Sensory Deprivation Play

by Arie

Tags: #f/f #paralysis_effects #pov:bottom #sensory_deprivation #sub:female #dom:female #edging #light_breath_play #multiple_orgasm #vibrator

Experimenting with hypnotic sensory deprivation.

Had a discussion once about using the concept of sensory deprivation in hypnosis. Well, it started as a discussion about time dilation and hypnosis after I mentioned how I use time dilation to make my naps seem longer. x3


"...ready." My own voice sounded eager, shaky, breathy, trembling.

"You did fix those parameters, yes? Breathing is important."

I couldn't help the laugh that escaped me. "Yes, miss. Breathing is most def-"

"Because~" She interrupted, grinning slyly. "If I do any breathplay, I very much want it to be on purpose, not accidental. Understand, dear?"

"Mmmmyesmiss." I mumbled, squirming a little at the dark purr in her voice.

"Very well then. Since you're ready...remembering the parameters as set..." She reached out, tapped my forehead lightly, and said quite firmly, "Complete sensory deprivation on now."

Hypnosis is amazing sometimes. Logically, I know I can see, hear, feel, taste...well, you know, all the senses. But now it's like I don't process any of it. (All right, granted, one of them is easier than others, I did close my eyes. But still!)

I hear, but do not listen, touch but do not feel. A tiny part of me knows that there are sounds, scents, sights, feels, but...the rest of me does not register them. 

"Good girl." Well, all sounds but one, everything except for her voice, her words.
Also, it's a very odd sensation to feel pleasure when your body can feel nothing, just a rush of bursting arousal only within your mind. 

That particular trigger does not linger, tho', and soon leaves me back in that...well, it's hard to describe. A pleasant floating emptiness, a nothingness, different from normal trance but so pleasant in its own way. My skin feels the touch of her hands, but I do not notice. There is a lack of space, of time, of worry, of...anything, really. It's almost body is tranced instead of my mind. My ears hear a sudden soft buzzing sound, but I do not listen. Because it's so similar in a way to being thoroughly, deeply, dropped, completely in trance...except my mind thoughts are clear. It's just the rest of me that's gone still and silent and-

"Ability to feel sensations returned only to your pussy." She murmurs the command that I don't actively hear, that I only know must have happened when suddenly sensation returns with a surprise and a vengeance, as I can feel, only in one space, one spot, and hmm, lo and behold, she's taken advantage of this time to settle a vibrator placed

If I could move, speak, gasp, whimper, I would do so now, would squirm and writhe and pant and beg and...but none of the rest of the effect has been lifted. Still unable to see, hear, move, speak, feel anything other than that one spot, with absolutely nothing to distract from the buzzing, buzzing, buzzing, so strong, so overwhelming.

And I cannot hear her, cannot see, cannot know if she's there, watching, amused, or if maybe she's done what she's teased in the past, and left, left me like this, helpless and unable to focus on anything, anywhere, except there

Laying apparently still and silent as in my mind, my completely clear and able to think mind, I writhe. Thoughts scramble over and around each other, half formed begging, whimpering words of *need*, absolute need.  Wanting and craving and getting so...damn...clo-

"Complete sensory deprivation again, dear~"

And then a sudden return to nothing, the frustration so strong that in my head I raged, futile as it might be. 

Floating again in empty sensation the need and arousal died down quickly, unfortunately. I could not actively tell if she had turned off the vibrator or if my mind was just paying it no attention.

"And....sensation returns just in that one spot again, and three times as sensitive." If I could actively hear her words and be able to respond, I would growl at the wicked glee in her voice. As it was, again the sensation came back and in seconds my brain was scrambled, the arousal not really having gone, just...temporarily set aside.

Now it returned, and returned so fiercely, so overwhelming, that in seconds, the begging in my mind was just helpless sounds, not able to form words, even within my mind. 

And STILL I could do nothing to stop it or make it continue or get stronger worse better what did I even want I wasn't sure anymore just lost in endless waves of need and pleasure and arousal and so fucking close to being able to-

"Complete sensory deprivation once more~" She said with almost a giggle, as again my so obedient mind shut off all that sensation. Again. 

Words came back quickly, and most of them had four letters in them.

The fact that she knew me, my every response, my every action and expression and motion and movement so well, could read me so well, was FUCKING inconvenient when she could tell, even when I was unable to move, just how close I was to cumming and stop *right* on that edge, godsfuckingDAMNIT.

Again and again and again she switched that sensation on and off and on again, until I was desperate, absolutely desperate (though never so overwhelmed as to need to stop, even if it came very close a couple times, I got so intensely sensitized and painfully aroused).

I had no idea whatsoever of how long this had been going on. It felt like hours...but with this kind of thing, it could have been barely a few minutes.
If I could feel, I would realize my body was slick with sweat, trembling and wrung out from so much(?) time being relentlessly toyed with.

"Perhaps I should be merciful..." She said thoughtfully, considering me intently. She leaned forward, turned the vibrator all the way up to high and leaned in to whisper into my ear. "You are allowed to cum, my dear~" She purred, but there was a wicked tone to her soft words. "Sensation returned to your lovely dripping pussy, twice as strong as before." Which would...put about 20 times? It was getting hard to keep track.

Even as deeply controlled as I was, my body couldn't help a tiny jerk of surprise as the sensation returned, the intensity of it overriding even my suggestible self.
It took only a bare few moments for that arousal to surge up, rise and crash over me with a strength that, even with my eyes closed, whited out my vision for a moment. I might not register the feel of it, but my body trembled and spasmed and shook and...

Thoughts scrambled, mind beyond a melted pile of mush, words and thoughts lost and shattered in the pleasure that rattled through me.

Even if I were able to listen, able to see...I would not have noticed her slip out with a sly smile. Not have noticed the door gently click closed, leaving me here. 


As the vibrator continued at its strongest setting, giving me so little time to recover before it was already pushing me up again, wringing more arousal, more pleasure, more need from me.

It was after the third orgasm that I realized she must have gone through with what she'd teased me she might do and left.

And unless I was willing to 'break' the sensory deprivation (and I'm a fucking stubborn brat as everyone knows, especially her), I was trapped like this until she came back.


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