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Christine is invited for a job interview that seems too good to be true, and she soon learns why: The conditions of her prospective employment are rather unorthodox.

Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction. No similarity to actual contracts and legal documents is intended or should be inferred. No lawyers were harmed (or indeed consulted) during the writing of this story. By reading this author’s note you agree to the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement. You have the right to remain silent.

Christine brushed her hand across the fabric of her pants in a vain attempt to somehow smoothen out one particularly stubborn wrinkle that seemed to have materialized on the way to the interview. It was the one good pair of pants she owned. The rest of her wardrobe consisted of nothing but jeans.

She looked up at the closed door across the hall. She sat in one of several comfortable, stylish chairs. She was alone, now. She had expected many other potential hires to also be interviewed along with her, but it had only been her and a bubbly, highly nervous young woman named Stella, who had gone in for her interview half an hour earlier and hadn’t returned yet.

Christine didn’t know how to feel about all of this. It wasn’t like she didn’t want this opportunity, however unexpected it had come. She just hadn’t really expected to be headhunted this quickly, and this prominently.

She had done some research. Its sleek yet approachable corporate branding promised that Lotus Biotech was a fresh, young company that was on its way to become a fast contender in the growing market of super high-tech medicine, yada, yada, yada. But they were backing up their marketing speak with a truly staggering output of research papers and patent filings. Stem cell treatment, gene editing, synthetic tissue, machine-to-nerve interfaces, artificial sensory organs. You name your future tech, they had a division working on it, and they were recruiting aggressively.

It was exactly the kind of thing Christine had always wanted to do. And they had come to her and invited her to an interview. It seemed too good to be true.

The door opened. It wasn’t Stella that came out. Instead, it was the same lady that had called Stella in half an hour earlier.

“Miss Berger will see you now. Follow me please,” said the woman with a broad corporate smile, showing her bright whites like stock footage come alive.

Christine swallowed. Susanne Berger was the wife and business partner of Lotus CEO Simon Berger. She was a big deal. Private jet and seventeen million twitter followers big. Christine got up and let herself be guided down a short corridor, past some offices, and into the corner office, where she was ushered in with utmost politeness. The door closed behind her with a soft and precise click.

“Ah, Miss Bouvier! I am very happy to finally meet you in person!” said a woman about her own size and about ten years her senior. She had Dark blonde hair which she wore in a haircut that looked straight out of a high-end fashion magazine and probably cost more than Christine’s TV at home. She spread her arms in greeting and quickly stepped towards Christine to shake hands. Christine smiled as dutifully as she could, but she felt truly overwhelmed. “I’m Susanne Berger, but please, call me Susie!”

”Thank you, Susie,” she said. “Pleased to meet you, too. Thank you for considering me. It’s a great opportunity.”

“Pleasure to have you, Christine. Why don’t we have a seat?” said Susanne Berger and gestured sweepingly towards her desk. “Would you like a glass of water? Tea, perhaps? Coffee?”

“Just water. Sparkling, if you have it.” Christine said. They sat down at the desk and Berger produced a bottle and a glass from a small cupboard behind her, which she poured for Christine. She also produced a small black device that looked like a miniaturised audio recorder and set it down on her side of the table.

“Well, well, well! Let’s start!” said Berger and pushed a button on the device. “I’ll be recording this interview for legal reasons. Strictly confidential. I’m sure that’s okay with you?”

“Of course,” Christine said. She was still nervous.

“When our head of research read your dissertation on the cognition processes and reward mechanisms in mice, she was really quite impressed, which is why you’re here. What piqued our interest most was your methodology. I speak for all people involved when I say that we’d be very excited to have you on our team.”

Berger’s smile was as wide as ever.

“We can offer you seven-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars per annum as a starting salary, plus bonuses.”

Christine choked on her water, and Berger laughed loudly.

“Oh dear! I’m so sorry!” she said, “are you alright?”

Christine coughed. She couldn’t have heard right. “I’m... I’m fine,” she wheezed. “I just…” Don’t say you expected way less, you idiot! “I just didn’t expect you to be so upfront about matters,” she said instead, which was just as true.

“Here at Lotus, we have the philosophy of not wasting time that could be better spent furthering humanity’s progress.”

”That’s admirable,” Christine said. Nice spiel. They had good copywriters. Maybe a bit too on the nose for her likings.

