Epilogue - Sisters

by nevermind

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Ana slapped Leah hard across the face, and her Sister moaned with pleasure.

"Yes!" Leah hissed. "Harder!"

Ana slapped her again, getting an even louder moan out of her. It made Ana's pussy contract with lust. She had been waiting so long for this, and now it was finally happening. She felt like she'd been edging herself all day long, controlling Leah, betraying her, seeing her claimed and seeing her become the Mother's cruel and soulless instrument. It had been so fucking good. It felt like she should have climaxed a million times over it already—but there had always been something even more monumental happening. The death of Josiah. The birth of their Mother. The taste of her own dying soul!

But now it was finally happening, for real. The fight was done, and the Mother had won and Ana could finally enjoy the spoils of war. Leah was hers! Leah was willing flesh!

She slapped Leah again. "Do yo like that, you filthy whore?"

Leah looked up at her from her knees, a mad grin on her face. "Yes, sister! Show me how fucking cruel you are! Use me! Rape me! Own me like you did when you crushed my mind!"

Ana hissed with delight, and shoved Leah off-balance, onto her back and into the pool of blood. Leah immediately spread her legs for Ana—and Ana briefly considered finger-fucking her and making her come instead of the other way around. She was so fucking hot. Ana wanted her so bad. But the joy of domination was so much better, and she knelt down into Leah's face.

"Make me cum, whore!" she said. "Make me cum and complete the Sanctum!"

Leah didn't answer. She simply obeyed, and Ana moaned with the joy as Leah's shameless tongue pushed into her hungering slit, and across her opening, and against her clit. Yes!!! she thought, and she lost herself in the red hot reality of what was happening. They were the Mother's flesh! They had betrayed the Order, and killed them all! They had given their bodies and souls to become everything they had sworn to destroy, and then they had fucked themselves hard because it made them so fucking hot! And now Leah was licking her! Yes!!! Finally, the filthy whore that Ana had helped create could prove how little their pathetic friendship and so-called sisterhood had meant. Fucking her was the final nail in the coffin of their filthy former existences, and fucking her to complete the blood ritual of creating a Sanctum of the Mother was even better.

Yesss!!! This was their glorious purpose! Defile the world! Make everyone serve! Ana looked to her side. Next to them, breathing shallow breaths, knelt the innocent young woman she had forced to slit her own wrists. They had invaded her home, at random, and used her flesh like all flesh was meant to be used. They had dragged her out of her bed and used her blood to draw the symbols of the Mother's power across the floor and walls and now Ana's orgasm would drive another beacon of Her Resonance into the world. They had kept the woman alive for what was going to happen after that. The thought was already driving Ana closer to the edge.

"Fuck yes! Harder! Harder!!!" she commanded, and squeezed her tits as jolts of pleasure went through her body. She felt her abdomen contract, and felt the growing demon inside of her squirm with the same dark joy that was burning in her heart. They were one and the same. She was its demonic seedbed. Her body existed to breed and corrupt and to feel the shameless pleasure of domination and violence and sex—and all of it had become the same thing. "YES! HARDER YOU CUNT!" Leah's tongue was hot and wet between her quivering folds, and Ana's cunt was on fire with ecstasy. She was close. So close! For a moment, she wanted to draw it out and enjoy it for longer, to make it more special. This would be the first time that Leah made her cum! Her sister! Her friend! She had killed her and made her serve! She had betrayed her! Yesss! It was so fucking hot to think about. It was so fucking good. She wanted it to last. She wanted—

—No! She wanted to cum now! This wasn't special! Leah was nothing but a shameless whore! She would be her bitch and her pet and her fucktoy, and they would spread the Mother's seed together, fucking each other's willing flesh over and over and over! Leah's body was hers to use. She was her whore! "Yesss!" she screamed. "YEEEESSSSS!!!"

She came, and her corrupted flesh bucked and shivered and rippled with the overwhelming heat of the Mother's Resonance—and her orgasm grounded Her power into the defiled and tainted Sanctum.

