The Kissing Spell

Part 3

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #romantic #sub:male

Inspired by an illustration by sue-chan.

Later that night, Jon sat in his apartment, wondering what could be done, wondering what luck he had to be targeted by Sabrina like that. The knock on his door he expected and feared came around 8pm. Watching her through the peephole, he stood patiently, as she did the same. He thought about telling her to go away, for whatever good that could do him. For five minutes, both stood, both waiting to see who would flinch. Jon thought he'd won as he she sighed, hoping that was the first sign of his victory. Instead of walking away though, reached into her purse and pulled out her cellphone. Seconds later the cellphone in his sweatpants was going off.

"How did she..." he asked without thinking. Then realizing how he'd gotten her on the phone earlier, he muttered "touché" under his breath. He pressed the call button, but left silence on his end.

"As much fun as it would be to make you open this door, why don't you just be the gentleman I know you are?"

He opened the door to Sabrina, disdain written all over his face, and Sabrina paid it no mind, brushing past him into his apartment.

"Can you be a gentleman and insane at the same time?"

"Riveting question, but the only insanity I see is trying to fight this. I know you're a fighter by nature, but it seems a little ridiculous by now, doesn't it? You know it's not dangerous, it's actually enriching the way I use it. Nothing in your life will drastically change, except for the brief moments where you'll see things my way."

"How big is your harem, or stable or whatever?"

"I used to have something close to one when I was younger, but I find myself gravitating toward fewer submissives, and it's hard to think of anyone else when I have you in my sights."

She almost laughed at how unconvinced he looked in response to her last sentence.

"Even if you don't believe me, there really is something about you. Something besides the strict, innocent, good-boyish charm about you. It makes me excited to delve deeper into you."

Jon folded his arms and conveyed the posture of a wall, resistant and strong. "I don't like to be manipulated."

Sabrina shrugged her shoulders, unconvinced by Jon's words as she strode up to Jon as if the wall was no obstacle. "I like to manipulate."

She stood in front of Jon, less than a foot away from his face. Their faces stood apart and Sabrina raised her arm to begin swinging an oval-shaped blue crystal at their eye level, filling the space between them. Both looked to each other's eyes and silently acknowledged their contest was on again.

The red-headed hypnotist carefully swung the crystal from its chain, guiding the motion. A slow back-and-forth tempo, followed by a longer one. Sometimes she moved it below or above his eye-sight, testing his concentration. His eyes followed the crystal for mere seconds instead of being totally fixated as she changed tactics, but she wasn't deterred. Several minutes filled with nothing but soft breathing ended when she finally spoke.

"Do you like my crystal Jonathan? Since I was a little girl, it's been a dream of mine to use something shiny and beautiful to entrance people with. I'd always imagined how it would look, its color, the weight, how it would feel around my neck or hanging from my hand, how many could be affected by it at once, and how quickly. An aunt of mine knew I liked jewelry like that, so she got me this for my 16th birthday. From the moment I saw it, I felt entranced myself, as if my wish had come true. I let the color shine in my eyes, and fascinate me as I followed it inside the crystal, deep into it. It wasn't long before I'd forgotten that I entered it, and then I didn't mind how I'd lost myself. I would stare at it and love how it was destined to do what it's doing now, what it's done so many times before this - hypnotize. Doesn't it feel hypnotic to you Jonathan, knowing that it's right in front of you now? You can see for yourself if my words are true, if it effects you the same way. I know you're trying to look forward, to not follow the swinging. There's no shame if you did; it would be more of a shame to deny yourself such a beautiful sight."

His eyes kept the swinging in his peripheral vision, avoiding it as best he could, which didn't make it easy for him. His only savior was the blue of her eyes, and his mind remembered the effect from looking into those.

"I'm curious, between my crystal and my eyes, which is the deeper shade of blue Jonathan?"

Sabrina's smile turning wicked went unnoticed as she raised it to swing in a path that covered her eyes.

"I know you're trying to figure out where to put your attention now. For some reason you still feel like fighting me, despite how hard it's getting to even try." She left the double-meaning hanging in the air for a few seconds for effect. "For all the fighting you've done so far, how much has it worn on you? But I'm willing to extend a little bit of mercy, to make it somewhat easy for you. But first you need to answer my question, which is bluer Jonathan, or the prettier blue - the pendant or my eyes? You've seen the depths of my blue eyes already, and you've caught at least one good glance at my pendant, more than enough to see how deep you could fall into it, but I want you to compare them, to look at each and see the distinction for yourself. I once tried place the pendant over a closed eyelid while I compared the two in a mirror. I bet if you concentrate enough, you could see the same. Even as it swings, you can imagine the pendant slowing down, slowing to a crawl, and then a complete stop, like a photo being taken. This photo is of the crystal covering one eye or the other. Does it cover my right or my left? As you look at my eye and the crystal, can you tell the difference? When you look into each, which one takes you deeper, farther than the other, faster than the other?"

