Chapter XVIII - Singularity

by nevermind

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Jordan watched it all happen - and with every dying member of the Order, she felt herself sink deeper. It felt good. She was certain that she was watching everything she wanted come to life. All of the Mother’s servants were here now, at the source, and their burning rage and lust were blinding beacons in her mind, almost too bright to bear. The fog between her and the world tasted of sex and desire, and it tinged her viscous thoughts with unquestioning purpose. She was ready. Ready to let them have her. Ready to spread her legs and let herself be claimed. She knew that it was right. She knew that it was her purpose. She would become willing flesh.

The battle had been violent and quick and had almost ended in utter failure. But the Mother’s plan had paid off. A mind-controlled Leah had done their bidding without question, and kept the Constellation alive.

Something about all of this still felt somehow tragic—but the notion was less than a quivering breath in a hurricane, and quickly lost itself in the undeniable correctness of everything. Only purpose and lust. Only the Mother. Only offering herself to Her. Being open. Being ready. Being willing. So willing. Yes. It was time.

They all went inside to end the lives of those that were no longer needed, and Jordan watched as the Mother's flesh-servants rejoiced in the dark pleasure of their victory. They moaned, and laughed, and kissed, and their fingers wandered between their legs in celebration – but they did not join in communion. First, they would claim Jordan.

They descended into the first sanctum and wiped away the filthy and pathetic scribbles of the aztec ritual that had dared to save Jordan’s soul. Using Ana’s blood and Leah’s remaining healing power, they restored the sanctum in the Mother’s name, and it was good. They disrobed, and witnessed each other’s willing flesh, and tasted the overwhelming resonance in the air, so close to the Source. And as they bared their bodies, Jordan saw that Sam and Mina had come bearing Gifts. Between their shoulder blades, black claws anchored deep in their flesh, hung the wonderful chitinous creatures they had birthed. A jolt of red purpose went throught her, and with no more hesitation, Jordan stepped into the center of the sanctum, laid down, and presented her naked flesh. The throbbing need in her mind was irresistable. She looked up at the flesh-servants around her, and she looked at the two mind-addled women that were everything that was left of the Order—Leah and Jeanne. They, too, had been commanded to shed their clothes. They had no choice but to obey. Their minds were theirs.

The first Herald Mina Park took a step forward and towered over Jordan like a goddess, terrible and beautiful. She moaned softly as the gift detached itself from her flesh and crawled down her body, circling around Jordan like a shark around its prey.

Jordan opened her legs wider and smiled. At last the moment had come, and she knew that she needed to be claimed. Her soul had to die now.

The Mother’s Gift stopped between her legs, its head twitching, assessing her flesh.

Jordan knew that it was time.

Then it pounced, and entered her, and sealed her fate.


The blinding agony was enough to pierce through the all-enveloping curtain of toxic lust and purpose that had been suffocating her. The spell was broken. She was herself again.

Jordan shrieked and cried as her mind returned and immediately became incoherent with pain and fear. No! No! No!!! Her thoughts frayed into a mess of terror and rage and utter despair. Her world was spinning, and everything was pain, and through the all-consuming agony, broken thoughts careened through her in jagged fragments. God, please!—this isn’t real—they’re all dead—no—why?—please! Please! PLEASE!!!

She tried to fight it—tried to reach between her legs and pull it out, but even now her mind vibrated with the terrible sickening heat of the Mother’s resonance, and every movement was a futile, overwhelming struggle. Her limbs were convulsing with pain, and her screams threatened to rip her throat apart. Oh God why doesn’t it feel good?!, she thought desperately, shamefully. It’s supposed to feel good! Its claws were inside her, perverse and disgusting and agonizing, and she felt it burrow and gnaw and tear and rip through her flesh, and every movement was a new explosion of suffering. It kept going and going and it was deep inside her nowall the way inside herand her lower body bucked and twisted, and she screamed and screamed and cried and cried until—

A shallow wave of pleasure rippled over herand it dulled the pain, smoothing it with disgusting, liquid heat. Ohhhhh God, she thought weakly as the sudden relief made her gasp and shiver. Another soft wave of arousal followed immediately after, and her pussy throbbed with unwanted, irresistible ecstasy. Oh God, it is happening, she realized desperately. Her mind was suddenly racing, and frantic thoughts tumbled through her head now that her pain had numbed enough to finally allow her thoughts some semblance of coherence again. No! No! No!!! She thought, and her chest constricted with utter fear as she glimpsed the inevitable consequence of it. I’m dying. This is the last moment of my life. They won.

