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What could a solar eclipse and hypnosis have in common?

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Inspired by this image.

Did you get to see that big eclipse we had recently? Yeah, apparently one of the biggest on record. Me? No. Totally forgot about it; wondered the day of why it was getting so dark mid-day. I'm sure I heard about it from somewhere, but wasn't really paying attention. My mind didn't put it together until after it happened. If you got to see it, hope you enjoyed it, with the proper viewing of course; just like with the sun, don't look directly at an eclipse unless you want to harm yourself, and you did make me a promise that you would take care of yourself. When was this promise made? Oh, many times; I always want you to take care of yourself, even if you don't remember the promises you made, or the special talks we have about such things. As long as you do take care of yourself, you don't have to remember...wink, wink.

Eluding to hypnosis? Who? Moi? Why would a hypnotist do such a thing? And yes, what are the odds that you'll remember this anymore than the promise you made to obey and take care of yourself for you hypnotist?

Relax, dear boy; sometimes hypnotists do like to make jokes, like this one - 'relax before I make you.' What? I think it's a little funny. What's really funny about it is how I seemingly make a threat out of it when I don't need to. When have I ever threatened you with pleasure you wanted, needed, begged for? It's not even like you would have to get to that point when we're talking about such things as eclipses. It's a bit ironic and appropriate in how easy it is to forget their coming, and how they serve as a perfect example of everyday trances, don't they?

How do I mean? It's pretty simple really. Trance really is everywhere in some form or another. There are times when you will come to me, we'll have a nice talk, and before you know it, you're in an agreeable state where listening to my voice creates this mounting pleasure that builds and builds for the both of us. And there are other times when you are just going about your everyday life, and something common enough, but compelling enough catches your attention, and keeps it just a little longer than you'd expect. Staring at a beautiful car driving down the street, a lush, magnificent landscape that's a screen-saver, or the real thing on a nature hike, and speaking of, nearly any screen-saver on your computer that pops up when you're idle, perhaps bored at work, letting your eyes rest on a still picture, or something animated that your eyes just follow because they've got nothing better to do than follow the most interesting thing in their vicinity.

Yeah, you definitely know what that's like.

An eclipse is a bit more like a special event for sure, as people will line up along walkways, set up lawn chairs, take hours, or a day off to enjoy something so natural. People can dedicate so much to this beautiful, natural phenomenon that leaves the world in awe. Sounds familiar? I hope it does. If you really stop to think about it, don't you get to experience on a regular basis what they experience only every so often. The eclipse is so amazing compared to other everyday trance-inducing things. The way the universe moves, as if by someone's design. That's an interesting distinction from all those other common, potential trances - intention. When someone intends for you to fall, you can notice the difference, and feel more than you ever expected to, a deeper sense of words specially made for you, a will shared with your own, inseparably so that you can't tell the difference between yours and mine anymore. It's not like you need to since this melding feels so good to hear about, to absorb and become one with.

All those people watching the eclipse could be quite jealous of you, you know. Hopefully they are safeguarding themselves as they watch it, but really, how many of them could feel an eclipse. Just imagine yourself amongst a crowd of them, everyone looking up, but you don't have to. All the equipment they might need to safely enjoy the sight, while all you need is a body to feel pleasure, open ears, and a receptive, listening mind. They are fascinated, just like you, taking in every detail from something so far away. The eclipse happens all around you though. You can feel it across your skin and the light dims and the air cools like the merest breeze that's been suggested to your senses time and time again. And though your skin cools, your insides remain warm, or get warmer as you can feel special words, of a pleasurable intention deep with yourself.

Something, someone, has their designs set on you, wishing to give you a moment of bliss in the middle of your day, maybe to remind you of the simple things one can enjoy, like breathing, how deeply you can do it as your body comfortably finds a groove of deep relaxation to settle back into. Maybe to remind you of whose control you reside in, the trust you've given a special voice that knows you so well, cares for you equally well, that fills you with waves of ecstasy as that voice enters your ears and caresses every part of you, inside and out. Everyone else in the crowd surrounding you must keep their eyes open to enjoy this phenomenon. Your eclipse happens as easily as your eyes closing, not so unlike the eclipse. The sunlight, the light in your eyes is like critical thinking, your thoughts. Hearing that special, indelible, irresistible voice, you become helpless to a soft barrier coming between any thoughts you might have and the mind that would think them. What do you need to think about when you listen to this voice, when your eyes start to get heavy, fluttering gently, having less and less of a reason or ability to stay open. The light starts to dim in the sky, the light starts to dim in your eyes, the light starts to dim in your mind, the beginnings of a trinity of a total eclipse of your mind.

