Persuade Me

by me_chan

Tags: #dom:female #no_sex_no_nudity #sub:male #turning_the_tables

A male hypnotist trances a defiant woman, showing her the meaning of allure and submission.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Eyes glassy, lids heavy, breathing steady.

"Open yourself to me, it's so easy to do. As easy as opening a door, or leaving a door open maybe. A signal, a sign to someone making you feel good. You've been offered something amazing; you know how much you want, and that offer is open to you. Just imagine leaving a door open, or even ajar. Just imagine feeling as good as you do now because of a date you just had. You just went out with a person that knows you, understands you so well, connects with you in a way you'd never thought possible. He knows everything going on in your mind, and it feels good to do so. The date goes so well as he escorts you to your door. He primarily makes you feel really good, but is cordial with you. He won't make any move until you allow him to," the hypnotist chuckled at the slight fib he told.

Manny was all gentle smiles facing Susan, who'd grown quite passive within moments. Their talk of hypnosis on their second date was intriguing, discussing the facet of being made to do something the subject doesn't want to do, and the falsehoods surrounding it. Susan seemed downright skeptical about it, and even weary of her ability to trance. He was of course confident that she could be, and said so. She said something along the lines of "maybe I'll let you persuade me of that sometime." Imitating her cheek kiss from their first date, he gave her one of his own, and stealthily left fingers at her temples.

"Trust me," was how he began his induction.

"A signal he would understand is leaving your door open, or even ajar. It is an invitation only for him, something he would eagerly accept. If you were to open it just enough, he would understand. You understand, once the door is ajar, he will come through and make you feel even better than you already do. You want him in your most intimate space, a lingering presence that can show you how good you can truly feel. Is that something you want?"

Susan's eyes occasionally fluttered. Her hands fell limp to her sides. Though she was still very much upright, many of the muscles in her torso relaxed, almost sagged. Manny was given a gentle nod.

"Then by all means, give a signal to let me know."

He waited a few brief moments, letting the silence fill with the mental images of her mindlessly opening a door in her mind, the light of it visible to her date.

"Is your door ajar?" He whispered, alluringly, nearly inaudible.

Susan's head gave a motion he could mistake for nodding, and only seemed to respond with a gentle sigh from her ajar mouth.

Manny gave her a few moments, to see if she would verbalize again. She gave another sigh. 

"Is your door ajar?" Manny repeated in the same tone as before.

Susan uttered a louder sigh, and her head tipped back a little, almost escaping his touch. As well as the induction seemed to be going with her responding so quickly, he wondered if things were moving too fast. She was probably good for entering a light trance, but the deeper one he was looking to introduce her to might take more time. He didn't expect it all to happen so soon, but he at least hoped to help her reach a medium trance before he was done.

Her eyes continued to flutter, occasionally opening of their own will. This was a common fight his subjects put up, and he was content to let them do it as it proved useless in the end to pull themselves from the sleepy sensations. Manny did wonder if she had a thing for his eyes, or eye fixation in-general as after a few times, he found her eyes and seemed to get stuck there. They would flutter, and look clearly into his, and then flutter, and look into his, continuing the slow cycle of descending. Manny was more than willing to be patient with her, enjoying the view of her own beautiful green eyes. 

"You feel nice and relaxed, don't you?" his voice coaxed encouragingly.

Her sighs also continued. The way sounded to his observant mind, they were sighs of pleasure and contentment. He would've begun trying to help her clearly verbalize what he wanted to hear, but was surprised to hear the sighs turn to low moans, like purrs. In her moans, she began to verbalize some of her suggested thoughts without assistance.

"Door," she whispered.

"Yes Susan, a door in your mind that mi-"

"Trance," she moaned in interruption.

In most cases, a hypnotist in his position would panic. There was a hint of awareness in his voice and he believed she was on the cusp of waking herself up using the realization of what was happening to her. Manny's demeanor willfully unchanged; as taught by his mentor, it was better to just go with the subject. "Hypnosis is fluid," he was told in summary, "so go with the flow."

"Yes, Susan. That tranquility, that pleasure, that peaceful bliss inside you. It is trance. It's something you want to embrace, to wrap around you like a warm blanket for you mind."

A smile crept upon the edges of her mouth.

"It would feel so nice to let me pull that blanket over you, to tuck you in so you may sleep deeply."

"Trance," she moaned, a little louder than before.

"Washing over you, sinking deeply into," he overlayed over her.

"Trance." Susan seemed to say in ways that either gave the impression of finding themselves lost in it or willingly diving head-long into it. The latter sounded overwhelmingly appealing to Manny, as if he'd come across someone with latent submissive streak hiding deep inside, someone who truly enjoyed what trance was.

"The more you say it, the more you feel it."

"Trance." She drew the word out in such a way that gave the male hypnotist a small charge. He tried to keep his arousal in-check at moments like this, but she made it hard (he laughed at the pun internally) not to feel it. He wouldn't be surprised if she was showing signs of leaking in her special place as well. 

"The more you want to say it, the more you want to feel it."