She screamed in despair until an even worse and infinitely more morbid thought snapped into focus in her reeling mind.

No. I won’t die, she knew. I’ll still be there. But I’ll be—

Her mind seemed to shut down for a moment, her brain unwilling to acknowledge the conclusion. She was trembling.

I’ll be like them. I'll be evil. The thought was impossible to grasp in its horrible inevitability, and her mind tried uselessly to come to terms with it. There shouldn’t be such a thing—absolute, irredeemable, self-aware evil. Her mind bucked and protested. It didn’t feel true. It couldn’t be true!It couldn't

Another groan escaped her as the toxic lust between her legs spiked again. Oh God, this can't be happening! But it was. Her thoughts were tumbling end over end between pleasure and pain. God was real. Magic was real. The soul was real. And her own soul was about to be ripped out of her. Everything that made her good was about to destroyed. The thought was impossible, and at the same time undeniable. Oh God. How would it feel when her soul died? What would it feel to become a monster? She felt like she was trying to anticipate the sensation of hitting the ground as she fell.

Another wave of incredible pleasure lashed through her, and she screamed again. It was all smearing together, now. Ther wasn no pain anymore. It was like getting fucked hard. Too hard. Oh God, no! Please no! Please! I don’t want to become like that, she thought desperately. Bitter tears streamed down her face, and she looked up and saw the lust-crazed faces around her, corrupted and soulless, fucking themselves, getting off from this. She saw Mina Park, her eyes burning with pitiless joy, and saw the sharp teeth in her wicked smile. She saw Sister Ana, fondling her breasts. She saw Sam, shamelessly revelling in the sight of Jordan’s suffering.


As Jordan looked at her and saw Samantha Collins' dead, uncaring eyes, the clarity in her mind suddenly tinged red. Memories flooded her mind in a tide of boiling blood, and she hotly remembered the brief moment of love and tenderness she had felt—before it had been all taken away again. Oh God, no, she thought as she realized that she was sliding back into the thick red mist of the Mother's control. She tried to hold onto the clarity she’d felt through the pain and the fear, but it was slipping through her fingers like fine sand. The pain was almost gone, and she felt her mind slip and drown. No! Please, no!!!

But she couldn't stop it. She crashed into the red-hot memory of desire and sex and lust, and she remembered what she’d forgotten: She remembered Sam, naked in her dorm room bed late at night, her eyes glassy and empty as she masturbated; the moment when the resonance had taken hold of both of them for the first time.

Sam is lying next to her, naked, beautiful, wonderful, hot. Sam’s hand is between her legs. She is masturbating next to Jordan. Something wells up in her. Something hot. Between her legs, she feels her own hand working, rubbing. She is masturbating, too. It feels exhilarating. They moan and scream and proclaim their purpose: "I have given my body. I have given my flesh. My flesh is willing. My flesh is open. I am ready to be taken."

Jordan moaned uncontrollably as she remembered it all, and her aching pussy flared with overwhelming arousal that she desperately didn’t want. Her thoughts were red. Her body was on fire with lust and it was so hard to hold on. It felt so good. Why did it feel so good? Please! I don’t want to! I don’t want to go! I’m not ready! But it was too much. A final tear ran down her cheek as her thoughts screamed and tumbled and evaporated in the unbearable heat and ecstasy and she tried to fight it but she couldn’t and she tried to hold on but it was too strong, too hot, too good.

Sam! I’m sorr—

She never finished the thought. Instead a moan of pleasure escaped her as she was overwhelmed by the wonderful memory, and exhilarating excitement took control of her once more. Red mist filled her world and drowned everything out, and she felt the heat between her legs and the throbbing in her nipples as the all-consuming need to serve swallowed her, and she knew that she was fulfilling her purpose.

I have given my body. I have given my flesh. My flesh is willing. My flesh is open. I am ready to be taken.

Ana’s body was incandescent with lust as she watched Jordan succumb. Her mind spun with the wonderful reality of what was happening: She had betrayed them all! She’d killed them! The Mother's designs had become reality. through her blood-stained hands! She had become the most terrible, depraved version of herself that she could have ever imagined, and it made her want to plunge her fingers deeper into her aching snatch.

