Chapter 1

by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #sub:female #sub:male

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Part 1

Will drove down I-30, sore from his last job, happy to be heading home for the weekend. It'd been a busy week, a little harder than he was used to though. Working as an independent contractor for home remodeling was great employment for Will, especially the independent part. He'd finally finished a 3 month condo job, and was happy to have it done. Not just to have his work completed, but to also not have to deal with the blonde trophy wife that constantly fawned over and couldn't read his "I'm not interested" vibe he desperately put out. His sandy hair, solid muscles and rugged handsome face did often attract female attention, sometimes to his detriment. He thought having being ten years younger at 30, and at least having a fiancée when he started the job, would've been enough of a deterrent. He felt glad that he'd rescheduled a prospective meeting for work till Monday. It was 2:30pm, he was avoiding the Friday work traffic on his stretch of highway by a few hours, and could head home to start the weekend off with a nap followed by whatever he felt like. He foresaw more R&R.

He was halfway home at around 3pm when his watch beeped. He pulled over off to the side of the road and looked at it. He didn't know why it was beeping, and couldn't ever remember setting it to go off for any time. He reached over to the bag on his passenger side for his planner to make sure he wasn't missing an appointment, totally unaware of his left hand reaching up to grasp his earlobe and apply gentle pressure. Under any other circumstance his hand wouldn't have done that, but his mind knew he was alone and safe at that point, so his fingers squeezed and he stopped reaching for his planner. He instead leaned back against the seat, and his left hand automatically reclined the seat so he could lay back to hear a female voice in his head praise and encourage the state he was in, echoing that there was nothing he needed to do but what her voice told him to.

He listened and obeyed as he shook himself back to consciousness, looked at his watch and realized he forgot he did have one appointment left for Friday.

* * *

About 30 miles away from where Will stopped, Lydia sat down on her bed after a light workout and long hot bath, posing a little in front of the full-length mirror near the bed, allowing a little vanity to slip out for how good she still looked at 46. Short auburn hair, slender but fit figure from years of habitual exercise, ample bust, able to turn heads wherever she went. She would've stood up to model more provocatively if she wasn't afraid of unceremoniously wincing as she did so.

It was still painful to lay or even sit down at times, but not nearly as painful from 3 months ago. Recovery from the surgery was harder than the doctors suggested it would be, but it eventually came, and the aftermath felt better than the literal chronic pain in her sides she couldn't ignore anymore. For a little over a year, the pain ranged from annoying to eventually excruciating in more recent months, lasting night and day. Her husband at the time tried to be very supportive, and her private therapy practice and hospital work was lenient and understanding, but it was her sheer, stubborn will that got her through most of it. She vowed to not let it become the bane of her existence. Fortunately the surgery was a success, even though it would be a longer road to full recovery than she liked. During her recovery, she decided to employ a few creative means to help her cope.

One of them began playing on her headset as she slipped them onto her ears. Lydia's own softly crooning voice began a steady pattern of self-induced looping hypnotic suggestions, working on banishing the pain. She loathed taking drugs, and opted for as much mental conditioning as she could. It was a habit that she would probably continue after well after she was back to normal.

Her smart phone on her nightstand beeped, but by the time it went off, she was already in a trance state deep enough that the sound was oblivious to her. She also couldn't hear the sound of her other creative coping mechanism entering her house and then her room.

* * *

Will had made it to the plush house in the suburbs, remembering this being a client's perspective house. He could only guess he was there to discuss the potential work she wanted done. It was totally ok in his mind to use the hidden key she had stashed in the bushes to enter; he never questioned how he knew about it or that he was entering a customer's house that bordered unlawful entry. Crossing the threshold of the door meant his mind was supposed to dive deep into listless obedience and compliance. His first command was always to close the door behind him, and stare at the teardrop crystals hanging from the miniature chandelier at the entrance. He would be retrieved by hand there, called to come to her, or would actively look for her throughout the house after 5 minutes of waiting, either way reliant on the words of the woman's voice. Before today, he'd roamed different parts of the house to find that voice so he could serve it. Today, he went straight upstairs to the bedroom to start, past the kitchen she asked about remodeling.

