Coin Toss

by me_chan

Tags: #dialogue #dom:female #induction #Induction #no_sex_no_nudity #pov:top

Where will you land in the span of a coin toss?

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Note: Thanks to Lady Jessica for inspiring such a wonderful idea. For those that want to hear it enticingly narrated by her, you can find her Coin Toss here

"Can you imagine yourself hypnotized in the span of a coin toss? Do you think it would be hard to envision your wakeful self before the coin is launched into the air, and so ready to or already slipped under someone's sleepy, blissful hypnotic spell? Or would it be easy? Does it take little effort to coax you into that state because you know how good it feels to be wrapped in the comforts of one's soporific words? Since you've come to this point with me, with topics as random as hypnosis and coins being tossed in the air, you're at least a little bit curious, interested, and it will be fun to see where that interest takes you, won't it?"

"As is customary with a coin toss, two options arise from the coin landing, on one side or another. Perhaps that can be a fun little game of chance between us. Keeping in-line with our current topics, of coins and hypnosis, maybe the side it falls on should determine whether we try a game of resistance or submission. One side gives you the right to outright resist being hypnotized by me, to see if or how long you can withstand me, my voice, my delicate intent towards your mind. The other side would reveal that you lay down that resistance, that you safely set aside your will for just a little while, and take in my words and let them guide you into a very relaxing state."

"Let's choose our judge first and foremost. It can be any coin of your choosing, from any country. The American quarter seems to be the most common coin for flipping, from sporting events to games between children, the head of a president on one side, and an eagle on the opposite signifying tails. We can use a two pence from the UK, nearly the size of the quarter, bearing a queen on one side and a crown on the other, fitting to be in the hands of a queen of dreams. Picking one or the other should be sufficient. I would recommend the two pence, as it is heavier, and will fall faster. But it's all cosmetic at this point, just one pretty design or another that decides how your mind is may feel in the foreseeable future. If you can't decide, we'll pick one at random. (pause for choosing) Very well then."

"Now, as for our wager, I will suggest the following - if it's tails, you are allowed to resist. If it's heads, you give in. I think that's a fair deal. A possibility that you will have a chance to fight me, and there is a strong possibility that you won't put up a fight, and surrender peacefully. Of course, the chances merely speak of your options. My options are more numerous as the coin is in my hands. It will be my hands that flip the coin, the coin that will decide your outcome, the coin that could turn your world upside down, as easily as the coin flips from my fingers. So fascinating, isn't it? How one's whole world can be flipped on its side, just from skilled fingers. And you watch as those fingers gently roll the coin around in my hand, lovingly toying with it before I perch it atop my index finger, and the thumb cocked under it, gaining potential energy and friction,!" 


"The decision now hangs in the air, breathless anticipation making us focus solely on the coin. Such anticipation is a funny thing; we hold our breath so suddenly, so tightly, in a state of undetermined waiting. Did you know that subconsciously, we love that wait anticipation gives us? Our breaths catch from excitement, a moment of such animated bliss that the body slowly comes off from the excited feeling, as if to savor it. Those who truly want it to last longer, can make it last longer if they really want, if they put their mind to it, like I am doing right now. Time could slow to a crawl as everything moves in slow motion, where you can analyze, examine, and appreciate everything. The sound of the coin being flipped, a pleasant ringing that endures, lingers, a soothing background sound that makes the wait more meaningful, and pleasurable. The coin itself rises like it has the weight of a feather, carried higher by the gentlest breeze blowing past us; time has slowed to where the blinding speed of the spin is gone. A focused mind slowing time could see individual blades of an electric fan turning in rotation, or the wings of an insect flapping at a sluggish pace. To your perception, it now takes long seconds, or even minutes, for the coin to reveal one side from another."

"Both sides of the coin are illuminated, light flashing like the facet of a crystal, or off the surface of a pocket watch. The detail on each side, while interesting is purely irrelevant. Both sides would determine the odds, and yet both compel you to follow it equally. Heads or tails, rise or fall, you follow the coin without fail, nothing else important. Just the coin and what I might do to you when it lands."

"Time has slowed enough to where while waiting for it the coin to inevitably succumb to gravity, you can observe your hypnotist, imagining once the decision is made, how she might take you. Behind a pair of stylish glasses lies a pair of amazingly deep blue eyes looking up at the coin. Even from a distance, you have a glimpse at their depths, multiplied exponentially, incomprehensibly, when they bring their gaze back to you inviting you to fall as deep as you'd like. Out of the corner of your eye, you still see her hands moving, as if a coin was still being twirled in their embrace. Fingers dancing a hypnotic rhythm, looking forward to having something, or someone to toy with once the coin falls. With just enough imagination, you can find that coin being skillfully rolled on the backs of my fingers, or caressed on its rounded edge with each tip of my nails, and the surface with each finger tip, as if practicing bringing about quiet, peaceful submission to something in my hands. 

