With Every 'Yes'

by moosezilla

Tags: #dom:nb #humiliation #pov:top #sub:female #D/s #edging #lines #orgasm_denial #toy #yes_set

You get a lesson in asking for permission.

Originally published on literotica Oct. 6, 2021

I checked the time on my phone again. You'd been at it for almost an hour. Juuust about time to let you up. I wondered if you even remembered how you got there in the first place. I suppose it was technically a punishment, but I couldn't imagine that you weren't enjoying yourself thoroughly, even if you had been capable of complaining. But your mouth was quite busy contributing to the stream of saliva dripping down your face and letting out the occasional whimper or moan.

Your transgression was cumming without permission. Nothing requiring too terrible of a punishment in our dynamic, but some "funishment" at least was in order. I'd had your hands pinned to the wall with one hand and was fingering you with the other as you squirmed, moaned, and begged to be allowed to cum. You were babbling so much I couldn't even get a word in edgewise to even give you permission, and then I felt you positively gushing all over my hand.

I let you slide down the wall into the puddle you'd made, and as your eyes rolled back in your head in your afterglow, I started to formulate a plan. I started talking to you smoothly and gently. "Just drift.... That's it, good girl. Just drift, floating down, going deeper and deeper with my words. Every word takes you deeper. Gooooooooood girl...."

I saw all the telltale signs of you slipping deeper and deeper into trance. Your eyelids started fluttering, your heart rate slowed down, and you started making those adorable little moans you always make as you slip deeper.

"That orgasm felt good, didn't it?"


"And it feels so good to slip deeper and deeper into trance, doesn't it?"


Wow, this was going to be just too easy. We'd been playing together a while, and you were very well conditioned to my voice. You were already starting to get mumbly.

"It's nice to float, yes?"


"It's so nice to feel good during our time together, isn't it?"


"You came without permission, didn't you?"

Your face flushed a little at that. "Yyyyeeeeeessssssssss...."

"And you know we have to address that, don't you?"


"Do you think I should wake you up and take you out of this lovely trance?"

"Yyeee....... Nooooooooo........." You blinked a few times.

"Or would you rather go even deeper?"

"Yyyyeeeeesssssssssss......" As you dropped deeper, your body slumped over even more and you started to drool a little.

"Would you like to show me how sorry you are for cumming without permission?"

"Yeeeeessssss...... pleeeeeeaseeee......"

"Do you think you'd like to write some lines for me?"


"Can you sit here for a minute while I get some things ready?"


I kissed you on the forehead, murmuring encouragement to just keep floating, keep drifting, as I went across the room to make some preparations. As I was getting things ready, I chuckled as I heard the occasional happy little moan and "yyyeeeeesssssss". I'd have to ask you later what you thought you were responding to, not that there was much of a chance of you remembering.

Once I had finished my preparations, I crouched down next to you again. I started to murmur close to your ear, "you know, some people, when they're feeling soooo nice and drifty and deep, start to feel empty. And that empty feeling, I bet it feels wonderful in your mind, doesn't it?"

"Yesssssssssssss," you moaned.

"But down in your pussy, it just feels empty, doesn't it?"


"And with every 'yes', you feel a deep craving to be filled, don't you?"

"Yyyeeeesssssss" You were starting to whimper.

"Do you want to be filled?"


"Do you need to be filled?"


"Beg me."

"Yyyye- pleasepleasepleaseIneedtobefilled pleasepleasepleaseplease I'm begging you...... ohhhh......"

You were truly desperate by this point. I told you that I'd prepared a toy for you, if you were insisting on being filled. Your eyes, at once blank and needy, shone. Expectantly, I asked "are you insisting on being filled?"

Still deep in trance, you started swaying a bit. You mumbled your pleas to be filled, the words filtering through little bubbles of saliva. I stood there patiently, waiting until you had begged sufficiently.

Once I heard what I thought might have been a "pleasepleaseplease I need to be filled so badly I crave it so much please please let me play with the toy for you please let me be your toy," I decided you'd made yourself clear enough.