“So what do you say? Can you see your future with Lotus?”

“I…” Christine said, taken further aback. Something felt wrong. She felt like she was being played here.

“What will I be working on?”

“The same thing you have already been working on.”

“Behavioral analysis in mice?” she said, wincing at herself for even mentioning the elephant in the room. “Please, don’t take this the wrong way… but I don’t see how that fits in your portfolio.”

“There are applications which you might not be aware of yet. We have been doing our own research, and you have independently made lots of progress in the same areas that took our research teams months and years to accomplish. We simply must have you on out team, Christine.” Said Berger and pushed the recorder closer towards her.

“Yes,” Christine said, almost surprising herself. She hadn’t been sure if she’d really wanted to take the job. She hadn’t even had time to consider any alternatives. But was there really any reason not to take the offer? Even leaving aside the money… holy shit, it was so much money too!

But something felt wrong. This seemed all to go way too quickly. This was too good to be true. There had to be a catch.

”You want the job,” Berger said. It didn’t really sound like a question.

”Yes,” Christine said. She felt slightly dizzy. Yes. Wow. This was happening.

Susanne walked around the table and took the little black device off the table. She put it into Christine’s hands, and Christine took it. Something about that felt wrong, but Christine let it happen. It felt strangely warm in her hand, like it was drawing way more power than a voice recorder should. It seemed to emit a faint, high-pitched tone as well. Susie put her hand on Christine’s shoulder.

”Very good! We are so glad you accept our offer. I will have to ask you a couple of questions for our lawyers. Some matters of culpability and accountability. Be sure to speak right into the device.”

“Yes,” Christine said and lifted it in front of her. She felt…

“Good,” Susanne said, interrupting Christine’s train of thought. Christine passively watched her return to the other side of the desk. Susanne opened a drawer and pulled out a contract the thickness of a phone book.

“As required by law, I will now discuss the most important points of this contract with you before you sign it. This recording is a way to verify and attest that you fully understand and consent to the terms of your contract. Do you understand and agree to this procedure?”

“Yes,” Christine said. Yes. This was what was happening. Yes. It was so easy to go with the flow now and say yes. Yes.

“Very Good,” Susanne said cheerfully. She turned the contract over towards Christine and slid a pen towards her. The contract had several multi-colored sticky bookmarks in it. Susanne used the first one to flip to a section a few pages in. Christine watched it happen impassively.

“Do you understand and agree that by signing this contract you waive the right to take legal action against Lotus International in the case of events including, but not limited to: undue termination, negligence, coercion, harassment, breach of privacy, violation of decency, violations of labor agreements, physical or psychological injury, death and unlawful detention?”

“Yes,” Christine said. Yes. Of course. Yes. Everything was right. Yes.

”Sign here.”

Christine signed. Yes. Everything was right. She did what she was asked because everything was right. Yes. Susanne flipped further through the pages.

“Do you understand and agree that you will fully waive the ownership of any and all intellectual property such as research, discoveries, patents, copyrights and trademarks to Lotus International?”

“Yes”, Christine said, and signed.

“Do you understand and agree that you will furthermore declare Lotus International as the foremost holder and owner of all of your former personal assets including, but not limited to: real estate, monetary holdings, tangibles, stocks, futures, securities, loans and bonds?”

“Yes”, Christine said, and signed.

“Do you understand and agree that you give Lotus International the right to modify, experiment on, test with, and otherwise use your body in any matter and manner they choose?”

“Yes”, Christine said, and signed.

“Do you understand that you will be asked to and agree to perform duties and tasks outside your field of expertise and employment, including, but not limited to, business relations, recruitment, physical labor, modelling, house work, dancing, prostitution, and various other miscellaneous activities?”

“Yes”, Christine said, and signed.

“Do you understand and agree that breach of contract will result in immediate termination and a contractual penalty of up to seven billion and no less than five hundred million US dollars?”

“Yes”, Christine said, and signed.

“Have you fully understood all the terms as I laid them out?”

”Yes, “Christine said.

“Do you agree with these terms?”

“Yes”, Christine said.

Susanne took the small black device from Christine’s hand. She felt suddenly less numb. Had she been feeling numb? Something was wrong. Susanne stopped the recording.

“Good Girl!” she said. “The suspension field worked very well on you. There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation.”