Jon's eyes still as he played the picture she described in his mind.

"If you want to be thorough, you can take another picture in your mind. The pendant still swings before your eyes as it always has, but now your mind prepares to capture the other way. If the crystal covered my left, now it's covering my right. Or if it started with the right, now it's left. You're left with two possibilities, but both seem so right. No detail should be left behind, that's right Jonathan. Observe and figure out which is the bluer hue. Look deeply into each, and find which one it is."

Sabrina guessed what was going on in his mind, as she'd tasked his mind and eyes with two different focal points. Her plan to divide and conquer seemed to be going well until Jon blinked a few times, righting himself and giving a hard stare to her eyes. Her own smile softened, but didn't fade. Neither was looking to give up the fight or give up and ground. She widened her eyes a little and stared right back into his.

"You know what I like about you Jonathan? You have a strength to you that I rarely see in people. It's reflected in your character, in your body," red fingernails of her free hand began trailing up and down his arm, as if studying the contours of his muscles. "In the way you're trying to fight me. It's admirable, and a thrill for me. I can't remember the last time someone like you has made me put in so much effort. Anyone else by now would easily be my willing plaything."

"Sorry, I won't be easy for you," he muttered.

"Don't be sorry at all Jonathan. I can appreciate a subject that tests the limits of my skills. This is all very exciting for my curious mind, because I don't how exactly how you will fall, or what you will fall to. The knowledge that you will fall is all I need though. It doesn't make any real difference what you look at, the crystal or my eyes, or any part of me. You will fall for me. And oddly enough, you know how good it feels to fall, when your body slips into that comfort."

Her wide eyes leaned closer to his and looked deeply. The tidal wave of her blue washed over his brown and collided into what mental defenses he had left. It may as well have been a crumbling dam as determined as the water was.

"Is that comfort familiar to you by now? I would hope it is. You've already found yourself open to it at least three times already, and every time you've just gone deeper. Each time becomes more magnified. Last night when I came here, my effect on you was twice as powerful, you were twice as receptive and obedient. At the diner today, you'd gone three times as deeply when I exposed you to my eyes, and the first time you'd given them a good look and knew how powerful they were. Just think of the future Jonathan, how 5 times as deep will make it almost automatic. I could trigger you in any lovely way I see fit, and like flipping on a light switch, you become exactly what I want you to be, something safe, pleasurable, and pleasing to me. Yes, it would be a light switch, as the change in you happen like the speed of light. Illuminated and enlightened for Sabrina. And 5 times as deep will come, but you must complete 4 times as deep now Jonathan. You can look deep into my blue eyes, to let them hypnotize you and experience a new depth. On your way to becoming totally in-tune with my words. Yes, that's right. Look into my eyes, you want this. You don't want to deny yourself this anymore. You can give in and ce-"

Sabrina's breath caught and she stepped back from Jon whose eyes had began glazing over. An alarm noise went off on her cellphone, and the noise crept up in Jon's ears and reached the last vestige of resistance that he held, making him come back to consciousness as quickly as he could manage. He looked like he was waking up from a bout of sleep-walking and it was written all over his face how confused he was.

She reached for the phone and silenced the alarm. "Sorry about that Jonathan."

"What happened?"

"Honestly, before I stepped in the door, I set an alarm for myself. I gave myself 15 minutes to take you under. It was a personal challenge for myself."

Jon was surprised she actually was full of herself enough to think he'd go so easily that quickly. He didn't doubt others might if Sabrina focused on them, and he had to give her credit as she nearly made it with him. He admired what seemed to be a competitive spirit in her.

"Well, you tried," he whispered, trying to shake the dizziness.

"Yes, I did try. But I wasn't kidding by the way. You are the most difficult, most challenging subject I've had to deal with, and considering the number of people who've actually resisted me over the years, that's a compliment."

"None have resisted you before today?"

"Not one," she spoke with pride.

"Thanks for the compliment then."

"You're very welcome. And here's your reward."

