by me_chan

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #fantasy #microfiction #sub:male

Vivid imagery is sometimes best when led.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Nate was riding sensational waves, literally feeling them towing him out to a sea of what he called 'everythingness,' leaving the forgotten nothingness behind. The sea called to him often, showing him new colors, new creatures, new ways to expand oneself. Everything made inexplicable sense to him, including the hidden cat he was always looking for. It was the one constant for all the times he did drugs as of late.

He never did what most called hardcore drugs, but he couldn't help but get into ones that gave him a medium buzz, where the world was nothing but liquid tangible. Well, everything but the cat. He searched high and low across the desert-like sea, like a student looking for a wise man. He always eventually found it. Now was no different as he found it under a colorful, submerged tree.

He laid with it, admiring its young house cat size, eager to feel it licking his face, as if cleaning him, cleansing him of the worldly troubles to his mind. He loved to reciprocate and lick the fur, loving how liquidy the fur was and how he believed this was his purpose in this place.

* * *

Hal loved sweets for the longest time, and still indulged to them to this day, though not as much because he was losing his metabolism quicker than most. But as he grew older he was interested in sweeter sweets, and always had something sweet around when he started tripping.

Today his chemically-addled brain had brought him to a candy store, which was more like a museum where everything started to tower over him and simply remain on display. The lollipop he'd brought with him was sweeter in his mouth the more he climbed. He climbed higher and higher, and the taste just got sweeter and sweeter. It rained on the mountain sometimes, and he'd find himself sliding almost all the way back down, and he'd have to climb again just to get that sweetness back.

He loved keeping in his mouth, and how it never totally went away, just eternal sweetness for him to enjoy.

* * *

Luci coined herself "ground control" for some guys on campus; guys who were really into being high on their off-time, or more than that. Her drugs were a little different than what most schools had.

She really only worked with a few guys at any given period. Guys like Nate and Hal, who seemed easily susceptible to the effects of anything, were especially nice catches for her. They first asked for strong stuff, she suggested something milder to get them started. They were both naive enough not to realize they were being given sedatives that allowed Luci to go to work on their minds.

Essentially they wanted to find themselves hallucinating in a far-out, crazy yet controlled way. Luci, finding them easy subjects when it came to taking suggestions, gave them exactly that, but always threw in something extra for herself. She languished in joy with them as she knew both were blissfully unaware that the addictive drug they doused themselves in was her pussy.

"Mmm, kitten loves your cleansing tongue today Nate," she said as she reached down to stick a finger in her drenched wetness, covering her finger and carrying it to the man next to her.

"How sweet is that candy, Hal? Don't worry, it'll be even sweeter very soon."

Hypnosis is a hell of a drug.

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