Feminine Allure


by me_chan


What a difference two weeks can make.

We're just getting back from a trip to a French restaurant that's new to for both of us. This time it's in Paris.

Earlier I enjoyed speaking at length about the luck bestowed upon me. The first and only sign of a response to that letter was directly from the president himself. Long-story short, he already had his suspicions about Sam Penn, and the information I detailed to him was what he needed to confirm them. Apparently the president was neither dumb, deaf, and blind, or in on it, just absent and looking to possibly expand with other investors as well. The president revealed things in confidence I never expected Penn to be capable of, but he was. Before any suspicions arose, Penn was going to be offered a very lucrative position with the successful completion of the new engine. Needless to say, he was no longer eligible for it. Even stranger was his declining to accept my resignation, but giving me the lucrative job. UnEng ended up owning more of Trode instead of the other way around, thanks to great financial backing and maneuvering from the president.

Amy beamed especially at the conditions of this new job, nearly setting my own hours, more pay, more perks. We enjoyed a newly acquired perk earlier, using the corporate jet to start a week-long vacation, the "real honeymoon" as I like to call it.

My Queen stands on the balcony of our hotel room, looking down at the lights. I imagine she's looking down at it like it was her court. She looks back at me as I stare at my wedding band, letting her suggestion take hold while I'm lying across our bed. "Why don't you come be with the source of all that happiness from the ring?"

I smile, slip behind her and hold her hips as I cover her neck with kisses the way she loves.

"How is the court looking tonight my Queen?"

"Illuminated and mesmerizing. Fair warning, but one day this week all those lights will be in your mind, arousing you deeply."

"Thanks for spoiling the surprise," I mutter in her ear while I kiss behind it.

"Don't worry; you won't remember I told you that."

I so love this side of my wife. Playful, happy, leaving me wanting a lot more. It's hard to tell the difference between Amy, the Queen, and Mistress. There is no difference anymore; all will be treated with respect and obeyed, as per my vows.

"We should've brought Julie with us," I spoke. "I never get tired of seeing Ms. Skeptic's 'unimpressed' face morph into the 'impossible' face."

"She hasn't morphed into that face since that party, unfortunately, and she's already been to Paris."

"She's never seen me worship your sex on a French street at night, has she?"

"Careful; naughty, pleasing subjects get me so hot. Alas, I doubt you'd try as well lit as the streets stay at night."

"Wanna bet?"

We're sharing a great laugh together before she calms and leans in closer to my front.

"Can you do me a favor, my love?"


She brings my hands across her hips and to her stomach.

"Imagine for a moment...being a father."

The End


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