by me_chan

Tags: #dom:female #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:male

Take some time and escape to a place made just for you, and a place you’re made for.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Consciousness rose from out of a deep slumber very slowly, waking me up more gradually than I can ever remember. The rush of many mornings filled with routine alarm-jolting and coffee-consuming weren't present; I couldn't even feel the expectation of those in me. Things were different here, but "here" was a mystery me. I knew where I wasn't for sure. Nothing felt like my apartment, or the city I live in. No walls or any other barriers made me feel enclosed; my sense of sound gave the first cue that I was in a wide-open space. The only noise was a breeze blowing past my ear, and rustling grass all around me. The only smells were that of foliage and flowers. I didn't dare open my eyes to see exactly where I was; I didn't want to know just yet, and wanted to let sleepiness wash over me again, as I rarely get a chance to do so in daylight.

Hours later I came back up, even more refreshed than before, like I'd gotten a full-day's worth of sleep out of compressed time, easily opening my eyes to see a cloudless sky, a beautiful expansive blue. Lifting my head, hills and plains as far as the eye could see came into view. It was a screen-saver come to life. I noticed I was dressed in the most comfortable sweats I owned, and no shoes; exactly what I wore on the laziest of days. Beyond the idea of feeling comfortable, the details felt unimportant to my mind, so I didn't even bother trying to figure things out and just felt them. The breeze made the taller glass flow like ocean waves. Part of me felt like a young boy visiting a relative's farm for the first time, wanting to run free across the boundless field. The opportunity was certainly there, but a pleasant lethargy still wafted over me, so I found myself walking instead of running.

I walked and walked and walked, for what could've been hours, and came across two tall, wide hills. The top of the closest one showed me what was off in the distance. There was a glimpse of a body of water before a pleasant fragrance filled my nose, like a flowery perfume. I didn't notice any flowers on the hilltop, but the scent was deeply ingrained in the grass. I knelt to get a better whiff, but I'd lost my balance, tripping over a rock I didn't even see, slipped on the grassy surface and tumbled down in-between the two hills. The hills were closer together than I expected as the sun was blocked in-between them. After walking in the warm sun for so long, lying between them in their shade felt really good. The fragrance was even in the cleft between the two hills, and it made me sink my head in the grass to fill my senses with it. The grass there felt cool from the constant breeze, and I buried my face in it for a little while before I tried to take another small nap. It only lasted a few minutes before my eyes opened in response to a new urge - thirst.

I moved across the second hill and saw the body of water again. It was a lake, maybe the most beautiful lake I'd ever seen in my life. Sunlight glinted off the surface as if huge, buoyant diamonds were floating on the surface, throwing flashes of light back into my eyes. "Amazing" as a word to describe how it looked from so far off, barely did it justice. I felt so content looking at it from the hilltop, I got a little weak in the knees and almost tumbled down the second hill, avoiding the rock in the center of that hill somehow. I stopped myself in time, and felt how dry my throat was, so I made my way down to the edge of the lake.

The closer I got though, the more I realized the lake's beauty was very different in its own way. Instead of mirroring the brightness of the sky, the lake radiated a light blue hue of it's own, impossibly illuminated from some other place. By the time I reached the edge of the water, my thirst was considerable, so I nearly collapsed to the ground and sunk my mouth into it, taking in as much as my mouth could swallow. I wished after working out, public fountains would get their water from lakes like this, I felt so satisfied. And while my thirst quenched, my tongue grew a thirst of its own. It was as if someone added a slight sweetener to this lake, to make my tongue want to taste more and more. Moving my head back to get another taste of the water, it started glowing light blue. I felt immobile looking into the water. The longer I looked, the more the shiny surface gave way to clearer depths of below. It's like I dived underwater to see beneath the surface, yet I was still dry. No conceivable floor to the water was in sight, not one typical of a lake, or even an ocean. It went on and on, and immobility gave way to my heavy body collapsing on all fours. I didn't know what felt heavier, the rest of my body, or my head. Awareness was fading quickly, and the only thing that registered was the strange feeling of the water reaching out to my hands, or my hands involuntarily reaching toward the water. Either way it jolted me and sent me several feet back from the edge.

