Remind Me

by Lunar Circuit

Tags: #consensual_kink #f/f #longterm_relationship #memory_play #romantic #wholesome #asexual #assertive_bottom #dom:female #love #pov:bottom #pov:top #pre-existing_relationship #sub:female

Senna’s girlfriend rings the doorbell, but Senna doesn’t remember anything about her.

Disclaimer: This story is intended for readers of age 18+. The characters and story are copyright Lunar Circuit © 2020. You may not repost this anywhere without express written permission from me. Enjoy the ride!

Senna stepped out of her car onto the driveway with a spring in her step. She glanced at her phone as it buzzed. "Thanks for the coffee! Nice to catch up with you," it read. Smiling, she tapped out a quick 'you too!' before dropping it back into her purse. She unlocked the door, keys jingling as she dropped them in with the phone.

As she stepped over the threshold, she froze, a chill tremor passing through her body. Feels like someone's walking over my grave... As the sensation subsided, leaving her with a slight unsteadiness, she shook her head and opened the door.

"I'm back!" Senna called out reflexively, then blinked. Who are you doing that for? You live alone, dumbass. 

Something definitely felt off.

Maybe some food will help? It is just about lunch time...

She took careful, measured steps to try to steady herself after that strange disorientation. Pulling open a cabinet, she grabbed a loaf of bread, carefully extracting two slices before another shiver struck her. That same feeling again. There’s something about this cabinet that’s weird... ­but what? 

Her thoughts were cut short as the doorbell chimed sharply. Why would someone be at the door? she thought, furrowing her brow. She couldn't think of anyone who would be visiting at this hour, and her friends, for one reason or another, were all busy today. Jane had had enough time for a coffee, but needed to rush off to a meeting right after. Who could...

The doorbell rang again. Sighing, she put the bread down, and stepped up to the doorside window. The cold-caller appeared to be a short girl, with pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes. Senna shivered again, harder this time. Is she... connected to these shivers I keep having? And what the hell are these shivers, anyway?

Unsure what else she could do, she opened the door. The girl on the doorstep looked apprehensive. Worried, even. It’s hard to see her as nefarious, though...

"I'm... Piper."

The name hit Senna with what felt like a physical force. It inspired a strange familiarity in her, but all that her floundering mind came up was a single memory. A memory of this girl - of Piper - speaking to her, concern etched onto her face, a face that inspired deep warmth in Senna. Or, at least, inspiring it in memory-me.

"This is important, Senn. This is going to be the only memory you have of me. I'm Piper. Your girlfriend. You asked for the memories to be taken. If you ask again, I'll give them back."

Senna shuddered, opening her eyes. Those feelings had felt so real at the time, but... a girlfriend? She hadn’t even known she liked girls - or, for that matter, liked anyone.

But that memory stuck with her. Your girlfriend.

The Senna of that memory hadn't doubted Piper. If anything, she'd felt a surge of pride at the phrase. And, as she mulled it over, the possibility that this was some kind of crazy scheme didn’t seem so realistic. If this girl - Piper - wanted to inject herself into my life as my girlfriend through some kind of crazy brainwashing scheme, she probably wouldn't have given me any room for doubt. And she just seems too... honest for that.

But she couldn't deny that the girl was cute. Cute enough to date, perhaps? But then why would I have asked for my memories to be taken away? She has to know...

Shoving her internal conflicts aside for the moment, Senna raised an eyebrow.

"Well, Piper... I assume you won't be needing the tour?"

Senna watched, fascinated, as Piper moved around the kitchen with ease, pulling ingredients off the shelves. That confirms she knows her way around the house, at least...

Piper’s story seemed more and more inarguable with every minute detail Senna noticed. Her every small mannerism felt like it should be familiar to her. But I still need to figure out why. That knowing smile she doesn’t think I’ve noticed... she's just waiting for me to figure it out, isn't she?

Piper swung past her towards the table, frizzy hair brushing Senna's shoulder as she went by. Senna's breath caught at the sudden proximity, and she swallowed, flustered. Piper grinned.

"Well, you were about to make lunch, right? I figured I'd have our usual." A simple salad sandwich sat on Piper's plate - identical to the one Senna herself had been making before Piper arrived. Is she... trying to taunt me? Well, it's working...

