by me_chan

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #Induction #m/f #pov:top #sub:male #dialogue #induction

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Are you awake yet? That's good. Now please be still for a moment. There's no need to be alarmed. I asked you to take a short nap, and you obeyed. It's nice to obey, isn't it? It's what we've been working on for so long. It's almost become a part-time job, learning to go into trance for me. We've tried for weeks by now, and you've been so eager, despite me telling you that what you're looking for, the depth of subconscious control you're looking for, may not come as quickly as you wanted it to.

Well, I have a small confession to make; I've been holding back a bit since we started. It would've been easy for me to take a much stronger, assertive, even belligerent approach with you. I sensed that's what you wanted, or were expecting. But we started slow because you wisely agreed to sticking to this for as long as it took. Up to now, some of what I've been doing with you is going through the motions, in order to observe you - what you respond to or don't, your levels of suggestibility, and the like. Now please don't misunderstand, 'going through the motions' is not a monotonous means of stringing someone along. Many have fallen fairly easy to those motions. And believe it or not, you've gone into trance with those methods before too, regardless of them not being the level you were hoping for. But you should be proud of the progress you've made. Whenever you listen to me, your attention is truly fixed on me, and little else. You've told me so when I asked you to note what else you've heard after and during each session.

Would you like to know something else I've noticed? You seem to be very visually-driven. You love the idea of the typical hypnosis accessories, like spirals and pendants. Your eyes constantly gravitate toward the ones you see nearby on a table or desk, but the ones I never use on you. All of that is why you're here as you are now - blind-folded, and bound at your wrists and ankles.

Shhhh, it's ok. There's no need to speak for now; you can in due time. Your only concern should be feeling, like my finger against your lips as I gently hush you. You might wonder why you can't talk, but do you start to wonder how good it feels to feel my finger touching your lips. You couldn't see my finger touching you that way if you weren't blind-folded anyway, but I think it feels better not having to worry your eyes over it. I also wonder if this feels like a dream to you, as I asked you to dream about the same scenario during your nap, blinded and resting in bondage, anticipating erotic pleasures. Silk and velvet bondage at that, the kind that make your ankles soften, your wrists tingle a little bit, feeling a compelling touch against your pulse point. You can feel that pulse rising, the muscles around your eyes caressed by that velvet blindfold, stirring against it to feel it against your skin.

You are in this position as a way to test something new. Deprived of your sight, you're going to rely on the rest of your senses to trance, and I wonder if you will feel it more than ever before. I know you feel shocked by all this, but you should know that some of the most effective hypnotic states are often induced when the subject least expects it. And you did state that you hoped we would both achieve what we wanted. The way you are now, is one of mine. You've told me in and out of hypnosis that you are ok if it occasionally takes an erotic direction. But no matter what occasion it happens to be, I promise you it will be something consensual and memorable. So for now, I ask you to let your expectations go. Let them go and unquestionably follow me.

"Follow you where?" you might ask in your head. And that trail begins with small metallic clinking sounds. You're already wondering what it could be, you listen so carefully for clues to discern what it is, nearly as careful as you listen to me. Sorry to say, I won't be giving any verbal hints. I shouldn't have to really, because the sound of that metal straining and rebounding just gave you a clue, followed by that consistent sound of friction. Maybe the sound reaches from one ear to the other. Do you have a clear picture what it might be in your mind? Have you ears tuned in to the rhythm yet? It's still moving from one ear to the next, that same motion over and over and over and over again. Your ears are so wide open that I wouldn't be surprised if you could hear the hushed sound of air around the object as it whips from side to side. Rushing to your left, hanging there, and then swinging to your right, hanging there, and back.

Oh my, 'swinging.' I did give a little bit of a verbal hint, didn't I? But I'm sure on some level, your unconscious mind knew what it might be. Maybe your unconscious was waiting for your conscious mind to catch up to the fact of what it really was. Maybe your mind's eye was filled with the sight of my object swinging back and forth. It's something you've always wanted to see me do for your eyes, but as their tied up at the moment, your imagination is partnered with your ears to simulate the sight. I think you don't give your imagination enough credit sometimes; it can literally show you things you want to see that aren't there. Maybe you see sunlight being reflected off my object, like you always hoped for our daytime sessions, despite the sun having set hours ago and the only light you see reflected off of its surface is warm candle light. Yes, that warmth you feel is surprisingly candle light. It may feel as warm as the sun, but gives our current session a little bit of sensual appeal, don't you think? It could help paint a better picture of where you are and how much your expectations are changing. How far might things go tonight? Are new expectations randomly popping up in your imagination besides my swinging object, or is the sight of my object sensual enough for you? And why do I keep calling it my 'object?' You'd think it'd be clear what is swinging, but there are a few possibilities. But here's a hint as to what's really been dangling in front of you.