She laughed and moaned as she came down and felt the warm embrace of the Mother's will saturate the air around her like a red fog at the edge of her mind. "Well done, bitch" she said, looking down between her legs, into Leah's wonderfully soulless eyes. She saw them burn with selfish delight, and she knew that Leah enjoyed being her little bitch just as much as she enjoyed imposing her will on others. Speaking of which...

"Get up," Ana commanded, and the mind-controlled woman next to them blinked into dim awareness. "Yes," she slurred, weakly. "I obey." She stood, swaying dizzily from loss of blood, and waited for Ana's next command. Ana got to her feet as well, and Leah followed. The smile on her face had never left. She looked ravenous and desperate for the joy of inflicting violence, and Ana was more than happy to indulge her.

"Let's see how strong the Mother's resonance is," Ana said, and commanded the young woman to kneel at the center of the Sanctum. The woman did not hesitate one second, and eagerly offered herself without understanding or questioning what was happening to her. It was so fucking hot. For a few moments, the both of them simply enjoyed the sight of a woman that was completely under her control and completely under her mercy. They waited for what they knew was coming.

Eventually, Leah boomed: "Her flesh is ready!"

Ana took in a sharp breath as she recognized the Mother's influence in Leah's voice, and she let herself fall into the thick heat of the Sanctum's resonance. "Her flesh is open," she droned as the Mother's will took her over. She started moving, and so did Leah. Together they let their blood take control as they drew their arms through the air in slow circles. Unholy words escaped their mouths—guttural, harsh sounds, as inhuman and cruel as the burned remnants of their dead souls. The words of power cut the air like rusty knives, and reality broke and bled, and the woman between them screamed in agony as she was lifted into the air. Her arms and legs splayed out, and her bones cracked, and her scream of agony turned into an inhuman roar. Her eyes were wide with agony and terror, and through the red fog in her mind, Ana could feel her control over the woman's mind break—but it was too late. Their sacrifice hung in the air, helpless, as the white of her eyes turned black and her irises turned red and the veins underneath her skin ran black with blood like a thousand snakes slithering through her flesh. Her body twitched, and convulsed, cracking and gurgling, and blood started running from her mouth as fangs pushed themselves out of her gums. Horns erupted from her skull, and at her fingertips, her fingernails transformed into black, serrated claws. Her skin rippled, and creased, and darkened, and stretched, and she hissed and growled and snarled, and already there was no more humanity in her voice, no more thought, no more fear. Ana and Leah continued chanting, continued their defilement, until at last, the transformation was complete.

When it was done, Ana felt the red fog recede and her own thoughts return, no less cruel and no less violent than the ones that had filled her mind when the Mother had been in control.

"Yesss," Leah hissed, and Ana licked her lips. She had to agree. This was so fucking hot. Standing in front of them, naked and terrible and magnificent, was the first full demon of the mother's hordes. A monster born from human flesh. A being of pure hatred and instinct, ruled only by the mother's will with no more mind of its own. Ana looked at its magnificent form. It still resembled a woman, but its skin was almost as chitinous as the Mother's Gifts, and its face was the cruel caricature of that of a human, with huge black eyes and a mouth full of finger-long fangs, and sweeping horns arching back over its scalp. It stood bent and hunched, quietly snarling and hissing as it looked around itself and recognised its masters, and it tilted its head with a grotesque smile that seemed both thoughtless and way too smart at the same time.

"Yesss," it hissed. "Will serve now. Kill. Hunt. Command me."

"Join the Mother. You know where to go."

"Yesss," the thing said, raising its too-long arms and looking at its own clawed hands with what looked like fascination. "Know how to serve. Know where to go. Will serve. Will go."

And with that, it half-walked, half-crawled away. It was as unnerving as it was exciting to watch it open the door, frighteningly human and inhuman at the same time. They weren't too far from the library—just far enough away from the center of her Resonance to warrant the creation of a Sanctum—and it would have no trouble finding its way to join the growing masses of the Mother's army.

"It worked flawlessly," Ana said, smiling a satisfied smile. "Her powers are as strong as they ever were. Jordan's flesh is a worthy host."

"Yesss," Leah said, and nodded, and surveyed the newly created Sanctum: A chaos of overturned furniture and wonderfully sacrilegous bloodstains. "It was so good to see that black whore die and become Her flesh!"