That darkness is so powerful, so insistent, silent in its approach, inevitable in its covering. So interesting how it is the same shape as the light, as it starts to cover it more and more, you realize this darkness, my voice, is a perfect fit for the parts of you that think, that need to relax, the perfect cap the bottle that is you, a lid to the structure filled to the brim with sincere, pleasurable suggestions. Those thoughts that the light produces can be set aside for later, the world around you can wait. There are times when you want this, where your body needs this, where I deem you have no choice but to experience this. You love so much that someone would gift you with such a command, with the inability to resist my voice, to experience pleasure the likes of which you never have experienced before, and the frequency of experiencing it much more than 'once in a generation.' Hypnosis is such a natural, miraculous sensation that I wield, and as long as you bear trust in me, you can freely, safely give in to me and let me take control.

And now I realize that getting so engrossed in talking about this beautiful thing overcoming you, it's so easy to forget certain interesting details. So easy to forget to remember, to forget, to remember the fact that eclipses have phases just like the sun. Thankfully technology in my pocket keeps me from running to the nearest library to look it up too. Ah, here, Phases of the Eclipse.

First contact, second contact, totality, third contact, and finally fourth contact. You really do learn something everyday. First, you learn about First Contact where the moon slightly begins to cover the sun, when you've been hinted at my presence, and suddenly all your senses are set to find me. Which is funny, because by the Second Contact, you've caught sight of me, but really I've caught sight of you, captivated by me, the sun almost totally gone, the rest of the world almost totally gone. The point when it is totally gone is appropriately named Totality, where I stand in the way of your every connection of the world, where the only trace of what was is a haze of light, when you're just fixate on me, what I'm wearing, what I'm doing with my hands or body, what my face is telling you, smiling more at the rate that pleases me more as you fall into me more. Totality is your new world, I am your new world, and you'll linger and thrive in my world, obeying every command as if obeying your own will, since your will happens to be mine. An inseparable connection that you never want to fade, even though sometimes it has to. Hence, Third Contact, when the moon starts moving away, and I start to gently bring you back to the world you know, no matter how much you fight it, because you can't evade your old life and responsibilities there forever, and Fourth Contact is like me walking away, leaving a hint of my presence there, like a faint whiff of my perfume that teases what was and what you really want again.

But consider this my astronomically-bewitched pet, how often do eclipses happen really? Once every few years, depending on where you are in the world? And total eclipses like recently are even rarer, maybe once in a generation I'd wager. Just think about all those people you've forgotten around you in that crowd of eclipse sightseers, enjoying that wonderful, but fleeting wonder for only so long, then going back to their sun-filled days, never knowing the next time they'll see something so beautiful again. You don't have that problem, do you pet? Not with me in your life, seeped deep in your mind. All I have to do is appear, say a few words, and you'll find the world blocked yet again behind my magnificence, because every time I take you, eclipse you, it's always Totality. And don't you just love it? Like the only sense of the old world are flashes I create, what seemed to be called diamond ring effect. It must be like me suggesting how much I would love a diamond ring to play around with, and the diamond ring effect could happen, and what's on your mind besides me is that flash of a diamond ring, imagining it wrapped around my finger, flashing my diamond ring effect in your eyes from some unknown place within this enchanting darkness of Totality.

I'm so loving...correction, we're so loving of where this is going, that I think it's time to create a little memento. Totality, such a sexy word the more I say it and think about it. Totality. Oh yeah, has a great ring to it. And you love to hear me say it. Totality. It's like I came up with the word. Totality. It's like I own the world. Totality. It's like when I and only I say the word Totality, you get to be eclipsed all over again. Totality spoken from my lips, written by me, starts those phases of contact all over again. It could happen anywhere, at any time, but when Totality happens, you feel my presence in First Contact, you find yourself imprisoned in the paradise of the sight of me in Second Contact, until I take you over completely, totally in Totality, rightfully eclipsed by your mental superior. And eventually when I let you go, Third Contact starts to happen, until there's merely a faint trace of me in Fourth Contact again, and back to your regularly scheduled life. The difference being, my powerful Totality gets imprinted on your mind every time, making it so easy to come back here to me.

And one of the best parts, like one of the best tricks with the mind, every time can feel like a once in a lifetime experience, where you easily forget to remember followed by some remembrance of forgetfulness, that it might happen so often in reality but you'd never know it and desperately savor every time it happens like it was the first ever. So if I really wanted you to forget things it would be so easy to forget what I'm saying, to hear past my words and just accept them as light comes back into your eyes and mind, as my words become background noise and...

Hey, are you even listening to me? Of course I'm talking to you. Man, you look tired. I was just asking if you got to see that eclipse we had recently. Yeah, an eclipse, you know, that thing that Totality covers the sun via the moon...I mean totally, I mean....well, you know what I mean, pet.

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