Lamia Pants

Chapter 1

by me_chan

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #lamia #sub:female #clothing

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Note: Special thanks to LamiaS for inspiring this story.

The door gently blew open, not just by the new occupants, but by an insistent Fall breeze, blowing in leaves of various colors into the cabin's entrance. A trio of women stood at the entrance, taking a deep breath after hauling their luggage in and shaking off the cool, but gentle breeze following them in. Sasha smiled to herself, enjoying the awestruck reactions to the size of their adventurous getaway cabin. Owned by her family, she often stayed there during season changes, one of her favorite luxuries of her family's considerable fortune. Miles away from neighbors or any other distractions, it was probably her favorite place to get away from everything, even family sometimes; it was especially great for bringing friends she wanted to be close to, and she couldn't think of anyone else she wanted to enjoy luxuries with than the group of friends she had within her hypnosis interest.

"Jeez, this is your 'small' weekend cabin?"

"Yeah, are you sure we didn't just break in to a Kennedy compound or something?"

Geraldine and Melanie stood at the entrance, taking in the breadth of a place much bigger than theirs, while Sasha started taking off her coat and scarf, enjoying the satisfaction of a space pre-heated for their arrival.

"Nope, this is all ours. I told you space wouldn't be an issue."

"Which is still wrong," Melanie laughed. "I might feel bad if I don't enjoy most of what this place has to offer; and feels like I'd need a whole week or two to do that."

"C'mon, Mel," Geraldine chided. "It's not the size of the playground; it's the games you play..." She did her best to copy the cadence and intonation of some of the best hypnotists they'd come across in exploring their shared hypno-kink, their familial linchpin that cemented their friendship, and would hopefully make this getaway somehow simultaneously unforgettable and forgettable. They all laughed at the lowered tone, yet their breaths slowed and deepened momentarily deep inside each of them flared the sleepy sensation they were all too eager to experience.

"So...when do the festivities officially start?" Sasha asked nearly in a husk, surprised she was already close to ceding hosting duties and ready to dive in as a participant rather than a leader. Despite her usually shy demeanor, in and out of the vanilla world, from the planning of the trip to the arrival, she was toying more and more with the idea of dominating, letting go to being in-control. She kept her eyes to herself, yet her mind's eye never looked away from the woman she dreamed of being with in Geraldine. Sasha didn't think much of herself with usually unkempt dirty blonde hair and pale skin, feeling bland compared to Melanie's natural red curls and cutely-freckled face, or Geraldine's dark olive-skin with trademark red streaks in her straightened dark-brown hair, always a pristine beauty that had caused more than a few wet dreams. Thinking she was only looked favorably upon due to family money sapped a lot of her confidence growing up, slowly built back up by friends Melanie and Geraldine who spent time with her based on shared interests and dependable friendships. Affectionate eyes stole a glance at the woman looking down at her phone, loving whenever the best hypnotist of their switchy trio would put her under, hoping to return the favor, and more.

Geraldine checked her texts, and fortunately saw that no work or home concern or emergency could be found, that she could devote her mind completely for full days at a time to the group. With excited fanfare, she shut her phone off completely, something she rarely ever did.

The excited mood heightened a bit as a cheer of "no texts allowed" echoed in their weekend space. Geraldine ran fingers through her hair, threading the red streaks like she dreamed a hypnotist would do, quietly desperate for that contact since it'd hadn't happened yet to her recollection. It'd been a few weeks since any of them had time to trance, and this getaway was supposed to be a vacation rewarding the patience of navigating real life; the wait possibly being over felt a little like getting back in someone's good graces.

A glance over towards the well-stocked bar got Melanie to smile. "Don't know about you guys, but if I can't have one kind of mind-blurring intoxication, another one might tide me over for now." They all looked at each other, smiling as they nodded in agreement, beginning to pour themselves drinks and keeping the mood festive.


With the nearest neighbor a fair distance away, music proudly blared throughout the huge cabin condominium, with each woman dancing, inebriated enough to believe they were excellent dancers keeping up with the songs playing. Each laughed at one another as liquids occasionally slipped from the cups in their hands, losing the balancing act of partying and keeping their beverages from spilling. Geraldine and Sasha were trying to out-dance one another, facing themselves to compete; Melanie saw the two practically flirting with one another, as close as they got.

"Get a room, we've got plenty," the observer giggled out, still deafened by the music. Most of the group knew of Sasha's latent crush on Geraldine, and it was fun for Melanie and others in the know to watch the pair slowly get comfortable with each other, and Geraldine openly be alright with flirting back. They danced throughout the kitchen, the entrance, using unused mops from the utility closet as wigs and microphone poles. Eventually they all collapsed on plush couches in the living room. Geraldine nearly fell on top of Sasha, and to her dismay, stood up instead of closer to drunkenly proclaim herself the better dancer.