“Yes,” Christine said. The field had worked well. Wait. What field? She furrowed her brows.

Susanne smiled. “Good. Now, we can begin with the fun part. I will now call an assistant to inject you with a neurologically active substance. Do you consent to this?”

“Yes,” she said, but she didn’t feel like the word was right. Something had compelled her to say it. Susanne pushed a button on her desk, and immediately, a young woman in latex gloves entered the room. Only latex gloves, and nothing else.

She carried a steel tray with a syringe containing clear liquid and some cotton wool swabs. Christine somehow couldn’t find the energy to be shocked at this. It seemed so much easier to simply accept that it was happening.

The woman briskly approached her and without any more pomp or circumstance pushed the needle into the small of Christine’s left elbow and injected her with whatever was in that syringe. It felt wrong to let it happen. Christine tried to move her arm, but it was too hard. It felt like getting out of bed before she had woken up. She managed a twitch, and nothing more.

Susanne noticed. “It seems that I spoke too soon,” she said. “You’re already acclimating. Without the injection, you’d probably be lucid in another three or four minutes. But it’s too late now, the cocktail will take effect much sooner than that, and its effect is much longer-lasting, once it kicks in. It will amplify the field response and pacify you completely. It will open you up to any suggestions we make. The effect is quite sudden.”

“…yes,” Christine said, her head swimming. She was confused and disoriented. What was happening to her? Wasn’t she having a job interview? Why was there a needle in her arm? She had been talking and listening without understanding, and she could hardly remember any of it. And what she did remember made her feel more than a little uneasy.

She shifted in her chair uncomfortably. The inexplicably naked woman pulled the needle and pressed a swab on the wound. She told Christine to hold it tightly against her skin, which she did. The naked woman turned around and left the way she’d entered.

No. She should be questioning this! Surely this wasn’t normal, even if somehow it felt that way.

“How?” she said, without even really understanding the question herself. Susanne smiled at her.

“You know how. It doesn’t just work with the mice in your lab. We know what you left out of your paper. We know the things you learned that are possible. We’ve known for a long time. How a perfectly tuned electromagnetic field can fully numb cognition and suspend thought. You left it out of your dissertation; out of fear that someone might abuse it! But you’ve come way too late. We’re already way past that.”

“oooohhh, nooo…” Christine said, and something acrid was biting at her core. Fear. She was afraid, but it felt dull and distant. She wasn’t…

“You’re afraid. Don’t worry. We will correct that part of you. We can do that, too.”

“Yes,” she said automatically, but meant no. “…No.” She didn’t want that. She didn’t really mean the things that she had said that she had wanted. They had tricked her. Unfair. Wrong.

“Still not taking effect, I see,” Susanne said.

“Let me go,” Christine said, and her chest felt even tighter than before. She felt noticeably clearer now. She had to do something. She had to do things to not be here anymore. But what could she do? She managed to sit up straight, putting her hands against her armrests in an effort to push herself out of the chair.

“Stop,” Berger said.

”No,” Christine answered, raising her voice against the bad thing that was happening to her. Being loud might attract help.

“NO!” She screamed. “HELP!”

Susanne was still smiling. She hated her. She had done this to her. She had turned off her mind and done something to her against her will! Christine had to get away from her. She had to—

Christine had to…

She had to…

Had to…

Christine slumped into the chair, expressionless.

“There we go,” Susanne said. “Good Girl.”

“Yes,” Christine said with neither hesitation nor any trace of emotion. Susanne’s words were like pebbles cast into the mirror-lake of her mind, and her thoughts were soft ripples that expanded and smoothed back into perfect stillness until the next stone-throw. Susanne stepped around Christine, her heels clicking at a leasurely pace as she inspected the young woman. Christine was staring straight ahead, seeing nothing, thinking nothing, not even waiting.

Susanne Berger smiled, and leaned forward, putting her hands on the armrests of Christine's chair. Their faces were inches apart. Christine looked through her, her eyes devoid of thought.

“Listen to me," she said. "Whatever I say, you will believe.”

“Yes.” Christine answered, and her eyes came alive for just a moment before once again turning empty and thoughtless. The ripples in her mind went deep . When they had passed, the water underneath had shifted irrevocably.

“When you believe me, it is because it is the truth. Everything I say has always been true and will always be true. When you believe the truth, you will repeat the truth.”