Catching him off-guard again, Jon found his face between familiar hands again, her face close to his again, her lips softly brushing over his. He tried to pull back at first, but knowing what was touched, he froze. It was like being kissed by a ghost, or something supernatural and powerful, he looked at Sabrina with wide eyes, and her grin resembled that of the Cheshire Cat.

"You...cheated," he spoke but faltered as his mind felt some of the sensations of her original trigger. It was incredible how even that left him dizzy.

Being held tighter in her hands, she slowly came in for another kiss, but stopped short, mercilessly teasing him with her breath on his lips, hotly whispering "Look at it this way - we both win."

Jon stiffened at the proximity of their lips again, his mind in sexual shock. She began pulling back and he couldn't take it anymore. His lips smothered hers, his hands brought their bodies together, lifting her off the ground once their tongues started dueling. Acting purely on instinct now, he pressed her against the wall, harder than he expected. He pulled away from the kiss to see if she was ok. She indicated that she wasn't hurt by capturing his and forcing them back into their exchange. Jon felt Sabrina's whole body against him. Her full breasts heaved and made his chest tingle as they pressed against him. His hand wrapped around her thighs, as they wrapped around his torso. He loved the feel of her nylons in his hands. Their kiss was spellbinding all over again. He knew what it meant, what she could do to him once one or both of them came up for air. No part of him, conscious or unconscious, would've allowed him to disentangle from the persistent hypnotist. Knowing he was at her mercy, he could only ride the heat wave for as long as he could experience pleasure, knowing it was all up to her afterwards. His lust-addled mind made another decision while it could, maneuvering them to his bedroom.

Jon kept his eyes open only long enough to navigate his way through his apartment. They closed back when he arrived near the bed, while he had some oxygen to spare. He figured Sabrina must've realized where they were as she made a jolting motion with her body, twisting them so he fell back on to the bed with her on top. Their mouths finally separated, gasping for air, but wanting to resume kissing as soon as possible. Sabrina took a deep breath and brushed his lips one last time, watching in enter trance slowly and deliciously.

"Good boy Jonathan. No more resisting me, succumb and surrender. You have no other choice, and I'll make it so you wouldn't want one..." she breathed into his ear. Leaning back and feeling empowered.

Jon was at a loss for everything. He was in a void, and had no worries or sense that there was much else to his reality, other than peace and her melodic voice. Sabrina had spoken to him at length. Some far away part of him knew he was responding to her, probably answering questions he was being asked. It could've been seconds, hours, or even days gone by, and he didn't care.

Eventually, consciousness came back to his mind. Not all the way though; Jon could feel himself still in his bedroom, still nighttime, yet the burdens of life did not weigh on him. Awareness was as dim as the lighting, yet something did shine in the darkness. Sabrina's blue crystal came into view, hovering over his chest. It remained still until she was sure it had his attention. He was comfortably lying on the floor next to his bed, head propped up by a few pillows. He was so fixated on the blue crystal that he couldn't see beyond it, and couldn't notice his erection sticking out of his pants pointed at the ceiling. And though he could sense Sabrina close by, he didn't look up to see her reclining on his bed above him, one hand holding the crystal's chain, the other plunged into her unzipped jeans.

"See the crystal Jonathan," she sensually whispered. "See it clearly. Don't take your eyes from it. Once it is in your sights, you must promise to not look away until I give you permission. You deeply feel the need to do this for me. Do you promise?"

"I promise," Jon found himself saying easily.

Jon's eyes began fulfilling that promise as the crystal moved back and forth in front of his eyes again. Sabrina felt no need for the subtle tricks from earlier to coax him into staring, so she kept her gradual pace and continued deepening his trance.

"Obey Jonathan. You want to obey, you need to obey."

Jon's head gently moved with the crystal, making a small sound as he rolled against his pillows over and over again.

"You desire obeying me. Obeying Sabrina, your hypnotist, your mistress. With each breath you breathe in, you become more obedient. With each breath you exhale, with it goes the desire to disobey. Your obedient eyes follow my pendant, your vision becomes nothing but the sight of my blue pendant. Your obedient ears welcome my words and suggestions, the sound of my sensual voice tickles your ear-drums, and enters your body and mind. Your obedient mind processes the sights, sounds, and any senses that I stimulate, and gives in to me."

A trickle of drool hung from Jon's relaxed jaw, and he'd surrendered himself deeper than ever before. Sabrina looked down at him thinking how much cuter he looked being completely helpless.

