Will he?

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #sub:male

A young woman makes an unbelievable discovery amidst a silly joke.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

"Will he?" was what a voice in my head, maybe my rationale, asked once I started doing what I did, along with "Won't this be a little too silly, even for me?" That rationale is usually, basically me in the same sense, until I start doing something silly, then it becomes like an angel on my shoulder, inside my head, always questioning if it's right to do this.

I mean, there I stood, waving my gold necklace with a jade crystal at the end. I waved it in front of the Prom King, my friend and companion as I was the Prom Queen that year. As friends, we joked about who should command more power between us. He asked what would make a queen more powerful than the king; I'm surprised the first thing that didn't come to mind was telling him to be a gentleman. No, the first thing is actually me telling him I will usurp his power. Somehow.

It's a silly conversation, so it comes as no surprise as I theatrically suggest hypnosis to him, using that cheesy "look into my eyes" line the same way a person would say "ghosts," like they're trying to scare really young children. I even waved my fingers at him as I said it. When he said "try me," I don't know why I didn't say I was just kidding. I just decided to take the joke further, taking my necklace off and swinging it in front of his eyes. He just sat there and followed me swinging it, a smile on his face that slipped into him trying not to giggle.

"Should I keep this up?" I thought, thinking the further this would go, the more embarrassed I'd be by the end of it. Sadly, most of the people I knew were going to part ways to different schools, in different parts of the country. So my thoughts became "Why shouldn't I? One last bit of embarrassing fun with a friend before graduation."

"Look here; don't look away," I told him, this time in way more of a sexy voice, like I'm trying to entice him. He just stares forward at my eyes and the crystal as it swings between them. I don't tell him which to stare at, just where, totally curious as to which he follows if he still goes along with the joke.

I just stand there, trying to think of what to say to him next, trying to remember what all those fake hypnotists say in the TV shows and movies, not allowing my performance to slip. I'm putting up a hell of a deception, acting like I know what I'm doing, masking the pensive, indecisive feelings in me. I even ask myself why I mentioned fake as when I thought of those examples in media. "How would I know the difference between fake and real?" something in me asked, which branched into thoughts of "How would he know?" and "Am I faking it?" I got so caught up in my own thoughts, I barely noticed the changes in him.

"He can really keep a joke going, can't he?" the voiced asked.

"Follow the movement," I finally spoke, overstating the obvious, but I was glad I remembered I could still speak. He still played along, his acting got better as there was barely a smile on his face. I mean, there sort of was, but not the arrogant one he had at the start.

"It's easy to do," I continued, mimicking the softness of fictional trancers. "It's the easiest thing in the world to do. I'm not sure I even need to tell you to do it anymore. If I stop speaking, your eyes will know the correct thing to do is to keep following."

Before, his eyes stopped following my crystal and just stared forward into mine. Maybe he liked the juxtaposition of green and amber. Something in my words just made him keep going though, keeping the game going with just focusing on the swinging jewelry. After a while I was the only one staring forward; he started reminding me of those creepy Felix-the-Cat wall clocks where the tail would swing one way and the eyes would lean the other. My aunt liked collecting retro stuff like that, and that clock was the reason I rarely ever wanted to visit her. But now I think maybe it was the smile plastered across it, because my 'King's' eyes are doing the same thing, but it bordered the opposite of creepy because his smile, if you could count it as one, was just placid, as dull as American industrial revolution history.

"Do you like it?" I whispered.

"Yes," was the reply I got back automatically, hearing a softness resembling a really sleepy kindergarten kid about to collapse. I swore he was going for "best actor in a joke" award, and was becoming a shoe-in for winning. It was like he prepped himself for a long time for this, like we had to in theatre class, or he was just a natural with this kind of material.

It was a little weird how into this he was getting; not a bad weird, just weird where I thought I would be the one taking this too far. "Maybe he's daring me to go further," I thought. Wouldn't be the first time he's encouraged someone to keep something good going, and I guess this was good to him. I sometimes push the envelope when dared though, and since we were alone, I could get away with more in the presence of just one person.

"Would he still try to go further than me with this? Either way, this is pretty fun, and it'd be a shame to cut of this prematurely, wouldn't it?" the voice reasoned.