Some of her frustration must have shown on her face, judging by Piper's chuckles. She sat down, enduring the laughter with as much grace as she could muster. "So, I presume there was a point to this. Some reason, some game we were playing. Mind telling me what our relationship is like, t' give me a hint?" she asked, before taking a bite of her sandwich. 

"Well, what fun would that be? You're trying to cheat the game, and I won't have that, Senn." Senna flinched, and Piper blanched, realizing her mistake. "I- Right. You didn't want other people to call you that, because of- I didn't mean to..."

God, how close was I to her? How much of my life did I ask her to lock away?

"Senna, are you okay?" Piper’s voice, filled with concern, snapped her out of her panic.

"Y... yeah. Just... shaken."

"If this is hurting you, we can stop now. You just have to ask."

"D-did I ask you to take away bad memories? Is that what this is?"

Piper shook her head quickly. "No, not at all. It's..." She paused, her eyes sparkling. "Were you trying to get me to answer out of pity?"

"Please. I assume you know me better than that."

"...You're right. Sorry."

Senna leaned back in their chair, studying the other girl's face. She looked genuinely apologetic, but that mischievous glint still shone in her eyes. She cares about me a lot, yes. But she's enjoying this, too. So it's something she personally did, and that I wanted to happen, then? But how could she have taken my memories? Some kind of mind control? Brainwashing? No, that's ridiculous. It's- 

"Hypnosis," Senna declared with a start. Piper's expression stayed flat, but her rigid face and the flush that crossed it and told another story.

"You hypnotized me. You... do that often, I'd guess? Playing with me like a toy, dancing to your tune like a Pied Piper?" Senna grinned as Piper blushed at the joke. Well, it certainly lends weight to my theory. 

But Piper’s tense expression quickly changed, opening into a warm, fond half-smile that had 'I love you' written all over it. So. That's probably the how, but that still doesn't tell me the why. But I suppose that if she's this easy to read, I might as well try a few leading questions...

She thought back to that scrap of memory, the only link she still had to the Senna Piper knew.

"I'll give them back."

True, she could just ask for the memories back. But clearly she had wanted to play this game, or else she wouldn't have asked for the memories to be taken in the first place.

No sense in giving up before we’ve really started, after all.

She stood, pacing in front of the couch to get her mind into gear.

"So, let's see. If you can’t tell me what our relationship was like, or whether it really was hypnosis you used on me... Who came up with the idea for this, between the two of us?"

Piper raised an eyebrow. "You did, Senna. The memory I left told you that much, didn't it?"

That she left me. That means she had fine enough control of my mind to be able to select a specific memory like that, and that it wasn't just something she left me with through brute force.

"Oh, it did." She smiled, trying to project an air of confident understanding. After all, she had to keep Piper off guard. "But it didn’t need to tell me... That this isn't the first time you've tried this."

Piper's eyes were unreadable. "...Interesting theory. And what makes you say that?"

"You did. Just now." She grinned, forcing a confident gleam into her eyes. As if. I don't know how well a bluff will work here, though, if she really does know me that well. She is holding all the cards here, after all.

"I never could hide something from you for long," Piper sighed, shoulders slumping.

Senna raised an eyebrow, masking the surprise she felt. "Well, you do make it so easy." She grinned, feeling a sort of rhythm to the conversation. Something familiar, something Piper had probably locked away.

"So, the game's objective is to figure something out, right? A game of hide-and-seek, in a way, where I need to piece together something I’ve forgotten. Why else would you be toying with me like this?"

"...That's also an... interesting theory." Piper noted carefully.

That one felt like a no. But this is too easy... I don't just want this puzzle to be solved for me! She paused. I haven't ever been into puzzles, but Piper seems to expect that I am. Is that something she taught me about... myself?

Something about the conversation felt... comfortable, to her. Like an old song she'd loved and long forgotten, or an old friend from long ago. If it isn't to figure something out... then what?

She sighed, frustrated she wasn't getting anywhere, and flopped onto the couch.

"Well... what do you like to do, then? I'm stumped, so I suppose I might as well learn more about my girlfriend. Surely just learning about you couldn't violate the rules of this game, right?"