"Eventually you'll surely notice her smile. One that fascinatingly deepens with every tenth or hundredth of a second, only growing wider and more satisfied, a sign of total confidence in things going her way. Her smile might be as brilliant as yours as you wait for the coin to fall. Her smile might grow brighter as you have a look of unsurety, knowing how eventually you'll bear a smile of someone hypnotized, enjoying the trance she helps many sink into. The longer you stare at those red-painted lips, the more you wonder what words will be shaped from them, what ideas will pass my lips and be verbalized into some meaningful discussion that engages you on a several levels, each very profound. A discussion with your conscious mind, a discussion with your subconscious mind, a discussion with all the muscles, fingertips, toes, legs and arms, your belly, your chest, shoulders, neck, the top of your oh so focused head, even your eyelids, anywhere pleasure can be felt, which is soon to be everywhere. A smile is sure to come to your lips as my lips form words that generously speak to all of you, knowing that all of you is more than willing to give me all of your time and attention."

"Of course, one important feature I'd neglected to mention about the coin has to do with whose hand it originates from, whose hands it belongs in. So much of what I do with it gives it its fascinating qualities. The fingers that effortlessly sent it flying gracefully into the air, the palm it inevitably lands in, the wrist that allows my hand and fingers to maneuver in such beguiling motions while we wait for the coin to fall, attaching it to the beguiling mind containing the blueprints for your delicious journey, and the voice that narrates every detail and element that you follow. From my hypnotic hands, anything can become quite special. The coin might as well be something captivatingly shiny attached to a chain, the chain wrapped around my practiced fingers. It would be something eye-catching you'd expect a hypnotist to have, helping to leave an indelible impression on whomever she chooses. As easy as it would be to let it swing back and forth in your vision, something I would rather take the chain between my index and thumb, giving it a gentle twist to let the static, shiny object twirl right in-front of you. Eyes and mind practically bewitched with illumination, treating other thoughts in your head like shadows, fading in the light of my will. Flash after flash creating mindless elation, except keen attention paid solely to me. Fascinating how that twisting object might as well be the flipped coin still airborne, turned on its axis like you are, steadily held in my considerate hold." 

"In the deliciously slow tempo of the coin turning from one side to the other, you can wonder what all I am describing might be doing to you. The longer you stay fixed and comfortable as you are, the more noticeable you sense how every part of you is feeling. Though, with your attention still occupied with the coin and your hypnotist, you can simply notice that you are feeling a deepening sense or relaxation all throughout your body. Pinpointing which parts of you are more relaxed is harder to make out. Relaxation and bliss blurring your nerves and senses, it might come to a guessing game as to which part of you is more affected. There's a 50/50 chance that your left arm feels more comfortable than your right arm. Can you tell? Are you sure about which feels it more? What about the even chances your feet feel? Perhaps there's enough sensation in one of them to be able to willfully wiggle your toes, but the relaxation dulls your senses so beautifully, you might not be able to tell which. It would be as difficult as figuring out which shoulder is more loose and at ease; the answer could be which hypnotic hand from a hypnotist would be more skilled at drawing out your tension, or one who would just use her voice to suggest each shoulder evenly lets those muscles rest, and see which obediently complies first. The top of your head could be more relaxed than the soles of your feet, just as easily as the reverse. With every breath, either your stomach or your chest would feel more of the benefits of every ever-deepening breath. It's entirely feasible for one eyelid to be feel heavier than the other, despite your absolute need to see all that I would like you to. In all this possibility, I should note that there's no reason for all of this to weigh on your mind, which could be more relaxed than anything else. To know you feel relaxed, mind and body, is pleasant enough." 