My arm was getting tired from leaving it swinging the necklace in just one place, so I let it fall a bit, gathering most of the chain in my hand, watching him keep his eyes laser-focused on wherever the jade crystal moved still. An evil smile came over me as I brought the crystal to my cleavage, specifically the long cleft exposed by the dress I'd chosen. It may have been too racy for some teachers, and too slutty-looking for some of the more conservative-types, but that was the one night I decided not to care about other opinions. And my choice of prom dress worked out great for that moment, as I moved the chain so the small crystal went from the top, all the way down into a crevice in the dress where it could disappear, and back again.

He sweetly followed it still, not just with his eyes, but his head as well. The way surprise came over his face subtly in a crease on his forehead when the crystal slipped into the crevice, just waiting for it to come out again, to have that crease disappear and make him look so happy when he caught sight of it again - cuter than cute cats on youtube. Well, it wasn't just the crease, it was also the nodding he did as I kept it up.

"You like this, don't you?" I asked again.

"Yes," he answered just as quickly as before.

"The jade is so nice. Nice and powerful," I stretched out the word 'powerful' with some kind of European accent to see if that would make him break character.

"Yes, nice," he said still with is eyes on the prize, so to speak.

"And powerful," I said again, same intonation.

"Powerful," he trailed off, like he was trying to mimic me. I was nearly convinced then that the stakes of our game were just going higher and higher. But watching the corners of his mouth all this time, waiting for any microscopic sign of slipping, there was nothing. This was moving into method-acting territory, an entirely different mode of being a character.

"Watching this makes you happy," stating the obvious again, "and willing. Willing to do things. Do things for me. For this crystal."

"Yes," he said, almost interrupting me.

"You get to keep watching this as long as you listen to me, and do things for me. You know that right?"


"You'll repeat things for me just for the privilege of following my crystal, yes?"


"Then repeat after me, Prom King: The jade has the King."

"'The jade has the King.'"

"The Queen owns the jade."

"'The Queen owns the jade.'"

"The Queen has the King."

"'The Queen has the King.'"

"He does know what he's saying now, doesn't he?" my rational side asked, on behalf of both of us.

"The jade is power."

"'The jade is power.'"

"The Queen has power."

"'The Queen has power.'"

"The King has less....the King has no power," I corrected myself, for the hell of it.

"'The King has no power,'" he followed faithfully.

"The Queen owns the King."

"'The Queen owns the King.'"

"The Queen rules."

"'The Queen rules.'"

"The Queen rules all."

"'The Queen rules all.'"

"The Queen rules you."

"'The Queen rules me.'"

He had ample time in all of that repetition to say something smart, to try to trip me up, and yet didn't. Just imagine all of that repeating going on, all the while watching the male, blank-looking repeater, nodding his head in agreement to everything he was saying, implying he the King was powerless to the Queen when history has always said otherwise. Why he was nodding was irrelevant; I was pretty sure my prom dress could be ruined for how wet I'd gotten, whether he was just playing along or not. For all I knew, he was saying all those things like he believed them to get me wet and excited, in the mood for some after-prom fun like everyone else was having.

"Of course. This hasn't been about anything else really. Has it?" I tried reasoning with myself.

"Stop repeating now."

I half-expected him to repeat that part to, but he perfectly stopped and remained silent.

"Since you, the King, have no power, if the Queen touches your forehead with this jade crystal, you won't be able to stop yourself from..." What did hypnotists say at this point? "...blanking out completely, going clueless, dark, sleeping tight, all that good stuff. You understand what I mean, don't you?"

"Yes, Queen."

"It sounds nice when you say that. Keep calling me that."

"Yes, Queen."

"What happens when the jade crystal touches your forehead?"

"...blanking out...clueless..."


I moved the crystal away from my cleavage finally, taking the dangling jade to his forehead, watching him go from looking straight ahead to just above his forehead. The way his eyes followed, I thought they were going to fall back into his sockets. It touched his forehead a little more unceremoniously than I wanted, but the way he reacted was...I saw a school fight years ago where a much stronger student knocked another student out cold with one punch, and the 'King' had the exact face of being hit, and the body as he leaned back, and then the recoil brought his head back and then down. His chin leaned against his chest.

I was so put off by things like that, but this was too cool, just because of the how I knocked him out. "The jade is power, indeed!" I said to no one in particular. It was cool enough to make me want to see it happen again.

"When I tap your knee three times, you'll wake up, like you were your normal self. You'll still remember what happens when the jade touches your forehead though."

