Office Houris

by Mindlevel Zero

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #cocksucking #college #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #teacher_student_dynamic

Dr. Ward is a kind and understanding professor. His door is always open to students who are struggling to follow his challenging coursework. But is all the time they spend in their professor’s office making his students smarter, or dumber?

Disclaimer: This story is fantasy and contains descriptions of sex and other adult situations. If you are not an adult, or those ain’t your kind of situations, then read no further.

All persons, places, and events in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to existing persons, places, and events, past or present, is entirely coincidental.
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Denise felt silly, hesitating this long outside her professor’s door. She just had a simple question about Polya counting from the week’s assignment. Waiting in the narrow hall on the quiet top floor of the Mathematics building, heart pounding in her chest, reminded Denise of her first week on campus. Everything had seemed so big and complicated and she’d been afraid to talk to anyone. That had been three years ago, and now the fear felt silly. She just had this simple question, and she knew Dr. Ward was always happy to answer his students’ questions.

His availability was part of the problem. It made it too easy to give in to her urges. Denise had to steel herself. That was the real reason she was forcing herself to wait in the hall, even though the professor had propped his door open, so she knew he was free.

She had to be sure it wouldn’t happen again. She had to be strong this time.

Denise had to be sure she wouldn’t suck her professor’s cock.

The thought alone would have made her laugh if it didn’t simultaneously fill her with excitement and terror. It’s not that there was anything wrong with what they were doing—well, no. That wasn’t true: it was wrong for a professor and his student to carry on a sexual relationship. She knew that. But they were both consenting adults, and, in that sense, Denise told herself, it wasn’t wrong-wrong to go down on Dr. Ward.

It had just started out as a fun, naughty, wild idea that had felt so good to indulge. But in the last few days, it had become a compulsion. After all, her question about the assignment really was too simple. She could easily have asked another student or looked online for an explanation. But as soon as the slightest pretence of visiting Dr. Ward occurred to her, she was here in the Math building, waiting outside his office. Waiting to slip inside, shut the door, and get on her knees as he came around from behind his desk, welcomed her in his soft, authoritative voice—gentle, yet so assured it made her wet—and then he’d take his cock out, and…

Denise knew she shouldn’t keep letting it happen, but it was like a habit now. It had been her idea in the first place—her wicked, forbidden, desperately hot idea—but when had she become the sort of woman who seduced her professor? Even though they were both really, really into these trysts, Denise knew they mustn’t go on. But each time she came here, Dr. Ward’s cock slipped between her slick, waiting lips so easily. Once she felt him stiffen in her mouth, whatever pretext of tutoring had brought Denise to his office melted away, and she just went into some kind of cocksucking trance. It felt so good, and she always came so hard when he told her to, right after she swallowed. She would stumble out of his office in a daydream, in a haze of pleasure that carried her all the way to her next class.

She realized her hand had slipped into her jeans and she was rubbing herself while she fantasized about what was going to happen. No! She was fantasizing about what had happened in the past, not this time, and she should stop doing that before someone caught her masturbating in the hallway. She definitely would not suck his cock today.

No. Denise would have to tell Dr. Ward, “no”. She knew he’d understand. They were both mature, responsible adults who respected and wanted the best for each other. She would make it clear this time that, as much as she loved giving him blowjobs, as good as it felt to let her mind shut off completely as his big, strong hands stroked her temples and he pumped his thick shaft in and out of her wet, willing mouth, and how incredible it felt when his muscles tensed and he suddenly gripped her hair with fierce lust as he moaned and came, his cock so deep down her throat when he spurted, his pleasure the only thing in the world…

Denise bit her lip as her thighs clenched. She slumped against the wall as she pulled her hand out of her jeans and looked at it, trying to catch her breath.

“Pull yourself together,” she murmured through clenched teeth. “Please, for fucksake.”

As she knocked and then peeked through the door, Denise tried to tell herself the quick orgasm in the hall was a good thing; it would make it easier to avoid sexual contact with her professor if she got the lust out of her system beforehand, right?

“Dr. Ward?” She glanced inside the cozy office, felt a brief pang of excitement or regret when she saw him sitting behind his desk.

