A Reflection of My World

by me_chan

Tags: #dialogue #dom:female #induction #Induction #no_sex_no_nudity #pov:top

More than deceiving, sometimes appearances can be all too fascinating.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under age 18 or those offended by mind control and domination. Constructive criticism welcome. Please enjoy.

Inspired by this image.

"So beautiful, isn't it? It's like something out of dream, the kind of dream that tops of the most perfect day you can remember having in a long time, or even the kind of dream that after a long, hard, frustrating day, you find yourself in need of this kind of getaway. Escapism is necessary for your sanity, you might think. But of course, the whole idea is to cease thinking and let your dreams, your imagination, the part of your brain that easily materializes images of pleasure, and any credible sensations to make you think it's real. So maybe, somewhere down the line, I've surprised you by bringing you here to this warm beach with an enchanting sunset, or maybe you are just looking at a picture I'm showing you a picture of my crystal ball lying amongst the rocks, seeing the world in a way like never before. Or perhaps you've merely closed your eyes and your imagination has perfectly set the stage for this very pleasant portrayal. All of your senses have you utterly convinced you're at the beach now, feeling your still sun-kissed body laying comfortably on the thick sheet beneath you, smelling sand and our sun-tan lotion, hearing the surf a little longer before it calms and there's nothing but my voice in your ears, your body touching my body as I lay next to you as you see the sunset through the lens of my crystal." 

"It's the world from my point of view, showing you the beauty in things you would've dismissed were it not for me. You're not inclined to dismiss it now though. A sight with an unbelievable, unidentifiable, undeniable draw to it, you don't even have the time to analytically process what's in front of you, let alone form some contradictory opinion on what you see. You should just let things be, let them be as I tell you they are, and let them be while there's still time to enjoy them. It's all as natural as the rocks beneath us, as natural as my crystal amongst the rocks, a special part of nature, but natural and reasonable, and as essential as those deep breaths you're breathing. It's amazing that for all the logic I could use to explain what you're seeing, the sight of the sun turned into a solar lighter speaks for itself, leaving some of us breathless."

"A point of view so hard to look away from, captivating enough to let the borders of your vision be somewhere within the smooth, polished glaze of my crystal, something to match that glazed gaze of someone on the cusp of something important. There's a dull focus there, focused for the intensity of their stare, but dull in their appearance as in starring off into space; the only sign of life would be that gleaming twinkle in their eye, much like the one reflecting off the sunlight in your eyes. It's not only the brightness that draws, but the shape as well. With sunsets, you're used to a rounded shape, encouraged to stare at it across the horizon when high above everything and everyone it blinds those who dare to look up. But now, that shape has changed. In my crystal ball, in my world, what you see and know is turned upside down, open to my interpretation. Because it pleases me to think of it in that way, the sun becomes a dancing flame  for our enjoyment. The light is made to twist and turn across the mirroring sea, across waves reacting to the vibrations caused by every word I speak. It dances and you follow each sensuous motion, every stirring shimmy or every fervent flit. A lone, solitary dance across the surface of the sky. Even through its passionate dance, it tires and wants to sink to the ground, exactly where you are. It dances until it drops, ever warming the rocks above that you rest on." 

"As much as you have come to love seeing the sun, the sky, the forces of nature and gravity bend to my will, I wonder if even somewhere deep in your subconscious you are aware of my equal or greater love for bending things to my will. It excites me to no end that nature as it is beyond the glass borders of my crystal ball would now seem utterly preposterous to you. Of course Rocks hang above the sun, don't they? Of course flames of any kind dance care-free atop water without fear of extinguishment, don't they? Of course flames fear air as the force that inevitably snuffs them out, don't they? Of course the world and reality itself can be turned upside down at the whims of a simple woman who owns a crystal ball, can't it, especially when it really wants to?" 

"Things you would've once called 'falsehoods' may dance across your mind like the flame dances exotically. 'Falsehoods' trying to make their claim for legitimacy, to be a prevailing thought in that increasingly vacant head of yours. Every last one of them is overruled by a presence that has filled that vacancy - my spoken words, my thoughts that become yours, my voice surrounding and penetrating your mind as if it was always mine. I mean, are you willing to deny what your eyes are telling you? Those eyes that tell you how beautiful a sunset it, that the sky is blue, that light reflects and shines on everything, into your eyes. You see that sunset, and you trust it to give light right up until it rises high enough to give way to darkness, that lovely darkness that comes every night to make you feel tired and peaceful. You trust your eyes like you can trust the warmth that the sun creates and leaves behind, you can trust my words filling your mind with warmth, you can trust the feel of my body next to you making you warmer in spite of the air turning cooler." 

"You can trust that the darkness starts to come from below, adjacent the dark-colored rocks, while the light remains in the middle, slowly dimming, the light fluttering and turning into thinner and thinner slits, fighting until its last brilliant flash of light. It may fight what is to come, but we both know in my world, it is my will that is done. The darkness is just as beautiful as the light, and therefore I will it. The darkness comes every time heavy eyes become too heavy to resist or negotiate with. There's no stopping my will in my world; you have no reason to stop it, because when is the last time you stopped something good? To know what my will is is good. To know that nature, light, darkness, and minds bend to my will is good. To know that you are in my world, that I have granted you access to this special, blissful place, is better than good." 

"When that light is snuffed out, so will your thoughts be for a little while. And in the pleasure of darkness, until light emerges like an open eye yet again, beyond any reason to foolishly resist pleasure, you find yourself a grateful part of me, you find me a cherished part of you, without a doubt, a reflection of my world."

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