’t stop herself.

“Anouk?” Brooke said, her brow furrowing. “Are you there?”

“Yes, she’s here,” Amber said. She had slowed down somewhat, matching Brooke’s calmer tone. “It’s good that she’s here. You’re safe with her.”

“Oh,” Brooke simply said. “Okay. Hi Anouk! Sorry, but I can’t look at you right now because I can’t move. Are you masturbating? It sounds like it. Do you know what is happening?”

“Brooke, it’s better if you focus on me for now. But Anouk and Ryan are here. You’re safe.”

“Okay. Thank you. Ryan, you better not be looking at Anouk while she’s masturbating.”

Anouk smiled, and looked at Ryan, who was slowly stroking his dick next to her. He met her eyes, and stifled a laugh. Anouk took a step closer to him and quietly kissed him. She wrapped her hand around his dick for a hot moment before breaking the kiss and taking a step back. She gave him another short look, winked at him, and turned her attention back to her best friend’s enslavement.

She watched Brooke give up any resistance. She watched her give up any desire to lie. She watched her as she began to want the very thing she had minutes earlier been afraid of. 

“End Override Omega,” said Amber when Brooke had eagerly promised her full cooperation, and Brooke was free to move and act however she wanted.

Brooke looked around herself, and her eyes caught Ryan and Anouk, both of them masturbating. She looked at them wordlessly for a moment with only the dullest look of surprise on her face. Then she looked at the three slaves that had been sent to enslave all of them.Her eyes narrowed.

“Alright, I see where this is going,” she said -- and took off her underwear and stripped naked. She didn’t even have to be told. But unlike Anouk and Ryan, she was shivering with nerves. When she had bared herself, she looked at Ryan.

“Right?” she asked. “They’re going to brainwash me into some weird sex fiend, aren’t they?”

Ryan grinned at his girlfriend. “Submissive sex slave.”

Brooke bit her lip, and nodded nervously, a thin smile on her lips. “Wow. Okay. Cool.” She looked at Amber, the woman she had been conditioned to believe everything. The woman that had made her believe so much already.

“That’s a lot, though,” she said. “Honestly, I’m kinda scared.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “You want to be changed, Brooke, remember? That’s why you will accept anything we do to you. It is wonderful and exciting to be changed.”

Anouk gasped with arousal as Brooke’s mind shut off. When the light returned to her eyes, Brooke giggled, and looked at Anouk. Anouk looked into the eyes of her best friend and again she could only think of the lattice in Brooke’s brain when she saw her expression of quiet excitement that hadn’t been there seconds earlier. Yesss! They hade made her want it!

“Fuck,” Brooke said, wearing an incredulous smile. “Can you believe we spent a whole fucking life without realizing this, Ani?”

In truth, Anouk couldn’t quite believe how much she wanted to fuck Brooke right now. She’d always know that Brooke was beautiful, but it had taken the lattice in her brain to make her realize how fucking hot she was. No wonder that Mistress wanted to turn them all into sex slaves.

“Amber hasn’t even told you the best part yet.”

Brooke chuckled. “She’s going to enslave my mind, isn’t she?”

“No,” Amber said. “I’m going to make you believe that it should be enslaved.”

Brooke gasped softly, and turned her attention to Amber. “Fuck me, how the fuck do I want this?” she whispered, shaking her head. She looked at Ryan and Anouk one more time.

“What are we waiting for, then?” she asked, and let herself be turned into a slave. Amber lost no time at all and went through all the steps as Ryan and Anouk watched — and Brooke watched them. When her mind wasn’t shut off by the lattice in her head, she watched them masturbate, her smile growing ever wider, and after a few minutes, she was eagerly joining in at Amber’s command. She had no more shame. No more inhibitions. She wanted to be used. She wanted to be property. Anouk saw it all take hold in her best friend’s mind. Every single belief, replaced and overwritten. And just like in Anouk’s mind, it became true the moment Brooke believed.

They believed that they lived to be used. It was true. They believed that they were property. It was true. The believed that—

“Brooke, you want to be an obedient slave,” Amber said, and Anouk saw it take hold in Brooke’s helpless mind. She already wanted to believe anything she was told, but even if she didn’t it wouldn’t have mattered. A moment of thoughtless reverie, and then Brooke’s eyes burned with eager zeal.

“Yesss! Oh God, yes! I...” she moaned, and Anouk watched Brooke’s slick fingers flick against her moist cunt. She felt her own pleasure build to a climax as Brooke became more and more what Mistress wanted her to be. Property. A slave!

I’m such an eager submissive slave, she thought proudly. Submissive enough to let all of this happen to her best friend just so that her Mistress would have one more slave to use. Submissive enough to not only allow it but to actually want it. So in love with the idea of being a slave that she got off from other people being enslaved, too! 

I’m so good! She thought, and looked at Brooke. Brooke was panting and sweating and naked and hot and wet and Anouk wanted to fuck her and taste her and see her cum and scream and lose her last shred of will to the thing in her brain. In Anouk’s mind, she was already a slave. She had been a slave from the moment that Anouk’s Mistress had implanted the lattice in her brain — and they had all been meant to be property their whole lives. And today, they had finally realized it! Yes! Yes! Yesss!

“Brooke, you are a slave!” Amber said, and she had to raise her voice to be able to be heard across the chorus of moans. “It is your purpose to be used! It is your purpose to obey and serve! Anything else is unthinkable!”

“Yes! Fuck yes!” 

“Brooke, you are property.”

“Yes!” Brooke moaned. She was looking into Anouk’s eyes, and Anouk wanted to melt at the wonderful sight. Yes! You’re property, Brooke! You’re a slave!

“Brooke, you love being a slave. You love being property,” Amber chanted.

“Yesss! Fuck yes! Oh God… Anouk! Ryan! Fuck!”

“Brooke, being a slave is so hot that you want to cum when you even think about it.”


Anouk was too overwhelmed to react — but then Ryan took her by the arms and twisted her onto the bed, right next to a furiously masturbating Brooke. He pushed her on her back, and she immediately spread her legs for him. Oh God, yes!

“Yesss!” Brooke moaned next to her. “We are property! We are slaves!”

Ryan pushed into her and Anuk screamed with violent lust as he spread her and entered her and started thrusting urgently into her wet, sticky cunt. Oh God yes! She was so close! Ryan was fucking her next to her best friend, and they were slaves. They were all ready to serve and obey and they were going to be used and sold like the property that they were! Ryan’s cock was inside of her, and she felt no more shame, no more hesitation, no more doubt. She knew exactly what she was. She knew exactly what she was good for. She knew exactly what she believed:

I am a slave!

She heard Amber's breathless voice. “Cum for me, slaves!”

And they did.

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