Chapter 3

by me_chan

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Part 3

Edie sat across from her client, keeping her excitement in-check as her client read over her the specifics of her proposal. She'd spent a solid hour on this meeting, convincing this bank that her advertising service was exactly what they needed. Skeptical clients never made it easy, but they were eventually convinced. Everyone in the room stood up and Edie and the client shook hands.

Another sale made, another notch on her designer belt. Her charm and charisma for work could help her sell ice cubes to South Pole penguins. She walked out of the meeting room feeling giddy. She wanted to take a victory lap around somewhere, or someone maybe. Will came to mind, thinking he'd be good to celebrate with, or something quick with Emil, Ronald, or Robert. She understood the stigma around being the cheating fiancée, or the mistress for a married man, but she honestly couldn't bring herself to care about the consequences. Consequences required being found out in the first place.

She was thinking about calling Ronald to see if he was busy. Her 'shy boy' was a ways away uptown, but it might not be hard to get him over to her. However, she stepped into her office to find she already had company, a woman waiting for her. She looked a slightly older woman, but quite attractive. Auburn hair, pleasant smile, dressed similar to Edie but with a navy color scheme of pumps, stockings, matching skirt and jacket over a white blouse. The Newton's cradle on her desk was sounding off, making Edie think the woman maybe hadn't been there long. The woman stood tall, and both women silently observed each other. Edie held a confused smile on her face, and the confusion grew parallel to the grin the older-looking woman couldn't hold back.

"I hear you're quite the salesman."

Edie took in the dulcet tone of her words and wondered if she was dealing with a client, or another salesman. Everything about her suggested the latter, as it seemed like she was employing Edie's brand of charm. She even noticed her words were timed with the clicking balls.

"Ok lady, what are you selling me?" Edie asked in her own head.

The answer received was the navy-attired woman stepping forward, timed again with the balls. The older woman reached out to hold Edie's face gently in her hands. Even with some people she was close to, such a gesture would be met with a reactive recoiling. The auburn-haired woman's boldness left her almost too surprised to react like Edie normally would. The palm was warm against her face, the thumb stroking in-time with the clicking. The younger blonde noticed her guest's eye color matched her hair color, and her eyes widened in response to take in her whole face and see how beautiful she looked.

"My name is Lydia; I've heard a lot about you."

Word of Edie did get around in the circles she worked in. Among the best salesman in the city, with a keen eye for weakness, and a love for exploiting it. Destined for an executive position in her current company, or any company who she wanted someday. Lydia, whoever she was, seemed focused more now on Edie being the best-looking seller around. Naturally blonde hair, cut to a slanted perfection, a slim body she worked hard to maintain, knowing it made up a good chunk of her selling power. The older woman wasn't as young or as thin as Edie, but she still had the goods to make a sale. Her presence alone was softly imposing, as if to propose "this is the way it's going to be, enjoy it." One of Lydia's hands slipped away from Edie's face while the other traced fingers down to her chin, cupping it, centering Edie's green eyes on Lydia's auburn ones.

It seemed like Lydia just expected her to be taken into those eyes, and for some reason it was working. The lovely color in them, framed by Lydia's creamy skin, and a cascade of auburn curls. Those waves of sublime coloring took her deep into those eyes, noticing a depth that seemed to expand the longer she looked. There were ghostly sensations against her body around her cleavage and stomach, and she couldn't look away to see if it was Lydia touching or Edie starting to imagine and hope where Lydia might touch her.

"Would you like to know about me?"

Edie freely shook her head, or it just felt easy to move against the hand on her chin. Lydia shook her head too, so it was merely easy to follow those unblinking eyes.

"I come bearing a special offer."

"What....offer?" Edie managed to whisper.

"Truth, my dear girl. The chance to find out more about yourself, to embrace the inner you, which can shine brightly in your outward self, brighter than you ever though possible. I can see it in you, even though it might be hidden to everyone else, even yourself. You may look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman, but the longer you look into my eyes, the more you will see a reflection of your true self. My eyes will show you this truth, my eyes will show you happiness. Let go to my eyes as you become filled with your true self."