He entered her bedroom to find her laid out on her bed, dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, relatively still and peaceful. Every time he came back here under trance, it'd always been a different experience, and sometimes he'd be given new instructions that stayed with him for future encounters. The last time he'd found her taking a hot bath down the hall. He stood near her for a good five minutes before she even acknowledged him, telling him if he received no orders from her, he was to take initiative and please her in an appropriate way. 'Appropriate' meant selflessly focusing on her pleasure and taking her orders.

In his muddled mind he saw his controller lounging, relaxing, perhaps enjoying some music. She looked so happy and peaceful, and with no prompting from her, he would assertively escalate what she felt.

Lydia was feeling very good, as the sound of her own voice was effectively ridding herself of most of the pain at her sides for hopefully half of a day, opening her subconscious to a point of sheer peace. It only seemed to compound as her body felt good all of a sudden. She could faintly feel her arm being lifted, her hand being held, and her index finger and thumb being made to grasp something soft in-between them. The softness was Will's right earlobe, and he hoped that she would become aware somehow and squeeze it to trigger him again. The effect of doing so felt wonderful for him, but he loved the way she looked whenever she used it. Her eyes widened more, and her nostrils flared, a sign to him of her taking full control, a truly arousing sight for him after weeks of conditioning.

"Mmmmm, please use me Lydia," he submissively spoke, just above a whisper. He couldn't help but speak those words with that tone, as her smile grew so wide whenever she heard it. Her lack of response was noticed, but only as an indicator to go further for her. Moving his ear away from her limp grip, his lips placed small kisses into her palm, making it twitch a little. A small smile appeared on her face briefly, before the sensation reached her hips and made them slightly convulse.

The hypnotized woman's subconsciousness shifted from imagining blank, painless peace to something like walking into a dark and sensual dream sequence of someone holding her, kissing her, a manifestation of the pleasure she was feeling, anchoring to him, being driven by his touch and the recording's commands.

Assuming great pain was coming to her hips again, Will held them as gently as he could manage, placing light kisses all over them, fingers stroking near areas where she'd told him it hurt the most. It was something he liked to do and she encouraged all the time. He was used to applying his masseuse skills he learned for his ex-fiancée at several places on Lydia's attractive form. Edie, his ex, enjoyed many nights of his warm, soothing massages, and after indoctrinating him, Lydia insisted those skills not go to waste. It was his most common physical interaction with her, stimulating her shoulders, back, legs, anywhere she wanted.

"You shouldn't feel any pain there Lydia. Your hips are beautiful and powerful. There is only pleasure for you."

Even in trance, he understood the pain she felt in her hips, and showed her the depths of his adoration as he almost turned her hips into an erogenous zone, something pain denied her very often. He was so elated to be able to do that for her, and melted at the reward of her tugging at his earlobes. It triggered profound trance within him, while bringing his ear to her mouth to whisper sensuous nothings that left him in white-hot arousal, just at the edge of orgasm. The more he did it, the more he felt fulfillment and a more insatiable need to please her until he was dismissed or told to perform a different task.

She built his conditioning around an already deep-seeded love of sexually pleasing a woman. Edie could've looked forward to that for years to come, but that ship had sailed, into another man's port unfortunately. The shock of Edie's betrayal was still fresh on his mind. The sex was what he'd miss the most after most of his feelings evaporated, mainly because since they started dating, no other woman in his life gave more feedback of his love-making, whether positive or negative.