Three taps to his knee, and my Kingie was shaking his head, trying to figure out what happened to him. He didn't figure for long, because the jade hit his forehead softly as soon as his head rose, and the magic happened all over again. I did it again, and again, and again. "I am the greatest," I exclaimed as he woke up, and knocked him out yet again. "Float like a jade crystal, sting like a Queen Bee," I finished as he got K.O.'d a fourth time. And unfortunately, even the ugly side of boxing came with it, as I looked at the corners of his open mouth.

"He does realize that he's drooling now. Doesn't he?"

"He has to," I told the voice.

I was glad he wasn't sitting that close to me, as my dress was already stained enough. "I've never seen an actor drool like that though. How do you even control something like that. Doesn't drool come when someone is really knocked out or is sle-" I stopped my thoughts there, questioning the impossible. "Impossible" was the only word I had for it at the time, not just unfeasible, but as in "I didn't mean to do that for real." All the signs of he exhibited seemed so real, for a reason. "But how could this be real?" I wondered. Tinges of doubt clashed with all the evidence of what I thought hypnosis was supposed to look like. Then I realized I had one last way to test him, the absolute way of knowing whether he was faking or not. The one thing he couldn't resist reacting to in a certain way. I snuck up close to him, trying not to make the slightest sound, until I was near his bowed head, and said in a voice very reminiscent of its origin.

"I'm Rick James, bitch!"

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even a flinch or a slip to mean he was keeping himself in check. Before that night, that joke from that old show got him to laugh anywhere, and I do mean anywhere. It's because I sounded really close to Chappelle imitating Rick James, to the point he thought he was really watching the sketch show on TV. We took the S.A.T.s together, and being just in earshot of me whispering that got him in hysterics that almost got him kicked out for disruption. I knew he would score well either way, but it was cool to know I had some guaranteed measure of power over him. Whatever measure there was with the jade tipped absolutely in my favor.

"What are you thinking?" I whispered as scared and as anxious as I'd ever been.

"I must obey."

It was at that point that I began something akin to arguing with my own rationale. "Must? MUST? He MUST obey? Oh my fucking god!" "I..I...I really can't...I musn't let this get to me because it isn't real." "But he just said 'he must obey,' he said it like he wants to." "So he will, for me. He must....obey...me. He must..." It wasn't in a multiple personality disorder kind of argument, more like two people on the same page in disbelief of what's written down on that page.

I could only thank god that I was already sitting down, or I would've been knocked out from falling to the ground. I breathed deep a few times, just focusing on keeping my stuff together. I had to be in-control on this one. I needed to be in-control more than I ever had in my life, in the most random of places, because he needed me to be in-control. "But is this more about him, or me?" I asked myself frankly. Everything in my body, and everything I saw out of his body answered "both" to me.

"Listen to me very carefully, with all that you are now."

"Yes, Queen."

"I will tap your knee three times again. You'll come back to as usual, and find all of your attention on the jade again when you see it. Nothing else to worry about when it has you. You will also be very truthful when I ask you things while you look at it. The truth spills out of you regardless of if you want to hide it from me or not. In fact, the truth is the only thing that allows you to see the jade, the power, because you want that, you REALLY want that, don't you."

"Yes, Queen," he said, making me wonder if I heard a moan there.

Three taps later, he shook his head, wiped the drool off his lips asking what the hell happened. Then he say the jade necklace back around my neck, while my fingers manipulated it so the crystal was back at my cleft again, up and down.

"Do you like what is happening to you?"

"Yes, Queen."

"You feel so very good just listening to whatever I have to say, and the jade is just your world."

"Yes, Queen."

You find me sexy, don't you?"

"Yes, Queen."

"How bad do you want me?"

"Very bad, Queen."

"Have you ever had sex before?"

"Yes, Queen."

"What feels better to you? Sex, or the jade?"

"The jade, Queen."

To this day, still the hottest compliment I'd ever heard.

"Did you have something planned for tonight with me?"

"I reserved a hotel room."


"The interstate Holiday Inn."

"Were you going to do something specific there?"

"No, I had it reserved just in-case."

"'Just in-case,'" I repeated with disbelief in my head. As much as trusted this guy, and trusted the jade to bring the truth out of him, I still took my parents words to heart about always questioning the motives of boys my age. Watching my older brother and advice from him taught me enough, as he didn't want me to be a conquest for guys like him.

"Well, I have some bad news, and some good news for you. The bad news is, you are demoted to Prince now. You're no longer a King, meaning you have less than zero power, and I'm still the Queen, so me and the little jade here are all the power. But that's also good news, as it means you still get to watch the jade as much as you like - special Prince privilege."

