Allow Me

by Lunar Circuit

Tags: #consensual_kink #detailed_induction #f/f #longterm_relationship #romantic #wholesome #asexual #assertive_bottom #awkwardness #dom:female #love #pov:bottom #pov:top #pre-existing_relationship #sub:female #synesthesia

Piper knows how to be quite convincing when asking Senna for permission.

Disclaimer: This story is intended for readers of age 18+. The characters and story are copyright Lunar Circuit © 2020. You may not repost this anywhere without express written permission from me. Enjoy the ride!
This story is another snapshot in the same relationship as Remind Me and Follow Me. They can be read in any order, although I recommend reading the other two stories first!

"Lunch’s ready!" Piper called, pulling the tray out of the oven and setting it on the stovetop. She surveyed her handiwork; puff pastry shells filled with cheese, neatly arranged in rows, sat steaming hot upon the counter. Not my most elegant work... not as if there's a particular occasion, though.

Senna walked into the kitchen, a large book held nearly shut in one hand, and froze at the sight. "Oooh," she breathed, "those look good."

Piper rolled her eyes. And not as if she'd care, either. What was I worried about, again? 

She opened a drawer to pull out a spatula, then shoved it back closed with a quick swing of her hips, earning her a warm chuckle from Senna.

"What, like what you see?" Piper quipped. "I mean, you can have something else for lunch, if you really want..."

Senna snorted, grabbing a plate and lifting four pastries onto it - ignoring the spatula - before moving over to the table and taking a seat. Sticking a bookmark in her book as she placed it off to the side, Senna yawned, basking in the bright midday sunlight, and gestured for Piper to join her.

Piper settled into the chair beside her, and poked her girlfriend in the side. "Oh, so you don't want me? I'm positively offended, Senna. Why, a girl might think she was unwanted - in her own home, no less!"

Senna grinned, sending an elbow back at the shorter girl. Piper dodged reflexively, making Senna's grin widen further. "Not wanted? But Piper, I've been waiting so eagerly for you!"

"Yeah, because you were hungry, you dolt."

Senna shrugged, still smiling widely. "Well, I can be two things at once. I'm certainly capable enough, am I not?"

"Shut up," Piper groaned, shoving at Senna with one hand as she took a bite of pastry with the other. Senna rolled her eyes, but held back further quips as she took a bite as well.

Well, they're not much, but if I know Senna... 

"Wow, these are good! You should really make them more often, Pipes."

There we are, she thought, smiling warmly.

"Whatever happened to shutting up, Senn?"

"Oh, make me."

Piper cocked her head. "Is that a request?"

"I -" Senna paused. "You know what? Fuck it. Let's go."

"Yeah, yeah, Senn..." she trailed off, taken aback. "You're serious, aren't you?"

Senna shrugged, grinning.

The shorter girl raised an eyebrow, sizing her girlfriend up. "Well, then... So how do you want to do this? You don't have any active triggers, so I'll have to work from scratch."

Senna considered that, taking a bite out of her last pastry. She mumbled something unintelligible through her full mouth, then thought better of it. Shaking her head, she swallowed and tried again.

"Well, you could just go back to the basics. Like that trigger you used last week, when we were hiking at the Hills. You know, the generic 'your wish is my command' spiel."

"That's a bit unimaginative, though... What kind of game could you spin that into?"

"Does there need to be a game, Piper?" she mused. "I mean, bells and whistles are nice and all, but it's nice to just have a little time to ourselves, right?"

Piper appeared to consider the idea with some concern.

"Uh... is something wrong with that, Pipes?"

Piper started. "No, no... you're right. It's just..." she chuckled, "You've conditioned me too well."

"Isn't that supposed to be your job?" Senna teased.

"Clearly I have to step up my game. Unless you’re looking for a change in role?"

Senna, in response, gave an exaggerated bow, ending in a kneel before Piper. "I object to that," she declared with mock propriety. "I am perfectly satisfied in my role as your ever-obedient servant, my lady."

"Oh, stop that," Piper snorted. Senna lifted herself back to eye-level, smirking.

"Ah-ah-ah! Wasn't the point to make me stop? I've really got you drooling at the bell, huh?"

Piper just shoved her in response, dashing in front of her and scrambling up the stairs to the bedroom.