Lydia, on the other hand, was a whole new level of woman to please. He never could've dreamed of a woman who would instruct him with exacting detail what she wanted, and made him hard and helpless to do so. After finding it, he grew hungry for more exposure, soaking up every suggestion like a sponge as it intertwined with his own desires. Subsequent encounters led his dreams to evolve into something even she couldn't anticipate. Like an evolution of his masseuse classes, in one dream he would helpfully, selflessly, very assertively, work on Lydia, intent on helping her become stronger, more comfortable, and more satisfied than before. Will could tell that despite the control already exercised, she really wanted more over him, and to do more. Laying still and peaceful like she did in his dream, the drive to fulfill it rose out of his tranced mind.

"This is what you want, this is what you deserve."

It sounded amazing to her mind how a softer, second voice like from a subliminal track joined in the chorus of reminding her of pleasure.

"Your glorious mind and body have shaped me well, molded me to your liking. Your wisdom has shown me how I belong under you. My mind now listens clearly to your words. My hands are made to please, to stroke and soothe your skin. The more I hear and touch you, the more I become bound to you, and the more any power I have seeps into you, making me want you and want to obey you more and more."

Lydia's small smile grew as she internally felt a familiar fire being fanned in her. Will's words reached the parts of her that adored the man she'd turned Will into, and the height she placed herself above him, always leaving him in her shadow, always close enough to be physically attended to. The urge to toy with subjects sexually had burst through after years of repression, and spilled all over her younger charge. Her fantasies began reflecting on the sublime knowledge of every touch and movement being for her, and the imagery of how she could manipulate him further in painless bliss.

"You are so beautiful, so powerful. I'm helpless to your desires."

Kisses all along the skin of her hips produced a rhythm in her. Her sensitivity was higher in her trance state, and was given reason expand as her hips shifted. The combination of her self-inducing and his intimate worship made that part of her feel like she'd never had a condition, barring one that naturally generated endorphins spreading from her mid-section. Her lower back arched partially, almost in the spirit of the last time she'd had an orgasm without pain.

Will's own initiative struck further as he continued stroking her side with his hand, the other gently turning her head to the side as he laid his face down on the bed opposite hers.

"Open your eyes."

That softer, subliminal voice was now the same volume as hers in the recording. It sounded deeper, something needy inside of her, maybe an effect of the beatitude at her sides. It took very little effort to open them, so she easily complied.

Will and Lydia stared at each other, both glassy-eyed and surprised, everything but them a faded blur. Lydia saw Will's eyes and was reminded of the times she user her own eyes to induce him quickly and deeply, and the pleasure that was to come. She could already feel that pleasure now as she stared. Will took in the beauty of her face before sinking as deeply as he could, as he was made to into her eyes. From the moment they met, he loved how her eye color was naturally identical to her hair-color, and as deep a pair as he'd ever seen. The longer he looked, the more the familiar color started to shape his will again, reducing its size, narrowing it to being a bridge for her words. In his mind's eye, her eyes were clear and full of confident fire that assured him her words were law.

"Let me look deep into your eyes."

She kept her eyes open as she recognized his eyes too, as well as all the features surrounding it. She watched and suggested those muscles weaken and react to her voice so well. Out of force of habit, she flashed her eyes wide at him, letting him feel the full effect wash over him.

"I want to look deeper. Don't let me look away," he gasped.

The hand closest to him slipped between his head and the sheets to grasp his head and bring him closer, thumb moving from memory and stroking the length of his eyelashes, prompting muscles around the eyes to loosen, and his need to stare opened them as wide as possible. Lydia's eyes felt like they filled and swallowed Will's whole. His trance and his desire rose parallel and equally.

"Your eyes are so powerful, your body is so powerful. Your beauty makes me your kneeling slave. Aroused at the sight of you, the sound of your voice, the thought of your simple commands. I am at your disposal. I long to do your bidding."