Ana scoffed. "You were still my mind-controlled slave when that happened," she said. "If you could have, you would have screamed and cried."

Leah took a step closer to her. "But I still remember it now," she said. "And when I remember it, it makes me want to cum, hard."

"Is that so?" Ana asked, a smile on her lips. "And is the memory even better because that bitch Leah was powerless to stop it? Is it even better because I was in control?"

"Don't flatter yourself," Leah said, smiling as well. "Just because I can get into being your little bitch doesn't mean that I'm any less of a greedy, reckless monster than you. I would have taken those rings from you and choked you blind if I could have. I would have pushed you down into the blood and fucked your face if I could have. I'll be your bitch, Ana. But don't think for a second that I won't take everything for myself that I can get. And that's not what you want, anyway—is it?

"...what?" Ana scoffed. Leah was directly in front of her now, and Ana could feel the heat radiating of her flushed body.

"You don't want me to be a little submissive bitch, Ana. Not as much as you get off from me being the Mother's monster. Not as much as you get off from knowing that you killed my soul and that I'm just as fucking cruel and dead inside as you are."

Ana's lips felt suddenly parched. Somehow, she had no reply.

Leah wasn't done. "That's right, isn't it?" she hissed mockingly "You could just control my mind and turn me into your drooling little fuckpuppet and lead my on a leash like the little bitch that I am. But you don't."

Leah was so fucking close to her, and the utter cruelty in her eyes was unbearably hot. Ana realized that she was holding her breath and that her body was shivering.

"You fucking don't," Leah spat, "Because I'm already exactly what you fucking want."

Leah let the moment hang in the air, a wicked grin on her lips. "And what is that?" Ana finally asked.

"I'm your fucking girlfriend," Leah said—and Ana scoffed.

"Fuck you!" she sneered. "I don't give shit about you, you little cunt."

"Oh, is that so, Ana? Really? You're telling me that you don't want to fuck me every day for the rest of eternity because I'm the one you betrayed most? You don't want to be there every time a newborn Gift claws itself out of my flesh? You don't want to hold down my victims with me and make their flesh serve? You don't want to do it all together because it would be such a fucking constant joy?"

Leah looked at her with burning eyes. "Because I fucking do. We're fucking perfect for each other. Tell me I'm fucking wrong, you stupid little bitch."

Ana gave in, and kissed her. She pushed her tongue deep into Leah's mouth, and Leah immediately sucked on it like her life depended on it. Ana's arms folded around Leah's body, and pulled her in, and she felt Leah's fingernails claw into the flesh of her ass, and she moaned as the pleasure of pain sizzled through her. For a while she didn't even notice that Leah's tongue had pushed back, and that she was now sucking on her. She let it happen. She wanted her so bad. That soft, round body that had once been so innocent and full of goodness and compassion. She wanted to invade it, penetrate it, taste it, make it shiver, make it come, make it scream—make her scream.

They seperated only long enough to find the bedroom of the woman they had just killed and clear her bed of pillows and blankets and throw themselves onto it and into each other.

"You're fucking right, whore," Ana moaned. "It makes me so fucking wet when I see how fucking dead your eyes are—and it makes me so fucking wet when I think about how many people you will fucking rape and kill—and I want to be there for every last one of them!"

"Yesss!" Leah sighed. "Don't you fucking want me? Don't I make you fucking hot? Don't you want to make this little demon whore cum forever? Don't you want to see her cream?!"

"Yesss," Ana admitted. "I want it so fucking bad!"

"Then make me cum, whore!" Leah screamed. "Make me cum. I'll scream it for you, bitch. I'll scream everything you want to hear!"

And dove into Leah's folds and started sucking and licking, and Leah spread her legs wide, wide enough for Ana to be able to reach underneath and finger her asshole. Leah's shameless moans of lust made Ana's own pussy scream for attention, but she kept pushing hard against Leah's flesh instead, and Leah screamed with pleasure. "Yesss! My soul is dead! Oooooh.... yess! Yes! I gave it away and let it die! I'm free now! Yesss! I.... yesss!!! I'm willing flesh!!! No more fucking compassion! No more fuckin... oh yesss... yesss!!! Harder! Yes! No more fucking goodnesssss!!! Yesss!!! I'll kill for Her! Kill their souls! Make them serve! Make them Hers! Yesss!!!! YES! Harder, you bitch! Lick my fucking pussy! Yess! I'm her seedbed! I'm her whore! I'm her flesh!!! YES!!! WILLING FLESH!!! YESSS!!! YOU KILLED ME!!! YOU KILLED MY SOUL!!! YESSS!!! YEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!