“Yes. I believe whatever you say. It is the truth. When I believe the truth, I will repeat the truth,” Christine said, aware of the words and their meaning as she spoke, for just as long as she spoke them. Yes. She would believe. Then, her thoughts rippled out and faded into blankness. There were no other thoughts to think.

“Good Girl. You want to be told what to believe. You want to become what I tell you to become.”

That was right. “I want to be told what to believe. I want to become whatever you want me to.”

“Good Girl. Your mind is weak and open and I can make you into anything I wish.”

“My mind is weak and open. I will become what you want me to. I want it.” She wasn’t strictly repeating her words, just as the ripples weren’t an image of the stone that had caused them. She simply said what she knew was true. She wanted it.

“You are property of Lotus. You will do anything you are told. You are obedient and eager to serve those that own you,” Susanne said. “You want it more than anything.”

“Yes. I will obey,” Christine said, and for a moment she was visibly excited as the truths rippled through her. “I will do anything,” she said, wide eyed. Then, again, her thoughts ceased and her expression smoothed over.

“Your mind and your body are property.”

“My mind and my body are property.”

“You love being property and will always be loyal and eager to serve and obey no matter what.”

“Yes. I am unquestioningly loyal and eager and obedient.”

“You are a slave.”

”I am a slave.”

“Being a slave excites you. The word itself excites you. You love being a slave.”

“Yes. I love being a slave. I am a slave. I am property. I am a slave.” It was true. She repeated the word, because it excited her.

“Your mind is controlled. You want it to be controlled. You are obsessed with controlled minds like your own. They turn you on. You want minds to be controlled.”

“Yes. I am a mind-controlled slave. I want it. I am obsessed with it. I want minds to be controlled. It makes me hot.” Yes.

“Being like this arouses you. Being an obedience-obsessed slave is like sex. Your body is property and you have neither shame nor decency. You want to be used for sex.”

“Being a slave makes me wet and horny. I am a willing sex slave. My body exists to be used just like my mind.”

“Good Girl. Let’s repeat. You are property of Lotus.”

“I am property of Lotus”, Christine said and she knew nothing else but the truth of it. Like the certainty in a dream, her truths anchored themselves in her mind and sunk deeply into her. It was all she thought about. All she knew. She was property. She was a slave. She was loyal and obedient. Each thought lived only for a moment in perfect clarity before she fell back into still nothingness and the next truth dove even deeper into her. In the rare, fleeting moments in which she felt anything, it was always the inevitability and absolute certainty that she wanted this. There was nothing but the truth of it. She was happy.

Susanne made her repeat over and over again, deepening her belief, letting her recite all her truths from memory, asking control questions, repeating again, controlling again. After that, she imprinted knowledge. Names, protocol, rules of behaviour. Then, she repeated the truth once more before finally, she popped open a latch on the small recorder and held down the button inside.

Christine blinked into awareness.

Oh God, yes!

She frantically pulled off her clothes. Her first act of obedience! She had to be naked. Naked and exposed. She needed it so badly. She escaped her pants, her panties, and knelt on the cold hardwood, looking up adoringly at the woman that had enslaved her. Susanne Berger owned her now -- and it felt like a naughty secret only the both of them knew. She was so fucking wet as she looked up at the woman that owned her. She felt the deep connection between them. Christine was in love with her. She was her property. She was her slave!

She pulled off her bra last and tossed it on the floor with a satisfied grin. Yes. Good. She felt correct, now. Proper. The wetness between her legs almost shocked her in its hot, needy intensity. She spread her legs a bit further. Susie looked at her approvingly, which made Christine’s heart beat faster. Her nipples were almost painfully hard.

“I am ready to serve,” she said and licked her lips. They had gone dry during the time she had been switched off. She couldn’t remember any of it, of course. She wondered how long it had taken to make her a slave. The angle of the sunlight seemed to have processed, but she couldn’t tell by how much since she hadn’t paid attention before. It didn’t matter, though. It was only important that it had happened.

“Good Girl,” Susie said, and Christine’s mind purred. She bit her lower lip. “Let’s make sure,” Susie continued.

She walked around the desk and picked up the contract she had made Christine sign when her mind had been blanked. She flipped to a couple of marked pages and read the relevant sections aloud to Christine, who listened intently. She was beaming when she learned that she had given up every right she had, every possession, and every agency.