Will could feel those words deep inside himself, affirmed by how it sounded like suggestions she'd given him, repeated from his perspective. Vaginal muscles deep within her began to stir, active and excited as opposed to the uncomfortable dormancy left from the fear of mixing pleasure with sharp pains. Those fears evaporated as Lydia's liquefying pussy reacted freely, wet from becoming empowered by a surrendered Will being laid in front of her, eagerly for her whim. Her torso turned toward Will and she used both hands to take her slave's head firmly in her hands. Dual thumbs stroked his eyelashes, vainly fighting against the inevitable feeling of eyes being locked shut, still drowning in her hypnotic gaze. Arousal and the onset of deeper trance struck him as he felt his auburn enchantress take more physical control.

"Yes. Oh, yes Lydia. My only purpose is...oh God...to be used for Lydia's pleasure. Use me...mm.as you wish."

Something in her eyes increased the drowsing effect that started to take their toll on her submissive. Will's tone would've been much softer then, but the feverish need to be used by Lydia kept his voice audible. He couldn't help but add part of his given mantra into his fantasy. "My only need is to be used for Lydia's pleasure." Words that greeted his dreams and echoed in his head anytime he set foot in her house. It rationalized his ability to make her take control of him.

His head was moved downward to the t-shirt she wore. She wore no bra underneath as his lips only felt a cotton obstruction to her hard nipple. Lydia let go of her servant in order to disrobe from the shirt. The force she used haphazardly took the headphones off with them. Her mind didn't need it any longer though; her own voice remained faintly in her mind, telling her how good she should feel, Will showing all of her senses the power she had over him. Every move Will made became a real manifestation of those suggestions. Her mind knew something was different about this, but it came with the same satisfaction she was so used to with her servant, so she let him substitute and take the lead.

"Hold me to your breasts. Pull me to the succulent nipple that wants my lips the most."

Hands held his neck he took her right nipple first, acceding to her preference. Pulling it with his teeth gave her such a thrill, deeply gasping as she did so. She never let a man do that unless he'd been well-trained, and Will had been privileged and brainwashed enough to do exactly that. She grasped his neck and the back of his head harder, almost scratching the skin.

"Do not release me until you are satisfied," he said between kisses.

Her hands moved him where she wanted, from the right breast to the left, and deep in the valley of her cleavage to lick. She was forceful, but somehow his lips and tranced mind kept up with her ever-changing pace.

Her satisfaction led to his head being migrated lower. Grabbing his hair, forcing him down with a trail of kisses to the center of her hips.

Had his consciousness been anymore present, he might've realized that she'd never been wetter than this. Around her womanly entrance, he simply breathed and kissed to start, teasing the entrance. He sensed her hips wanted to move more, but months of pain left her muscle memory hesitating to move at all.

"Rest your ankles on my back."

His hands started massaging the outer side of her legs while his mouth deviated to the inner thighs, reminding them of pleasure, encouraging them to a more satisfying position he knew she liked. Her thighs felt so hot as her ankles crossed themselves on his back comfortably. Fingernails nearly dug into his scalp and she grabbed him again, forcing him back to her pussy.

The rhythm that began from having her hips reverently greeted returned, muscles moving more fearlessly, their anguish a distant memory forced out by Will.

"Yes Lydia. Grind into me. Smother me with your p-"

She pressed his face deep into her slit as she was asked of and deeply wanted, silencing Will. Lydia couldn't remember the last time she felt this good, riding atop cloud nine, having it lick and eat her out into delirium. Her hips rolled for the first time in months and pushed into his face, leaving his lungs precious seconds to breathe. However nothing was more precious than the woman he was in awe of, or the orgasms he could give her. He would've tried to request more of Lydia, but in her temple he knew is lips and tongue had specific duties. His only hope was giving her an immense climax before passing out, so he licked and sucked for all he was worth.

Just before he collapsed from lack of air, Lydia's orgasm crashed against her wall, flooding out and squirting against his face. Her bedroom filled up with screams and then deep, labored pants, most coming from Will.