I am willing flesh, she thought, and squeezed her tits harder as she watched Jordan’ soul being devoured. There had been a brief moment when her eyes had cleared up, and Ana had seen the realization in her face. Her screams of terror and agony had been deafening. It had been so fucking hot. Almost as hot as when the sacred blood had again overwhelmed her and snuffed out her will one final time.

The third Herald was moaning with lust now, sweat beading on her dark skin as her mind drowned in the Mother’s pleasure. Dark, tainted blood had pooled between her legs. The Gift was inside her, burrowing deeper, slowly claiming her. You will serve, Ana thought as she pushed against her wet, throbbing snatch. You will serve!!!

It took fourteen minutes.

Ana watched it happen, remorseless lust burning in her heart as she fucked herself to another orgasm, and another, and another. Then the resonance shifted, and Ana knew that the end was coming. The girl’s mindless groans and whimpers had grown louder and faster, and were now building to a terrible climax. Ana could feel Jordan’s enthralled mind burn with the fire of the Mother’s resonance, and the girl on the floor mewled like an animal in heat. Her nipples had darkened almost pitch black. Ana could tell that this was it. It would happen, now.

“I have given my body.” Jordan suddenly screamed, her voice almost inhuman, her words heavy and slurred by the mind-numbing pleasure. “My flesh must serve!”

Her eyes were thoughtlessly staring at nothing. The young woman’s mind was utterly enraptured and possessed. The darkness had her. “I have given my flesh!” Jordan moaned, louder this time. “My flesh is open!” the Herald slurred, “I am ready to be taken.” Ana could almost hear the Mother scream along with her in utter ecstasy as the Herald offered herself.

“My flesh must—AAAAAAH!!!”

Jordan screamed as her body suddenly violently convulsed and her final words turned into an ear-shattering scream of pain and pleasure.

Then her voice caught, and her scream turned into a choking gurgle, and her trembling body seemed to hang there, frozen in place, back arched, muscles tight. Her wide-open eyes stared at nothing as a last tear rolled down her cheek and evaporated. The moment seemed to last an eternity.

Then her body crumpled and collapsed, and lay still.

She was dead.

Ana was breathless. Her finger rested on the tip of her clit now, no longer stroking but instead trembling nervously, waiting for the moment it happened. Her whole body was tight with impossible anticipation and lust. The very air around them seemed to crave the thing that would happen next.

The silence stretched. No one was even breathing. They waited. Waited for—

The body twitched -- and Jordan opened her cruel, soulless eyes.

Yes! Jordan thought. Finally!

Red-hot excitement billowed in her chest like roaring flames, licking around the perfect unfeeling void that had been carved into her heart. Nothing could have ever prepared her for how fucking good this was. But of course! Of course, this was what it felt like!

My soul is dead. It’s gone! I’m Hers!, she thought -- and the thought sent slow waves of glowing ecstasy through her corrupted body. Yesss! It was boiling, sizzling, monumental truth—a truth that she hadn’t been able to understand until her flesh had finally been claimed and her soul had finally been destroyed, and it was so fucking good!

Oh, yes! She had been so afraid of this. She had dreaded how this would feel with all of her being – to have her body raped and pierced by the Mother’s Gifts — to die, and lose her soul. It had been unimaginable. And now it had actually happened! She had become exactly like she'd feared! She felt the black chasm in her heart where everything ‘good’ and ‘pure’ had once been—the part of her that had screamed and begged and cried and fought.

The part of her that had finally fucking died.

She looked around, and met the cruel and soulless gazes of the naked flesh-servants above her – and she smiled. She smiled because she knew that her own eyes must look just as dead and cruel as theirs. Yesss, look at me, she thought as their hungry eyes wandered over her naked body. The thrill of being completely exposed for them was glorious.

“My flesh serves!” she hissed, letting the perfect words lick her aching cunt. They were her first words, and she said them with guttural, selfish joy. This was so impossibly fucking good.

