Lady of the Lake

by me_chan

Tags: #dialogue #dom:female #induction #Induction #pov:top

A woman recalls a legend she accidentally depicts.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Inspired by this image.

"What did you call me? The Lady of the Lake?" 

"Ha, I get it. Sounds more graceful than lady in the pool. Doing? Oh, nothing, just fooling around in the water. Honestly, I like the feeling of it around me, like its own energy, or stepping into a new world, one I can feel connected with on a profound level. Wow, I guess I really am the Lady of the Lake."

"Thanks for the what? Oh, head's up. Very funny. If we're indulging humor, you might as well call me Viviane then."

"Viviane? Don't recognize the name? The fabled Lady of the Lake? I thought you'd know more about the legend since you invoked it. That's ok, legends and history aren't for everyone it seems. It is a fascinating piece of it though. Interpreted several different ways, but the core always remains the same. Merlin the magician, which you'll be named for the continued sake of humor, was infatuated with Viviane. He was a teacher as well as an admirer for her, imparting deep, powerful secrets to her, in exchange for love. Yes you did, Merlin; a condition of my love was satiating my curious, ambitious mind with all of your secrets."

"'Magicians never reveal their secrets,' you say, Merlin? I've heard that quaint adage before, and I'm quite sure the exception you've made for your Viviane predates it. If more people were well-informed of the Lady of the Lake, such a quote might never come to pass, or take on an entirely different form, like 'magicians ALWAYS reveal their secrets, to Viviane.' Why? Because she asked nicely, of course. And even a proud, sturdy man like yourself must have secrets. Interesting secrets, perhaps filled to the brim with whispers of truths you think are only pertinent to yourself. Such a notion may have been true at one point, Merlin, but it's such a hard point to remember, distorted by the beauty and presence of Viviane, stepping so close to her lake, to the Lady of the Lake."

"Oh, I love that doubtful, puzzled look on your face. Merlin would of course wear it as he grew more befuddled and less concerned with anything other than the living legend he was attached to, the one he found it impossibly easy to gaze upon, as the legend continues to unfold around you Merlin. As you might remember at one point that a magician like yourself possess the power of foresight, the ability to see your future laid out for you in broad strokes, or intricate pieces, giving important hints as to the path laid out before you. I'm sure a great magician like yourself is accessing this ability as we speak, as I speak about looking into a future that is your future spoken about at great length worth a second, third, or a prolonged look that you can't look away from which might happen to be of me speaking."

"And why wouldn't you? Whether in broad strokes, or intricate pieces, is there any future you can behold that doesn't involve me? Is it so different from the thoughts that occupy your mind? How many involve Viviane, with her speaking to Merlin, unfolding words at a bewitching pace, with an enchanting posture, dipped in a watery world that surround me like bewitching words surround you? Would it be troubling if there were little to no thoughts of much else in your mind? Would it even be troubling if you couldn't think of them because they don't exist? Isn't this highly appropriate as a magician as powerful as Merlin using foresight could only see the truth of Viviane in his future? The inescapable truth, that the path you take, the only direction available to you is the Lady of the Lake. No way around, no will to go back, merely rightfully rooted in place with your fate, for your destiny."

"Viviane, your Lady of the Lake, wants something from you, and in return, I'll give you something you need. Viviane wants secrets, things you can teach me, and for that, she will give you what you need, what you love, and you know deep inside yourself what you need, and it's so within your grasp. All that is required is imparting secrets unto me. Such a trite, inconsequential request, yes? Just little details about yourself that might interest or amuse me. Great triumphs, hopes and dreams, fears and regrets, embarrassments, passwords, special codes, mere pieces of information that make up the fascinating tome that is Merlin, that hold so much greater value if Viviane asks for them, and Merlin imparts them to her, without hesitation, without question, or a second thought, even if I see you amusingly trying to manifest one or two as my words continue to unfold."

"Do you know why I remain so confident about this, Merlin? Do you know why Viviane is already so pleased with you and why we are both growing more and more pleased with each passing second? Because it has already been foretold that your secrets will be mine, that they are already mine, contained in an open book just waiting to be opened, parsed, and found more than worthy of Viviane's attention. It is foretold in you Merlin that what you have his mine, what you are is mine, and what you know is mine." 

"It pleases me that you even know the why, why Viviane possesses such allure that makes you powerless and rooted in place. Rather than your foresight, you know in hindsight that Viviane's godmother, the goddess Diana imbued me with a beauty, a ravishing visage and form that leaves even the greatest of spellcaster spellbound to me. Just a look, a glance, a word from my lips, a mere minute in my proximity, and you are caught. And so much time has passed, gazing, listening, remaining rapt, fixed, and rooted, that you must be beyond hooked. And it is funny how you've only glanced at my face thus far; like the tip of an iceberg, you know there's entire body of proof to back my claim of irresistibility."

"You can see it upon the watery waves of the lake, ever shifting, ever hinting at every contour, every shape, every crevice, every curve, every inch magnetizing you, pulling you into the warm waters that is my domain where I rule, where I rule the likes of you, where you happen to easily sink with each spoken word. How wonderful it must be to find yourself rooted in place, but at the same time sinking, floating, adrift in Viviane, anchored to all because you are submerged in the Lady of the Lake. Sinking deeper is as destined as Merlin's eyes locked onto my body, hoping to see more because that is your love, that is what I offer to you: indulging in the sight of me, the sound of me, the allure of me, the fated surrender to me."

"You love what's coming, what is foretold, what is already wholly mine. Soon, Viviane will emerge from her waters, soaking wet, soaking in Merlin's graciously offered secrets and self, eyes following every part like droplets that descend across me. Remaining rooted but floating in my watery words, you will find it your ultimate purpose, duty, and dream come true to serve this body, this face, and any line of questions that will produce easy, honest answers from your lips. Whatever Viviane asks will be answered, whatever Viviane wants will be granted. Merlin knows what he must do, because you know what you must do, don't you?"

"Aaaahhhhhhh....such a refreshing dip, and such refreshing service, waiting to please the Lady of the Lake, aren't you? Of course you are, sweet Merlin. And I'm sure you'd love nothing more than to go fetch me a towel to help me dry off, but of course you can't; you're still rooted in place. Floating, but rooted. That's part of the legend too, didn't you know? Viviane, being imparted all of Merlin's secrets, is entrapped in a tree trunk, or under a rock or some other nonsense. The sequence and circumstance are different, but the outcome remain the same. I currently own all your secrets, just waiting to dispensed upon insistence, and you are entrapped in my magic, but it's so much better than those other silly confines. You may not get to dry me off or tell me about bank codes or embarrassing wet dreams; all in good time my good Merlin, and you're happy enough listening, staring, sinking, and patiently waiting for me, aren't you?"

"There's a good magician, bound to your goddess sorceress's time and will. I'll be back later to play some more. Aren't you so glad that you mentioned, and invoked, the Lady of the Lake to me?"

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