Piper turned, lifting a silver pendant with an intricate orange crab-like symbol enameled on it, and saw Senna sitting expectantly on their bed. She took a deep breath, holding the pendant out before her, and gently began to swing it.

Senna stifled a laugh, and Piper stopped swinging.

"What?" she demanded.

"No, no... I did tell you to go back to basics, but a swinging pendant..." she cackled.

"Are we ready?" Piper asked, her annoyance palpable.

"Fine, fine, I'm ready," Senna giggled once she had calmed a little, taking a deep breath and sitting up straight again. 

Piper sighed, suddenly feeling apprehensive. She shook her head to steel herself, and began to swing the pendant.

"Keep your eyes on the pendant, Senna. Watch the light play off the glyph as it swings from side to side. Side to side... and as it swings, everything else just starts to feel less important..."

Her voice slipped into a smoother, more even tone as she continued to talk, confidence building as she slipped into the rhythm of a process she knew quite well. She never could quite sense the rhythms Senna described - couldn't feel them thrumming through her bones - but she knew that feeling all the same.

"And as you watch it, you notice how pretty it is, don't you? The subtle details and the symmetry are so captivating, you feel like you could watch them forever..."

Senna's posture started to relax slightly, but her eyes still were laser-focused on the motion of the pendant in Piper's hands.

"You love this pendant, don't you? Watching it makes you remember how it represents you so well. You got me one just like it, after all. The glyph means stubbornness, dependability... but also compassion and mediation. Always strong, always steady... and I know you love to be that for people. But isn't it so nice to be able to lay down your burdens?

"And it's easy to just listen to my voice, isn't it? To let me talk about things you love. To let me put you at ease. You could listen to it for hours, right?"

Senna's head bobbed slightly, not quite a full nod.

"You don't need to worry about anything right now. You don't have any obligations. It's so easy to just let go, to let my voice carry you." She slowed the swinging of the pendant as she saw that Senna's eyes had begun to glaze.

"And as you’re carried away, you feel so tired. But now, you can just rest. You know everything will be taken care of for you, don’t you? It’s so easy to just let me handle things. So easy to let go, and to drift away... to relax completely now, deep within your mind."

Senna's eyes fluttered closed. Piper palmed the pendant, putting it into her shorts pocket, and stared at the beautiful woman sitting in front of her, breathing deeply, completely at her mercy.

God, she loved her.

"Can you hear me, Senna?"

"Yess..." Senna breathed.

Piper gulped, ignoring the electric thrill hearing the soft monotone sent through her. There would be time enough for that later.

"Now, listen, my -" she gulped again, flushing, "- uh, my Senna. I want you to remember something for me. Don't forget it, no matter what, for the rest of the day. Do you understand?"


"Whenever I ask you to allow me to do something today, I want you to let me do it. No matter what that command is - unless, of course, you feel too uncomfortable to continue. If you do feel uncomfortable, I want you to tell me immediately. Understood?"


"No matter what the command is, if you aren't uncomfortable with it, you will obey. If I ask you to allow me to make you feel a certain way, you will feel that way. But you will remember my requests, and know you are being compelled. You will be aware of everything I am doing. Do you understand?"

"Aware... yes..."

Piper smiled. There were advantages to having a sub so willing, of course. Gaps in programming might be filled in, as Senna would interpret instructions to the best of her ability. It meant she could afford to be a little more relaxed.

But on the other hand… She grimaced as she remembered the hike, and the spin she'd put on the trigger for this time. Her wording might have been a bit too vague...

"And I don't want you to lose sight of reality this time. If I order you to experience something, you will be aware that the experience as a whole is fake. I cannot make you forget about what I've asked you to allow me to do. Understood?"


"Good girl." Even in trance, a smile curled the corners of Senna's lips. Piper felt a warm surge of pride.

"Wake up."

"Senna, would you allow me to ask you to fetch me a cup of water?" Piper grinned. Senna glared at her even as her body began moving against her volition.

"You know, when you set up a trigger to make me do anything," she complained, "I was expecting something more than a couple of petty party tricks." She grudgingly handed Piper the glass, which she accepted, sipping gratefully and leaning back into her plush chair.

"I am ordering you around, aren't I? Who are you to complain?"

Senna turned quickly to stare at Piper, eyes aflame. "Don't you dare take my ability to complain," she growled, then blinked in surprise. "Was that..."