He smiled adorably at that.

"More good news, I'm going to take you up on your 'just in-case' hotel. Let's not waste your reservation, shall we?"

We drove, or I drove in his car to the hotel. He was knocked out cold for the whole trip as I double-wrapped the necklace in a way that left it touching his forehead the whole trip. Since he made the reservation, I had to wake him up to have him handle arranging the room. They probably saw their share of high-school kids that night, and hopefully his dazed look would be mistaken for drugs or drunk instead of hypnosis. Given perception, it was probably lucky I was a girl and the drugged-out one was a guy, otherwise the desk clerk might've been suspicious enough to give the cops a call.

"Don't hesitate anymore. Do what feels right." My rationale had gone from concerned to cheerleader.

We got up to his room, and I pressed the jade to his forehead. He leaned against me for support for a minute, before I remembered his drooling, then I pushed him gently to let him fall on the bed. I commanded him to strip, and in spite of his stupor, he got all his clothes off pretty quickly. I kept my prom dress on, pressing on the distinction of how different this night was going by most prom standards. I sat and watched his dick stick up in the air, proudly, like a flag pole. "It'd probably be too painful to attach a flag or something to it," I thought, my mind wandering to some sinister thoughts in pursuit of where to go from here. "It'd have to be a white flag, but his face has 'I give up' written all over him."

It took a little while before I found something worth trying.

"Open your eyes."

His eyes opened to find my jade crystal staring right back at him. It hung easily from a make-shift means of holding it above his face from an extendable, wall-mounted lamp from above the nightstand. He was looking up at it, unwilling to look away.

"You can see the jade, the power of the Queen. It controls you, demands your attention. She won't be denied, and you must obey, isn't that right, Prince?"

"I must obey."

"You make a wonderful Prince Charming," I spoke in his ear, knowing full well it was more 'charming the Prince.'

"You can only see my jade, my power. The rest of your senses are focused on the Queen now. You can feel her on top of you, stretching her sexy, naked body across yours. You can hear her laughing and crooning to you, smell her perfume. You can't touch her however, because your arms and legs are tied spread-eagle to the bed." I'll never forget how as I said it, his limbs spread himself out just for the scenario I created, and struggled a bit against his nearly self-imposed imprisoning.

The Prince felt the mounting along with his hips buckling against her weight. The Queen still had her dress on, giving him a faux experience, but making it completely real to his mind. "Try to grab the Queen's breasts as she lowers herself on your pole. Mmmm, that delicious slide down, the useless attempt from your arms, the feel of wanting those tits in your hands, squeezing them hard. Your ruler is above you, graciously giving you the jade and the pleasure of pleasing her." I imagine he saw me on top of him, throwing my then long hair back while we rode each other. The way he rode empty air was amazing; he almost had me convinced someone really was on top of him, dominating him.

With all that control, and him at my disposal, I wondered if I could keep him from cumming, or being able to tell him when exactly he could shoot his load. That seemed too complicated to even try for now; I was just content to let him release to his hearts desire, his reward for everything that he gave me on prom night. I loved the way he moved, like what he was doing was meant to give more than get, and when I thought he was slowing down, something made him cum, just like that. I gave myself enough distance so he didn't get any on me, which was lucky as ropes of it hit him, the bedding, the nightstand, even some of his clothes laying nearby.

"There we go, my powerless Prince. Pleasure, brought to you by the Queen and the jade, your owners."

I got the necklace out of the hanging contraption, and touched it to his forehead again, letting him rest. For a little while. The next time he woke, the jade hung in-front of my naked pussy, and he had an urge to kiss the jade, and anything around it.

"This is the best day of my life, isn't it?" I could only imagine my rationale nodding its non-existent head in agreement.

I ended up keeping in-touch with the Prince through college; turns out the jade really was better than sex from him, and every so often he'd get a call or a picture that urged him to mentally tie himself spread-eagle while alone in his dorm or wherever he was living, for the privilege of feeling my power, or for just being powerless. It was my gift to him for being a shining example of what I could do to people when I put my mind to it.

I was half-correct for thinking Prom was the best day of my life. The days got better as I learned about hypnosis and kept the Prince handy. Most days now feel like the best day of my life, and it all blends in nicely for me.

Me nor my rationale would ever ask "Will he?" again, because we already know the answer.

"Of course he will."


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