I'd never felt something so ethereal, so ready and willing to swallow me whole in some way. Everything up to that point in this place was pleasant and calm; this place had a luring quality to it that felt too inviting, and I immediately questioned and feared it. Feeling my body in my own control and more alert, I began to run in the other direction. I ran half-heartedly, asking myself was it worth running away from something that felt good. But like everything else in this place, I didn't fully understand it. I wasn't ready to embrace it like it wanted to embrace me. I ran past all the familiar places and beyond, coming to a new body of water reaching the horizon and wide enough to be an ocean. All that time running, I thought it remained sunny and clear. I may have been late in noticing it became overcast, unless the clouds formed instantly. The wind picked up and clouds coming from nowhere started forming, and getting darker. Thunder was coming from a distance, an obvious early warning of a storm. My first instinct was to look for some kind of shelter, but nothing I'd seen in this place would've qualified; a woodsy area near the ocean only came close. The minute I started moving in that direction, light rain began coming down. By the time I reached it, it was heavier, almost stinging rain. Wind gusts became stronger, more forceful, blowing toward the ocean's direction. Running wasn't an option anymore, and the trees became support and shielding. From tree to tree I moved, slowly like crossing a shaky rope bridge, afraid of being pushed to the water. Eventually I collapsed in the woods, trying to cover myself with foliage, praying for the storm to stop. I prayed deep into an exhaustive wave coming over me, and passing out.

Next time I woke, I didn't want to move at all. The only sense of warmth was the heat of my own body. I opened my eyes to see my own breath and light snowflakes beginning to fall on my face. Hunching was involuntary, to preserve whatever warmth I could. The thunderstorm had come from the temperature spontaneously dropping drastically low. It wasn't until I saw the ocean surface frozen solid that I realized spontaneous might've been the wrong word. "How long was I asleep?" I wondered as I began moving my way out of the woods and into the open space. There was a light covering of snow on everything. I began to worry about not having shoes in this weather, but my feet barely felt colder than standing on a cold marble floor indoors in winter; they felt uncomfortable but not in danger of frostbite and hopefully not hypothermia. I noticed again that snow and wind were picking up, and it was getting colder still. Worse than looking for shelter from the rain and lighting was trying to find a place to warm up before snow covered everything. I moved back in the direction of the lake, hoping that maybe it was solid and that there was something better to reach on the other side. Other than going back to the forest area where sticks could be used to maybe make a fire, despite the snow, I'd look around the lake to see if better options were around. The real problem came when the weather's fury turned into a blizzard. The wind kicked up all of the snow on the ground, whiting out the landscape almost entirely. Visibility wouldn't be nearly good enough for me to find my way back. And the last glimpse of across the lake showed nothing I could use, even if that was solid too.

Continuing the strange turn of events, when I somehow reached the base of the lake, a small pocket of water revealed itself to me, still glowing light blue, standing out like a patch of Spring in a Winter wasteland. I walked to it, knowing there was nowhere else to turn, noticing how the solid lake's surface was blue as well. I was so cold as I knelt in-front of the lake; I didn't know how cold until I realized it was radiating warmth, melting snowflakes before it even touched the water's surface. Everything in this place was leading me to water from some reason, and offered no alternatives. Finally accepting that fact was now a relief, falling face-first into the water. It felt like I was being kissed by something liquid as I fell into it. Sinking and warmth was all that there was. My eyes would have been closed were it not for the bright blue that continued to become brighter. I was beyond even the desire to blink; the light below filled my world. The more it surrounded me, the more I involuntarily smiled and let every sensation come over me. I was convinced that I'd be floating in the illuminated space indefinitely, without regret, before I passed out again.

Waves crashing against my face was the next thing I noticed, a cool contrast to the hot sand beneath my face. Somehow I'd drifted away to a sandy beach, looking worlds apart from the plains and lake, and the snowstorm I barely escaped. The taste of the sea's salt water was fresh on my mouth, bitter. Enough time must've passed by because I'd grown thirsty again, and hungry.

Conveniently, next to the beach stood a jungle where I could easily see fresh fruit growing. I almost ran across the hot sand into the jungle, eager to get a better taste into my mouth. The first thing I grabbed was a pear, and bit deep into it, savoring the sweetness. This was different from other pears I've tasted before though. There was a hint of the lake's sweetness in it. After finishing a pear, I tried an apple, and a banana; same natural taste with the new sweetness added. That sweetness even began teasing my nose. I could literally smell it off in the distance, but weirder than that was how the smell came to me. Almost like the cartoon where the scent forms itself into a hand and cruxes a finger, it wanted something of me. I was being led on a fragrant, invisible trail, in specific directions. Deeper into the jungle had to be the destination, to a point of a waterfall with no water coming down. It was there that the scent was much more concentrated and began leading me up the side of the waterfall, still coaxing and teasing my nose the more I climbed. I didn't even bother to look to see how far I'd climbed up, I was driven by that scent.