"Even in the depths of your sleepy mind, theorizing one outcome or another is possible. If it lands on heads, you can feel a wave of relief wash all over you as you know you can simply give in. There's nothing for you to do when you give in, no energy to expend, no muscles need to be tensed; the hypnotist will do all the work for you, smiling deeply as you smile dreamily, watching an errant finger stroke the head atop the coin gently in the same way my voice caresses your head, silently requesting more of what you feel, deeper than what you feel now. If it happens to land on tails, as per our agreement, resistance is afforded to you. You are allowed to see how long you can last. I have no idea how that will fare for you though; listening to my voice after long periods of time leave most somewhat bedazzled, and too comfortable to leave that state. Contentment with my voice happens quite often, but you can resist. Perhaps you have theorized the idea or resistance this whole time, testing it against me, proving your self-control, picturing yourself as awake as when we started, if the coin happens to land on tails. The weight of my will may have surprised you, for it's strength and charm, giving you so many reasons to not fight it. The odds may be against resistance, but you can resist. I'm willing to bet for a growing part of you, nothing feels better than knowing you can resist, that it is an option, completely at your discretion to resist, or to let go. I can engage you as I wish, and you decide the if, or when you fall for me. From the moment I speak, you may fall, or after a rousing speech promoting relaxation like you've never known before, or even longer than that. And it must feel wonderful knowing that if you do happen to fall, it will be in the soft confines of my voice, happy to have you rest upon it like a pillowy bed, in it like the hazy, peaceful innards of a cloud. Within that cloud, I wonder if you could even remember if you submitted to my voice instantly, or if lasted longer than either of us anticipated. I wonder if you can even remember which side of the coin was decided, or wonder if it even matters." 

"Maybe as you give your attention to every last element in our game, you slowly come to realize that you enjoy the wait, the anticipation so much, that the result doesn't matter. It doesn't matter where the coin might come from; a quarter, two pence, ten euros, the worth and weight is insignificant compared to the weight of your wager, or the weight of heavy resistance unwantingly saddled onto a person's shoulders. Heads or tails equates to resistance or surrender. Two sides of the same coin, inseparable, all arriving to the same point - in my hands. Rise or fall, the gravity of it all is that the decision eventually lands and rests in my hands. That can be a small comfort to you, knowing that in the end, uncertainty is merely an illusion, that choice is chance, is change, is changeless, is charming, charismatic characterizations of charted chattering chosen to help you surrender to me now." 

"Yes, that's very good. Just like that. In this state of mind, you are free to continue to enjoy anticipation. So willing to bypass the formalities of the heads or tails, and hear whatever sounds still bring you pleasure while anticipating the pleasure of surrendering to my voice, to my words and suggestions, and as you experience and revel in that pleasure, the anticipation remains as you anticipate even more hypnotic pleasure on the horizon, and anticipate going even deeper than you already are, so thankful to have the gravity of my voice comfortably weigh you down while letting you drift away on it. The sound of the coin landing in my hand not nearly as satisfying as hearing me *SNAP* my fingers while giving a suggestion you're all but willing to follow. More pleasure begets deeper pleasure, begets more anticipation for more pleasure, which will come. And all you have to do is listen to my voice, and let it be the voice in your head."

"The longer my voice resoundingly overcomes your thoughts, and your ability to think, the more you accept my words as your thoughts. The longer you hear the sound of my voice, the longer you enjoy the pleasure that comes just from listening to me. Of course, your once independent thoughts have roamed the details of all that I have described, and some things I have not. I'm sure the outcome of our little game would be weighing on your mind, the heavy anticipation of an interesting game of chance. There is no such burden on your completely relaxed mind and body. That anticipated heaviness is rendered weightless because of my words. You rest comfortably against my voice as you allow me to think of the outcome for you. It is reminiscent of a forked path to a beautiful destination to me. There is no road less traveled here as you can easily imagine taking both." 

"One path is the path of sweet surrender, where you set aside all that is unnecessary, and allow yourself to become exactly what and how I want you in this vulnerable yet safe state. You walk this path free of all your cares and troubles, with the freedom to cast yourself before my will, sitting, kneeling, lying down, your submissive positioning is at your leisure. Of course, the other path is of that challenging resistance. You find the draw to this path staggering against your own expectations, astounded by the growing urge to continue. My voice calls to you at the end of the path, and with each unsure step, the clarity of my voice clears, until there is no hesitation, no unsurety, nothing holding you back. You might try to turn yourself back, to turn away and flee from my voice, but it's quite the exquisite struggle. For every step back you take or want to take, the pleasure of two steps forward is an increasingly tempting offer. Your feet grow as dizzy as your decision-making, knowing what they want even if you won't admit it. Soon, adorably, you find yourself resisting only because you realize the pleasure seems to double the more you resist. You prolong the inevitable to savor every delicious sensation my voice causes. I wonder if you realize by now that you stand already at the end of that path, fulfilled in the knowledge of both ways to approach. Like two sides of the falling coin, a choice is given, but you know as well as I do, the path is set like the coin will fall, like you will surely fall."

