by me_chan

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #sub:male

A man discovers the depth of his co-worker’s impression on his work.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Beamen was given as clear a path as ever to Courtney's cubicle, limited foot-traffic due to everyone at lunch, Courtney's clumsy habit of forgetting things at her desk like her phone, opportunities he didn't get very often.
Around her part of the floor, he did a casual walk-by, to make sure the surrounding cubicles were vacant. The coast was surely clear, he got her phone and worked quickly.

For weeks, he'd been convinced that she was hacking into his files, taking credit for his ideas, somehow. He had IT skills too, but none of them helped him figure out how she was getting at his work. Wasn't safe to make any accusations without proof, so now he had to directly hack into her things. He started with her phone, and simultaneously did a check of her computer, running a custom program to check for any known markers of hacking software she would be using.

While that test ran, he got past her phone's security and began perusing documents, downloaded files and lines of communication. He found something strange very quickly, some kind of typo in the auto-correct.


It was literally the first thing that came up.

He didn't know how many consecutive uses it took to make something like that stick, but it was there.

He wondered for brief seconds how you'd get a typo like that. Was it meant to be like relaxing, with the "o" key next to the "i," and the "m" key next to the "n". Courtney despite being smart definitely had a ditzy veneer to her, like she was plucked right out of a high school stuck-up fashion clique and into the working world, so "omg" was definitely a part of her vocabulary.

"Relax, oh my god!" He could easily imagine her saying to her co-workers; it sickened him how hearing her say that could pass for a turn on for him.

The check on her computer showed no signs of any hacking software present, which was stranger as he figured with their secure intranet her computer was the only way to get to his.

Something beyond strange, in the realm of impossible to Beamen, came up in one of the social programs listed, seeing what looked like a profile of his. 

"When the hell did we ever communicate?"

He skimmed through the messages seeing basic responses from him in recent messages, lots of typos the further he went back by weeks, all the while Courtney's messages had lots of that weird typo "relaxomg" followed by something else, and every something he would agree to. Even as a joke, or especially if it were a joke, Beamen would have some memory of it. He checked his own phone quickly, realizing lunch was almost over and people would be coming back. To his ever confused horror, he found the exact same messages in a messenger app he all but ignored on his phone.

Reading both phones filled him with anger that didn't let him believe what is eyes saw was real. That anger the more he read, the more he read of her texts, started to feel like champagne bubbles eroding his negative thoughts; some of this thoughts in-general started to pop like bubbles, expending endorphins as it did. He started to feel a buzz come on that he fought, like the last time he drank more champagne than he meant to. He felt like he was on his first glass now, but reading unsubstantiated messages seemed to only make it worse.

Suddenly both his and her phone went off at the same time, showing a new entry in the messenger app.

CBaby: relaxomg - respond

RBeamen: sub4Courtney

A potent buzz hit him as half the thoughts in his head burst into endorphins that made him want to grin thoughtlessly and giggle stupidly. The resistance he put up didn't feel right, nor did thinking about why "sub4Courntey" was an auto reply in his phone after automatically typing "sub"

CBaby: Good. what are u doing?

It was hard for Beamen to detail exactly what he was doing given the shortage of thoughts, but pushing to elaborate for Courtney seemed necessary, so he did. It took a good minute before he got a response back.

CBaby: relaxomg - go bck to ur desk NOW.

The buzz jolted pleasure in his nerves and senses again; worry entered his mind as he wasn't sure the disorientation he felt would let him find where his desk was again, but he walked slowly and upright back to his station like nothing was wrong. He sat in his chair, looking down at his messenger, waiting for the next response.

"You look so tired Beamen; relax, oh my god!" Courtney said to Beamen almost mockingly from the entrance to his small cubicle. The bleach blonde texter cleared some papers off of his desk to sit on, looking down at him while texting.

CBaby: relaxomg - pissed as i am, start to feel some more buzz making u feel good.

He couldn't explain the contradiction of obeying and feeling good while feeling bad knowing Courtney was not happy, only able to manage a hesitant smile.

CBaby: the only reason ur feeling good now is because u did everything else like u were supposed to, giving me exactly what i deserve.

The smile grew more genuine knowing he pleased her in other ways, ways he never remembered.

CBaby: You dumb nerds think that all ur pc hacking n stuff means ur going to rule the world. I was hacking boys while u were hacking computers, and look where its getting me, ruling ur world and THE world too.

CBaby: relaxomg - wake up stay silent

Beamen blinked a few times, breathing through his nose since his lips were shut, gazing more and more accusingly at Courtney's evil grin.

CBaby: relaxomg - feel that buzz deeply while ur phone is on vibrate; let it rock ur world on the inside till u can't stand it with every message.

"I have to admit Beamen, you're a really good listener, it feels like even a good friend."

CBaby: relaxomg - admit ur my slut.

RBeamen: sub4Courtney is your slut.

"You're one of the best employees this floor, this company has; I bet your future here is bright."

CBaby: relaxomg - feel the anger drowned in that bimbo buzzing, stupid around me, smart 4 me, knowing u did all the work, taking my tough assignments, setting me up to take all the credit, ensuring my future here is blinding, meaning u get to shine beneath moi.