When Susie had finished, she pulled a cigarette lighter from her pocket and held it up next to the contract. “Do you want me to destroy it? Say it and I’ll do it. You’ll be free to go.”

Christine grinned.

“It’s not legally binding anyway,” she said. “It’s completely unconscionable. A court might sue you for even writing these clauses. But please don’t destroy it. It has enormous sentimental value to me.”

Susie laughed, and Christine laughed with her. It was good to see her happy. Christine felt deeply indebted to her. She felt giddy.

“I want to fuck you,” she blurted suddenly, driven by blind desire. “This is making me so hot. I want to make you cum.” She wasn’t even that attracted to women, but her need to serve and please easily overpowered that. She knew she would be turned on by licking the desk lamp if it meant being a good, controlled slave.

“And you will fuck me, dear,” Susie said. “But not right now, sorry.”

Christine felt a pang of disappointment but it was quickly drowned out by the screaming arousal that burned in her lower body. She was so wet for all of this.

“May I… may I touch myself, please?” she begged. She wanted to cum so badly.

“Not yet.”

Christine pouted for a moment, but she had to do what she was told. She simply had to. It was like breathing. And it only increased her need. They had really done a job on her. She loved all of this so much. It was truly amazing to see herself act like this, to see the effects of the control on her mind from inside of it. She felt like a scholar of history that had discovered a time machine.

She understood some of the things that had been done to her, but not all. She was so excited to learn how they had done it, and then do it to others. Fuck, yes! The idea made her so hot. I am such a good slave now. she thought, and it was pure dopamine, pure joy and arousal.

She knew she’d need further conditioning soon—to make sure it didn’t wear off. It felt magical to be controlled like this, but it wasn’t magic. Without intervention, her old personality would reassert itself within weeks or even days. It would take months or years of repeated conditioning to make her permanently like this.

She enjoyed that thought for a moment, knowing that she hadn’t wanted any of this mere hours ago. It was hard to wrap her head around it. She really couldn’t even remember what it felt like no to want to be controlled—and ever being free again was unimaginable. She didn’t want to be. She wanted to be a good obedient slave!

She waited for Susie to speak. . Please make me stay like this, she thought, but said nothing. She waited to be told what to do. Susie was a goddess now, with power over Christine like she had never imagined possible before her mind had been properly subjugated. Susie stood behind her desk, and pushed another button on it. A moment later, the door opened, and this time it wasn’t the naked assistant from earlier who entered, but the young woman she had briefly met in the waiting area, Stella.

Stella was completely blanked. Her face was slack and she carried herself with the unseeing jerkiness of a somnambulist, and Christine’s pussy throbbed at the sight. She was absurdly proud and happy that it did. It meant that she obeyed. It meant that she was properly enslaved.

Stella was cradling an active field emitter in her hands as she stepped closer and closer, her eyes blank and empty. Christine felt herself getting dizzy as Stella approached. Stella came even closer, and she…

Nothing... nothing at... listen... yes... Stella... obey. Slave. Slave. Slave...


Suddenly, Christine blinked awake. Susie stood between her and Stella, her hands next to Christine's head, and Christine felt something smooth and cold against her temples. She realized that the emitter must have blanked her out as well.

”Whoops, sorry. Forgot about this,” Susie said as she adjusted the copper-laced steel band above Christine’s ears. She stepped back. “There you go, fully shielded. You look lovely. Like a princess. Don’t worry. You’ll have acclimation training soon, and you won’t need this gear anymore after that.”

Christine smiled. Stella stood across from her. Her expression was perfectly and deliciously empty. Her black, curly hair framed her placid face like curtains on a windless day, and her eyes were open windows. There was no one home. Christine could break and enter and do anything to her mind. It was so hot.

“Stella Caruso is an electrical engineer,” Susie said. “She will work on several of our projects in our tissue printing and automated surgery divisions. She will also dance and deliver sexual favors at executive events.”

”She’ll do excellently for that,” Christine said excitedly.

“Yes,” said Stella Caruso, and Christine smiled. She looked at Susie, and saw approval. It warmed her heart. She looked back at Stella. The young woman had a beautiful face with full lips and a cute nose, and she was tall and fit, with large, firm breasts and wide hips. Her body would be sure to serve and please.