"And as that coin inevitably falls, while the type and worth of it is largely irrelevant for helping to decisively determine trancing for you, I find the concept of having worth still very important. All things have their worth in my opinion, from the lowest denomination to the highest denomination, and everything in-between. Those whom listen intently to me should know that they have worth, and should never forget that fact. It is easy to see money and think that is a measure of someone's worth, but it overlooks too many important things about a person that have absolutely nothing to do with money. As you listen intently to my words, you should always remember in your mind of minds and heart of hearts that you have significant wealth to yourself and to others. Having money in-hand, seeing it, or hearing it mentioned should be a clear reminder to you that you are worthy of so many things in your life, to not take yourself or other valuable people in your life for granted, and to never forget how utterly priceless people like yourself are. It is very important for me to know that compliant, obedient listeners like yourself will never forget of their own worth, whether totally awake or deep in a trance. As the rest of my suggestions sink deep within your mind, let this be the suggestion that lingers, that makes a permanent place in your subconsciousness."

"And just as the you and money itself has value, so does my voice, and my power. Like a coin in the palm of your hand, you can feel a distinct weight to it, deeply knowing its worth, appreciating it. It gives you so much pleasure to know how susceptible you are to my voice, how you can enjoy it in a way others cannot, and how you being a good hypnotic subject are worthy of my time, attention, and spellbinding skill that brings you deep in the heavenly state you are in now. So wonderful to know my voice, to let it take away the world and let you rest in pleasure, and return more confident and happy than before. Whenever you happen to have money in your hands, particularly coins, it will remind you of the weight and worth of Lady Jessica's voice. You can allow yourself a small smile, inwardly or outwardly. You can feel a small bit of pleasure that helps you to look forward to the next time you are safely able to trance for me. You can flip a coin with the assurance that just as gravity brings the coin back to you, there is no doubt that the gravity of my voice will bring you back into a trance whenever I want you to be there. I'm sure that after today, money as more relative significance than ever, as well as self-worth, and a lovely hypnotic voice sweetly melting your mind."

"As the hypnotist in this wonderful, amenable talk of ours, noticing how good you must feel at this very moment simply by listening to me, I wonder if how you feel in the outcome will be so different from how you feel now. Maybe all this discussion of possibility has already gotten to your mind. Perhaps what you very much anticipate happening to you is already happening to you. Are you in a light version of what is to come, or has your mind jumped several steps ahead to a depth I love taking other minds to? It's hard to say as everyone reaches their own level of hypnosis in their own way. If all you can hear is the sound of my voice, if all you can think of is my words, the shape they take in your mind, how they make you feel, if your will feels indistinguishable from my will, if any or all of these things feel true to you, then the motions we've gone through have had the desired effect. They say the journey is more important than the destination; that is something I could easily believe in if I were to look upon you now. If all you can hear is my hypnotic voice, and nothing else, then you won't be able to hear the sound of the coin finally landing in my palm. Perhaps there is no need, a decisive end has already been reached. But I certainly wouldn't want to fall back on an agreement. Therefore, when you hear the snap of my fingers, that will signify the coin falling in my hand. At the snap of my fingers, you will have an additional option granted to you. If you want, you may dream of the coin landing heads or tails, or both, and let your imagination fill in the blanks of a beautiful hypnosis session to follow this. But also, if you want to bathe in the knowledge your subconscious and myself already know, you can let the coin dropping, the sound of my fingers snapping, to be your signal of mindless surrender, basking in this mesmerizing trance for as long as you like, until you want to wake." 

"If you have listened to this around a time when you still have things to do in the day or in the night, you will awaken to my fingers snapping and responsibly, clearly, energetically handle whatever you need to for yourself. You will not neglect anything or anyone you have a responsibility toward. And the next time you have significant free-time for yourself, or the next time you fall asleep in your bed, you will let the sensations of this wonderful trance wash over you again, blissing out and highly anticipating the next time you are able to listen to this or another session of mine. Of course, if you have the time now, and are listening to this before bed, then prepare yourself to bask in the greatness of my own voice echoing the pleasure of trance deep in your mind, reminding you of how good it feels to trance for me now and in the future. Let my voice fill you with pleasure, reminding you of the equal fun involved in playful resistance or willful surrender, two sides of the same coin. Knowing that anytime your ears are graced with the presence of my voice is akin to a coin toss. No matter the side or wager chosen, you.....will......fall"



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