Her eyes seemed to focus on his, maybe looking deep into his brown color while he searched her nearly-emerald color. It was all but confirmed to him that she did have a thing for his eyes; she kept her focus squarely on his as Susan's lids stopped fluttering altogether and simply blinked steadily. He blinked too, noticing how nicely it fit with her, their breathing pattern.


His voice nearly caught in his throat, just so he wouldn't interrupt how long she could draw the word out sometimes.

"Yes, trance feels good."


Susan blinked consistently for several minutes, but soon changed the rhythm with a double-blink. Manny became slightly confused as he thought his ears picked up Susan repeating her mantra, but in the past tense. That and being half-aware of his also doing a double-blink. He questioned why he did it for a second, but as he figured she was reverting back to fluttering, he eagerly pressed on. Her blinking was a confusing, random pattern of single and double-blinking.

"Tranced." Not an ounce of sensuality was lost in her mantra; it only got stronger as she continued.

"Deeply tranced," Manny continued along with her.

"Tranced." Manny loved how she was just short of breathless as she said it, how deep it sounded that time, and how her breath felt against his face every time she spoke.

"Soothingly tranced."

"Tranced." Manny had emphasized 'soothingly,' and something in her voice took the hint, speaking softer than before. 

"Joyfully tranced."

"Tranced." Both of them heard the joy in each other's voices, as pleasure tingled up and down their spines. Manny swore he was literally feeling pleasure tracing along his spine through his polo shirt, but he dared not look away from Susan's deep, blinking eyes to check. It was past the point of return to have her look away from his eyes, or for him to imagine a color other than hers.

"Hypnotically tranced."

"Hypnotist tranced." 

Manny's breath caught again, hearing her follow his lead in speaking, though incorrectly. It strangely felt like a blessing and an error at the same time for the young hypnotist, only compounded with having triple-blinked for the first time, changing the already random rhythm of Susan's blinking pattern. As alarming as it should've been to realize that there was a pattern to notice in a subject losing herself, the possibility of it being coincidental was moderate enough to not make it a high priority. The borderline-sentient touch over his spine reminded him of the pleasure he was to bestow in her to gain significant control.

"Feel it now, my control travelling up your spine."

After blinking a few more times, a wordless sigh flowed from her as if she released all the air from her lungs. Manny happily took that and her eyes fully closing as a sign of her surrender.

"That's right, you want this. You can't help but want what feels so g-"

"The door," she spoke out of turn again, in a jolt of pleasure.

"Is ajar," he finished helpfully. "I'm opening that door, entering. Every step I take inside like the circling of your temples."

"But the hinges?"

Manny paused at that. He was now bound to turning whatever she uttered to his advantage, adjusting his style for her. But he never expected something like door hinges to be an issue.

"The hinges fasten doors and help them swing open, just like your pleasure hinges on my voi-"


Irritation began to build up in him again. What the hell did the direction it opened have to do with anything. He was about to describe the added pleasure keeping her mouth shut and ears and mind open would bring, but she seemed to continue without guidance in that sexy whisper with the occasional moan between words.
"Doors have...mmm..hinges. And they can swing inwardly or outwardly. Most doors swing inward, letting you in, waiting for you. Some swing...oh...outwards. Old boyfriend came in through my side door, always swinging outwardly. I love outward hinges because of him."

"He was someone you trusted? Someone you'd do anything for?"

"Mmmm. Yesss."

"Then the door I enter is your side door, a place you know and love, and across the threshold enters someone you trust, someone you're so happy to see."

"The pleasure up my good. Hugging, stroking...mmmm...whispering. Welcoming you inside, feeling good together. Inside my mind, hands wrapped around you, in my...mmmm..embrace. Boyfriend loved it; amazing things happened."

"Tell me some of the amazing things. You love telling me things."

Manny figured the guided trance would be easy from here on in, just redirecting some of what she told him.

"I told him he could see my eyes when they were closed. He saw them, remembering the color, his favorite color, always close to his cute brown eyes. He always saw them. I told him I could change the hinges, make the door open how I wanted. I showed him."

"How did you-?"

"The door opens how I want in my imagination. He was there. I put his hand on the knob, and told him to open it both ways. The door was light, and he went in a circle. We played together there, like kids in a revolving door. The hinges, the door revolves. Always open, opening, in my....mind."

"Trance," she spoke again after a short pause, where Manny neglected to fill the silence.

"Y-yes. A good trance."


"What do you mean 'share?'" he asked. It sounded like she had at least an inkling of understanding and employing hypnosis from her youth, but it didn't sound feasible that she knew enough to imply she knew that hypnotists could go into a sort of trance themselves as they worked.

"We share in revolving doors, in trance. We both feel good. I want you to feel good imagination."

The moan at the end of her whisper brought his senses to new heights as palpable rose to the back of his hairline, and spread into multiple, divergent lines from there.

" I love trance so much. Nothing but pleasure for me, for us. It's all we want."

Pangs of triumph grew in him, traveling along with the pleasure up his spine. She seemed so pliable, so eager in speaking about trance. As if she were whispering it right into his ears, it was all he could hear.

"Nothing else is needed, we can be just like this. Trance all around us, doors wide open, eyes too sleepy to open."