“I am Hers!” she proclaimed, and her hand met the throbbing desire between her legs without hesitation or shame, and the hot wetness of her ruined pussy exploded into ecstasy against her desperate fingertips like nothing she’d ever felt before. Yesss!!! She moaned like a shameless whore and pushed her fingers between her throbbing, bloody pussy lips, and she could tell that the other flesh-servants had all been waiting for this, edging themselves until the moment Jordan professed her devotion—and now she had! Set off by Jordan’s words, a chorus of orgasmic moans erupted around her as Sam and Mina and Ana and Ellie plunged their fingers into their hungering slits—and they all came at once. Their screams of ecstasy made Jordan’s pussy throb even more as she worked her bloodstained fingers across her own abused hole, between her raw and cut-open lips. There was no more pain – because pain was pleasure; her defiled flesh was open and frayed and every touch made her moan and gasp and she pushed harder, deeper, more recklessly.

“Yesss!” she screamed. Dark pleasure cascaded through her in hot, electric bursts and she fingered her quivering pussy as if fucking herself hard enough could kill her soul a second time—and as she pushed deep into her ruined, desecrated flesh, she felt the hard shell of the Mother’s Gift aginst her fingertips; cold chitin and razor-sharp claws, burrowed deep inside of her body. The sensation made her cream hard.

Yesss! The demon had raped her and claimed her and killed that piece-of-shit soul of hers—and now it was inside of her, part of her! It was the hottest thing she could imagine. She was Hers now! She was willing flesh! She was willing flesh!!!

Yes!!! Already, she felt her body changing. Already, she felt the nervous, irresistible gravity of the Constellation clawing at her, and it was tinting her thoughts red. Suddenly, she could only think about her wonderful purpose, and she knew that everything she had ever done had been worthless. She existed only for this! In the Mother's name, she was going to betray everything she had ever wanted! She was going to undo everything she had ever lived for! Yesss! she thought, and pushed harder into her gushing slit. She remembered who she had been – before she had become willing flesh. She remembered the fear and the terror and everything she had done to avoid her fate.

Fuck you! she thought, and her flesh shivered with pride to be everything that her old self had been so afraid of.

Fuck you!, she thought as she remembered the final moments of her pathetic former existence. The fear, the pain, the despair. She remembered looking down between her legs with absolute terror and seeing the Mother’s Gift claw its way into her.

Fuck you!, she thought, and pushed hard into the tainted pussy of the woman that had fought so hard to stop all of this. This is what you deserved, you fucking cunt! Your flesh serves! You’re Hers! You're dead! You're dead!!!

She looked over to the two controlled women that she had betrayed with her lies: Leah and Jeanne, the last remnants of the Order—and the sudden desire to see them raped and claimed was like another slick finger in her wet pussy. Fuck you! she thought, You lost! You should have killed me when you had the chance, you pathetic pieces of shit! Fuck yes! The Order had failed, and they had died, and the Mother had tasted the blood of their bastards—and now She would taste the souls of their remaining whores! They had failed—and because of their failure Jordan had become glorious willing flesh! Jordan had lost! Jordan had died!

Her serving flesh bucked and screamed. Pleasure erupted from the black well deep inside her and claimed her as she came, and the roaring, blinding orgasm shone like a thousand suns, burning away every thought except for the best one:

I am Hers. I’m finally Hers!

Leah knew that she should be calm. She knew that she should be watching Jordan’s rebirth as a soulless demon with the same dispassionate detachment with which she’d watched the slaughter of her brothers.

She had to obey. She had to be calm.

But she wasn’t. She was... afraid—because... something was off. But she couldn’t tell what. This all felt somehow wrong... like she should be doing something. Stop it from happening, even if she had to obey Ana. Even if she should be calm. It was... so hard to grasp. She kept watching what was happening in front of her as her mind tried and failed to hold onto the idea. She kept watching as the demonic flesh-servants fucked themselves. She kept watching as Jordan's hands pushed into the dark red gash between her legs and made herself get off to what had happened to her.

Eventually, it was done. Jordan got to her feet—and she had the proud poise and effortless confidence of a Queen visiting her subjects as she walked towards Leah and Jeanne. Her smile was cruel and hungry, and her eyes were pitiless. Evil.

Something about that seemed so utterly wrong and tragic.