Aww, is that a little chilly for you? My little object rests on your bare, exposed chest, and I guess it kept cool despite the room temperature. Mmmm, it looks so cute laying there being dragged across your skin. Such deep breaths you're taking, it must feel like being examined with a stethoscope. But as long as we're playing doctor, do you have a better picture of what swung before you? As it runs across your distressingly hardened nipples, slowly, can you tell if it has a smooth or intricately designed surface? Does it still swing in your imagination with more specific detail that your mind's eye follows? It's hard to tell anymore if those are shivers of being chilled, or of excitement. So cold, yet so hot for some reason.

Let's try something else for a minute. I want you to listen to the snap of my fingers. I will do this several times, across several different parts of your body. Despite the blind-fold, you'll be able to tell where I am doing this since I will rest my hand against your body when I do so. The important thing to note is that every time I snap, the specific part of your body's sensitivity will double. If I snap more than once for the same part, it will double on top of that. For example, let's take both hands for a second. My hand rests in your right palm as I snap. *SNAP* And in your left palm, my other hand snaps. *SNAP* *SNAP* Now placing that rather chilly object in your right palm, you shiver, straining gently against the silk bindings. Of course in your left, as I expect it, your hand jolts, feeling almost frozen and frigid. Successful test, and very interesting, don't you think? I don't think this would be nearly as fun if you watched this happen. Just like if I rested the sides of my hands on your nipples.


Oooh, that was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it? Your nipples look even more erect than before, their attention as perked as your expression. I wonder if you can tell which nipple received one snap and the other two. I did it so fast with no warning. Can you tell? No? Well, let's find out. Which nipple feels cold now? Both, you say? Even though the room is warm? Ok, which is colder? The left one? Yes, so cold as it felt something cool. And maybe the right one will feel not as cold. But your sudden gasp says otherwise. Oh my, such a deep breath in. Amazing, I'd even forgotten it was the right one that received 4 times the sensitivity. So cold, and so captivating as I spin its surface over your nipple. It does have a design on the front of it. Can you tell me now what it is? That's right, a spiral. Your nipple must be feeling itself running against the circular lines. Maybe you see that spiral being swung in your mind's eye still, back and forth, animated and drawing you to its center. It can even spin quite fast if you want it to.

Ok, enough of the cold object now; you've suffered enough. But I think you would like to keep the thought of it on your mind while you listen to me; I verily encourage that of you. But we'll move on to something new. Feel my hand on top of your nose for a moment. *SNAP* As I told you before, the only light in the room now is candle light, and some of these candles are very special. Can you smell it in the air, like sweet incense? Here, let's give your nose an even closer encounter. You might smell something like cherry coming closer to you, as you should. One of my very favorite scents. The candle is coming so close to your nose and.....

Oops, hot wax. All over your chest. I am so s-oops, clumsy me. A little more, hitting your nipples. Reverse temperature sensations. Look at you thrash and writhe against those bindings helplessly, looking so very hot...and bothered. Not burning your skin, but stoking some kind of fire deep inside you. Your right side is pressing deeper into the cushy surface under you, a nice reminder which part of you is more sensitive. My sincere apologies. But as the candle got close, and your breathing got deep, did you get a good whiff of the incense? Did you get a chance to enjoy it, or did it go right through to you, like my voice can skip right to your subconscious sometimes? Did it smell good? Here, have a little bit more. Don't worry, just a little more wax falling out. Concentrate on the scent. Inhale. Enjoy. Submit. Submit? Oh, that's the name of the candle. How appropriate, right?

