Stairway to Heaven

by me_chan

Tags: #dom:female #induction #Induction #no_sex_no_nudity #pov:top #sub:male #dialogue

An ethereal walk toward a higher plane.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Inspired by this image.

Holding the pose they were asking for wouldn't have been so annoying if they weren't so indecisive. Anna was sure they were getting exactly what they asked for and then some, a professional willing to remain still on the chilly prop stairs, dressed a fine line between classy and skimpy in her eyes, trying to not to let her feet idly swing or move, lest they fell asleep or did something worse with lack of circulation. Her face stared at the spot and kept the same expression for what she knew was longer than a minute, wondering what else they could be wanting of her. Noticing in her peripheral vision that they'd taken a small break to check their equipment, the modeled look of concerned mystique belied feelings within shifting from taking an unscheduled break to making things more bearable for her while she waited. She let her features soften as something more than bearable came to mind, leaving the fun to be had hidden from sight, but spoken of after a deep, calming breath.

"You know what song this all reminds me of?"

"Stairway to heaven" they suggested with a laugh

"Wonderful, your thinking is where it should be," was her response as if planned. Looking away from them as directed, but talking to them as if her gaze was right on them.

"I mean, it would be fitting to reach the pearly gates with an almost pearly colored staircase. Just imagine if these stairs reached all the way to heaven, starting from the ground level. I'm already on the stairs, so you'd be following me all the way up. All the way up to heaven. All the way up to that wonderful place you get to go to if you've been a good person in your life. I guess with me in front, it would be like 'follow the leader,' out in front, leading a group of followers. Our steps would be so in sync that my heels clicking would be like a cadence, letting you know when to step, filling your head like the ticking of a clock, a background sound that just fills the back of your mind until it's just there, constant, pleasant, never ever incessant, counting the seconds of climbing stairs while it's easy to let the idea of time make less and less sense while you climb those stairs and follow me more and more eagerly, because you want to get to heaven after all."

"And you'd think that climbing all those stairs, you would get tired eventually, would need to rest. As you follow me up those stairs, that is proven otherwise as the eager ease of following means you don't have to pay attention to it; you can let your will and desire lead your body and mind exactly where it wants to go, right behind me, and never worry about missing or faltering on a step in the right direction. The energy in your limbs feels good as it's used correctly, following me to heaven, that good feeling going hand in hand with the clicking of my heels against the stairs. You are following, as you should be. And perhaps the higher we climb higher, the air gets lighter, meaning you can float up the stairs if you would like to. Unnecessary things get heavier, meaning you can leave them behind, like thoughts about anything other than heaven, clothes that weigh you down from a place where you may no longer need them, sights other than the sight of heaven-bound me maybe also floating towards heaven in front of you, sounds other than the clicking heels that seem to still constantly permeate your mind, counting off the infinite seconds you follow, setting the tempo to the surprisingly intuitive, calming, guiding voice you can just as easily float along if you want to. And no matter what gets lighter or heavier, some things never change, your need to get to heaven, your needing to follow me there."

"All of this feels so pleasant, so blissful, so positively heavenly, doesn't it? All you are is all you need to be. Pointed in the right direction, following me, heading to heaven. You feel like you could do this forever. The longer you do it, the more you reason this might as well be heaven. Wouldn't it be so very nice and convenient if heaven as a place were as relative as heaven as a journey? A path of eternal pleasure and peace, where all you have to do is follow and listen, and you will feel this good forever. As the person in front of you on this path, able to see the pleasure ahead of you, do you know what I have concluded? The stairway to heaven is your heaven. Those light, easy, airy feelings in your body perfectly match those light, easy air-headed smiles you're wearing, merely reacting to what I'm saying, and all the happier for it. Maybe that's all you need to do to be this happy and air-headed, listening to me, following me. So very easy, so very simple, so practically intended, as if you were put on this earth to listen to me, and your reward is the privilege of following me to your heaven. Listening to me means you follow the click of my heels, sounding off in your head while you soak up every word that you're supposed to follow. And when you react to them by doing what my voice suggests, by obeying the word or words that form a command meant for you, you fill so fulfilled, so grateful, your existence so justified. Obeying me means you reach the pearly gates of my smile, so happy with your obedience and compliance, with recognizing that the more you obey, the more you need to be commanded and obey some more, the more you hope I will command you sooner rather than later, but holding fast in your patience for waiting for me and only me to command you."

"My, those reverent looks, those wide glassy eyes, those traces of drool along your grins. You make a girl feel so special, knowing you're following me, knowing I'm above you on the staircase, and wherever else. You make me feel so much more than just a girl, or even a woman. The longer you look, the more I feel higher than a star or diva, higher than a princess or queen; we've all climbed too high for that already. You make me feel like a.....heh, Goddessssss. Oh yes, Goddess. A Goddess. Thee Goddess. Your Goddess. That's why it all feels so right and perfect. I am your Goddess, and you all belong to me. You follow because it has been spoken by your Goddess. You obey because you hear your Goddess. In that way, all is right with your universe, since I am your universe. And though you may want to feel and be this way all the time, that might not always please your Goddess. In fact, it might get downright boring really quick. So of course you'll take my next words to heart of course, so listen well my belongings:"

"In my presence, you'll start to feel that light, airy, perfectness of a willing slave, wanting to be what you are deep inside, ready to accept and become it only if I allow. But you'll never fully be or become it until I tell you to start walking the 'stairway to heaven,' or until we start playing a little game called 'Goddess says'. I say 'stairway to heaven,' and we're right back where we are, floating in your heaven-space with me above. I say 'Goddess says' and it becomes your unstoppable duty to obey any command I give. Once you complete this command, you'll find yourself back on the stairway to heaven, until I bring you back down. And as far as coming down, as much as none of us want that right'll return to what you were before today, your normal selves if I say to you 'down to earth.' Down to earth brings back you back with no memory of the journey, as if nothing happened to the old yous, who'll always be good boys who respect women and do your best to make them comfortable and happy, lest you don't be good boys and go somewhere else other than heaven, which won't hurt nearly as much as what it means to be denied heaven under Goddess. But you all are better than that, and you'll always be. Why? Goddess says so, that's why, heh."

"And now, Goddess thinks you've had a good enough taste of heaven, and doesn't feel like spoiling you with more, so I think it's time for you to come back to that place that you're more used to, for now. 'Down to earth' gentlemen."

Multiple sets of eyes opened to a giddy-looking Anna on the modeling set trying to hide it behind a Mona Lisa smile.

"What's so funny?" one of them asked.

She started singing the lyrics to the aforementioned song, and something she phrased, stressed, just set them off. Their bodies felt like astronauts floating in space, their minds emptied out all by themselves, waiting to be filled with deified words, the clicking of heels approaching them pounded on their lusting, adoration-filled souls like drums. Anna was surrounded the eyes of men that elevated her high above anyone else on earth for them. Her smile was like their sun, their wait for her words would've been eternal if she wasn't merciful.

"Welcome to heaven boys. Goddess says those clothes suddenly feel too heavy and restrictive to keep on. Goddess also says now you feel the need to model for me."

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