The dark-skinned girl turned to Ana, who Leah had to obey. Jordan smiled at her. “You said I can thank you when this is over,” she said, gazing into Ana’s soulless eyes—and Ana licked her lips. Jordan stepped forward and kissed her deeply, dark lips pressing against Ana’s as her hands cupped the scholar’s ass and pulled her in. Ana moaned like a whore, and it made Leah wince inwardly. It felt wrong. This wasn’t Ana. This wasn’t her.

Their kiss broke but they stayed close, their eyes locked.

“Thank you,” Jordan said as she slid her hand between Ana’s legs. “Flesh-servant.”

Leah shivered. This was wrong. She shouldn’t be part of this. She shouldn’t be calm like this. She shouldn’t just watch this happen. She shouldn’t—

—Jordan and Ana turned around to face her, and her train of thought derailed as she met Ana’s gaze. I have to obey her, something inside her insisted, and it was so hard to think anything else as Jordan and Ana and the others approached her.

Jordan stopped two steps away from her, and her pitiless eyes wandered down Leah’s exposed body, lingering between her legs. Then her gaze turned to something next to Leah, and Leah remembered that sister Jeanne was with her. She was naked, too. She wasn’t doing anything either. She was… mind-controlled. Wait. Did that mean that…?

“Jeanne will serve once the Constellation is over,” Jordan said, regarding Jeanne like livestock. “Bind her in the meantime. But Leah will be claimed now. We have one more Gift. Let’s use it.”

Some part of Leah screamed -- but it was so small and so far away in the back of her mind that she could hardly hear it. Still, she felt tiny waves of fear ripple through her. She noticed that her heart was beating quickly now as Ana stepped closer and told Leah to lay down and spread her legs. She had to obey Ana, so she did -- but she was afraid. Very afraid.

The cold floor under her back was hard and uncomfortable. She knew it shouldn’t have bothered her—it was so much less important than obeying Ana. But it did. It was painful, and cold, and she was afraid, and she knew that she didn’t want this. They were going to hurt her. She didn’t want them to hurt her. Suddenly she didn’t feel calm anymore. Suddenly she realized that she shouldn’t feel calm. She should stop this, shoudln't she? She should really break out of this. Leah watched the centipede demon climb down Samantha Collins’s body, and her skin crawled. She gasped with fear, and a sudden flash of clarity sparked through her. No! She really didn’t want this! Ana was doing this to her! Ana was hurting her!

...but she had to obey Ana, didn’t she?

Didn’t she?!

The terrible demon took its place between her legs, head raised in the air, trying to sense her.

No! Leah realized. Suddenly, something inside of her snapped, and the leaden calmness in her mind evaporated. This isn’t me! Ana made me like this! She made me obey. This is mind magic! I don’t want this! I don’t want this! I-

She broke free of the spell, and she suddenly felt all of the fear and all of the terror return that the layers of control had drowned out. Oh God, no! What have I done?! What do I do now? What— It all crashed into her at once, and she was filled with sheer, helpless panic. The world seemed to slow to a crawl as adrenaline flooded her thoughts. She looked around herself, and suddenly she saw the Aztec ceremonial knife on the floor next to her. All her thoughts focussed to a point, and everything around her seemed to quiet down and recede. It was just a couple of feet away! A divine knife! Her muscles tensed and she twisted herself around and to her feet and—

Blisteringly hot hands grabbed her by the ankles, and she stumbled and fell. She stretched out her arm and reached for the blade, but it was still out of reach.

“No!” she screamed, and kicked and twisted against her captor, trying to break free.


With inhuman strength, they forced her legs apart, and she couldn’t see who it was or what was happening behind her, but she knew—and she knew she couldn’t stop it. But she could still do this one thing.

Her thoughts darkened into utter despair when she realized that she was about to die. But at least she wouldn’t die in vain. There was one more thing she could do, even if it would tear her body apart and obliterate everything around her—all the Order’s artifacts—all of the knowledge and tools and weapons that they had brought along. It would all be lost—but at least the Mother would be stopped.

Her voice darkened and deepened as she cast the powerful incantation—an incantation she should not know how to perform. An incantation that she had learned from a forbidden book that Josiah had locked away. An incantation that—

The demon drove itself into her shame, and the world exploded into pain. Her spell dissipated into nothing as her adrenaline-fueled focus derailed into incoherent chaos. She screamed as it tore her open, and the universe spun and tumbled and frayed as the excruciating pain buried everything except for one desperate, panicked, helpless thought:

Please, God! Make it stop! Make it stop!!!