Anyway, I know it's been painful for you, just a little though, bordering on pain and pleasure, so let's try a little pleasure, maybe of the guilty variety. Feel my hands your feet now? And the snaps? *SNAP* *SNAP* And two more under the joints connecting your arm and shoulders? *SNAP* *SNAP* Can you guess where I'm going with this? Oh, stop struggling, you know what's coming, but I think you'll like it. Because first the feather brushes your nipples, showing me how sensitive and ticklish your chest is. Next they travel east and west to those lightly-fuzzed armpits, and those muffled giggles you're trying to hold back look absolutely adorable. You're trying so hard not to do what you're going to do soon anyway. Both armpits being teased by two feathers at the same time make that dam of restraint breaks so easily. Laughing as loud as you want, wanting to beg me to stop. But why should I stop when you look and sound so happy? Please? Please what? Please stop? Oh, your feet, how could I forget? No, of course you meant your feet. I don't want them feeling neglected. Reaching the deep south to make you shake and thrash in total pleasure. The softest parts of the vane rubbing under your toes, between each pair. The end of the quill reaching from your soles to your ankles. I hope you realize no matter how much you laugh, the sound of my calm-speaking voice is still louder than your laughter, especially to your subconscious.


One finger snap for each ear, and your ears become tuned into my voice, everything else is like faded background noise that looses importance. The feather roams your soles and across your surprisingly delicate skin of the tops of your feet. They try to shake the feather way, but it remains steadfast against your skin. It feels as sweet as my voice is to your ears. My voice lightly tickles your ear drums and welcomes my words with wide open arms. So sweet listening to my suggestions.


Even sweeter, even deeper focus and sensitivity at your ears. Your laughter is even mute compared to my whispers. My voice whispers in your ears, and it's all you can hear and comprehend. Your wide open mouth that can make such a reactive ruckus is no match for the sound of my voice. No defense you can mount is a match for the sound of my voice. And why would you ever want to fight it? Can't think of a reason to? I can't either. Better to just follow my voice and let it be the voice in your head now.

Now, the feather is removed and your feet aren't being tickled anymore. Your feet have received enough stimulation for now, but I want to come back to your torso. Feel my hand against your stomach now. *SNAP* There you go, now quite sensitive, as sensitive as your chest. Are you ready for what comes next?

The cubes of ice on your body say 'not really.' Fresh from the freezer, or cooler actually, they lay still on your body, bringing those freezing sensations back with even more intensity. I've actually done this before, and it's amazing to see that cube of frozen water stand so firmly on a man's chest, contrasting the heat of the room, of his body. As these are the refrigerator-made ice cubes with the holes in them, I hope you don't mind placing two of them over your pert nipples. Nice, it looks like they fit. I wonder if it's the heat, or the cold that makes them harder. But as with resistance to hypnosis, that ice is subject to melting away. I move the cubes around a bit with my finger across your chest, which actually feels hotter now, and a trail of water remains. The frigidity of the ice and assumed mental immunity eventually transforms into something else. It shrinks and becomes reduced to nothing more than former shade of itself. These ice cubes melt even faster on you. These droplets running down your chest and over your stomach looks eye-catching and hypnotic. I wonder if this would've been the kind of eye-fixation you wanted to see. But to look at you now, it must feel even better. Your increased sensitivity making your mind aware of every centimeter of your skin covered by the rolling droplets, running over the small hairs on your chest, a few of them headed in different directions, every one of them soon to be absorbed in your skin and vaporized in the air.

And for the remaining bits of ice left, would you believe there's something hotter than the cold of those ice cubes? Aw, look at that cute head of yours shake vigorously, like it needs to believe such a thing is possible. Well you're in luck that I can give it to you. And I bet you can hear my voice better than ever, as my lips and hot breath hover just inches over your body. Breathing deeply and heavily myself over the smaller, solid pieces left on you. My warm breath ought to do the trick, whether it helps the melting along, or just makes you hotter to melt the surface. My lips are so close to you, and other than the swinging spiral, my lips are also in your mind, kissing your ever-so-sensitive skin, soaking up every last peck and smooch. Speaking directly to each nipple, I can't remember which one is supposed to be more sensitive anymore. Whichever side I speak to is raised up so close to my lips, desperate for contact. And in such proximity, I hope you can appreciate my perfume. Mmmm, yes, let your nostrils flare and find how easy it is to breathe in the exotic odor. My favorite perfume, a rather sweet and spicy scent that you might become bound to, the more you take it in, held no less exquisitely than each of your appendages. You inspire it in your lungs like wine taster inspects a sip of a sweet vintage, noting every last detail about it that you can. But unlike a professional, there's no need to maintain any composure here. You may freely react to everything this scent does to you, whether it incites memories of forgotten pleasures, or just reminds you how close you are to me to smell my scent, to feel my lips, to experience my control.