“Denise, yes. Please, come in.” Dr. Ward smiled, his teeth very white in his handsome brown face. He wore a dark grey blazer and blue Oxford shirt—what he called standard-issue professor uniform—and Denise thought they set off his steel-grey hair and blue eyes just perfectly. She’d always found Dr. Ward attractive. She supposed that was how the problem started.

The door shut behind her. Denise didn’t remember stepping into the office, kicking the door gently to close it—she’d done this so many times the action was automatic. And she’d been too busy ruminating. It took effort not to slide down to her knees, because her reflexes insisted that came next. No, better to broach the subject now, before habit—and arousal, she could feel the heat building in her body again—took over.

“Dr. Ward, I’ve got to say something. I think we… I’m sorry. We need to stop.”

The professor gazed at her, his expression calm and kind. She was relieved to see he didn’t look angry. When he got up from his chair, though, she had a moment of panic. She was tempted to shout “Stay where you are!” But that felt ridiculous. She wasn’t the police making an arrest. And she didn’t want to seem afraid. She wasn’t afraid of Dr. Ward. He was kind and helpful. Denise felt like a deer frozen in the headlights as the professor came around from behind his big, cluttered desk.

She tried to force herself to take back the initiative. She’d started out strong, sort of, but now she wasn’t sure what to say or what to do. They were both on the same side of the desk now, and Denise looked at the telltale bulge in the professor’s wool trousers. It was difficult to steady her breathing. Denise knew she was safe here. She was safe with Dr. Ward. She could trust him completely.

“Denise, you poor thing. You look so confused. Please, let me help you.” Dr. Ward unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Denise made a sound halfway between a whimper of despair and a sigh of relief. She traced the veins that stood out along his length with her eyes. He was already fully erect, and the way his cock bobbed slightly in time with his pulse was soothing. She licked her lips. Denise felt less worried already. Dr. Ward was so helpful. She trusted him completely. Denise knew he would help her.

The professor stood close to Denise and raised her chin so she was looking up at his face instead of down at his erection. He put his hands on her shoulders. His touch was grounding, comforting. Warm and so familiar. Denise couldn’t remember what she’d wanted to say, but it didn’t matter. She was safe with Dr. Ward now.

“You’re my very best student, Denise. Do you know that? I’m so proud of you.” Dr. Ward’s eyes were deep and warm. His praise made Denise’s pussy drip as she stared at them.

“Yes, Doctor,” she whispered. Her mouth was wet, eager, and she had to swallow her saliva. The reflex of swallowing almost activated the reflex to kneel. “Thank you, Doctor.”

He smiled. She felt the head of his cock brush her thigh. It took only a slight pressure on her shoulders and she slid to the floor.

There it was. What she had come for. The reason she was here. Whether it was the reason she was “in the Math building” or the reason she was “put on Earth”, Denise, at the moment, could not say. Dr. Ward’s cock slipped effortlessly between her lips. Denise’s hand slipped back under the waistband of her jeans. She shut her eyes, all her stress and worry forgotten, and sucked.


Trish could tell Denise was upset even before the younger woman approached her at the end of the lab session, eyeing the other students leaving the room nervously. She refused to speak until the door had shut behind the last person, and even then she wouldn’t meet Trish’s eyes.

“Trish, I have to tell you something, and I need you to promise me you won’t tell anyone. It’s about Dr. Ward.”

Trish’s stomach tied itself in a quick knot. As Dr. Ward’s teaching assistant, she was close to the professor and all his students. She couldn’t imagine what would make Denise so upset, and she hated to think it could be something about the professor himself, rather than the sheer difficulty of his combinatorics assignments.

“You can tell me anything, Denise,” the TA said, deciding after a moment’s hesitation to put a comforting hand on Denise’s shoulder. “My lips are sealed.”

Denise sobbed at the contact, as though Trish’s reassurance broke open a barrier. She stepped forward and let Trish give her a hug. She whispered, because she could hardly bear to admit it out loud.

“I can’t stop… sucking his cock.”

Trish stiffened, and Denise looked up at her. The TA’s face was frozen in shock, and Denise grabbed her arms. “Listen, Trish! It’s true. I’m sorry, I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t help it. Every time I go to his office for help with the class, I end up giving him head.”

Trish was completely at a loss for words. She felt the need to say something, anything, if only to delay hearing more about their professor and blowjobs. “Denise, you… I mean, does he… he doesn’t…” Trish’s whisper was even quieter than Denise’s. “Is he… making you?”