* * *

She recovered first, both in steady breathing and emerging from trance, shocked to find Will laying at her pussy, obviously short of breath and mentally bleached by her juices. She wondered what the hell was going on, until she looked at her calendar - it was Friday, not Saturday. Being off of work so long had really screwed her sense of days up. But losing track of time had never felt this good.

The older woman grinned wickedly as she started to fill in the blanks of his unscheduled visit, thankful that one of her self-hypnosis commands was to consciously remember all suggestions given. She thought she'd picked a winner with Will for being receptive to her hypnotic skills, but he'd gone beyond the scope of how she planned to derive pleasure from him. Ronald, the husband she once had, could've fulfilled that role if she were inclined. Should have really, but she'd gotten so used to being a good, working wife and occasional vanilla sex for the length of their marriage. She kept many of her primal, unethical urges in check with the notion that the love and loyalty they had was enough. His support of her career and through much of her illness made him a good husband. Of course, that was prior to the slut she caught him sleeping with, also known as Will's former fiancée Edie.

She knew her husband well enough to know that Edie was more than likely responsible for the affair. So many times she peered into Ronald's mind to read his thoughts, each time resisting the temptation to make any changes. The opportunity presented itself as he tried to explain and apologize about the affair, but she felt her anger was justified as she dutifully took everything she wanted in the divorce, and kicked him to the curb. And when she realized her anger wasn't totally sated, she sought a way to get back at Edie. After having thoroughly looked into her life, she inevitably decided her fiancée Will would make the sweetest revenge.

Will was sprawled against her sheets, looking like he just barely finished a marathon run, as Lydia looked down at her pet, amused. The commands he uttered to her during her trance, the confidence bordering authority in his voice, yet driving himself deeper into his conditioning and his place under her; she couldn't remember the last time she felt so soaked. A man taking such control was usually a pet peeve of hers, never thinking it would be used to give a woman (more) power. Never in her wildest dreams, or the dreams and thoughts of her varied clientele, could she have imagined such a scenario. The potential this boy had to gratify and thrill her, maybe combined with some more self-hypnosis, made her pussy feel like a faucet haphazardly left running.

She surprised herself by reaching over for her phone to dial a number as she pushed Will's head back deeply into her crotch.

"Hello?" a female voice answered.

"Hello Edie, my bimbo of a hypnotized slut."

Lydia pussy grew very slick and Will's tongue and the sound of Edie's voice softly speaking "You are better, more beautiful than me Lydia. I obey your words."

"That's a good slut. It's your lucky day, as I'm feeling generous. Why don't you find a private place so you can hear the pussy you lust for but can't have being worshipped, and tell me how beautiful it looks in your dreams."

"I would love that Lydia," she spoke with a hint of enthusiasm amidst the dead-pan.

"Then you'd better find privacy soon," Lydia commanded with a smile.

She reached down to pinch his earlobe, pulling his head out of her crotch, and then seized it with her mouth, whispering huskily inside.

"Hello Will, my hunk of a hypnotized slave," she seductively greeted.

His most common verbal trigger spoken, his mind emptied completely and he smiled gratefully for being deprived of thoughts that weren't Lydia's suggestions.

"You've done well for me Will. Breathe deeply and slowly now. That's right, just like I've told you to do. Let yourself catch your breath. Lydia wants more."

Lydia's smile grew wider than his dreamy one, thrilled to have finally released her inhibitions. She could see the rest of the afternoon spread out before her. Edie might be sitting or kneeling, professing apologies and declaring herself inferior to Lydia in every way, Will would confidently claim the power Lydia had over them both, and when she was aroused enough from their contributions, Lydia would shut him up by forcing his face into her pussy as he'd greedily lick and make Edie jealously aroused while fingering and fighting futilely against her mentally-blocked orgasm wherever she was.

"You were supposed to be here tomorrow, but I forgot to reschedule your appointment. I think you should make it up to me by clearing your weekend schedule."

"My only purpose is to be used for Lydia's pleasure."

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