The top of the waterfall, at the crevice point was where the scent was strongest and trail ended. I saw a small trickling of water, and reached out to taste it. It was the same water from the lake, but a little sweeter. I was safely away from the edge enough to move my face directly to the source of the water and consumed it directly, licked at it from where it flowed. Addictive sweetness was on my tongue, and the source of the fruit's enhanced taste was found; I couldn't get enough. It seemed to know what I wanted too, as the more I went at it, the more it flowed evenly and further out. I could sense the stream gathering strength, drenching my feet and legs, and knew what might come of it, but I felt like I needed more, and that overrode most of my thinking. Being blasted by a flash flood from the top of the waterfall all the way down to the plunge pool below shouldn't have been a surprise, and yet it wasn't altogether unpleasant.

In the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, I was filled with and surrounded by the sweetness. Falling waters from the top concentrated the taste just below the sweetness of sugar as I remained adrift in it before floating to the surface. The surprise of the fall didn't shake this new feeling though; I felt drunk, literally intoxicated by what was in and around me. With a newfound buoyancy, I floated along in a very tipsy state, much more comfortable than the last time I drank too much. Some accommodating force was nice enough to carry me on a floaty cloud, and back to the beach.

The sweet water in me and still slick on my body for some reason was making me hot, hotter than the sun bearing down or the sand beneath me. My excitement grew inexplicably, against any control of my own. My clothes became an unnecessary burden and were taken off as quickly as I could manage; being naked offered such relief. The heat in my body moved like hands all over me, stroking my chest, urging my legs slightly apart, filling my arousal with so much blood. The ground beneath me shook, matching my shivers as more attention went to my crotch. I'd thought whatever was doing this didn't want these feelings prolonged, but I kept receiving pleasure past the point of being able to take it, unable to anticipate an end. The ground shook more and I didn't care as I started screaming. A rumbling off in the distance sounded like a volcano close to erupting; I turned my head, unsurprised to see a volcano steaming at the top, small streams of lava trickling down the sides. I tried to watch the volcano to see if we'd erupt simultaneously, but my eyes shut at the peak of pleasure bordering physical pain, and heard our simultaneous thundering eruptions.

Every part of me dims and lays still, covered in different fluids, spasming and writhing in the afterglow of a transcending sexual climax. The heat of the lava feels like it's flowing around me, but never touches me; the heat of sexual release around me dissipates and cools twice as slow as normal sex. The last question my mind asks before it gets drowsy again despite my arousal is when have I ever felt this good, if ever. Peace is all I know from sweet water cleansing my body and mind, carrying the answer with the current; the beginning of the answer started with me putting pen to paper...

"She who drives the weather, She is the encompassed seasons. Nature personified, who I can only see with worshipful eyes. Her hair has an autumn breeze flowing through it. Her beauty like a budding Spring, with every smile, the brightness of it shines down on the world, illuminating all. The depression of an overcast day, the fascinating fury of a thunderstorm. The cold indifference of Winter; parts of Her I wish pass quickly, and experiences I wish to prevent. Looking into her blue eyes is what she wants; it's what I want as her unblinking stare is like a mesmerizing ocean. I wish to inspire as many warm, sun-filled days as I can. Her tropical heat is the ultimate gift she can bestow onto me. Insatiable heat in every kiss, like the hottest day of the year. A musky mist spread throughout the valley, pleasure rising as high as the highest of snowy peaks that melt from our Summer heat, and a sweet, flowing waterfall are signs of a pleased scenery. And when she is pleased, I am allowed to move past the jungle, onto a beach, where I can lay and let the heat of obedience fill me completely. It will build and build and build and build and build, as if her hand casually moved my pleasure meter past previous limits. I am writhing on the ground, my insides feel like the heat boiling under my body, streaming underground to a nearby mountain, until the volcanic explosion rocks my world. And Fall is not merely a season of peace and cooling post-Summer, but the diving of my mind, body, senses, and soul into her loving embrace whenever she commands.

She is all of this and more. Words cannot describe how wonderful she is and how blessed I am to be hers. I feel foolish to even try, but a fool of hers knows she is worth the effort."

This is what I get for giving my Mistress poetry as a present.

I need more pen and paper.

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