Feminine Allure

Imagine for a Moment

by me_chan


Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

(Note: This story was originally a cooperative story that turned into much more than I ever expected. Thanks to Nikki Fatale, stagehand, Leenotler, Hypnotits, Zkmalone, and anyone else who contributed or gave feedback on this for all your help; sorry it took literally years to make this how I wanted.)

"Imagine for a moment," before she even graced my view, my breath caught at the sexy sound of that voice. No one word better describes the quality of that voice better than "euphoria," like if pleasure could be defined by a single sound. The sound fills a void I didn't know existed until now. Her scent got me breathing deeply as the sweet smell tempted my nose to take in more. A delicate and pleasant perfume. I knew she was to be beautiful once I saw her, but even what I expected exceeded my expectations. Sleek curves, soft flowing hair; my need to touch something, someone had never been so great. Nails and lips with a red that's just the right bright - not blinding, but lit up the darkened room I woke up in. Her eyes were even brighter, and equally inviting.

"Hello" she said, and my body felt sensual vibrations, like the greeting was synonym for "sex." And who am I to dispute that now? Her smile was like proof of love at first sight; my heart fell, but felt floaty at the same time. I saw her hand rising, and my eyes followed those red nails as fingers pressed together. I knew something grand was going to happened as she rubbed her thumb against her middle finger in small circles.

The crispness of her snap shook my reality, and I knew something had changed. I wanted to thank her, for I knew something had improved somehow.

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