Blurry eyes scanned for agreement, sticking her tongue out at their hand-waving away disputed claims.

"Are you kidding?" the black hypno-switch whined. "Don't make me trance you to agree!"

Her friends laughed at her.

"I don't think we'll complain about that; everyone says you're the best of us. So yeah, dance worse than you have been, if that's possible," Melanie wheedled.

"No, you guys don't get trance. I get trance!" she spontaneously declared in the same childish fervor, getting more laughs out of everyone. "I've got a whole list of what I want to happen to me, and if I have make you all do it me..."

Despite dimmed thoughts and uncoordinated struggling, she nearly fell onto the bags piled up near the couch. Too in the spirit of things to even choose their rooms on the second floor, everyone dropped their stuff on the first, leaving Geraldine to search for the hopeful itinerary. Unable to clearly discern which was hers, she found enough energy to check the pockets and flaps of them all. In one of them, Geraldine found a thin package, wrapped decoratively with various bands of color over it.

There was no note or label on it to note who'd brought it or where it came from, but the coloring was so pretty that she couldn't help but stare at it, the hues cutting through intoxication and getting her to forget everything else before.

On impulse, Geraldine pulled at the ribbon-wrapped package. Inside was something immediately more eye-catching, colors shining proudly as the cabin lights hit it, bouncing into wide open eyes. Taking the item out of the packaging, Geraldine held a pair of colorfully-shaded sequin pants. Everyone suddenly stopped to marvel at someone's obvious party favor, taking in the long pair of pants with sequin colors coming up in waves up the legs. Blues, yellows, and reds shimmered around the room, sometimes blending into oranges, greens, and purples, taking the group back to their occasionally hypnotic use of colors.

"Whoa!" someone spoke reactively. It took a while for everyone marveling at them before asking "Who are those for?"

Geraldine was as lost as the rest of them. "I guess...whoever wants to wear them."

Sasha eyed the pants, and then Geraldine's body, thinking they'd fit her very nicely. "You're the one holding them, I think you should do the honors."

"Me?" Geraldine said, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

"Why not? There's probably some wicked effect to go with wearing it. Like you'll feel seduced by a belly-dancer, or a snake-lady," Sasha commented.

"Or hypnotize like one," Melanie joked over another sip.

Geraldine's scolding look was ignored over chants of "Put them on! Put them on! Put them on!"

Chanting alongside the track blaring around them, Geraldine moved to the nearest bathroom to put on the sequin pants, if for no other reason to shut them up. It took a few minutes longer than expected, partly because it was tough getting her jeans off with few brain cells. Once the pants came off, the climb to slipping her legs into it slowed, admiring the snug, but somehow perfect fit, and the wonderful, almost velvety feel of the material inside. Movement in them felt like a second skin as she came out, try to rock they shiny pants like a model.

The two were waiting for her outside the door, carefully watching her shyly move, then suddenly modeling the pants as well as she danced drunk. They were momentarily lost in the colors, until Geraldine abruptly stopped, and they all started laughing collectively.


Geraldine woke up hours later, passed out from liquor, feeling a small headache come over her. "Not the worst start of a hangover," she laughed to herself. Noticing it was still dark out, and the other two were still knocked out on the couch, she took what she hoped was her bag and went upstairs to finally claim one of the rooms. A loud yawn felt good to get out as she could wait to slip under the covers, and maybe hours later, slip under for someone once they came to.

"Mmmm," she smiled to herself, still enjoying the pants as she took her top off. She made it to the bra before coherent logic seeped in, like how she was still wearing the pants, and couldn't remember taking a single step from downstairs. Her foggy brain cleared some as she reached for the pants.



Sasha and Melanie woke to a high-pitched scream in a panic. Noticing Geraldine wasn't in the living room, and the sound coming from upstairs, they rushed up the stairs as quickly as they could to find their friend in her room, recognizable only from the waist up.

The sight of a thick, scaly bodice below the waist had them all screaming at one another for long minutes, until they were near short of breath, and just staring at the same sight. The hem of Lamia's pants was the cut-off point of Geraldine's human skin, transformed into the once-mythical naga Lamia like to tell them about. The scales were as shiny as when they first saw them downstairs, too drunk to appreciate the absence of legs. Unlike the multicolored make-up of the sequins, the dominant color was red, sharing pockets of the other colors across her lower form.

No one could move from their spot, or barely move at all. They were reduced to breathing, and Geraldine touching where legs used to be, enjoying the feel of scales, mystified and as petrified as her friends.

