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The Breakfast Package

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #sub:male #f/f #holiday

Tovah stirred under the sheets, stretching aching muscles that got kissed and worked out most of the night. Occasionally she forgot a young buck's stamina was a double-edged sword, cutting into the morning schedule she wanted to have. Not that one at her breast would be considered a bad thing. Movement of her body meant waking Billy, and her last night's orders, Billy woke only to become her sleepy baby, arms wrapped around her torso, caressing her back, sweetly draining her still lactating breasts, intoxicated off the juices as she connected its taste to the release of endorphins in his brain.

"Mmmmm," she uttered satisfied, weakly fighting off her subject who had a better grip on her at that moment. She laughed, undecided for if she should stop him. Looking at the clock on her phone, she was glad she'd woken up when she did, dialing a number that would start a scheduled conference call. She waited the right amount of time before the others got on the line.

"Aahhhhhhh, hello?"


"Good morning, ladies."

"Mmmm, damn right it is," the feminist client Joan commented, making Tovah and the mother of three Tracy laugh.

"That sounds like one ringing endorsement. Does this mean the breakfast package is something you'd like to sign up for?"

"I'm already on board. This little boy is about to get enrolled in another women's studies class."

"Didn't know someone could be a teacher's pet before the class commenced," Tracy joked, and the ladies laughed at.

"And you Tracy?"

".....how much is the package again?"

"150% of last night's contract. That's time and a half to those who maybe didn't get enough sleep, but plenty of time in bed."

"Deal. You didn't tell me you'd given me a chef."

"You picked him out honey, I just reminded him who's the drone and who's the queen bee."

"I still don't know how you manage to do what you do to them."

"Put them on the phone, and we'll have a little show and tell," Tovah chuckled at her own joke.

She waited a few minutes, hearing the other ends shifting into the grips of gentle breathing and moaning.

"Good morning slaves, this is your wake-up call," that phone sex voice freshly permeated their minds again, getting them to stop and listen. 

"This is Miss Mentalist calling to you, to the parts of you that have slept deeply, the parts that wake fully, and the space in-between you reside in when you hear my voice again."

Joan's eyes were filled with mischievousness to see Barker beneath her go limp in her sheets except for the arm that firmly held the phone to his ear, and the organ that hardened and reactively inflated itself right into a waiting, wet pussy. Joan gripped his chest, almost scratching it as Tovah's words worked their magic.

Tracy reached over to the tray of treats Cheesy fixed for her last night, eating them like popcorn as the show Tovah started the last Friday happened all over again.

"Such good slaves you've been for the fairer sex, giving them your all in a night of passion we'll never forget, whether or not you are able to forget because all you are are hapless sluts for our pleasure, and it's only fair for the fairer sex to use you as they see fit, because your bodies want what we want, your wills which are in-fact our wills want what you want, your minds filled with only our desires and needs want what you want."

Tovah loved feeling Billy's lips come to a halt, feeling his drool and maybe her fluids spill from his mouth down her body onto the sheets, using her ample breasts like pillows, as she stroked her baby's head.

"There is so little difference between the woman you want and the woman that owns you, between what you were and what you are, which creates such a big difference between how you felt before us, and how you feel now within our influence, because our influence is my voice, the voice in your head for three days that's felt like longer, the voice that's killed off resistance so deftly that you'd swore you've died and gone to heaven, where the women are put on a pedestal and the pedestal looks like you. And you'd think that heaven is endless, an eternity of the bliss that is now. Unfortunately, heaven is a privilege, a reward that must be earned, and to those unworthy, it may not be forever."

Joan and Tracy both watched their bed-mates hesitate, gasp gently while still under, creating an air of excitement and uncertainty with what their paid hypnotist was telling them. Tovah smiled resting against her pillow, looking forward to cluing the ladies in.

"Only if you obey can you stay in heaven. Only if you obey can you remain beneath us, only if you accept my voice as your conscious voice, as your guide and path can you continue to feel like this. Do you accept, slaves?"