I led you across the room to the chair that I'd prepared for you with a bright pink dildo attached to it by a suction cup. You definitely didn't need any lube, and you slid yourself onto it with a moan of relief. As you settled into the feeling of being filled, you noticed the laptop on the table in front of the chair, with a spiral consuming the screen, drawing you in further and further.

As you sat, filled, transfixed, enthralled, I continued giving you instructions. "You're going to be writing some lines for me. You're going to write "Good girls only cum with permission. I am a good girl." until I tell you you can stop. And to prove how much of a good girl you are, I want you to imagine for me a nerve running from each of your fingertips down to your clit. Every sensation you feel on your fingertips, you'll feel as a sensation on your clit."

To test whether the suggestion had taken hold, I took your right hand in mine and stroked gently across your fingertips with my own. You let out a low moan and squirmed slightly on the dildo impaling you. "Gooooood giiiirl," I said, stroking your fingertips again, eliciting another delicious moan. This was a suggestion we'd played with before, so I wasn't surprised that it didn't take much to re-trigger it.

I reached for the computer, closed the spiral in spite of your little pout, and pulled up the text document I'd started for you. It had the phrase "Good girls only cum with permission. I am a good girl." across the top so you wouldn't forget what you were supposed to be writing. "Now, get typing."

Obediently, you started typing and immediately started feeling the effects of tapping your temporarily rewired fingertips on the keys. With every keystroke, it felt like a tap right on your clit. If you hadn't been completely blank and utterly entranced, you might have made the connection that with every line you typed, you'd get more and more aroused and desperate, but that you did not have permission to cum.

As you squirmed and moaned quietly, I continued to murmur in your ear. "Goooood girl..... That's it..... Show me how sorry you are...... how much you mean it...... gooooood....... Very well done...... can you feel each keystroke between your legs?..... Remember, you do not have permission to cum...... that's my good girl." Every line dropped you deeper, and you began to drool. With the consistent tap tap tap of your fingers on the keys, you very quickly became a moaning, drooling, desperate mess. You typed slowly, and I didn't rush you. I knew I would keep you at it for a little while, and it was good that you paced yourself.

I checked my phone again. The hour was up. I leaned in close to you and let you know that you could stop writing your lines. You whimpered in desperation. "Now, when I snap my fingers, you'll wake and all of the suggestions I've given you will end, but your arousal and desperation will double."

I snapped my fingers, and your eyes fluttered and came back into focus. As the force of your arousal hit, you started to whimper and moan all the more desperately, tears in your eyes. You looked at me pleadingly. I smiled at you slightly mockingly.

"Awwww, does my good girl need to cum?"

You nodded, whimpering.

"And is my good girl going to cum without permission again?"

You shook your head.

"Beg me for it."

"Pleasepleasepleaseplease may I touch please may I cum please please please I want to be good I'll never cum without permission again please may I cum please may I have permission pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeee?"

I made a show of considering my response, hemming and hawing, before I told you, "Yes, since you were SO polite with your favourite word, you may fuck yourself on that dildo in your pussy." I hadn't even finished my sentence before you started bouncing up and down on the dildo and thanking me profusely. You were a sight to behold- eyes brimming with desperation and arousal, face and chest slick with drool, breasts bouncing up and down as you fucked yourself, the glistening pink dildo being swallowed up by your pussy.

After so much build up, it didn't take you long to get close. I listened eagerly to the crescendo of your moans as you shamelessly fucked yourself on the toy, clearly enjoying the pleasure and stimulation. In rhythm with your thrusts, you proved the efficacy of the lesson we had just worked on.

"Please.... May..... I..... Cum..... Please????"

"Yes, you may cum."

You fell silent as you tensed in pleasure for a long time, then slumped over, still impaled on the toy. I picked you up and gently kissed your forehead as I carried you to the bathroom to get you cleaned up.

"That's my good girl," I said softly as you snuggled into my chest, sighing happily.


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