Edie had sunken too deep into those auburn pools to even realize she was the client now, the easy mark absolutely primed for the kill.

"You're going to hear words that reflect what I see in you, words that are the truth, words that will set your inner self free. Free to interact with me and shine brightly."







"Bimbo of a hypnotized slut..."

Edie woke abruptly, blinking her eyes rapidly to get her mind and imaging right. Fortunately, she wasn't in her office, and that woman wasn't there. She shook her head to repel the nightmarish daydream, the final, sweetly whispered words in her head, and the disgust of the thought of an empty smile on her face as she accepted those words. It took her longer for her senses to tell her what she'd woken up to.

The first thing she realized is that she was resting on her knees, in the room of a house somewhere. "What the hell," would've been her reactive statement were it for her mouth not working. There was nothing attached to her face or stuck in her mouth to prevent it from moving, just that her the muscles of her mouth were loose and barely in her control, but it was still kept comfortably shut. She noticed her vocal cords didn't work either, feeling relaxed beyond her control. Most of her body felt the same way. Arms remained at her sides, unable to muster the physical urge to get up from kneeling. She was merely mute and still, with the exception of being able to turn her head.

Her peripheral vision caught something over to her side, and saw Ronald also kneeling a few feet away from her. His posture and the surprise on his face told her he was in the same predicament. Their eyes stared wide at each other, searching for answers to questions they couldn't ask out loud. Soft moaning a few feet away from them directed their eyes to the answer they were looking for.

It was Will who softly moaned as he knelt on Lydia's bed, wrapping his arms around the hypnotist who stood naked and tall, looking supremely above everyone else in the room. Will's hand reached to cup her breasts, squeezing and stroking her nipples. His lips buried in the nape of her neck, whispering things when he wasn't moaning or breathing hard.

Lydia herself just leaned back against the also-naked Will, enjoying his efforts while she intently watched and grinned at the two kneeling, fully-clothed subs in front of her, soaking up their absolute shock and incapacitation. Ronald, in his eleven-year marriage, in his life, had never seen anyone as aroused as Lydia looked. From her cleanly-shaved pussy, a single line of her moisture trailed down her leg, confirming the depth of the arousal she felt. Lydia felt it, but paid it no attention. She would've asked Will to slip to the floor to lick it up were it not for the way Edie and Ronald seemed to follow that drop of her juices, both of them literally mesmerized by it.

Lydia snapped her fingers, the loud sound shaking them from the riveting sight, bringing them back to Lydia's face. Her grin was taunting as she watched Ronald's face fill with part confusion and regret, and Edie's trying to feign how revolting all of this was to her. Will's lips hit an erogenous spot on her neck, making Lydia close her eyes for a second. Her hand reached out to tug and his ear lobe, eliciting a loud moan from him as she whispered in his ear "a little louder, please." Whatever he was whispering came out loud and clear to everyone in the room, but didn't speak over Lydia's words.

"I am enslaved by Lydia."

"Did you enjoy that dream Edie?"

That question hung in the room like the musky scent coming from Will and Lydia's direction. It might as well have been an echo in Edie's head as her conscious mind pondered that question over and over. The doting quality in Will's voice was proof of his words. And his words shook Edie a bit as she knew she was enslaved at some level herself.

"I feel the touch of her control. I welcome it."

"I hope you did; it was a variation of the way we really first met. You've had many dreams like it since then, all of them slightly or largely different of what really happened."

Edie thought about how impossible, how crazy that sounded. She wondered if something deep inside her that felt touched was really Lydia's control.

"Caressed by her voice."

"But in every new dream, your mind invents a new scenario, a new way for me to take you over. And all of that reminds you of the lovely fact that you enjoy having been taken."