Denise gasped at the notion and shook her head emphatically. “Oh! No, no, no, Trish, please, it isn’t anything like that. It’s, you know, it’s all consensual. I think it was definitely my idea in the first place. We just… we both want this, even though I know it’s probably really bad, right?”

Trish blinked, her head spinning at the implications. Of course, it WAS bad, like Denise-and-Dr.-Ward-both-kicked-out-of-school bad, but at least Denise said it was consensual. At least it wasn’t Dr. Ward using his position and authority to take advantage of a young woman desperate to succeed. It was still wrong, but Denise and Dr. Ward were both adults, and knew what they were doing… didn’t they?

“Denise, I’m not here to judge you, but… yes, you could both get in a lot of trouble for sucking his—I mean, for having an… an intimate relationship while you’re his student. But why do you say you can’t stop?”

Denise took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. She wiped the tears off her cheeks, unable to meet Trish’s eyes. “It feels like I’m addicted to it,” she whispered. “The excitement, you know? There’s this thrill in going up to his office and knowing I’m not really there for tutoring, I’m there to seduce my professor. And I know it’ll work, too. I know he’ll give me what I want. I guess it makes me feel sort of… powerful?”

Trish nodded, though she wasn’t at all sure she understood. It just seemed important to let Denise get this out.

“But lately, the last couple weeks or so? It feels like I can’t pay attention in class anymore. I can’t seem to focus on the assignments or anything. I just end up distracted, like, daydreaming about the next time I can see Dr. Ward, so I can… you know.”

“So you can… suck his cock,” Trish finished, swallowing a lump in her throat.

“Exactly,” Denise said, an eager note in her voice that made Trish’s hair stand on end. The student did sound sort of like what Trish imagined an addict might sound like, contemplating their next fix.

“Well, if you’re enjoying it so much, and you’re both really careful,” Trish said, though her words surprised her a little, “maybe there isn’t any harm…”

“But I’m worried there IS, Trish!” Denise clutched the TA’s arms again, her eyes very wide. “It feels like I’m losing my grip, like the more I do this, the dumber I’m getting!”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“I don’t know, I just… it’s like all I think about anymore is sucking Dr. Ward’s cock. Even when I’m in other classes, trying to focus on other assignments that have nothing to do with combinatorics. They shouldn’t remind me of Dr. Ward at all! I’ve been a straight-A student for the last three years, Trish, and last month I got a C on my graph theory midterm! A C!”

Trish didn’t know what to say. She wanted to support Denise, but what she was saying was crazy: not only was she giving their professor regular oral sex, but she was getting so obsessed with it she couldn’t focus on school? This was way above Trish’s pay grade. This was a job for a therapist.

“I’m sorry, Denise, I don’t… you’re afraid sucking Dr. Ward’s cock is, is making you dumb? Do you know… how weird that sounds?”

Denise sobbed again. “I know! It’s ridiculous, but that whole midterm I’d just find my mind wandering and when I’d snap out of it I was sucking on my pen! I didn’t even get anything down for a quarter of the questions!”

Trish shook her head, wanting to deny any connection, but Denise suddenly changed tack.

“You remember Meghan?”


“Meghan… I don’t remember her last name. She was in her last year of an Honours degree and she was in Dr. Ward’s combinatorics with me, and she dropped out like two months ago.”

“She dropped the class?” Trish asked, wondering where this was going.

Denise looked at her with a very serious expression. “I heard she dropped out of school, Trish.”

“And… and you think…?”

“What if she was doing this with Dr. Ward, too? She was just his type. What if she got addicted to sucking his cock until she was so stupid and obsessed she had to drop out completely?” Her voice rose in pitch and volume. “That can’t happen to me, Trish! I want to graduate!”

Denise was really upset, but what could Trish do? That her liaisons with Dr. Ward were doing something to her mental abilities was absurd, but those liaisons were a bad idea, regardless. She patted Denise on the arms and leaned in close, speaking soothingly.

“Denise, I’m so sorry about the exam. You must be under so much stress, between your coursework and, well, worrying about this whole situation. I’m sure there’s nothing actually wrong with your brain!”

Denise laughed a little at this, and Trish couldn’t stifle a little giggle herself. “And I’m sure Meghan had her own reasons for dropping out, right? We don’t even know if she was involved with Dr. Ward.”