But the pain didn't stop. Not for a long time.

Leah’s screams were ear-shattering. The girl contorted as the gift raped her—and the sight of it filled Jordan with hot sadistic pleasure. She recognized Leah’s pain as the same pain that Ana had felt when the Gift had burrowed into her flesh: she was immune to the Gift’s venom, and she would be in agony all the way until she gave in. Seeing her suffer was so fucking hot, and Jordan drank it in with cruel joy. Fuck, yes! No orgasm for you until you cream for the Mother, you little slut.

It was so fucking good to be like this.

Ana let go of Leah’s legs when her screams had turned into incoherent moans and it had become clear that the young Healer was beyond any resistance. For a while, Jordan simply enjoyed the sight of the woman’s corruption, and the accompanying knowledge of how utterly depraved and pitiless she herself had become.

But the longer Jordan watched, the more something else screamed at the dark core of her breathtaking new existence—an irresistible need to be with them.

She turned away from Leah, and left her to her screams of agony. Whatever. That new urge was far more important. She looked at her fellow Heralds, and saw their wicked smiles. Her wet snatch burned for them. They had watched Leah’s defeat along with Jordan, feeling the same pitiless joy. Their soulless eyes lit up her world with shameless desire.

Mina Park and Sam Collins. Flesh-servants. Soulless Heralds of the Mother. It was the second-best thought in the universe. Jordan looked at their corrupted, sexy bodies. She wanted to taste them, feel them. Mina was so fucking hot—tall and lean with a fierce but pretty face, and eyes devoid of any compassion or love. She was glorious.

But Sam... Sam was perfect. Desire and corruption made flesh. When Jordan looked at Mina she saw willing flesh and glorious purpose—but when she looked at Sam, she saw the perfect grave of her own love, of her own goodness. When she gazed into Sam’s burning eyes, she could taste the joy of discarding her soul and letting it die. When she looked at Sam’s slim corrupted body, her mind celebrated all the things that Sam had ceased to be, and her pussy throbbed with the knowledge that there was no more goodness left in her. Yesss. The bubbly and excitable girl that Jordan had fallen in love with was gone. Forever.

“I've been looking for you all day, you know?” Jordan said, and the Mother’s young whore looked at her with her round, green eyes. They were a bottomless abyss, and Jordan could almost taste the darkness at Sam’s core as she stared into the black void where Sam’s soul had once been.

“Trying to save me,” the flesh-servant answered with a thin, cruel smile, and Jordan could see the sharp points of her canines glint in the candlelight.

“Yes,” Jordan admitted, putting every last bit of her rage and mockery into the infuriating word. "I'm so fucking glad that thing is finally dead."

“It was so fucking good to see you die,” the flesh-servant said, and traced her fingers seductiviely along the enormous scar that ran from her belly up her chest. Jordan’s eyes followed them hungrily, creeping up the flesh-servant’s naked corrupted body before lingering on the dark, pierced nipples that marked her as the Mother’s willing flesh. Jordan took a step towards her.

“She wanted you to know that she's sorry,” Jordan said. “It was the last thing she thought before she died.” Sam was close enough to smell now—close enough for Jordan to feel the radiating heat of her corrupted body.

“Pathetic,” Sam said. “I’m so fucking glad she’s dead.”

Jordan’s pussy squirmed. Sam was maddeningly close now. There was just a hand’s breadth of space between their corrupted bodies. It was like standing on the surface of a dark red sun, and it took all her will and strength not to fall and sink into the all-consuming incandescence.

“My flesh is ready,” Jordan suddenly said, surprising herself. What she’d wanted to say was something scathing about her old worthless self, to mock the pathetic whore that she used to be. But instead, overwhelming need had taken hold of her, and she had proclaimed the truth that sat at the root of all her desires—and she suddenly knew that those were the correct words. It was what she needed to say. Glorious purpose filled her and it tasted of sex and blood and reckless desire.