Something in her smile let the floodgates of his memory open up; why he felt tired so often, drained, unappreciated yet too accomplished to complain about it to the bosses. Preparing her presentations, pointing out people she should know for advancements he fought for. Courtney had the face, body, and mind to get what she wanted in high school, but he figured everyone like him would grow up past being charmed with a smile, wink, or bullshit promise. Whatever skill she had to make this bliss happen, he had to assume her skills grew up with her.

"And the money you'll be making; you'll get to brag about that hot girlfriend that'll make your friends jealous."

CBaby: relaxomg - smile at all the money u be making 4 me.

CBaby: relaxomg - smile at the thought of the 3rd girlfriend lost when u scream my name in bed, or is it 4? Cause there's no girl for u but me.

Thoughts big and small popped like champagne in his brain, shaking as he was allowed to remember the slap that came from a girl he liked and the guilt that couldn't compare to seeing Courtney in her place in bed, looking bimbo-ish which he hated until she reminded him that he was the bimbo and she was just plain super-sexy.

Beamen shook in his chair and Courtney let him ride out her induced sexual manipulation, the only constant muscles seizing were in his pants and the ear-to-ear smile indicative of her will and a lack of his, fighting the moans that thankfully couldn't escape his lips.

"There can be a lot of pressure once you move up in things, I hope things don't get too hard and you can keep it together. I'm sure you can, but you don't want to fall from such a high height you're going to."

CBaby: relaxomg - u LOVE how i can make u ruin urself just for my pleasure. run around the office naked, insult the big boss to make him want to throw u out on the street, so many ways. u cant resist; don't want to. feels TOO good, so right. buzzing bubbles won't stop because i don't let them. but with all the good work u do, u make a girl feel merciful 4 now, so

CBaby: relaxomg - bimbo beamen will not remember what u tried doing, will want to hit urself for how stupid it is to hurt me. u love me, sweet Courtney, can never have me but will never stop trying, will do anything just to make me smile, making you dumb in the head, aching in the bed.

Courtney let herself have a small laugh at his predicament, before hearing some people coming back from lunch.

CBaby: relaxomg - wake up back 2 normal

"Relax, oh my god, Beamen. Days almost over, and then you can get to bed real soon," she sounded sincere to the female co-workers she met around his cubicle and walked with away from him.

Beamen shook his head wondering what dream he just woke up from. Courtney was in it, and he was feeling good. He didn't know if there was a bedroom involved, what she wore or said; just having Courtney in his head made thinking about everything else stupid; he giggled stupidly to himself before his phone went off.

CBaby: relaxomg - respond

RBeamen: sub4Courntey

CBaby: relaxomg - smile at the punishment coming for making me miss part of my lunch. don't know how u will pay, but u will pay; let that make us both happy, while u work to help me get my ass to the very top, out of reach of ur lips.

CBaby: relaxomg - on second thought, start thinking about my feet. work hard and someday you may rise high enough to kiss those, bimbo beamen

RBeamen: sub4Courtneysfeet

Shutting his phone off, getting back to work, knowing he'd done something today to keep a smile on Courtney's face somehow kept a smile on his face all day, maybe throughout a frustratingly beautiful night.

It was the last he thought about her until Courtney's head peaked back in his cubicle nearly an hour later. "Oh hey, almost forgot, thanks for your help with that app."


"Yeah, that prototype you said might be able to help me? The one you said you feel like you'd be working on it forever?"

Beamen pulled up his phone to access his app list, and found something at the tail end of the list that looked unfamiliar, a half-black and half-white circle. Confused, he clicked on it and watched that same circle animate and grow into a deep, compelling spiral that his eyes drunk in automatically. Courtney smiled at the double-meaning of her words, how he would be working on the guys, the coding of that program for her, and how his mind would be working to deep the state he would dive headlong into forever. At least three times a day, when he had a free moment, he'd spend five minutes staring right at the spiral, letting the interwoven words command his mind, commands he inputted when received from Courtney. He didn't realize then that after lunch he'd inserted new commands in, after an unexpected, cheerful text.

CBaby: relaxomg - smile at ur luck. Already found a way to punish you.

Courtney calmly watched as he made his way in his awake-looking state to the supply closet at the other end of the floor, out of sight of everyone else. He pulled his pants down, phone in one hand, Courtney's property in the other. He stroked it vigorously, wantonly, as roughly as she indirectly instructed. Eventually his hand stopped, but the sensations didn't. His stroking hand reached for the closet doorknob. Part of his mind realized what he was doing, and his body shook as if in protest. But he couldn't stop staring at her spiral, her words, he couldn't stop himself from feeling as if he was about to burst but not past the precipice. He couldn't stop himself from reaching down to pull his pants up, putting his phone away, and looking presentable as he walked out of the closet with pieces of paper towel in-hand. He made his way back to his desk, with Courtney still waiting for him, wondering why she was still there, or what spilled that needed him to go get paper towel.

"Again, thanks for that app. Better a friend like you than this other...asshole," she whispered the last word out of earshot, "programmer I know. Some hotshot hacker, interested in me but at the same time acting like he's better than me. Finally told him to 'go hack yourself,' wondering how a hacker might pull that off."

It was hard for Courtney to keep her composure in that last sentence with the surprised muffled sounds Beamen made, something obviously roaring in his pants while he tried staying as quiet as a church mouse, only about a quarter successfully. She left him be at his desk, heading to what she hoped would be an empty ladies room to laugh at him, typing out her last response of the day to Beamen.

CBaby: relaxomg - let's see if u can make it 2 the men's room without anyone seeing that mess. Good luck :)


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