“Well,” Denise sniffed, wiping away the wetness on her cheeks with the back of her hand. “I hope you’re right, Trish.”

“Of course.” Trish had an idea. “You should talk to the professor about this. You know how much he cares about all his students, and you have this… this relationship with him…”

Denise’s eyes were wide. She looked scared, but she was nodding. Trish continued.

“I’m sure he’ll understand your concerns and he’ll help you figure out exactly what you should do. Dr. Ward always has time to help his students.”

“Yeah,” Denise agreed. “It’s so good of him to help us so much. He’ll know what to do. I can trust him. You’re right, Trish.” Denise seemed much calmer now, almost dazed. Trish supposed it was the release of all that stress. She felt a warm tingle run through her body, perhaps in sympathy. She was so glad her suggestion had been helpful.

“That’s great, Denise. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

Denise gave the TA a quick hug. “Trish, thanks so much! I’ll see you at Thursday’s lab, okay? And I’ll talk to Dr. Ward ASAP!”

The young student left the lab with a bounce in her step. Trish was so relieved she’d been able to help. But she couldn’t shake a bit of concern. What Dr. Ward and Denise were doing was a terrible idea, though she couldn’t quite bring herself to condemn them for it; students and professors probably did things like this all the time. It was just a natural outgrowth of how much trust and attraction they all had for Dr. Ward.

Still, as Trish closed up the lab for the day, Denise’s distress nagged at her. She realized she needed to discuss it with the professor, too. Trish wouldn’t be confrontational. She just wanted to reassure herself he understood the gravity of the situation. Trish felt very protective of Denise; She was so vulnerable, obviously excited, but also confused and worried about her sexy relationship with her professor. Trish understood. Dr. Ward was very attractive, and he cared so much about his students, it was hard not to develop feelings for him. Trish wondered if it had happened before, in her years as Dr. Ward’s TA. The whole scenario felt a bit familiar, like Denise’s shocking admission hadn’t actually been all that shocking.

Trish found herself in the elevator of the main Math building, on her way to the top floor. It was getting late, but she was pretty sure Dr. Ward would still be in his office. An honest conversation with him would help Trish feel better.


This was her happy place, Meghan realized. It was so simple. Right here on her knees in Dr. Ward’s nice, quiet office. Her hands on his bare thighs, her jaw nice and relaxed as the professor fucked her face.

Dr. Ward was so, so good to her. Even though she’d dropped his history class a month ago, he still let her drop by his office all the time to suck him off.

Or, wait. Was it chemistry? No, math. Dr. Ward had been her math professor, she was pretty sure. Meghan sighed and let her focus drift back to where it belonged. Dr. Ward was thrusting deeper, his urgency growing as he approached his orgasm. She relaxed her throat and welcomed him in. God, it felt so good when he came and she swallowed his load and he stroked her and told her what a good, good girl she was.

It felt even better than her own climax, and it mattered so much more.

Pleasing Dr. Ward was all Meghan needed. It was hard to believe, after all these months of servicing her professor, that she’d once intended to pursue a Master’s Degree, and maybe a Doctorate of her own.

Meghan would have laughed at the idea if she didn’t have Dr. Ward’s dick so deep in her throat, thrusting and throbbing as she melted into the bliss of being a hot, wet hole for him to enjoy. Meghan hardly understood basic arithmetic anymore, let alone whatever crazy math stuff she’d thought she wanted to learn from Dr. Ward, or whatever other boring things a degree involved.

None of that mattered now, because Meghan knew she was right where she belonged. All she wanted out of life was to please her beloved professor, to stay right here on her knees and always be available when he wanted a slutty, willing sex toy. When Dr. Ward had told her it was ok to drop out of college and visit him exclusively to suck his cock, Meghan had come right then and there. It had been the happiest moment of her life, the culmination of everything that still seemed important to her, and now every day was a daze of pleasure as she anticipated pleasing Dr. Ward. Or, even better, being used to satisfy him like she was right now.

The professor’s cock sliding gently from her mouth roused Meghan from her daydream only a little. It was so good of him to pull out slowly and carefully so she didn’t choke. The professor was so good to her. Her eyes drifted shut, and she sank deeper into her erotic reverie as the professor came on her placid, angelic face.