Sam’s eyes widened and lit up with the Mother’s fire. “My flesh is open,” she said in reply, and another, darker and more mature voice joined in, completing the perfect notion. “My flesh is willing.” With a jolt of even deeper pleasure, Jordan realized that it was Mina—and the liquid desire in her heart spilled over, sticky and boiling and black. Her mind swam with cruel, sadistic satisfaction. Yesss! Their worthless souls were gone! They were Heralds! They were Hers! They were willing flesh! They would finally, finally fulfill their purpose! They were so close! They were meant to be! The all-consuming presence of her sister Heralds drowned Jordan in an utter sense of joy and lust and purpose and the need to be with them was suddenly overwhelming. She had to touch them, to hold them, to join with them! Her mind was filled with irresistible compulsion, and she violently crashed into Sam and Mina’s hungry embrace, and their willing flesh touched, and her mind exploded into dark pleasure.

The resonance itself seemed to sing and scream in ecstasy, and devastating waves of red-hot lust vibrated through her. It was relief and joy and purpose and ecstasy all at once and she felt their hot skin against her own, felt their blood boiling in their veins, felt it boil in her own. They filled her mind, and her blood roiled, and she was moving without knowing where and how and her mind spiralled with the dark purpose and red glow of her Mother’s resonance and everything was consumed by that one desire, that one all-consuming need, that one fundamental constant of her existence, and her thoughts dissolved into thin red mist as she touched and kissed and knelt and held hands with her sisters, and became part of the Constellation.

The freshly-born whore of the Mother opened her eyes to a better world—one in which she would hunt and kill and taste the flesh and dying souls of the Mother’s prey instead of healing and mending the weak and pathetic. Her heart was filled with black joy, and her soaking wet cunt throbbed with shameless desire.

I am Hers, thought the flesh-servant that used to be Leah Macmillan, and crimson pleasure rolled through her body as she felt the Mother’s Gift squirm inside her defiled womb. Oh God, yes!

No, she realized, and a cruel, satisfied smile spread across her lips. No longer God.

She looked up; above her stood the motionless form of ‘Sister’ Jeanne—still naked and entranced by mind magic and utterly defeated and pathetic. Jeanne had been her superior, a figure of respect and authority. Seeing her like this made Leah want to stick her finger up Jeanne’s cunt just because she could. Just to humiliate her even further. Just to exert dominance. Jeanne was theirs. Jeanne was Hers!

Oh yesss, you’re gonna be next, Jeanne! Leah thought, her pussy tightening with fantasies of violence and domination. Your flesh will serve, you fucking whore!

But instead of further occupying her mind with the worthless bitch, Leah sat up to see what she had missed. She was ready to witness the ascension.

Ana was the first to notice her. The young Scholar turned around and smiled at her, and her expression was self-satisfied and cruel and so fucking hot. She looked at Leah as if she was nothing but a particularly tasty meal. In that moment, Leah realized that Ana no longer cared about her; their decade-old friendship had died along with their souls. It had burned up and turned into nothing, like the useless and pathetic thing that it was. Leah was simply one more hot, willing servant of the Mother—one that Ana had helped create—and Leah’s whole existence was something that Ana could get off to.

Leah approved. She felt similarly about Ana. Ana was a flesh-servant; she had betrayed Leah, and raped her mind. Leah wanted to fuck her hard. Possibly on top of Brother Josiah’s corpse. Fucking her was one more way to kill the memory of everything they’d been.

As Leah rose to her feet, she picked up the Aztec dagger that still lay next to her and idly turned it in her hands like a fidget toy. She could feel its divinity rear its head as her freshly tainted flesh touched it, and the desire to destroy it rose in her throat like an acidic aftertaste. It reminded her hotly of who she belonged to now, and of all the pathetic goodness she had been freed from. She finally understood the true nature of herself. Lust and hate and need for pleasure and purpose—that was who she really was, and always had been. Her filthy soul had been nothing but a tumor—a festering growth, poisoning her with its pathetic weakness as it suffocated what had always existed at the core of her being: the caged animal that only wanted to fight and feed and fuck—that wanted to take it all for herself, to not have to give a shit about anyone else.

She was that animal now, and she was free. Free from conscience and empathy and mercy. Free from weakness. Free from God.

She gently drew the blade across the tip of her index finger. A drop of blood ran from it—and evaporated against her burning skin. A few moments later the small cut in her demonic flesh had already sealed itself. She smiled, dropped the dagger, and joined her Sisters.

To her surprise, she found that only the three of them were standing—and she finally noticed what had been hidden from her view by Ana’s and Ellie’s bodies.