Edie searing expression about knowingly being manipulated could only make Lydia giggle. Lydia's voice sounded so melodious to her, and it slid across more than just her ears. She maintained that angry expression and shook off the sensation of a touch. It crossed Lydia's mind to use her gaze to easily pacify the kneeling blonde, but she decided that might be too easy. The slower way would be so much more satisfying.

"Always aching to hear it."

"And don't you deserve to be taken?"

Edie wanted to rail at her, to scream and yell, to be able to do something to this woman besides listening to her, no matter how good it sounded. But in her disabled stupor, she thought about what she'd done up to this point. She glanced over at Ronald and saw his head almost submissively bowing, his face filled with regret. She knew his marriage ended because of her, he told her as much once he'd moved out. Edie was usually very careful about whom she interacted with, and very much appreciated discretion. No one, sans Ronald, seemed to get hurt, and she had no problem continuing to see him after since it never affected her.

"Dreaming about the sound of your voice."

"That's right you sly slut. You took the man next to you from me. Regardless of how easily led astray he was, I place most of the blame on you. It's not hard to imagine how it came to be. He's fairly handsome, my condition left both of us quite frustrated, and you...you are quite the player, aren't you?"

"Swept into submission whenever I hear your voice."

"My plan for retribution only involved taking as much from you as you had from me. But once I got started, and dipped all of your minds into that warm, honey-sweet submission you all feel now, it became less about appeasing my anger and satisfying my desires. Just look at you now, merely a kneeling posable toy just for my amusement. Such a turn-on for me. I have your body, your thoughts, your Will..."

"Mmmm...I belong to you Lydia."

Lydia pulled Will to her by his earlobe to her side, giving him an open-mouthed kiss that made him groan, watching Will former fiancée gleefully with one open eye as their tongues intertwined. Nearly lulled into thinking of submission and being owned by the sound of her voice, Edie blinked furiously to keep from slipping away. Her internal spirit that fought vainly for control sunk at seeing Will's member visibly throb from the kiss, looking harder and more needy than she ever made him. The older beauty felt absolutely electrified from all the attention she was commanding at this very moment, like she was in the spotlight of an X-rated hypnosis show, captivating all with her beautiful body and mind. It helped that prior to the show, Lydia took herself of a repeat session of the first time she was surprised by Will's unexpected visit. It was considerably longer this time as she took in her recording and Will's reinforcing words, and painlessly reached a wonderful orgasm. The suggestions were still in place as she stood tall and her muscles gave her no trouble; Will's roaming hands sometimes detoured back to her hips to stroke them and make them feel especially good again.

Prior to waking, Ronald and Edie both heard a modified version of the recording Lydia used on herself. The script focused on telling them how good it felt to listen to any spoken words and gradually accept them. Their thoughts were of Lydia's suggestions, and their feelings of her matched Will's submissive crooning.

"I should thank you two on some level. Your man was to be the extent of my anger toward you. And now he's mine, but this isn't about anger or revenge anymore. It's joy, the joy of dominating, that will take things so much further, for both of you. Your hurtful actions have unleashed something I've always felt, but feared inside of me. I hate what you two have done, but I love what you're going to do for me, which is whatever happens to strike my fancy. And even if you find yourself suffering, there will be joy in anything with me involved. Consider that fact my thanks to you."

Will's mind was set to perpetual euphoria. Lydia's naked skin shined in his eyes and he had permission to touch anywhere he wanted. He could freely speak his own thoughts out loud when hips lips weren't occupied, and speaking them affirmed them deeply inside his conscious. Lydia spoke many words, and though he could tell they were directed at someone else, it was still a privilege to hear her voice so closely. His arousal spiked momentarily as she whispered in his ear; Lydia wanted something from him, and he was excited to obey. He affirmed with a deep, wordless moan, as he was given an extra special command to shift off the bed and down to his knees. Lydia smiled happily down at him while holding his face, and Will basked in her brilliant rays.

"Will, compare your ex-fiancée to me. Judging based only on looks, whom do you prefer?"

"Always Lydia. No one is more beautiful than Lydia. Your age only enhances your radiance."