"....are....are you....Geraldine?" Sasha asked.

"Of course I'm Geraldine!"

"What happened?" Melanie forced out.

"I...I don't know...all I remember was putting the sequin pants on, and...."

"....and now you're a naga?"

"I don't know....I guess. So what does this mean?"

"Why are you asking me?" Melanie shot back.

"You're the scientist among us."


"Whatever! You can probably explain this better than us."

"Yeah, cause pants turning legs into half-snakes is so common!"

Geraldine suddenly freaked out at the description, and the possibility of this being permanent. She slid forward towards the room's entrance, relieved to see her friends reflexively shuffle out the door before she closed it.

She could hear their voices from outside trying to apologize and reason with her. Sasha's voice especially tried to tell her that she still looked good, even amazing as she was. Geraldine couldn't help but shift her gaze between the full-length mirror in the room, and looking down to see her down to her tail for herself. Multiple thoughts, internal and external, ran through her head about her appearance. Petrified and fascinated, she touched her scaly form, at least loving the feel of it, and admiring the mostly red with errant blue and yellow diamond patterned shapes strewn about. The overwhelming mix made her wait for her own opinion of her new self to be uttered out loud.

"I....I'm....I'm....." After a few calm breaths, sorting through mixed emotions, she finally admitted. "I don't know what I am."

"I do."

A voice whispered nearby, sounding as strange as she look. The source felt like it was from nowhere, yet it blocked out every other sound the moment it spoke.

"I know exactly what you are." The whisper was smooth in intonation, confident in an eerily compelling way, and felt like it originated from a plane between internal and external.

"What?" Geraldine backed from the mirror, searching from the voice that felt as good as her lower half.

"I think you know what you are too." The whispers themselves started warm, but spread out and radiated heat, enough to make human skin begin to perspire.

"W-what am I?"

"In my eyes, you are fabulousssss......."

The way the elongated "s" rolled off the voice's tongue felt intoxicating in a different way than the liquor, slowly, silkily seeping into her brain, feeling an energy, a presence to go along with the voice. Like her red tail probably could, the presence coiled up her form, starting from the bottom, wrapping itself around and around Geraldine. With every covering layer, there was more radiating heat to notice, humid, but not stifling. It felt hot like summers in Atlanta, yet something she was willing to bear. She couldn't see it, but she could feel it, feel it all the way to a pair of hands caressing her face. Some parts of the presence materialized into a form that made the idea of lamias seem gorgeous.


"Sssssshhhhhhhh. You can call me...Serpentina."

Below the waist, Serpentina's form was very similar to Geraldine's newer one, though her dominantly-green scales shimmered even more somehow in the light, highlighting primary-colored patterns. Compared to Geraldine's, the other lamia's tail was longer, thicker, looking more powerful yet carrying herself with soft grace. She practically glided around the room, able to slither around the bedroom with instinctual, practiced control, purposefully drawing shocked eyes toward a strong, sensuous, curvy form.

Above the waist was beautiful, smooth, flawless skin. Comparing complexions, Geraldine found Serpentina having an almost russet, golden brown, darker than Geraldine's dark olive, covered in a slightly-visible ethereal glow, nearly as magnetic as the scales below. Large breasts covered the only clothing she wore in the shiny, sequins-covered, leafy-green colored bra. Her body language and arms matched the eased movements of her lower-body, soft hands caressing the newer lamia's face, stroking and teasing at their leisure. Colored braids sporting shades of reds, blues, and yellows rested atop a charming face, framed by a satisfied smile and intense brown eyes. Everything to behold was suggestive of a pretty predator, holding her prey with beguiling allure, savoring the anticipated spoils of an easy hunt.

"Just like I can call you...fabulousss...."

"Serpentina? Fabulous?"

Unconsciously biting her lip, shocked eyes grew slightly glassy as she stared, heat radiating not only from bisexual lust, but from an arid, tropical air filling the room, sensing surroundings suited to something Serpentina would find comfortable. A trick of the eyes grew less tricky as she could feel green foliage, close enough to brush skin and gooseflesh.

"Yesssss. And my eyes don't lie. Look at me. Look at me, looking at you, and tell me how you think you...look."

All the time talking about fantasy elements linked to hypnosis, ideas for role-playing and such, lamias and nagas were among the group's favorite. And knowing the fiction, the tropes and pop culture, she knew what this Serpentina was getting at, and why she wanted her to stare. She knew there was some element of danger, of coercion extinguishing caution, qualities that should've promoted fight or flight. But she couldn't help it; submissive fear combined with naked curiosity, and the way soft fingers twirled themselves in red highlights like any dream-hypnotist enticingly could got her to look up at a light deep into Serpentina's eyes. The brown depths were enough to cause deep, enticing fixation, but a curious glow appeared somewhere inside the pupil, reflected from an unknown source. But the longer she looked, the more spirals emerged from that light, until they were swirling, colorful eyes. Bright shades of yellow, blue, and red moved from Serpentina's into Geraldine's, pouring into a wide-eyed gaze until their stares matched perfectly.