A vague sensation rose inside of him, a muted voice asking for a check of his own eyes. Manny could see Susan, and the doors opening around them, but still felt his own eyes in a shut position, and felt unable to flex the muscles in his eyelids that could open them.

"Too sleepy to open, too sleepy to try. You want them closed, I want them closed. Trance wants them closed. Pleasure comes with them staying closed, seeing my...mmm...imagination."

Manny tried for a moment to open them, even if they were open according to a part of his mind. It didn't happen, really couldn't as he could barely scrounge up the energy to try.

"The pleasure in you, what you love to feel so much, it continues if you stop trying. Persuade me to keep up this pleasure Manny."

Her voice rose an octave above a whisper, and she only sounded sexier because of it. Her eyes were still open whatever set his could still see; they glinted mischievously to go along with her voice. Somewhere along the line he focused more on her than his eyelids as they stopped moving altogether.

"Wonderful Manny, so wonderful, just like that pleasure gliding up your back, neck and even your scalp. You feel it all in my embrace. You shudder so sweetly with me, feeling trance, sharing it."

"Trance," he whispered, half in his charming voice, the other half lost in a charmed perspective.

"Indeed Manny. Trance feels so good. Trance can even show you how to feel even better. Did you know you can increase the pleasure of trance by isolating it by containing it in a smaller space? Inside my mind, in my imagination, we can try that. Listen, try letting a part of you go almost completely limp, as if you can't feel them at all. Numb and lifeless, like your feet, ankles and calves. Everything just short of the knees, pleasure transferring to the rest of you. Seeping upwards against the laws of gravity, in favor of the laws of Susan."

He couldn't tell why it felt natural for his knees to feel wobbly all of a sudden. He took in a sharp breath as his something inside willed him to stay upright.

"Now, now Manny. The loss of feeling, the numbness is inevitable. It's when you will fall, not if. If you decide to fight it, you'll lose more pleasure than you stand to gain. Letting yourself fall, still in my embrace, and the pleasure will be there, I promise. Give up the useless fight and persuade me to let you feel the pleasure."

Their faces were only inches apart in her embrace, trusting her the more he looked into her eyes. He felt a part of himself grip her harder, allowing his muscles to lax. They both moaned as they sank to the ground together.

"Yes, this pleasure comes up, and below is numb. More to feel, more to enjoy. No need to worry about falling; I won't let you go."

The flow he started using for his trance endeavor was on-going; it didn't seem to matter who lead, or who started to lead. Things flowed freely in-favor of trance itself, and things felt better for it.

"Now Manny, I want you to imagine one more thing for the sake of trance. A few word choices, words of similar meaning, but different impact. The first word is 'hypnotist,' and with this word, you can imagine a door with the hinges opening inward, offering some pleasure. The other word is 'hypnosis,' and what you see with that word is the door's hinges opening outward, just like we've talked about. More pleasure comes from speaking that word."

Manny had already chosen the word he wanted to say, already trying to speak it. 


Something that felt like fingers pressed against his lips to prevent his speech.

"I'm sorry, I almost forgot the super-secret word. 'Hypnotized.' This word is special, as it is a door without hinges, a revolving door. And just like the riverboat principle, the pleasure flows as long as the door revolves. Newton's first law is that an object in motion stays in motion. An endless stream of pleasure from a spigot left on permanently. A condition of it working over a long period of time is if you keep saying it though."

Manny's lips desperately tried to speak against the fingers, but all it took was a sharp whisper telling him 


And his struggling ceased.

"You want to say it so bad don't you. Out of the three, you've already made your choice, wisely, soundly. So desperate to say it, only you need my help to say it. You know what that means, of course - you must persuade me that you want to say it. Would you like to know how you can do that?"

His lifeless head still found enough energy to shake.

"You can persuade me by saying 'I am' in front of your choice." 

Susan barely had time to release her fingers from his lips before uttering.

"I am...hypnotized." 

Manny said it once, twice, ten times, twenty times. It was around thirty times that he'd lost count. He saw himself trapped in a revolving door, with Susan holding one of the doors, happily giving it a spin into unending motion. It wasn't slow or too fast, just enough for him to handle. It spun like the circles he thought he still made on Susan's temples, like the spinning sensation in his own mind. A part of Susan, her voice specifically rode with him in the corner, never losing an ounce of clarity.

As promised, the pleasure flowed like a running tap. Pleasure in the belief of what he spoke. Pleasure in listening to that confident voice telling her how he could get pleasure. Pleasure in all the additives that were added to his statement, how often he was in that state, who filled the role of hypnotist, how he'd do anything to be the way he was.

Susan, for her part, felt high and actually in a trance herself for how things went. She'd recognized the confidence and techniques from the start, and was impressed with how natural hypnosis came for Manny. She wasn't even sure she could keep herself out of a trance he started, but she had yet to fail with non-verbal techniques; in reality, his eyes were closed longer than they'd been open for the entire experience. Combining the non-verbal with play-trancing seemed to be just what was needed to do what she wanted.

Manny knew he could show her the joys of trance, but he never expected to lead by example.


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