Dr. Ward tenderly wiped a bead of cum from underneath Meghan’s eye and brought it to her lips. She licked and swallowed with a tiny moan.

“You’re my very best student, Meghan. Do you know that?” The professor stroked her hair. Even though she wasn’t a student at all anymore, Meghan nodded eagerly. A tremendous burst of pleasure surged through her body when Dr. Ward told her she was his best student. She waited breathlessly for his next words.

“I’m so proud of you,” he said, pulling her hair to force her to meet his powerful gaze. Meghan quivered helplessly as the orgasm took her. She looked at her professor with total adoration, knowing he loved to watch her expression as she came. Oh, yes. This was Meghan’s happy place. She couldn’t imagine anything better.

There was a rhythmic clicking sound coming from Dr. Ward’s desk, to her left, but Meghan was as unconcerned with the sound as she was with the fading memories of her past ambitions.


Trish hesitated outside Dr. Ward’s office. She felt silly: as his teaching assistant she came here and spoke to the professor almost every day, and there was no reason to feel nervous.

Well, no, that wasn’t true. There was a reason to feel nervous, because she was here to talk to Dr. Ward about his dalliance with Denise. Trish took a deep breath and knocked on the office door. There was no response at first. After the second knock, the door opened, and a petite, pretty young woman emerged, pulling the door shut behind her.

“Hello?” Trish said. The girl’s face was flushed, and her hair was a mess. But she was beaming, and giggled carelessly as she replied. “Dr. Ward says he’ll be ready for you in a minute. Bye!” The giggling nymph ran off down the hall towards the elevators. Trish blinked in confusion. The woman had looked a little familiar, and a name drifted into her head from an earlier conversation. Meghan?

When Dr. Ward called for Trish to come in, she tried to put the strange encounter aside. She swept into the small room and sat forcefully in the chair across from the professor.

Dr. Ward glanced up from his laptop at his assistant’s abrupt entrance. He raised an eyebrow at her worried expression.

“Is everything alright, Trish?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Trish replied, finding herself a little breathless. “Well. Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure.”

Dr. Ward closed the lid of his laptop and set it aside. He leaned forward on his desk, hands clasped, giving Trish his full attention.

“Tell me what’s wrong, dear. I’m sure I can help.”

A little of the stress melted out of Trish’s shoulders. Of course, Dr. Ward could help. That’s why she’d come to him. It was so good of him to be so attentive to his students’ needs.

“Yes, Doctor, thank you. I’ll cut to the chase. Denise talked to me after labs today about your… um, your relationship. With her. How she…”

Trish blushed deeply. She hadn’t really been about to say “How she sucks your cock,” had she?

There was no concern in Dr. Ward’s placid face, though. He stared at Trish with a calm, measured gaze. “I see. So Denise told you she and I have a certain sort of relationship.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Trish found she had a lump in her throat and swallowed.

“A relationship beyond that of teacher and pupil.”

“Um. Yes, Doctor. That’s right. And that’s okay! I mean, you’re both consenting adults, and I guess… It’s just… I…”

Dr. Ward was nodding patiently as Trish tried to figure out what it was she actually wanted to say about the whole Denise situation. She squirmed uncomfortably under the professor’s gaze. Maybe she never should have brought this up. What was Dr. Ward thinking? Was he mad at her?

“Trish, Trish. My poor girl. I can see you’re confused and upset, and I hate to see you upset. You know I want what’s best for you, don’t you? For you, and Denise, and all my students.”

Trish nodded. She tried to reply, but her voice cracked, and all she managed was another weak “Yes, Doctor.”

Dr. Ward reached over to a small silver model on his desk. It was a frame in which five polished balls hung suspended by wires.

“Do you remember what I told you about this desk toy, Trish? Do you remember what it’s called?”

Trish blinked at the sudden change of subject, and her head tilted slightly to the left so she could focus on the toy.

“I… Yes, Doctor, I remember… It’s called a Newton’s Cradle.”

“That’s right.” Dr. Ward pulled the ball nearest him away from the others and released it. Trish felt a strange, dropping sensation in her stomach. The ball swung into the other stationary balls, and the ball at the opposite end of the line swung away. “And do you remember what physical principles Newton’s Cradle demonstrates?”