"How do we both think you look, my little ssssssplendid sssssoutherner?"


Hearing and answering with words that smoothed out her thinking process affirmed how she really felt, aided by the seductive voice saying it in-sync with her. Everything she was aware of narrowed to vibrant colors, hissing whispers, and a deep acceptance of feeling and looking fantastic, inside and out. All of that led to an unwillingness to hide it any further.


Some moments later, she opened the door, asking her friends waiting outside to come back in.

"Sorry guys, this just took me off-guard. I think I'm better now."

Melanie looked at her funny. "This is still taking me off-guard. So you just put on the pants and voila, you're a real-life lamia now?"

No one in the room could argue with that, a silent yes echoing off the walls.

"Maybe it's magic?" Sasha guessed, still constantly staring at her transformed crush from head to tail, marveling at the possibility of Geraldine having become more attractive.

"Is it just the tail, or is there more you can do as a lamia?" Melanie's analytical brain couldn't help but inquire, moving past freaked out and into observant and engaged.

"Like what?"

"Like the eye-hypno thing? Or something with your tail? I mean besides that, what other abilities are lamias supposed to have?"

A small smile formed on her lips while Melanie kept narrating possibilities aloud. Geraldine could feel it in her, a sensation right behind her eyes. Just like that fever dream of a naga spirit called Serpentina, and how it poured into her, she could feel it behind her eyes. Something in her knew that it didn't need to force it out, she could just let it flow like water.

Staring at the still-rambling Melanie that'd noticed light in her audience's eyes all of a sudden, the flow poured freely, interrupting the flow of theorizing as the speaker's eyes were engaged, and the mouth was left stalled, starting to drool. Colors poured so easily into Melanie, desperate to figure out the what or how or why, but suddenly uncaring as long as the pleasure flowed into her, evident by the matching colors the two women shared. The newly-hypnotic lamia could see through the colors, seeing reflective colors in her subject's eyes. Multiple colors endlessly appeared over and over, but Geraldine noticed the red was something that stood out in the spiraling colors, pulsing more significantly in shinier bands. A shine that matched her tail and the red highlights in her hair.

A wicked smile spread across her face, knowing she'd shut down a scientist's mind down with impossible, irresistible fantasy. Melanie's smile was positively listless, happy just to stare, and listen to whatever the encouraging colors told her. A soft whisper to kneel brought the mindless biologist to her knees, just as easily as the command to sleep made her sink to the floor and immediately sink into a peaceful, grinning slumber. The wicked smile widened even more as she realized there was someone else behind her.

"Have you been enjoying the show, Ssssssasha?"

Geraldine didn't have to look back to know her admirer was stuck in her tracks, spellbound by everything.

"Enjoying the way I've driven Mel to her knees and to a deep, hypnotic sleep?"

Sounds of soft breathing behind was the only answer.

"Enjoying the colorsssss on display? The ones in her eyes? The ones across my tail? The one you want so deep, ssssssoooooo very deep in your own mind, so you can sssssmile like she does?"

Sasha had gone back and forth between watching the red, scaly tail and what was happening between Geraldine and Melanie. The pull the tail had was surprisingly strong, until it was just too hard to look away. She didn't bother looking away from it anymore, just enjoyed each scale flashing reddish colors back in her eyes, almost like the facets of a crystal. Accompanied by Geraldine's sinuous questions, and the feel of that tail stroking at her legs, the feeling was enhanced rather than distracted. She sighed as that tip kept traveling further up. Up her thigh, her hip, her belly, tracing her cleavage, until the tip rested just under her chin, gripping it to bring an eager gaze upwards.

Sasha looked up at Geraldine, standing tall and proudly over her. The helpless woman let herself smile at the sight of a natural eye color, before other colors flooded both their eyes. In no time at all, Sasha sported the same dumb grin as Melanie, still fixated.

"Good girl. there anything elsssse you want to enjoy?"

Inhibitions buried under oceans of color, Sasha sluggishly closed the distance and pressed her lips up to Geraldine's, only finding strength in kissing the woman she'd wanted for months, reciprocated by a woman no longer willing to hide any part of herself. Soon both women fell onto the bed, and slipped into a coiled embrace that left the pair sleepy and content.

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