A strange mix of pleasant surprise and disappointment went through her: The Heralds were already on their knees—their eyes empty and unseeing as the resonance held their minds. Leah’s masters were positioned in a narrow triangle, facing outwards. Their backs and heads were resting against each other and their arms were at their sides, each of them holding the other’s hands.

The Constellation. It is happening! Leah’s pussy flared with sudden arousal and excitement—but also faint disappointment. Somehow she had expected more pomp and circumstance. This was the moment that would seal the fate of the entire world. It shouldn’t just... happen while she was away.

But it had already started. Leah could feel it. It was like a small fire in her loins, tickling her pleasantly. She could feel it grow, feel it spread. She noticed that the air around her had begun to resonate in a subtly different way. The Herald’s eyes were open, and Leah could see the Mother’s fire behind them. Their skin was flushed, and their bodies burned so hot that steam was rising off of them. Leah felt their heat burn against her like harsh sunlight, and she saw their veins, dark red beneath their skin, pulsating with the sacred blood of their Mistress.

They didn’t move. They didn’t speak. The Mother had taken hold of them.

Yesss! The enormity of what she was witnessing crystallized in her mind, and her whole body shivered with awe. The Mother shall rise through willing flesh! She whimpered as her thoughts were swept up in the dark knowledge and instinct that churned at her core, and every word in her mind was hot lips against her cunt. All shall serve her! The world will kneel! She could feel her hand slowly creep down her body, seeking to join in the pleasure that already filled her. I am hers! she thought, and all-consuming lust enveloped her. I am willing flesh! All flesh is made to serve! All flesh is Hers!

She fucked herself hard, again and again for what felt like hours as she watched the motionless Heralds, her hand deep between her folds as she felt the resonance build and brighten—until finally she was certain that the moment of the Mother’s birth was close at hand. She could feel it in her throbbing cunt—feel it in the crescendoing resonance—see it in the now visibly corrupted bodies of the Heralds. Yesss! Dark veins snaked beneath the Heralds’ reddened skin like spiderwebs now. Their eyes had turned solid black. It was happening! Soon!

Leah’s body was slick with sweat. Her hair had matted against her skull and her breathing was fast and shallow. The air was screaming and throbbing with Mother’s resonance, threatening to set the room on fire, threatening to burst in a violent explosion that consumed everything. Like a tea kettle, whining louder and louder and louder until—

It happened.

Suddenly, the resonance imploded like a star turning into a black hole, and for a moment there was only silence.

Then two of the Heralds collapsed, their eyes truly dead.

One didn’t.

Mina was lost in the endless darkness. The world was less than a pinprick at the far end of her perception. There was only the resonance. There was only her rushing blood, and the will of her Mother. She felt Her now, close enough to touch. She smelled Her sex. She tasted Her lips. She felt the Mother’s teeth and offered her throat.

Sam’s mind lay bare, stretched out into an endless spiral that arced through infinity. The incandescent power of her Mistress combed through her like the reckless arms of a passionate lover, and she felt herself stripped and ripped apart, and consumed. There was only pleasure and joy.

Jordan spun through the evil blackness that owned her being. The Mother’s resonance was all there was now. There was nothing else. Every thought was saturated with it. Every word and every emotion and concept bore her mark, was entirely Hers. She felt Her presence. Felt Her inside her. Felt Her around her. Swallowing her, entering her, permeating her, all at once.

Mina had lost all concept of time. There was only Her. The Mother was all there was. She was nothing. She was hers.

Sam glimpsed something. Something wonderful. Something sacred. Everything about her seemed to be dissolved and gone. She didn’t even know how there was anything left of her to witness it. But she did, and it was beautiful.

The universe around Jordan was blinding ecstasy. She had been lost, and scattered, and everything had been dark. But now there were so many lights.

Mina’s mind was blinded, and she was consumed by pleasure. She felt herself rip apart, and it was perfect.

Sam’s being screamed with utter joy as the light crashed into her, and she felt herself shatter into pieces, and—

Jordan moaned as the light enveloped her and filled her, and for a moment, the radiating intensity threatened to rip her apart at the seams. But the pain was pleasure, and the pleasure grew and grew and grew and—

Jordan came. Sam came. Mina came. There was only one mouth that screamed in ecstasy.

Then, there was silence.

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