Edie slipped into the moment as she watched the scene in front of her, mystified. Somehow, she agreed with Will. There was something about Lydia that put her above her younger self, despite years of being told she fit the epitome of societal beauty with a thin body, blonde hair, and a pretty face. She even wondered why Ronald chose her over Lydia. She still fought for her own control, but she thought there was no shame in admitting who looked better.

"Ronald, you poor, helpless fool." Lydia's words brought Ronald out of his daze to look up at Lydia instead of looking at where he could have been if he remained faithful. "I'm sure you were quite envious of Will the first time you saw him, but just imagine what you gave up from a handful of torrid rendezvous with Ms. blonde bimbo next to you. Doesn't in burn a little, seeing the opportunity you missed?"

Tears formed in his eyes, sadness and envy contending with his libido. He simply nodded up at her with longing eyes.

"But then again, had you never cheated, I might not have thrown my inhibitions to the wind and discovered this amazing freedom of reigning over minds, and the extreme lust that comes with it. Maybe being in Will's position was never meant to be for you, maybe. But at least now, you get to see and feel how good it feels to be mine, nuptials aside."

"Hey Will, how hot can a pussy get?"

Will, to Lydia's surprise, gave it a few seconds of thought, sensing he believed it an important question to consider. Edie's eyes widened at that question as she arguably looked the most interested in it.

"...how hot does Lydia want it?"

"How clever, answering a question with a sexy question, knowing the answer is purely at my discretion. However, I think you already know the answer."

Edie's ears and mind were figuratively wide-open, ready to hear his response. Her eyes translated the answer as she watched Will literally dive head-first into her dripping slit. It struck her submissive mind that she was closer than ever to that naked pussy she dreamed about, and she felt in conflict between seeing its beauty in front of her eager eyes, and seeing it being pleasured by anyone, even if not her. Lydia's love-slave looked and sounded so loud and eager, uncontrollably ravishing her womanhood. As wild as his mouth was, the rest of him remained static, gently holding her hips, helping her to sit on the bed once the stimulation proved too intense to stand anymore.

The longer Edie watched, the more it felt as if she was getting the same treatment. Her breathing and hips eventually match Lydia's as Will somehow worked on both women in the room, but one using the power of her mind and how well it took to post-hypnotic suggestion. She had to rely on sound to know how to feel as Edie's eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body fell over, hips writhing. Edie heard Lydia's scream of pleasure, and thought her own was coming until she hit an invisible wall. The vaginal muscles contracted and leaked, but failed to reach the crescendo. Lydia kept her eyes open for as long as she could to see her bimbo doubled over in pleasure, whining at the imposed denial. The silly need to cackle evilly at her conquered rival was cut short as Will's tongue reached deep inside to induce a second climax at record speed. Lydia gripped Will's sandy blonde hair and yanked him out of her crotch, letting him take deep breaths.

"Lie down on your back," Lydia ordered while gently pushing his body down. Will obeyed and stared straight up at the ceiling, wishing his mistress was standing tall, just to have some of her juices fall on his face.

"When's the last time you've gotten any fellatio Will?"

"Two years ago, from Edie."

Edie vaguely paid attention to Will mentioning her name; her eyes feasted on the hypnotic, slick entrance, just a few feet away.

"Edie, come here now," everyone noticed how authoritarian the command was, and the intended target's reaction was immediate. Limbs only moved as necessary to get her off the ground, and to walk in front of Lydia.

"Look into my eyes, my bimbo of a hypnotized slut."

The combo of her eyes and trigger sent Edie deep into her own subconsciousness, waiting to be given purpose.

"You may use your mouth normally to answer my questions. Do you enjoy giving fellatio, Edie?"

"Sometimes," was the rather monotone response.

"Have you given any to Ronald?"

"Yes." Lydia looked coldly at her ex, but regained her smile just as quickly.

"If you could choose between giving fellatio to your most attractive sexual partner imaginable, or to taste my sopping pussy, which would you choose?"