"I threw in a suggestion for you to voice anything you were uncomfortable with. No point to doing this if you're miserable, right?"

Senna relaxed visibly, nodding.

"Now, Senna, would you allow me to tell you to pull a table over here, so I can put this water down?"

Senna groaned as she moved to do as ordered. "You know, you could have chosen a simpler trigger."

"Have something to say, Senna? Allow me to request that you speak up..."

"See, right there," she noted, slightly louder. "It's not easy to work that trigger into a sentence, grammatically speaking. Surely you could have worded it a little better..."

Piper glared back at Senna just as her lips parted to speak. "Allow me to have you shut up." No sound came from Senna’s open mouth, and she snapped it shut, raising an eyebrow. Her meaning was clear in the gesture - 'I'm still right, you know.'

"Fine, fine. You're right, I admit it. How about... Allow me to have you obey me whenever I use the word allow at all. Better?"

Senna didn't respond, looking at her expectantly.

"Oh, right. Blah. Allow yourself to speak."

"Better," Senna grinned.

"Damn sassy, critical sub... What is the world coming to?" Piper sighed exaggeratedly, shaking her head.

"Hey, don't blame me. You know full well that there's a way to solve that problem."

"Now where would the fun in that be? By the way, Senn, could you allow yourself to give me a shoulder massage?"

Senna rolled her eyes, but obliged. "You don't need a command to make me do that, girl."

"No, but it is more fun this way, isn't it?"

"I suppose," Senna chuckled.

As she began to knead Piper's shoulders, they fell into a comfortable silence, the shorter girl murmuring satisfiedly as Senna’s expert fingers drained her tension away.

"While of course, I defer to you -"

"As you should."

"Yes, as I should," Senna continued, "I really think you can be a little more creative than using me for mundane tasks, Pipes. Come on, let's see that artist's brain flex."

"That's - there are several things wrong with that statement."

Senna snickered.

"But... alright. Let's see..."

She mused for a moment. "Well, I was going to ask you to bring the footstool over, but maybeeee..." She trailed off, face flaring bright pink as a vivid mental image of Senna below her feet, patiently acting as her furniture, flared to life in her mind. Senna, beneath her, serving her... She squeaked, turning around to hide her flaming blush in her chair's cushions.

"Oh? Has someone been getting ideas, now?"

"Nothingshutupimfine," the embarrassed girl muttered, face beet-red.

"Nothing? This doesn't look like it's nothing..."

"Allowyourselftostopbeingsodamnamused," Piper mumbled.

Senna paused for a moment, suddenly feeling exceedingly... calm. But... why would she be calm? Piper was sitting there, embarrassed for all the world!

She snickered, which got Piper to turn around. "Did that... not work?" she asked, concern written across her face.

"No, no, it did. It's just... it's hilarious, you know? Someone being so embarrassed they command me to stop finding it funny. You told me to stop being amused, not to not be amused!"

"Technicalities," Piper grumbled. "Loopholes are dumb."

"Maybe. But isn't it more fun when things don't go exactly as planned?" Senna mused, perching on the arm of Piper's chair and leaning into her girlfriend.

"Maybe." She shifted, leaning closer to rest against Senna's shoulder.

Senna closed her eyes, smiling.

Piper murmured something she couldn't quite hear.

"What was that?"

"Allow... Allow me to put my head in your lap," Piper repeated, slightly louder. Almost in an eyeblink, Piper turned her entire body, her head now looking up at Senna from its resting place on her legs. Her expression melted as it met the taller girl's eyes.

"Wait, Pipes. Not that I've got a problem with this... But you just nearly overheated when you tried to make me act as your furniture. Isn't that -"

"No," Piper pouted.

"I really don't see the difference -"

"Well, allow yourself to believe I'm right."

Senna blinked, as something seemed to shift in her mind. She opened her mouth, trying to voice an objection, but...

She chuckled, earning a questioning look from Piper.

"I feel like I ought to have a response to that, but all I can think of are ways to express how much I agree with you. Fascinating, that."

Piper giggled, leaning closer to Senna, who wouldn't have dared need prompting to start running her hands through Piper's hair. The short girl purred in satisfaction at the sudden attention.

Well, if she's going to play the cat... Senna started scritching her behind the ears, making Piper laugh uncontrollably.