Ana felt her body tremble, and Leah came into her face, legs closing around Ana's head with inhuman strength that would have crushed her skull if her body wasn't just as demonic as that of her evil, soulless sister. Leah gasped and panted and moaned, still shivering as the waves of pleasure slowly ebbed.

For a minute, neither of them said anything. It wasn't like their bodies would ever cool off now, but Leah seemed to appreciate the moment of rest, too. It might have been peaceful, but Ana knew that Leah's mind was just as alive with the endless heat of the Mother's call as her own. There was no moment in which she didn't think about sex and violence. It was so fucking good to be like this. It was so fucking good that Leah was like this, too.

After a while Leah scoffed as if she'd thought of something funny. After another short moment, she spoke. "We should return to the Mother."

"Yes," Ana answered lazily, without getting up. "I guess we already wasted enough time."

"Probably," Leah said. "But this felt like it was overdue. I would've felt cheated if we didn't get to fuck after everything that happened. Besides, if the Mother needs us, she can just take control of our minds any fucking time she wants."

"True, I suppose," Ana said, and shrugged, and relaxed again. After another moment of silence, she turned herself over on the mattress and looked at her corrupted sister. "That was fucking hot. You're such a good little soulless whore. Seeing you come like that is almost like seeing you die all over again."

Leah nodded, and smiled, and her eyes remained as wonderfully dead and cruel as ever. "And that's why we'll always be together. Because it makes me just as fucking wet as you. You can have me anytime you want. " She was so fucking hot. Ana smiled with her—and slapped her across the face as hard as she could.

"I'll take you whenever I fucking feel like it, whore," Ana said. "I don't need your permission."

Leah snapped her head back, and glared at Ana with utter rage in her eyes. Suddenly Ana felt a genuine pang of instinctive fear, untouched by corruption and demonic power -- the base, animal, impulse that still remained at her core alongside her rage and greed and lust. For a moment she thought that Leah might actually try to kill her, and succeed, even if Ana would be able to rip out her throat in return.

But the moment dragged, and nothing happened, and Ana's fear turned instead into a feeling of awe. She was in awe of just how much violence and cruelty lived in the black void of Leah's soul. Enough to truly scare her, if even just for a moment. 

Then, Leah's smile returned. "Yesss," she hissed and licked her lips. "Exactly like that."

Ana licked her lips, already feeling her hunger and lust return. There was not an ounce of weakness left in Leah. No goodness. No compassion. No shame. No pity. It was the hottest fucking thing Ana had ever seen after witnessing the Constellation, and she couldn't believe how fucking lucky she was to get to experience this forever.

She did not love her. Of course not. But it was true what Leah had said: They were perfect for each other. Soon, there would be no more difference in their corruption, no difference in their power. They would fight for dominance every day, and Ana realized that there was no way to lose that battle. Not with Leah. Because the loser would always kneel and serve between the legs of the sister they had once loved, and look up into the soulless eyes of the monster that they had become. Fuck yes!!! The only one that had lost were the filthy whore that had long since died—the whores of the Order that had lost their souls and died to become what they were meant to be.

The soulless monsters that were Ana and Leah kissed once more, rose from the bed, walked out of the Sanctum they had created. They left behind the wonderful chaos and ruination that would soon befall every soul on Earth and made their way back to the epicentre of the events that had started it all, walking through the darkness of the moonless night, with only the stars shining overhead, cold and distant and uncaring. They felt the resonance of their Mother at their cores, pulsating and throbbing and ever growing stronger. Inside their wombs, they felt their seeds growing and squirming, just as ravenous and insatiable as they were.

They returned to the university campus and approached their Mother, holding hands in a cruel mockery of love and affection—and the Mother smiled, and understood, and approved.

It was a beautiful night.

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