“You already know what to tell her,” Susie said. Make her believe your truths. I will guide you. If you want, you may touch yourself while you do it.”

Christine’s hand was between her legs immediately. There were already long streamers of wetness that had run down the inside of her thighs, and her cunt was drowning in her juices. She slid her fingers into her hungering slit and started to stroke.

“You will listen,” she told the woman that was not yet a slave. “You will believe everything I say. Deeply believe it.”

“Yes,” Stella said mindlessly. She was powerless to do anything else. She was under control.

“My words are the truth. That’s why you believe everything I say. When you believe the truth, you will repeat the truth.”

”Yes,” Stella said, and when she spoke her eyes became slightly more alive for just a moment. “I will believe everything you say. It is the truth. I will repeat the truth.” When her words ceased, so did the ghost of awareness in her expression.

Christine made her believe, made her repeat, made her a slave. It was maybe the most amazing and rewarding thing she had ever done. Her heart was beating in giddy excitement. At some point she came, hard and violently. Release shook her in an explosion of pleasure that momentarily blanked her out. She went back to making Stella obey as soon as she had come down, and her hand was already working between her legs again. Before Susie told her that they were done, she had come another two times.

Stella stood before them, still as blank and docile as the moment she had entered the room. She looked no different. Her expression hadn’t changed, nor had her posture. It was all in her mind. Christine knew what she had done to her, and it was electricity in her loins and warmth in her chest. Christine felt like a magician who was about to open the magic box and reveal that the audience volunteer inside had turned into his beautiful assistant.

Christine told Stella to hand her the device, and Stella thoughtlessly obeyed. It turned her on to know that Stella could have disabled it the whole time she had been waiting in the next room—if only she had had the will to do it. She flipped open the latch and held down the button to turn off the field.

The woman that wasn’t Stella anymore awoke. There was only the barest moment of confusion in her eyes as she tried to piece together what had just happened to her. One final moment where she wasn’t yet aware that she was a slave. That moment lasted for maybe four seconds and ended with a deep gasp of arousal that turned into a manic smile of understanding. Like Christine, she didn’t need to be told to strip bare to show how much of an eager slave she had become.

“I am ready to serve!” she said through a wide-eyed grin, kneeling before them, shivering and bared. “I am a slave!” The words were like fingers gently stroking Christine’s clit.

“Good Girls,” Susie said, and Christine let herself shiver and gasp softly as the words washed over her. Yes. Susie owned them both now. Christine had made sure of that.

Susie let Stella stroke herself as she read back the contract she had made her sign, and Christine watched her come with a deep sense of happiness and accomplishment. After that, Susie told Stella to dress again and go home. Stella, of course, obeyed. She would start lying to her friends and family today and begin the process of slowly cutting ties. She would spend the rest of the evening fucking herself, thinking about what had happened to her. Tomorrow, she would return to expose herself to more conditioning. She kissed Christine and Susie goodbye, and walked out the door.

When she had left, Susie turned to Christine. She held up the small black device that had ended Stella’s free will.

”Your thoughts on this?

“The field emitter is effective but still crude,” Christine said. “I have some ideas how it might be improved. Some sort of regulatory feedback loop might solve the acclimatisation problem. We might be able to pacify our subjects indefinitely if it works. The field emitter would have to be worn for that, however—to monitor the subject’s vitals and brain waves. Top of the head or base of the skull. A collar, maybe? Harder to remove than a crown or cap.

“Very good,” Susie said excitedly. “You’re so eager! We’re truly lucky to have you as one of our slaves. We’re already working on what you described. I’m sure you’d be very happy to join the research. There’s lots of testing. Your own enslavement and that of Stella will also provide valuable data.”

“Glad to hear that,” Christina said, going for understatement instead of even trying to find the words that expressed how fucking good she felt about this. How much she wanted this. How goddamn hot it made her. This was what she lived for now.

“When can I start?” she aked, and Susie smiled.

“Hold your horses, slave,” she said and Christine’s thighs tightened. “I’d like to introduce you to my lovely husband first. We’ll have dinner tonight, and we want you to join us. I’m afraid you’ll be too busy spreading your legs after that to get anything else done today, so your work will have to wait until tomorrow. How does that sound?”

Christine smiled happily.

“Tomorrow works for me.”


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