"Cut it out, I'm ticklish there!" she choked out between giggles.

"Of course - why else do you think I'd do it?"

Piper slapped her hands away, but didn't bother with commanding her to stop. She grinned, cheeks burning, and Senna continued stroking her head, earning another throaty purr from the shy girl.

Piper nestled herself into Senna's lap, letting out small sighs of contentment. Senna rolled her eyes as Piper shifted, unconsciously pressing harder against her.

Senna smirked down at the girl in her lap. "Has anyone ever told you that you're gay, Piper?"

"What? Uh, yes?" She blinked, trying to process that.

"Really? I never noticed."

"Wha... what? Allow yourself to stop being so damn coy, please..."

Senna chuckled. "Bedroom?"

Piper opened her mouth, sputtering, but no coherent words came out.

"What I mean is, Piper, this seems to be heading that direction. How about it?"

Piper looked at her, shocked. "B-but you... you don't initiate. You're ace. Why-"

"I am a good servant, and good servants listen to the needs of their mistress, don't they?"

"I-" Piper flushed, clamping her mouth shut.

It's far too easy to do that to her, Senna thought, snickering.

"Senna, allow me a moment to get ready, and allow yourself to stop laughing so I can get myself together. Honestly."

Senna shut up obediently, sitting up with a satisfied grin as Piper lurched to her feet, breathing deeply to calm herself. Flush still evident on her cheeks, she gestured to the stairs.

Piper was practically vibrating with nervousness. Be nice if I could do that at will...

Why did she always feel this way before sex? It's not as if Senna was nervous. She was hardly ever fazed by anything Piper did. Oh, she definitely loved everything Piper did with her, but she never got flustered, never dropped the snark. Always cool, calm, and collected, a stark contrast to the warmth burning Piper's cheeks.

But that just made Piper want her more. A real vicious cycle I've got going on there, right? The more embarrassed she got, the more Senna could make her squirm.

Not that I mind that - or that I'd ever admit that to her.

Her breath caught in her throat as Senna stepped out of the bathroom. Piper stared at her girlfriend, drinking in the sight of her form, shaped by some divine sculptor that Piper really ought to start a religion for one of these days.

Well, religion or no, she was certainly happy to worship.

She reached down to grab her fuzzy oversized sweater, easily lifting it over her head. Underneath, she wore a loose top which she pulled off as well, leaving her in just her bra and denim shorts. Senna reached to reciprocate with her own t-shirt, but Piper scrambled over, pre-empting her.

"I can undress myself, Pipes..."

She met Senna's eyes, lifting an eyebrow. Senna chuckled and leaned back, allowing her girlfriend to undress her. Piper shook herself free of her shorts as she pulled down Senna's panties, then reached around and unhooked Senna's bra, before doing the same for herself. For a moment, they both stood there, naked. Then Piper smiled, feeling shy despite her earlier forwardness, and jumped onto the bed. She pivoted in midair to land sitting on the side, and patted the space next to her. Senna moved over to sit there and leaned back, her tan skin a beautiful contrast with the white sheets.

Well, she was always beautiful. That was nothing new.

    "Now, Senna," Piper started. "I want you to lay on the bed and close your eyes."

Senna nodded, shifting around to do as she asked. Once in position, she parted her lips to ask a question, but a finger on her lips silenced her.

"How to word it... Ah! Allow yourself to feel any touch I make on your body as... as though I was touching you in a hundred different places at once. Ok?"

"Alright..." Senna said, feeling something slide into place as her subconscious digested that command.

And suddenly, she felt everything. 

A hundred fingers, or more - she couldn't tell - brushed her, an assault from every direction. Her eyes snapped open as she squirmed. She looked to the side, Piper's finger lightly pressed to her shoulder.

"Well, that won't do. Allow yourself to keep your eyes closed, Senna. It's more fun that way." As her eyes closed, from the corner of her vision she saw the barest hint of a sheepish smile.

"Thought I said no games," she smirked.

"Sass is a grave offense, young lady," Piper chided, tsking. "I'll have to punish you."

"Oh? With wha -"

A hundred kisses. Senna's eyes tried to fly open, but her eyelids stayed firmly pressed together, fighting against her will. She gasped at the sudden sensation. Where had Piper kissed her?