"I...accept," was the unison of all three frat boys.

"Excellent, then for those with a phone in their hands, set the phones to speaker begin to slowly entice your lovers now."

The ladies watching their men surrender again didn't know what to make of them pressing buttons on their phones, and found it hard to question once their phones were set nearby and found trained mouths on their parts known to excite their lovers the most.

"Joan? Tracy? Welcome to the breakfast package, one of the most luxurious morning deals you'll ever make in your life. These young men know beyond a shadow of a doubt who owns them now for the foreseeable future, because in their future they can't see past being under us, too much incentive to imagine to look and imagine further. I'm talking to you, but even when I'm not addressing them, the sound of my voice reinforces everything we've put them through, to keep them in our beds like we're in their heads. We need to discuss their time with us, even if they've lost sense of time. Their time with us is not set in stone yet ladies, and still relative." 

"You know about that relativity, even the one their stuck in. You were there that Friday, college kids assuming you were someone else's mother, and not someone else's soon to be lover. Your skepticism and my refund policy, no matter the rave reviews you've gotten from other women, were at the forefront of your mind when the show started, and those boys you pointed to ended up on stage. You expected something like the Manchurian Candidate, or some hokey hypnosis scene from an old horror movie, to yield the results, when it was just carefully placed words, and a voice that knows what it does to an ear, to a mind, to a thought, entering, charming, dissolving. You know this so well, because you were distracted during my show, nearly as much as your men were. All those things on the forefront of your mind would make you wonder how I slipped into the back of your mind and worked with you from there, kind of like those mouths on the forefront of your body, kissing, licking, and working like you wanted them to all night long, so the world can go away and things like my voice can slip in again and come to work out agreements."

It was hard for the women to listen as Tovah's droning voice excited the men and their efforts, hitting those places that caused the most satisfying orgasms the women had in years, maybe decades.

"And if that errant part of you is wondering the exact how and when, and because I love bringing this part up, the audience members not on stage who were taken by my voice, do the numbers 12 and 14 ring any bells? They should Joan, number 12, and Tracy, number 14, so impressed with the sex to come that you let me in without even realizing, so that means that when I reached the 16th person, you had to go really, really deep as I worked my way back to 15.......14....13.......12"

Tovah grinned at hearing surprised gasps at the ladies spoken numbers, only going further under as she continued


Tovah gave everyone a moment to let her control fully sink in, the women blank-faced and smiling because of their bodies, the men blank-faced and smiling because of Tovah's voice and the bodies they worshipped, Tovah smiling at another plan coming together again. She learned unfortunately that some women are particularly overeager thinking of the end of the service, and proved themselves liabilities to this program, so as an added measure, she made sure every person involved was on the same page.

Joan's enthusiasm was exactly where Tovah had feared, and had planned to keep Barker past the contracted time, which would've created deep complications for his life and the program. She had to deeply condition Joan's lust, to tone it down a little and make her accept that following the tenets of the contract was in her best interest too, and that more pleasure would come as a result.

Tracy understood much better and was willing to follow the program, and also found that Tracy and Cheesy had much more in-common during their night together. Listening to both honest accounts, she was willing to give her a reduced rate, and set them up to have the opportunity to date normally if their hearts and minds really wished for the same, with more time and follow-up with Tovah.

Programming complete for everyone on the phone, she counted them all up to total wakefulness at 16, and left them to go on about their day and the program as instructed.

Tovah hung up and realized she almost ran her whole battery out, another part of the program she needed to perfect. She stretched again happily, feeling him respond right back at her breast. She loved yet hated the irony that she was so good at planning the futures of other ladies and arranged boys, yet never knew what was to be of hers. The way Billy teethed at her nipple told her he went beyond the whole 'baby' persona, no matter how sweetly he responded to her being a 'pacifier.' That alone put him in enough high regard, that more of his personality still showed itself after another night of programming with her. 

She pulled his head up to bring them to a kiss, and made him retrieve another condom and charge her phone, and flipped him onto his back for several lavish reasons to love a Monday.

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