Up For Debate

Chapter 3

by me_chan

Tags: #dom:female #hypnokink_convention #no_sex_no_nudity #sub:male

Last night was such a blur to Jackson's senses, filled with fulfilled dreams of awoken slumber, speaking to a hypnotist mindlessly, feeling good about it, playing a role that only deepened his love of the experience. The next day was like cloud 9 for the attendee, only half paying attention to the list of classes to attend next.

It didn't help when Maven appeared from behind to greet him.

"Hey!" he spoke with a more excited pitch than he expected.

"Hey Jackson, how's your day going?"

"Still reeling from last night, honestly. How about you?"

"Nearly the same, that was so fun!"

"I know, right? Or, I hope I remember everything."

"Don't worry, I gave you a suggestion so that you would."

"Awesome. I don't suppose you have a suggestion for which class to attend next, would you?"

Maven looked at him quizzical smile before answering. "That's a tough one given the bracket today; I'm not sure. Last night was on my mind so much...I kind of feel like doing more. I hope that doesn't make me sound overzealous or anything."

"Not at all, cause I'm right there with you."

"Cool!" Maven nearly chirped at him. "Before we get to class, can we go over a little early consent?"

"Sure. I can start by saying anything that we've done before, I'm totally ok with."

"Good, and you don't feel pressured to do more, do you?"

"Not at all, just enjoying everything that's happening, consciously and unconsciously."

"Great, then I'll see you after class, after I get past this...pesky impasse of where to go next. See you for now."

He gave his own quizzical look, but was his more borne of confusion. He stood on his own in the con lobby asking himself what he meant by that, before deciding on a class to go to. He stepped into the room, ignoring everything but her, as she stood in front as if teaching the class.

She smiled deeply at him, noting that her nemesis obviously hadn't gotten enough of last night.

Eventually she addressed the class.

"Hello everyone. To be honest, I know the title of this class brought some of you here, and that's only because my original title was too long - Things in Hypnosis that are and are not Up for Debate."

His eyes widened, breath caught in his throat, finding himself moving toward her cruxed finger, ushering him to the seat she was standing next to. A litany of hypnotee encouragement kept him from running, her gaze kept him fixed, unable to see how awe-filled everyone else's eyes were as they watched him succumb to the inviting depths of her eyes.

"And with that, let me introduce my principle subject, my hypnotee. I know he has his name tag on and everything, but he loves that title, hypnotee so much, I think he just wants to keep it for the rest of the class."

He struggled against the tide of her words to speak, but all that came out was "I'm...a....great hypnotee."

"Yep you are, and great hypnotees are so good at this. There's something not up for debate, right?"

He nodded, realizing that he'd been reminded of their debate impasse earlier, and neither of them were leaving the con, so they were stuck with each other, and with whatever she could persuade.

"And what about my hypnosis skills? Would you call any of those incontestable?"

"Of course not," he said softly, looking up admirably at the woman who took his hand and admiration and gave him pleasure back.

"And you trust me, don't you? Have a proven myself to be trustworthy?"

"Yes, yes you have."

"So you'd have no problem believing me when I tell you that there's an upgraded form of hypnotee you can be for me?"

"Really?" he heard himself and the audience ask.

"Yes indeed. You can be upgraded, to a hypnotoy."

The exuberance in speaking that word made him weak in the knees, enough to want to slip to the floor, as she took the chair he'd slipped from.

"That's so nice, you're already on your way to being upgraded. And I know that leaves you in such anxious anticipation, something that makes you just focus in on that one small thing that will make that big difference. The sound of my voice, your head looking up, my slowly twirling fingers coming down, whatever it may be, you just know it's coming. Being a hypnotoy. Being hypnotized, being toyed with. Being pleasurable to the voice that brings you pleasure, being the best darn hypnotee at the con. Following that finger with your slightly straining eyes like your body would follow my other finger incontestably if I really wanted it to. And now you're just spinning gently into your new role, around my fingers, around my voice, around our shared desire, me wanting to manipulate you like you want to be manipulated, as you listen...only....to....me."

The tap of her finger against his forehead sunk his mind deep into her power. He had never felt so aware of being still, posable and happy about everything happening. She asked about every pose he would give her, and every time he would feel a tug at his mind, letting him know that if he wasn't ok with it, he could stop and emerge from his hypnotic state to become Jackson again. Fortunately, nothing ever crossed a line or hard limit with him. He was happy to place a reverent kiss atop her boot, or become a nice, temporary foot stool.

The pleasure of a hypnotoy seemed boundless as he pleased her while she addressed the class, explaining what was and wasn't up for debate, how everyone had the potential to be good hypnotees, or even good hypnotoys if they worked hard enough. He felt his own trance deepen as she controlled the whole class, happy to be manipulated and instructed by their presenter.

Once he felt the gentle pressure of her feet leave him, he found himself able to stand easily, and be counted up to full awareness.

Jackson woke to find an empty room with only himself and Maven present, with her smiling like a canary-swallowing cat.



"That was...wait, the class was never there?"

"No, but I saw it too. A suggestion I got to help me work with crowds. I think it helped. I hope you weren't embarrassed by any of that."

"Not at all, just felt good to be a...well, you know what."

"Afraid to say it?"

"Not really, just had a moment of resistance there for a second."

"Did you now?"

"What does that get me?"


His hand in hers, he let her words wash over him without the least bit of resistance.

We woke up a minute later, knowing something had changed, but wondering what.


"So, up for debate." She said, watching him carefully.

Muscle memory got his hands to nearly magnetize themselves together, but he stopped short, realizing the suggestion lacked any compulsion anymore.

"So...about that resistance," Jackson looked around the room.

"Yeah?" Maven searched for whatever he was looking for.

He found a box of tissues in the corner, took one, and waved it high up in the air, hoping it was understood to be his resistance's white flag.

It took her a moment, but she let out a good laugh immediately after.

"All the triggers?"

"Gone for right now."

"Aww..." Jackson complained, causing Maven to giggle.

"Really sucks that the con is almost over," he sighed.

"Yeah, but I might be going to the next one in a few months too, and online could be a possibility."

Her words dashed the sudden bout of con drop.

"I hope so, though it'd be nice if it wasn't up for debate."

Maven watched him carefully to see if his saying it had any effect, and he didn't automatically react, which indicated her deprogramming him was a success.

"Don't worry Jackson; you can always remind yourself what I already know about you."

For the rest of the convention, Jackson occasionally could be seen stroking his own left hand, hearing Maven's voice praising him what was never again up for debate.


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