And another hundred. Senna shifted and moaned, some of the kisses finding their way to more sensitive places. Was that where Piper had kissed her? Or was it -

Light touches played across her body. She felt a twinge, as one landed directly on her clit. There's no way that was random. She has to -

Before another touch could come, before she could think, she moved, grabbing the hand that was reaching out toward her stomach.

"What the... how the hell did you know?" Piper yelped, shaking Senna's hand off, sending dappling waves of pressure across her entire body as she did so.

"Trade secret," Senna winked - or at least tried to. She couldn't be sure how well the motion translated with her eyes closed.

"I thought you said no games," Piper teased.

"Fuck you," Senna laughed.

"Not yet."

The retort on Senna's lips was silenced by another feeling, one that caused her whole body to shudder. That one had to be a tongue, but she couldn't figure out -

She moaned as another hundred tongues played across her body. She couldn't think fast enough to -

She strained to open her eyes in vain as a host of fingers joined the tongues, overwhelming her with sensations that were at once intense and delicate. A vivid image snapped into her mind of Piper eating her out while stroking her thighs. Is that it? But the thought of Piper so engrossed... she cried out, wordlessly begging Piper for more.

But no more came. The sensations faded, and she squirmed, trying to push herself towards where she thought Piper was, moaning harder in need. She needed to be Piper's, to...

She heard a chuckle. Panting, she managed to choke out a couple of words. "Where're... the protests now, Pipes?" She grinned.

Suddenly, something new brushed against her. A breath, soft and light, but everywhere.

"Aren't your moans protest enough?" Piper whispered.

Senna came. 

Overwhelmed by the sensory overload, she panted, unable to string words together. Piper sighed fondly.

"Allow yourself to ignore those last two commands, Senn."

It took a minute or so for her eyes to slowly blink open, sensation stabilizing, the haze of pleasure clearing a little from her mind.

"Wow. That was... something, alright." She took a deep breath. "Did you like it?"

Piper nodded, eyes wide like a kid at a candy shop. "That was... I was like a conductor, and you were my symphony."

"Overdone metaphor there, Pipes, but... I'm glad." She grinned, sitting up a little, shakily using the headboard to prop herself up.

Piper shook her head. "How much luck do you think I had to burn to get you? You're more than happy to give me what I want, to be mine, even though it isn't something you want."

Senna nudged her on the shoulder lightly. "I mean, it does feel good. But it's more than that. I do want to be yours. I want to make you happy, you dork. Stop worrying about it. I'd tell you if I had a problem."

She paused, her grin giving way to a mischievous smirk. "Well, I do have one problem. Leaving my Mistress hanging is something I cannot accept. You gave me pleasure, so now it's your turn." 

Piper grinned, and leaned in. Despite the confident air she put on, Senna still saw the hints of a flush on her cheeks. It never really went away, not when they were being so intimate.

"Allow yourself to feel everything you do to me," she breathed softly into Senna's ear. Unbidden, thoughts of what that meant Piper wanted her to do flew through her mind.

"Ha! I got a blush out of you!" Piper laughed, falling back against their pillows. She pumped her fist in the air in a sign of victory. Senna touched her cheeks, and... yes, she could feel the heat.

"That's a rare enough sight, isn't it?" Piper beamed.

"Oh, stop it," Senna groaned, shoving Piper lightly in the shoulder - then starting as she felt a sudden pressure on her own. There was nobody else in the room...

Oh. Right.

She turned back to Piper, who sat cross-legged with an innocent smile.

"Don't -"

"I didn't say anything," Piper giggled.

"Yeah, but you were going to," Senna grumbled.

She shook her head. "Anyway, that's off topic. I..." she trailed off, hesitantly placing a hand on Piper's thigh, feeling a phantom copy of the hand pressing against her.

"Yes," Piper nodded, voice a whisper.

Senna raised her palm, leaving only her fingertips resting on Piper's skin. Slowly, she began to trail her fingers up Piper's inner thigh, shivering as she felt the ticklish sensation on her own.

She met her girlfriend's gaze, feeling proud of the fire she'd stoked in the other girl's eyes. That building need that Piper always tried to explain to her, but had as much luck with that as Senna did with her rhythms.

There was a kind of rhythm to sex, too. One of exchange, of beats in harmony, and of rising to a crescendo. She could feel it thumping as she stopped her stroking just before the top of Piper's legs, before starting to run her fingers down her thigh again.