"No... it wouldn't. What do I like to do? Hrm... Well, I like to play fighting games. We do that a lot, when we're bored. Oh, and I like to read! We'll spend hours discussing theories about books we're reading together." She’s talking about what I like to do too... so much for not telling me about our relationship.

"Well, anything you like to make? Writing, art... I'm just curious, honestly," Senna shrugged.

"I... do like to draw some. I usually don't share any of it, because I'm not very good..."

"Usually? So, you share them with me?"

Piper flushed and nodded.

"Well, do you have any examples? I assume you've got some on your phone, or something."

"Not on hand... oh! You have your wallet, right?" Piper asked, excited. Senna nodded, unsure where this was going. "Take that out, then."

She pulled out her plain white wallet - no, that wasn't right, she realized with another shiver. They were less uncomfortable now that she knew what the shivers were, but her wallet wasn't white. It was decorated intricately with what looked like pen drawings of a thin green plant with yellow buds. A senna plant, she realized.

"Not very good? That's patently ridiculous, Piper. This is incredible!"

She smiled, turning away slightly to try and hide her adorable blush. "You told me that when I gave it to you, too. It was a birthday present."

Senna smiled. "Am I that predictable?"

"Apparently so!" Piper laughed. Senna watched her laugh, feeling... something. Something warm.

Wait. I just met this girl - or, at least, I might as well have. Why do I want to know so much about her? I know she's my girlfriend - she’s told me as much - but... What about her draws me in so much?

There was something about the girl laughing sweetly in front of her, with that warm smile on her face. Something that drew Senna in... something that had drawn her in already.

And it clicked.

"I wanted to fall in love again. Fall in love... with you."

Piper flushed deeper, pulling a throw pillow from the couch to hide her face. Senna stood quiet, confused. Was that right? She didn't react like that to any other theories...

Piper's voice was muffled around the pillow. "That... that was it. Yes. I just..." She peeked out from behind the pillow. "I didn't expect you to... fall so quickly."

Senna grinned, using her pride at answering right to mask her own embarrassment. She rolled her eyes, pulling aside Piper’s pillow and taking the shorter girl gently by the head, tilting it up to meet her eyes. "How could I not, for someone as charming as you?"

"I... Uh... Wha..." Piper stammered, her expression melting. She really loves me... but she doesn’t seem to realize just how much memory-Senna loved her, did she? I don't think this game was for my benefit alone. She felt a deep respect growing for the Senna that had created this game, the one who Piper loved and who loved her... loved her more than Piper even knew.

"We might as well make the most of this, Piper. If you want to, that is." Piper let out a shocked eep, and Senna chuckled, pulling her into a hug.

Piper tilted her head up, her hair brushing Senna's ear as she whispered, "... you mean..."

Senna nodded. "After all, 'I' haven't done it before, right? I assume that was part of your plan..."

Piper broke out of the hug, nodding before practically scrambling her way up the front stairs. Senna watched, feeling an odd mix of nostalgia, probably from what her subconscious knew, and wonder at just how well this girl pushed her buttons. Even without my memories, I love her. Oh, Piper... You really are lucky to have memory-me. She paused. Wait, doesn't that make me a bit conceited? She shook her head, smiling, and followed Piper to the bedroom.

The walls were covered with pictures. Pictures that Senna couldn't remember. Pictures from trips, Piper at her side. Sketches of her face, rendered in Piper's already-distinctive style. Pictures of them.

She looked at Piper, sitting bolt-upright on Senna's - no, their - bed. "So, it'll be my first time... or, well, you know what I mean. Take care of me, alright?" she said, winking.

Piper nodded vigorously, although she hesitated for a moment. You really left me a handful, me, she thought, smiling. She started to pull off her clothing, starting with her shirt. Piper eeped again, watching closely, her eyes seemingly magnetized to every curve of Senna's body. I didn't think I was that impressive, but love's one hell of a glow-up filter, ain't it?

"Well, are you just going to watch? I mean, this isn't a one-player game, Piper," she said, leaning in to elbow her girlfriend lightly in the side. Piper chuckled weakly - her attention's still focused elsewhere, Senna realized - and began to undress. In short order, her shirt and shorts were in a heap on the floor, leaving her in just her bra and panties.