As the balls at each end of the cradle swung back and forth, exchanging their velocity with each other, Trish found the rest of the room fading away. The shiny spheres and the loud, clear clicking sound they made when they struck each other completely captivated her.

“Yes, Doctor,” Trish replied, her voice taking on a dreamy sing-song tone, “it demonstrates the principles of conservation of momentum and of energy.”

Dr. Ward watched for a minute as her gaze became fixed and glassy. Trish sat up very straight in her chair, breathing regularly, fully attentive and receptive. She knew that was just as he wanted her to be.

“That’s my good, good girl. You’re so good at understanding and remembering the things I tell you. Only what I tell you. Understand, accept, and remember.”

“Understand, accept, and remember,” Trish repeated. “Yes, Doctor.”

“You know how very easy it is, and how good it feels, to accept and forget my words while you watch the cradle, don’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor. Watch the cradle. Accept and forget your words.” Trish’s mind was silent, utterly docile. She felt so profoundly safe and relaxed, the way she did whenever Dr. Ward hypnotized her. This was her happy place, and she was so grateful he took the time to do this to her so often.

“Good girl. And that’s why there’s no need to worry about whatever it was Denise might have told you in the lab. Already it’s fading away, fading with every click. Fading with every click, so far away now. That feels so good.”

“Far… far away,” Trish said. Her trance paralyzed her too much to nod, but she agreed completely with the professor’s every word. “Fading. Feels good.”

Whatever she’d come to the office to discuss with Dr. Ward today was long gone. There was only this moment, the endless motion and sound of the cradle, the professor’s wonderful, soothing voice reassuring her of what was true, what she needed to remember, and what just wasn’t important to retain.

“Very good, Trish. You’re my very best student. Do you know that, Trish? I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Trish shivered in her chair as a warm pulse of pleasure, not unlike an orgasm, surged up through her whole body. She was so happy to have pleased the professor. It was so good of him to do whatever he was doing to her. It was so completely relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating to let go of whatever she might have thought she was worried about. None of that mattered now. She knew Denise was very happy, and she was very happy, too, and that was just perfect.

“You’re just perfect, my good girl. Doing so well, so happy and trusting and accepting.”

“Yes, Doctor. I trust and accept whatever you say.” Trish felt another surge of bliss and contentment. Dr. Ward put out a hand and stopped the cradle. Trish sighed blissfully.

“Thank you for coming to see me today, Trish. I’m so glad I could help, and now you have nothing to worry about.”

Trish blinked heavily, rising from the chair. She knew the professor was dismissing her, and it was time to go. She was so glad she saw him today, and now she had nothing to worry about.

“Goodnight, Dr. Ward,” she said, smiling contentedly. “See you tomorrow.”

“Of course, my dear. You know my door is always open to you.”

In the hall, walking towards the elevator, Trish yawned. She felt so relaxed, like she’d just taken a wonderful nap. She chuckled at the idea of napping right there in front of Dr. Ward. He had been so helpful, and she was so lucky to be his assistant. Trish held on to the deep sense of peace and acceptance the entire way home and for the rest of the evening. By the time she slipped into bed and shut off the lights, she hadn’t thought about Denise even once.


The morning light through Dr. Ward’s kitchen window was warm and golden, and Meghan basked in it. She felt wonderfully sexy in the lacy red lingerie the professor had bought her when she moved in, and it delighted her to think about getting to serve and please him every morning.

And now was her chance. She heard his footsteps coming down the stairs. Meghan picked up the big mug of hot coffee and slid elegantly to her knees, not minding the chilly linoleum floor. She held up the mug like an offering as Dr. Ward entered the room, wearing a luxurious bathrobe and lost in reading a research paper on his iPad. He ignored his little kitchen servant, and Meghan figured he must be teasing her; no research paper could be too engrossing to notice a lithe young woman in lingerie gazing up at him with lust and adoration in her big, pretty eyes.

She waited. It felt good to be patient. There was a delicious glow pulsing between her thighs, but she was such a good girl she wouldn’t do anything but kneel and offer the professor his coffee until he told her otherwise. At last, Dr. Ward put the iPad on the nearby table and plucked the coffee mug out of Meghan’s outstretched hands. He took a long sip, ruffling her hair indulgently with his free hand.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, and Meghan tried not to squeal at the praise. Now that her hands were free, she badly wanted to touch herself, but she pulled her hands behind her back and straightened up so the professor could properly appreciate the way her crimson bra presented her breasts.

