Need and Desperation

by Arie

Tags: #anal #D/s #edging #orgasm_denial #pov:bottom #tease_and_denial #buttplug #chastity #hypno_chastity

Desperately touching from sheer need and desire.

This particular writing was inspired by something my pet told me. ;3

Need. Need and arousal. Need and arousal and fucking DESPERATION.

Needed to touch so badly, you needed to touch and to climax so FUCKING BADLY.

But your owner had left. Left you alone. Left you needy and squirming and desperate.

Damn. Sometimes this hypnosis shit was amazing, and sometimes it was so fucking frustrating, because you know that there is nothing keeping you from touching, nothing keeping you from...

Except your own mind. And your owner's words. Words that had wrapped around and through every part of your mind, words so deliciously invasive that even now, when you're so absolutely desperate to cum, if you try to reach down you just...can't...force your hands down.

Because you're under their control. Completely and utterly, just the way you love it.

And hate it. Because they're gone, and none of the toys are locked up, nothing is locked up...except you. Damn hypno chastity.

Whimpering and moaning softly, you keep eyeing the toys, wanting them so badly, but knowing the instant you grab anything and try to use it, your hands will lock up and your arms will freeze.


Your owner had been very thorough about forbidding you the use of many things...but they had missed (on accident? on purpose?) mentioning plugs.

Maybe...perhaps...this time it could be enough, enough to tip you over, enough to sate this intense desperation and need.

Almost trembling a little, you grab what you need - plug, lube, remote control, and hurry to get started, not knowing when your owner might return, wanting to take advantage of this possible loophole while you've got it.

A gasp, a groan, a whimper, a moan, as you lube up the plug, flushing bright red for a moment as you realize this particular bottle was an interesting style, a lube designed to mimic the texture of the 'real thing' as much as possible.

...which gives you an idea. You use more than you necessarily need, and once you have the plug settled in, you get on your bed, face down, ass up, and pick one of the most punishing programs the remote has in it, setting the plug vibrating fiercely in a wicked pattern. Closing your eyes, gripping the sheets in tight clenched fingers, you try to visualize someone fucking you mercilessly, picturing every intense vibration as a thrust, the feel of the lube like cum...building an entire scenario in your head, gasping and feeling a phantom tug in your hair as your imagined partner just grabs a fist full of hair and YANKS, holding you down and fucking you...and fucking

But it's not enough.

You whimper, reaching out with a trembling, shaking hand to turn the program off and instead turn the vibrations all the way to maximum. You can't help a short yelp, moaning and writhing as the sensations grow to an almost unbearable level, bringing you right to that edge.

...TO the edge. But not over. Not anywhere over.

It still wasn't enough.

Fuck, it wasn't enough.

Finally, whimpering, you give up. Give up and turn it off.

Now even more needy and desperate before, this only...only made it all SO much worse.

You stand on shaky legs after pulling out the plug, shivering as a few drops of the cu-no, lube slide out of you and down your legs - after your imagined scene, it felt so very much like you really had been used thoroughly and left to whimper with need.

Still panting softly, still quivering with arousal that would be left unfulfilled, you turn to go and clean up...and freeze, eyes going wide.

"Well, well, my pet. Someone's been having a little fun, haven't they?"


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