"Your pussy, Lydia. Please." A trace of need in her voice gave some emotion back to her.

"Well, bimbo, I hope you can enjoy the consolation prize. I know it doesn't have the appeal that my slit does for you, but there's good reason to enjoy the fellatio you're about to give Will. You enjoy it because I've made you enjoy hearing my commands, listening to them, being shaped by them. Your still mouth will be shaped around my boy's member, maximizing his pleasure, giving it to Will with twice the vigor you gave Ronald."

Edie closed her eyes as the words sunk in, and by the time she opened her eyes, Will's cock had become more appealing than ever before. Her red-lipsticked lips wrapped around the tip, wetting the top with her tongue, before she bobbed with gradual speed. Will groaned and shook at the attention he was given. He wanted to grab Edie's head and guide her where he wanted her, but sensed Lydia bidded him to be still. He enjoyed more than the first and only time Edie ever tried giving him oral, because he knew that mouth was under Lydia's control, as was he.

Ronald breathed heavily as the scene unfolded. Like Edie minutes ago, he was feeling what was happening to someone else. Edie seemed to love giving him a blowjob the first time. He guessed part of the appeal for her was the danger of it all. As safe as she played it with her affairs, there were times an opportunity for risk-taking came that weren't passed up, and liked to flirt with where else lipstick might be found other than a collar. At least one pair of his underwear never made it back home to avoid suspicion. It was hotter than ever now under his ex-wife's direction. Edie vigorously going down on Will, feeling the same as the tent in his business suit threatened to break free from the pants by itself. Ronald wanted all of his clothes off as he was hot and bothered, sweaty and itchy, but mostly itching to at least be able to rub himself through his pants for stimulation. He desperately tried humping air and felt the same jolts of pleasure Will felt, watching it bob and twitch.

Ronald hit the same wall as Edie before him, while Will screamed Lydia's name as he went over the edge. shooting deep into Edie's mouth, almost making her gag at the springing spurt. Ronald doubled over in pleasure and pain as his erection stayed hard, and didn't climax or deflate for several minutes. Though he knew he didn't have the right to, he begged Lydia over and over to let him release.

Lydia looked at all of her marionettes below her, fingering herself to one more satisfying orgasm, feeling on top of the world. "On top of my world," she corrected herself in her thoughts, before she addressed the harem.

"Ronald, bimbo, I'll bet you're wondering why you couldn't get that satisfying release when Will and I obviously could. You can consider that the first step of your long-lasting punishment. According to Ronald's account on everything, you two have seen each other about five times in-total. Each of those times will incur penalties."

"Ronald, your term will be one month per encounter, so the next five months for you will be pure tease and denial. Actually, make it six, for my suffering. You will have suffered in anguish nearly as long as I had to. And unlike before, there will be no issue with waiting for me."

"Edie, you being the instigator that kicked off this grand, turbulent circus, your penalty will be double Ronald's. Ten long months of the inability to orgasm."

She looked down at Will.

"You know what, make it a full year, for Will's suffering, and for my whim."

"And also, for the two of you, since you two seem to work in the same circles, though you'll never get together again, seeing or even thinking about each other will re-direct your thoughts to me. You will be simply reminded of the woman who brought everyone together today, and made you all feel pleasure, or pleasure in pain. You will know what it means to belong to someone, and to feel the force you unleashed in me."

"As for you my lovely," shivers of pleasure glided along Will's spine, just for recognizing Lydia addressing him. "Your life will take a turn for the passionate. You'll soon find the building urge to move away from the place you and Edie shared, and move on to my house. A new chapter in your life, and surely your most sexually active. Your days will be filled to the brim with serving me in any and every way possible. You will maintain your work, your friends and most of the life you knew, all the while helping me fully recover and enhancing the Mistress before you. Would you like that, my hunk of a hypnotized slave?"

Her question left him beaming from ear to ear. His fate was in her hands; all of theirs were. And they couldn't have been happier.

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