Denial Denial Denial

by Arie

Tags: #bondage #challenge #pov:bottom #trance_denial #edging #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #rigged_game

The same kind of phrase, over and over, but referring to so many different things. :3

Got a random drabble idea while listening to the song One Day More, of all things. x3

"Hasn't this been an interesting little idea of a challenge, my pet?"

It was hard to focus on the voice, on the words, and yet impossible not to. For one thing, it would be so easy to lose the challenge if she missed any part of what was said.

"A challenge for me, to come up with as many different fun ways of 'denial' as possible...other than the obvious one, of course." 

A light tap of a button accompanied that amused tone, and for a moment the vibrator flared into full strength rather than the teasingly low setting it had been on, and she gasped and jerked, arching her back as she bit her lip and fought to keep the building need and pleasure in her body solely on that shuddering edge and no more.

"Shall we list them out? I know that would help you in our little game, of trying to keep track of and juggle as many different kinds of denial as possible, and to not let any of them slip."

A low chuckle, the tone shifting as they list off things like items from a grocery list.

"Denial of climax, certainly. Staying at or nearly at an edge on and on and on. Denial of binding-" They trailed their fingers along one of her wrists, a teasingly light touch on trembling arms held over head as if bound to the bed with invisible bindings, struggling to keep them there and not wiggle and squirm. More difficult was acting as if her legs were bound, and resisting the urge to scoot down on the bed and press herself harder against the faintly vibrating toy set so that it barely touched her.

"Denial of teasing...mostly, at least. Because I could be doing SO much more and you know it."

A soft, stifled whimper brought a laugh from them, and they place a finger on her lips.

"Ah, ah, ah. Denial of speech, of sound. Stay quiet, needy one."

They pretended to look thoughtful, then grinned and snapped their fingers as if remembering, the sound making her flinch for a second and her eyes flutter and twitch.

"Denial of trance, of course. Don't let that affect you, my dear, stay awake, up, alert. I want you to be completely aware of everything happening, of course~"

A low chuckle as she barely manages to keep her eyes open, breathing coming a bit ragged as she fought the trance, feeling fractionated as fuck without ever having managed to drop entirely. 

"Which one will you lose track of first, I wonder?" 

The voice purred, so very, very amused. 

"Because the last one, of to be denied success. The game, my dear, is rigged against you. You cannot win. Isn't that absolutely delightful?"


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