'Hypnosis is Fake'

by me_chan

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If you believe it, it must be true, right?

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

"I can't be hypnotized."

"Is that right?"

"Yeah, it is."

"And how would you know this?"

"Because they've tried. YOU'VE tried, in fact."

"I told you everyone responds to it differently, didn't I? Whether it would take a minute or even a year to go into a deep trance, or what you think is just 'trance,' it depends on the person."

"Nothing to do with the hypnotist?"

"No, she plays a part, of course. But she's working externally from your mind. She only knows what she observes and what you tell her about yourself, and what makes a difference with how your mind reacts to words, gestures, whatever."

"You're saying I'm holding out on you?"

"I wouldn't be surprised. Guys like you, it's either confirmation-bias, or a misplaced challenge to be proven wrong instead of politely asking to be hypnotized, which goes over much better, and may even make the hypnotist give a more genuine effort."

"Meaning you haven't?"

"Against my better judgement, I've given a genuine effort with you, several times, more than many women would or should have to put up with."

"And yet you still work with me?"

"As I told you the first time, 'I like a challenge.' Sometimes especially the stubborn ones."

"Excuse me?"

"One BIG subconscious habit guys like you all share is the need to put things in your own way, obstacles big or small, practically begging for someone to bulldoze through and make a liar out of you, shattering your beliefs. I know, on the inside you're sad because you're not able to enjoy what others do so easily. You look at my other subjects with such envy, wanting to be exactly where they are, wanting exactly what they're feeling. You think I'm taunting you now, but actually, I'm venting a little bit, just like you. I want you to be tranced almost nearly as much, cause I know how bad you want it. And, sorry to say, both you and I both reach a point where we just want me to tell you 'you know what? hypnosis is fake.'"


"Yeah, I know, just to flat-out say it. Knowing on some level, I actually want it to be true, even if it really isn't. I wonder why some of you are so hard, and some of you are so easy. Why the difference? Why can't male minds just be standardized or streamlined for girls like me? Why can't it just be a *SNAP* and there you go?"

"Sorry, what?"

"Did you actually just drift off on me? Again?"

"I'm really sorry, didn't mean to. I was just trying to picture exactly what you were talking about."

"I have to wonder if that really was what you were picturing. I'm almost sure that you think it's some sort of consolation prize for being proven correct. That when I show you that spiral animation on my phone, you could stare and stare at it for hours with me talking to you and it wouldn't have an effect, right?"

"Correct, this isn't working. And actually the last time, it was just one hour while you tried talking to me. Maybe it should be a few hours next time."

"Maybe you just want to hear it from me that 'you can't be hypnotized.' That's what you're looking for, at least I think your male ego is."


"What? Is my spiral finally taking hold of you? Are you looking deep into the center and being sucked in the joys of trance?"

"....I'm looking in the center, and wondering how people can keep their eyes open for so long at the same thing."

"Men don't seem to have that problem when they're staring at a couple of tits."

"True, but granted, that's a lot more to stare at."

"And you still don't get that the fact that you're staring for more than a few moments without blinking is evidence of a pretty decent trance in itself?"

"That's IF I stare; I do try to be a gentleman you know."

"A gentleman would be attending to the nearest lady's every wish."

"The right woman, yes. Not to say that-"

"Oh no, that makes complete sense. You spell that one out very clearly. Maybe it's just that 'I can't hypnotize you."


"Don't even try to think about sparing my feelings with some dumb excuse. You might as well stop trying to think while you're at it; gets you in trouble. In fact, yeah, go mindless, because hypnosis is real and you're deeply asleep in it now."

"No I'm not."

"So give me a compelling reason why you think 'hypnosis is fake.'"


"No answer, what a surprise. I bet you feel better thinking that it's all just a sham, don't you?"


"Assuming that 'you can't be hypnotized' is some kind blanket to keep that ego warm, like a mind tucked snugly in to bed.


"If 'I can't hypnotize you,' why do you insist on wanting to keep working with me?"


"Do you want to keep working with me, or are you indecisive?"


"That nod means you do want to keep working with me?"


"Do you still feel the need to end the session with the customary 'hypnosis is bullshit' rant?"


"H-hyp....hypnosis is fake. I can't be hypnotized. You can't hypnotize me. It's all bullshit."

"Annoying, but I still have to respect your consistency. I'm starting to hear more conviction in your words; does the collar help bring that out in you?"


"Is that collar attached to a leash?"


"Does the one holding the leash share the same name as the one written on the leash, right after 'property of?'"


"Is this the highlight of your week like it is mine?"


"Your own beliefs just feel better and better when you repeated them and hear me go along with you, right?"


"Tell me why."

"........because....hypnosis is fake."

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