And since we're making this so erotic, I've heard guys like to ask girls to 'speak into the mic' every now and again. I find that analogy to be hot and quite funny. Really, looking at you now, the erotic, hypnotic effects that have washed through you since I've started, bound and helpless to do anything, speaking into your mic is exactly what I feel like doing. So my mouth is maybe two inches away from that throbbing cock of yours. But while I see no need to get any closer, and you can't raise you body any higher to close the distance, you truly are at your most receptive as I speak into your mic. My warm breath tingles down your shaft, and it echoes throughout the caverns, nooks and crannies of your body and mind. I have your attention more than ever, now don't I? Oh yes, don't shake your head so hard, I don't want you to get whiplash. Just a simple nod will do, to discern from the shaking and quivering. And I haven't even snapped against this area yet. You'd like me to, right? I thought so.


You've never been more aroused in your life than right now, have you?


It makes you easy and controllable, doesn't it?


Is this the kind of trance you were looking for?


Does this exceed the kind of trance you were looking for?


Do you want more of this?


Would you do anything for me, whether I ask you in trance or fully awake?


Is there more to hypnotic trance for you than just eye-fixation?


With a casual, sensual, or compelling tone of voice, I can make you do anything, yes?


Your body is all but willing to experience what I want it to, to be put to the test to see what pleases you and myself, yes?


The pleasure of listening to my voice, and obeying it is even more satisfying than your own pleasure, or even an orgasm, yes?



The pleasure of listening to my voice, obeying it, and serving it is even more satisfying than your own pleasure or orgasm, yes?


Excellent. Now for my next two questions, I'd like you to speak out loud. Of everything you experienced, the bindings, the blindfold, the cold, hot, everything, what felt imaginary to you?


Unsure? That's ok. What felt real to you? I would love to hear your verbal answer this time.

"....your control"

Yes. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your answer. I feel as happy as you look. I think you deserve a treat. Here, I've prepared a snack for us to share. Feel it running over your lips now, circling them, teasing you a little bit. I have to say how fun it is to tease you like this. I look forward to doing it a lot more. We both will. I'm sure you don't need eyes to tell you what's running over those hungry lips. Ah ah, not yet. You are indeed hungry; trying to grip it with your teeth when it was low enough to grasp. But your lips brushing my hand felt good. Why don't you give my hand a nice kiss for what I've done for you?


Oh, that felt good, thank you. Now, tell me what you think it was first, and then you may partake. Yes, a strawberry. Easy to tell? Now you can taste it. Wow, was that the best strawberry you ever tasted? Must've been. Mine tastes great as well, but I never seen anyone react so....orgasmically, to the taste of one. Here, try another. Amazing. I wish I could enjoy it as much as you are. Does that flavor just ignite in your tastebuds? Yes? It must be wild to feel it doing all that and feel the juices trickle and flowing around your mouth and down your throat. Now I'll give it a little topping. What's that taste like? Strawberries and whip-cream? Very good. Has that combination ever been this good before? Well, I'm glad you get to enjoy it like this now. With your heightened sensitivity, is it too sweet? Just below too sweet? Good, didn't want to give you a toothache or anything. Ok, let's try something a little different. Try another strawberry. How does this taste? Sweet and tangy you say? Yes, the tangy is the new topping. What is it? A...secret recipe of mine, something I've always wanted to offer with fruit. How does it compliment the sweetness? Great, I was hoping you think that. Pucker your lips as I trace them with another strawberry and the topping, coating them like lip-gloss. Tasty lip-gloss apparently; you beat me to suggesting that to you. How did it feel to run your tongue over your lips to taste it? That good? I'm so glad you like it that much. Share one more with me. Of course I'll keep the tangy taste present, since I know how much you love it now. Mmmm, I've never seen someone so grateful of just tasting a strawberry.

I think we can call tonight's session a rousing success. Pun-intended of course. I thank you for your participation in this. Do you think you'd be up for more like this in the future? You can't wait for another? Love that enthusiasm. Tell you what, kiss my hand, and I'll give your lips a preview of coming attractions. Ready?


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