"Obedience to Sabrina feels right Jonathan, like you've found your true calling. You will only find yourself obeying safe, comfortable suggestions. I have no interest in bringing any harm to you; as long as you obey me, I mean to protect you as mine from harmful things. You will know a fuller, more satisfying life with me in it, living your life by your interests and obligations, and when I beckon your mind and body to my service, your interests and obligations become what I wish of you, what you want and need to do for me."

Accepting that suggestion was easy for Jon, but it was something she planned to live up to. As much as she liked leaving doubts in the mind of a subject like Jon, she very much disliked mistreatment with a subject. Nearly everyone that came under her control was of value to her, and it made no sense to diminish that value. Jon would be a particularly special case with her.

"And right now Jonathan, I want you to focus on the erotic pleasure you feel in your body now. Yes, that's it. It feels so hard right now, like unbreakable steel. My control over you makes it that hard, as unbreakable as my spell cast over your mind. Dipped in lust and saturated in obedience, it's such a delicious feeling, knowing your arousal is building and building from your desire to please and obey me. You breathe deeper and the pleasure increases, you keep your promise to follow the crystal and let its beauty over take you, you hear and obey me as easily you would your own thoughts, all of this makes you feel harder and go deeper."

Jon's hands remained at his sides, the muscle memory aware of what it was like to pleasure himself in absence of a partner, but Sabrina's words made an unbelievable replacement. He absolutely grew harder just at the sound of her voice.

"When you release for me, it will be a tipping point for you. All of my suggestions given tonight will sink deeper than ever into you, and you will become more accessible to me than you ever thought you could be. No Jonathan, even deeper than you just tried to imagine," she giggled the last sentence. "Would you like to know how you can release Jonathan?"

"Mmmmyes Sabrina, please..." he spoke through his moans.

"I want you to repeat these words out loud to yourself, knowing what control you're giving me, knowing what pleasure I'm giving you as you submit. You will say 'hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her.' This will become a mantra for you, and the more you say it, the more you arousal will rise to a boiling point, before it naturally cums. Do you understand me Jonathan?"

"Mmyes I understand Sabrina."

"Yes, good boy. Speak your mantra and enjoy yourself."

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her."

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her."

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her."

Sabrina watched his member throb and twitch like a blinded, excitable animal, falling into her trap. She began stroking herself faster and faster, letting his chanting push her over the edge. She relaxed herself as she continued to listen to Jon work himself into a mesmerized sexual frenzy, and it didn't take long for her desire to return nearly as quickly as it left.

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her."

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, o-obedient only to her."

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, ooooh-o-bedient only to her."

Jon still watched the pendant, bound by the promise to watch it, while the rest of his body heaved and moved with no guidance, yet remained fixed on the floor. Sweat covered both their bodies.

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her!"

"Hyp-yp-notized by Sabrina, obedient oooonly to her!"

He coherently spoke his mantra for as long as he could, but it soon turned to gibberish before he screamed into his climax. They both screamed as they finally reached where they wanted to be. The condom from his bathroom Sabrina insisted Jon wore held all of his spend in containment, but some began leaking from the base. She imagined it would've been found everywhere if his manhood was bare and free; this was a much easier mess to make him clean up. Sabrina caught her breathing as she heard Jon whispering

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her."

"Hypnotized by Sabrina, obedient only to her."

Her loins trembled as he continued, bringing her to her last, softest orgasm to happen between them.

She moved off of the bed and on top of Jon, straddling him with her legs. She bend to down to give him a deep kiss on the cheek.

"Very good boy, as you should be," his eyelids fluttered down, mind accepting her words unconsciously and without reservation.

The next time Jon woke, light peered in from his bedroom window as the Sunday morning dawn shone almost directly in his eyes. He woke fully to confusion and deep bodily satisfaction. On his nightstand, another note was laid out for him, like the first time.

"No more doubt," it read, with Sabrina's shade of lipstick from last night.

He laid down back onto his bed, spread out and feeling a combination of fear and excitement. He'd been taken as a submissive by Sabrina Marks, and wondered if he'd woken up in Bizzaro world. Laying in bed for another hour, naked and exposed, he wondered what all of this meant. How much of his life would be his, how much of what she said were words she would live by and what had she declined to tell him that would happen later, could he fight any of this, and did he want to fight it anymore. He didn't have answers, but he had a rumbling hunger.