“Oh, yes,” he murmured, squeezing her breast and then running his fingers up her collarbone, her neck, her cheek, until his thumb touched her lips and she reflexively sucked it into her mouth. “That’s my good, good girl. Aren’t you?”

Meghan’s eyelids fluttered as she fell into the trance that always overwhelmed her when she sucked on something. She moaned softly in affirmation.

“And what’s even better than one good girl in my kitchen,” Dr. Ward went on, as Meghan sucked his thumb and became too mind-blanked to follow his words, “are two good girls in my kitchen. That’s why a new friend is coming over today, Meghan.”

A friend? Meghan’s empty brain slowly pondered. That sounded nice…

“I’ll bring her home after classes today. You’ll get the spare bedroom ready and help her settle in. She might be a little confused at first, but she’s almost ready to accept her new role, just like you did. My good little girl.”

Meghan might have been too dumb and drowsy to really understand what her professor was saying, but she was an expert at absorbing and accepting his words while her conscious mind fixated on her mouth. She definitely understood “my good little girl”, though; Meghan’s whole body lit up with pleasure at the professor’s praise.

From under her heavy eyelids, Meghan saw him loosening the tie on his robe. Her heart beat faster as his hard cock pushed the fabric aside. But Dr. Ward had trained Meghan perfectly, and she kept sucking obediently on his thumb. He’d slip his cock into her mouth on his own timetable, not hers.

But Dr. Ward didn’t make his good girl wait: the thought of finally bringing the second pupil across the threshold to be his live-in plaything had him so aroused he thrust deep into Meghan’s mouth. He held her head in both hands. His next words were total gibberish to Meghan as she sank deep into her happy place, but she knew that, whatever they were, they must be true.

“Her name is Denise, and I know you’ll get along wonderfully together. You both have so much in common.”


Trish gave the young woman across from her a warm smile. Flávia was new to the university, having just transferred after doing her first two years at Sao Paulo State, and Trish could see she was nervous. The TA remembered when she was just a freshman—it seemed like a lifetime ago—and how overwhelming everything was. It felt good to help younger students get their bearings, especially new students. Trish was grateful to Dr. Ward for suggesting she volunteer at the orientation office.

“Do you really think I could do a whole major in math, though?” Flávia asked her. “I never thought I could handle it. To be honest, that’s why I never declared a major before I moved to the States. But I did mostly take math courses.”

“Oh, totally!” Trish looked over the gorgeous young woman’s transcripts with excitement. “You’ve basically got all the prerequisites for third-year math. I can give you a list of make-up courses and a couple other things I’ve noticed help math majors. I think you’ll do great.”

Flávia returned her smile shyly. “Thanks. And you said you’re a TA for one of the faculty in the math department, right?”

“Yes, Dr. Ward. He’s the best! He teaches combinatorics, you should definitely take it next year. It’s a tough course, but it really helps unlock fourth year; especially if you decide to do an Honours degree.”

“Honours?” Flávia’s eyes widened, and she gave a nervous laugh. “I’d never really thought of myself as an Honours student before.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Flávia!” Trish said. “Look, I’ve seen a ton of students go through math degrees, and from your transcripts, you could definitely cut it. And you like the material, right? You’ve done some pretty intense courses. You might not have majored in math yet, but I can tell just from looking at this you have what it takes.”

“Oh, Trish. Thank you, that’s really nice to hear.” Flávia gathered up her things, knowing there were four other students outside waiting to talk to an advisor. “I’ll think about it, seriously. Can I come talk to you again?”

“Of course! And this card has my email. Just ask me anything if you have any questions. Nice to meet you!”

Trish sat back and pondered in the moments before the next student came in. It had been nice to meet Flávia. She was shy, but very smart, and obviously capable of way more than she thought. She was exactly the sort of student that would flourish under Dr. Ward’s tutoring.

And she had such pretty, full lips…

Trish frowned at herself. That was a strange thought. Her mind wandered, though, as the next student sat down and introduced himself. The bottom line was, Trish knew she had to convince Flávia to sign up for Dr. Ward’s class. The young woman deserved a professor as caring and attentive as Dr. Ward. And as the professor’s long-time assistant, Trish knew Flávia would be the perfect addition.

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