Piper's breath caught as she did, and for a moment, Senna thought she'd order her to continue. Senna smiled, looking at how worked up the girl had gotten over something so simple - something that, even though Senna could feel it, hardly had the same effect on her. After all, Piper was clearly enjoying the tease. Why have Senna stop now?

So she slid closer, close enough that she could feel her breath on Piper's skin, and her own - an odd sensation, to be sure. And this time, when she went in to stroke Piper's leg, she accompanied it with a kiss.

A kiss which was mirrored on her own still-sensitive thigh.

Senna shivered, jerking back from between Piper's legs.

"Is something wrong?" Piper asked, concerned.

"No, it's just... wow. I think I need a moment. Sensory overload."

She took a breath. Alright, Senna. You can do this. It's just helping Piper get off. You've done that a hundred times.

Senna moved her hand forward with a sudden motion, startling Piper as she stopped and hesitated. Piper nodded.

Senna's fingertips found their way to Piper's crotch, and slid inside her. Senna's breath caught as she felt the sensation on her own body, sending an electric beat along her spine.

She pushed her fingers in down to the knuckle, gasping in unison with Piper as she did. They looked at each other, each trying to keep a straight face.

And failed.

Piper broke first, giggling like a schoolgirl, and Senna couldn't help but do the same. What was she, some highschooler on prom night, apprehensive before her first time?

She shuddered. Or... not that. She pushed the thoughts aside, not liking the memories they brought with them. She had something better to focus on now.

Senna leaned forward, feeling the warmth of her - no, of Piper's - head against her own. She hadn't expected this suggestion to pan out so well. She snorted, leaning back. As she did, she caught Piper's eyes, and found herself lost in that warm, heart-melting smile. A smile that could charm the hearts of stone statues. Senna, being far from heartless, didn't even stand a chance.

She pushed her fingers inward a little more, holding her face firm against the pleasure as Piper's expression turned to shock, and then, finally, to what Senna had been waiting to see.

A grin, eyes daring Senna to test her mettle.

A challenge.

Senna moved her hand faster, the beat thrumming from her crotch drowning out her moans, synchronized with Piper's.

"Senn, that's too fast..." Piper whispered, voice hoarse.

Instantly, the beat faded. Senna's eyes widened as she realized why. I feel what she feels...

She slowed down, watching the way Piper was tensing, arching her back against Senna's assault. As she became aware of it, her own body tensed, the pleasure she was feeling matching what Piper displayed.

"That's so good..." Piper moaned.

Senna's eyes widened as she kept going, her thoughts drowned out by that all-consuming rhythm. In that moment, without words to say, she felt as if she were an extension of her girlfriend. She felt what she thought Piper felt, and so she did what she thought Piper needed. She responded without words. She just... moved.

A sensation, doubled up, pierced through her reverie. A distant feeling of lips on lips on hers, with an accompanying burst of noise, of sensation, of...

Piper came, and a fraction of a second later, so did Senna.

Senna sighed in satisfaction, stretching out on their bed, staring up at the ceiling. Piper had breathlessly dismissed the trigger a couple minutes ago, and the two took a moment to catch their breaths. Senna turned her head to meet Piper's eyes.

"Hey, Pipes... level with me. Was this whole 'allow' thing just a cheap excuse for sex?"

Piper sputtered. "Ex-cuse me, Senna, but I distinctly remember this being your idea."

Senna grinned, heaving herself up and clapping Piper on the back.

"Well, yes, but I was just being a good follower of my Mistress's will, you see."

"Oh, cut the sass," Piper laughed. "Just... never mind. Can't even think straight." 

"Not news, you flaming lesbian."

Piper choked on her retort, her mouth hanging open. After a moment, she shook her head. "I told you to cut the sass."

"Yeah, but you gave up your leverage over me. No more allowing you to push me around!"

Piper gave Senna a knowing grin. "You'll let me anyway, though."

"And why is that?"

"Because you love me, you dork. Just... come over here and cuddle me."

She smiled. Her Mistress's will couldn't have been clearer.

Author's Note: I was inspired to write the original story by Sammynona's discord server, and was encouraged to write more of these two by Modren. The actual idea of this story was dreamt up on CR's discord server, making this truly a team effort. Thank you to a bunch of my friends for proofreading and editing this story! Couldn't have done it without you.


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