In a totally spontaneous move, he called Sabrina on his cellphone after getting up, and invited her to breakfast at the diner. To his surprise, she accepted.

* * *

Two weeks had passed since Sabrina had taken him, and it was nothing like what Jon envisioned it would be. The way she laid her sense of control on thickly that first weekend suggested she might be something like a hardcore dominatrix, always needing to exert and expand her control. She certainly had her moments, but he was shocked at how laissez-faire she treated this. It was definitely more at her whim, but much of the time they just spent time together. Everyday since he invited her to breakfast, there'd been some kind of communication between them everyday, whether phone calls, emails, dining together, or just talking. He never expected to get a mistress and friend out of this, but that what it was now. Sabrina admitting to it as much helped.

Jon had to wonder how much of his own actions made it like this. Laying in his bed the morning after she established her control, he was still determined to not give up total control or be resigned to just being passive and meek around her all the time. Treating her like an equal and engaging her was a world of difference from his initial fears, and she took no issue with that. He wanted to ask her if anyone she'd taken this deep and was consciously aware would be constantly fearful of her. He guessed the answer was yes, but they were both glad he opted to be himself.

Working around her hadn't changed at all, with a few key exceptions. Many times when she'd cross his path or visit him in his office, she gave him this Mona Lisa smile, her way of bragging to unsuspecting co-workers that someone claimed someone else, sexually and mentally. Jon's overall attitude changed, as he seemed just a little more easy going in demeanor, which only a few people picked up on at first. Working late one evening, knowing only a few others were, he'd left to hear what sounded like a chihuahua barking, coming from his friend's office's direction. He shook his head as he knew Sabrina had stayed late as well. He talked to her about it that night, telling her that was ill-advised. She told him she was being careful, but he was adamant about it, more so because it was his friend. She settled the issue by sending him a picture to his cellphone. He found himself looking into her blue eyes after opening it, and was taken under easily with that sight as the phone was set to speaker. He was just short of climaxing when she woke him.

"Marcus only gets to bark for me. See how lucky you are?"

Jon found himself laughing and asking for permission to release; she granted him that at his place, 30 minutes later.

In Sabrina's apartment for the first time, he cooked dinner for her in her kitchen. Neither could tell if that counted as a first date or not, but they enjoyed themselves, having no problem admitting that they were dating now. After dinner, she played a fun hypnosis game with him, testing his suggestibility, and making him give up an article of clothing everytime he gave in. Sabrina was still surprised he would put up a fight to her every now and then; he managed to keep his sweat pants on for the duration. All she had on was a work blouse of hers, panties, and stockings. He'd revealed to her in trance some things he found very sexually stimulating. She was pleased to find out that hypnosis was now on that list, but was pleasantly surprised by such things as passionate kissing and women in stockings. She usually wore stockings for work, but found it nice to tempt or reward him by wearing them around him.

Standing near her bed, he noticed the blue crystal in her hands, knowing what was coming. Preempting her, Sabrina was pulled to his embrace, lips slightly puckering for a kiss. She went unresistingly into his arms, draping an arm on his elbow, wanting to play with his hair as she tempted him with a kiss. Somewhere along the line, she'd modified the suggestion of her hypnotic kiss. Instead of just from kissing her, it would have to be accompanied by another physical sensation of her choosing. He noticed that after kissing her, he would feel a pinch, or be struck by the sound of a sharp finger snap, and trance would soon follow. They enjoyed their kiss, happily and anticipating a new night of erotic hypnosis. Jon didn't feel like interrupting the moment, but his curiosity got the best of him.

"Is Halloween coming early this year?" Jon gestured at the witch's hat propped up on her bed post.

"As it's one of my favorite holidays, maybe it should be come when I want it to," she crooned, giving him a coy look.

"Whatever you say Sabrina" he said before resuming their kiss.

"Words to live by Jonathan," she replied back, deepening their kiss. "But actually, there's something I'd like to try out with you some time. A bit of role-playing, and maybe you'd be willing to play along."

"You as a witch. Well, with your name, exotic beauty, and practically having magical abilities, why not?"

"I'm glad you see it that way dear."

"What role am I supposed to have in this?"

She giggled into his ear after gripping the lobe with her teeth, making his body shiver a little bit. "Whatever I want you to be."

She quickly seized his lips with hers, and snapped unexpectedly in his ears, making his eyes open wide and become vacant.

"And what I want now is a deliciously obedient male."

She pushed him onto her bed, and uttered commands that brought her body pleasure throughout the night.


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