Senna whistled with appreciation, eliciting another blush from Piper.

"Daaaaamn. I don’t remember any others, so I might be a touch biased, but... you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, Piper."

The girl blushed again, harder, but as if to contrast with that innocent look, an almost predatory glint started to form in her eyes.

And the fun begins, Senna thought, as she went in for a kiss. Piper moaned at the sudden intimacy, but Senna wasn't done. She didn't have any experience to draw on, but instinct and reflex told her to keep going. She grabbed Piper in a soft hug, her hands straying across the girl's back. Piper moaned harder, and then suddenly her eyes flew open, grabbing Senna back with a force that belied her small frame. There was a hunger in those eyes, eyes that drew closer to her own as Piper leaned into the kiss hard. Senna felt... right. Like this was how it was supposed to be. She melted into the kiss, letting Piper take the lead.

They broke the kiss, gasping. Senna grinned, flushed and exhilarated, breathing heavily. "So... you're the dom, then? That explains my giving up my mind to you... so I could learn that... all over again."

Piper rolled her eyes, grinning. "That's not how this works, Senna. You don't take the lead, and you don't get to think. I'm the one cuddling you."

Senna blushed, instinctively backing down at her tone. She's trained me well, she thought wryly.

Piper didn't let up, though. "That's not the only thing you don't remember about this. You're mine, Senna, and I take good care of what's mine." She emphasized this with a stroke down Senna's stomach, ending in a little circle just below her waist and bringing forth another moan. "You tell me everything, every flaw and dark secret, and it just makes me want you more. I love you. I love how dumb you are, even when you're smart. I love how you can't help but argue with yourself over every little mystery, and how you usually end up being right." She started punctuating her sentences with kissing Senna's neck, causing tremors that were anything but cold.

"I love how confident you are, and how easily that confidence can become mine when I ask. You did just jump into your 'first time' less than an hour after meeting your girlfriend, after all."

"Wasn't... really my first time, was it," Senna retorted, words coming breathily between gasps.

"Tsk, tsk. I know you can't turn off that wonderful sass of yours, but we both know - or, well, I know - that good girls don't talk back." She laid a finger on Senna's parted lips, silencing her as Piper continued to kiss her gently but firmly.

This is the girl who was flustered at hearing I loved her? Who was melting in front of me? She moaned harder under Piper's onslaught. She likes my confidence? She has enough of it for both of us!

"Hey, Senna. If you want me to stop teasing you so much, maybe you could make yourself a little more useful?" When did I say I wanted you to st- oh. Oh.

A gentle hand pushed her head down. Piper had slid her panties down to her ankles, exposing her small pink slit, and was firmly - but gently - guiding Senna's head down to meet it. She pushed back a little, out of reflex rather than genuine protest, earning another tsk-tsk from Piper. Senna relaxed her neck, letting Piper guide her mouth down to her pussy. Feeling that odd sense of deja vu again, Senna began to lick. Her body seemed to know what to do, as her tongue quickly sought out her partner's clit, and was rewarded with Piper arching her back slightly and moaning. She let instinct take over, letting her experienced body do the work her novice mind couldn't. Piper must fuck me a lot for it to be this instinctive. Daaaamn, Senna, you got lucky. But there's definitely something magical about the first time, she thought, watching Piper try to hide how much Senna's ministrations turned her to putty. God, I love her.

She sped up, responding to Piper pushing her even harder into her crotch. "Sennnaaaa..." Piper moaned, tensing up. As she tensed up, she pushed Senna harder, panting with frantic intensity. Senna didn't let up, instinctively slowing down to draw out the coming climax.

And the climax - and Piper - came.

Senna sat, basking in the afterglow. Piper sighed contentedly beside her, just happy to share in the moment. She never wanted it to end.

"Since you won... I assume you want your memories back?" Piper asked, sounding tired.

Senna shook her head, grabbing Piper in a warm embrace. "Later. I think I want to just enjoy my 'first time' with you... for a little bit longer."

Author's Note: I was inspired to write this story by Sammynona's discord server. Thank you to a bunch of my friends for proofreading and editing this story!


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