by Arie

Tags: #chastity #pov:bottom #sub:female #tease_and_denial #exhibitionism
See spoiler tags : #implied_memory_play

Some interesting thoughts and actions from someone looking at her reflection.

Wrote this up after an interesting discussion happened in a discord server I’m in. ^-^

She couldn't take her eyes off the mirror.

It was like she was...was enthralled. Bespelled. Caught and fixated by the sight of...her.

Her eyes first...wide and staring and almost glazed over with need and desperation. Face flushed with...with a mixture of fluster and arousal. Naked of course, and every tiny shift of air feeling like a wave of sensation as it touches bare, sweat slicked skin. One hand supports her, flat on the floor behind and slightly to the side, while she watches the other hand move almost lazily and teasingly up and down her own chest. Watching was impossible not to touch, with light caresses that sent a thrill of sensation and need down her own spine. Watching her fingers moving...moving her fingers while watching? Whichever, whatever, the important part is that the feel of her fingers trailing tightening circles around her chest was enough to make her pant softly with need...especially when a flash of mischief at herself has her suddenly pinch her own nipple, hard enough that she saw herself jerk with surprise at the delicious flash of pain.

A flash...a glint... and suddenly she remembers the most eyecatching part of her own reflection. It's amazing how easily she had forgotten it, how she had let it slip her mind and only recalled it as the sudden movement made the light flash off it. 

The chastity belt. 

Carefully measured and made for her, obviously, since it sat easily and comfortably on her hips. It was...surprisingly comfortable, since she'd somehow even forgotten it was there. 

Seeing it and remembering it suddenly made her whimper and twitch her hips up a little as need and arousal rushed through her, making her so hot and wet and...

It didn't matter though, did it? She could be the neediest fucking slut in the world and only be able to touch if whoever had put that on her let her out.

She could see her own expression of desperation in the mirror...lips parted as if wanting to speak, to beg, to plead. She could tell from her reflected image how close she was to letting out all that craving in just...a flood of words. Useless words, pointless words. She closed her mouth and the image in the mirror did too, even though she could see the pleading in the eyes of her reflection.

She couldn't touch. Only rub uselessly at that metal that glimmers so tauntingly. Rub uselessly and desperately and pretend and wish she were able to delve her fingers deep into her needy, dripping pussy.

She could only pretend....


She could pretend. She could imagine. Even if she couldn't pull her eyes away from the mirror and from the truth of her inability to touch...she could imagine it. 

Her hand drifts down. Trailing down her chest, down her stomach, down between her legs. Watching its progress in the mirror, she drew in a quick gasp of breath as she saw her fingers touch the cool metal. Watched as her hand skimmed futilely over the plate covering her and preventing her from getting even the tiniest touch, even the smallest of sensation.

But...she could imagine it.

Even though she watched her reflection and saw her own desperate, hopeless expression and knew for a fact that she wouldn't...couldn't...touch a thing...

She imagined it.

Imagined letting her fingers slip between her legs to find her pussy, aching and hot and dripping from the arousal raging in her body. Imagined rubbing her fingers in that wetness until they were slick and slippery, sliding just along the edges and teasing with the soft thrills of the lightest sensation. Imagined flicking her thumb over her clit to make herself jerk in surprise at the shock of pleasure that sparked through her. Imagined thrusting her fingers deep into her wet pussy and finding of the spots that she knew had the most sensitive nerves and stroking them with the skill of many hours practice.

"Fuck!" She howled in frustration. 

She had a strong imagination but it was impossible to ignore the truth in front of her eyes. While she had been picturing sensations so strong that she could almost almost feel them...her reflection's fingers had been scrabbling uselessly along that plate, rubbing desperately...but pointlessly. 

She could try to imagine something else but her image showed her otherwise. 

She was locked. Chaste. All that pleasure she had pictured, all the sensations she had tried to convince herself she felt were...just...hallucinations. 

Whimpering softly, she seemed to wilt a little. She watched herself sag in the mirror with the look of defeat strong in her reflection's gaze. Her fingers still moved up and down and up and down slowly, unable to quite give up, but.....

"You've been here for nearly an hour."

A voice suddenly broke through her haze of need and arousal. She almost flinches, finally dragging her eyes away from the mirror. She looked up at them, whimpering and pleading. She just badly... 

"Time’s up."

She was pulled to her feet on weak, shaky legs. Shuddering with need unrelieved, she glanced back at the mirror, at her reflection.

At...her reflection. Still...there. 

Still sitting on the floor. Legs spread. Leaning back on one hand while the other rubbed uselessly at the chastity belt between her legs. On the other side of the...mirror. Mirror? empty frame. An empty frame!

She gasps as memory floods in all at once. A deal offered, a bet accepted, a series of suggestions made.

"No, please! Please! Just a few more minutes, I would have remembered...realized...managed it, please!" She begs, the words falling from her lips so fast she seemed to stumble over them. "Please, please, let me go again, let me have more time!" She sobbed as she tried to dart her still damp fingers down between her legs to have the few moments she needed to rub and edge and climax. Her hands were grabbed and held and cuffed behind her back and away from her needy...fucking...cunt. Until she was silenced with a gag shoved between her lips, she cried and pleaded and wailed...begging for more time, another chance!

Because now she remembered.

"My dear, sweet toy. Our deal is struck. You have my full permission to touch yourself as much as you want. Any way that you want. Please yourself until you cum, if you so desire. But you must do so...while sitting on this side of the frame."

It had seemed a good deal! Until...the second half.

"This frame becomes a mirror to you. Whatever you see within it becomes your reality. It becomes your reflection, becomes your truth. The other side of it cannot help but be your reflection, cannot help but follow you. The only words they can speak are yours. The only actions they can do are yours. The only pleasure they can yours."

She’d been filled with a creeping suspicion and doubt, but...months and months and months of being forbidden to climax had left her willing to leap at any chance, any opportunity.

Plus...she'd have a chance to bring pleasure to another someone else in this game, right?




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