Close Escape

by Arie

Tags: #f/f #sub:female #D/s #dom:female #edging #exhibitionism #orgasm_denial #vibrator
See spoiler tags : #amnesia #memory_play #orgasm

Taking a chance to run…not to escape, but to get to touch freely, just…for a…bit.

Another writing in a sort of universe I was setting up in my head, same setting as the ‘Machine’ writing.

"Come on, come on, come on, sooo fucking clooose!" She panted desperately, trying to keep her whimpers and moans stifled, trying to stay quiet and stay hidden and yet also...also...trying to cum, grinding the vibrator against her clit, the power as high as it would go. She panted raggedly, writhing and squirming with need and arousal and...and YET. And yet it wasn't fucking ENOUGH, somehow.

//"My dear darling pet..." A voice whispers in the back of her head, a memory floating just out of her conscious mind. "You will not remember this, my dear..."//

Somehow she had gotten free, had found her mistress's toy cabinet unlocked and open and had a rare, rare chance to grab at something and make a run for it. Not because she wanted to get away, no, but because her mistress delighted in chastity and denial and she just wanted a chance to take matters into her own hands, so to speak.

//How oddly convenient that the restrictions against touching happened to be lifted, also...that thought started to form in her mind, then gently slid away as quickly as it came.//

"Fucking...damn it...all to...hell!" Desperate times called for desperate measures, and even though the likelihood of it working was slim to none, she remembered something her mistress has done before, slyly amused words purred gently at her. "S-sensitivity times three." She murmured, then gasped, arching her back as her every nerve seemed to pulse and grow three times as sensitive.

//Another memory drifts along in her subconscious, very similar to this sensation. Her mistress, playing with her mercilessly while quietly leaving orders buried deep within her mind. "You will find yourself free. And you will run. Not to escape, no, because no part of you wants to ever do that. But a chance to freely play, a chance to do whatever you want, to climax without permission? Oh, THAT will be too exciting to pass up..."//

Still not enough! Her breathing was coming in ragged desperate pants, tiny little whines and whimpers escaping despite her best attempts to stay quiet. She hadn't heard any searchers nearby anyways, surely it was safe. She changed her grip, bucked her hips up, tried...ugh, but it still wasn't ENOUGH! How could it not be enough yet! She needed...wanted...had to... "Sensitivity times one hundred!" She gasped out, then almost squealed at the sudden intense response of pleasure and sensation. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck!

//A feeling of fingers gripping her hair, forcing her head to one side. Still memory? Still memory. Still buried deep. A voice, dark and velvety smooth, and so fucking amused and pleased. "You are going to run...not too far, just far enough to hide. And then...then you are going to try so desperately to cum. But you WON'T be able to, my pet..."//

So close! So close! She didn't care anymore about the sounds she was making, didn't care if she got caught, as long as she could...fucking...cum! But somehow...somehow...she still...couldn't. "S-sensit-tivity...times...a th-thousand..." She spoke blindly, not caring about the consequences, just...needing...wanting...and then it hit, and there was nothing but pleasure and pleasure and wave after wave of fucking pleasure and sensation and it was STILL staying on the fucking EDGE.

//"And best of all?" The voice whispered deep within her mind. "Best of the fact that you're not going to remember ANY of this, my dear, sweet pet. All of this I told you will just...fade away into the back of your head..."//

It was all too much and not enough and she had gone beyond the point of being able to make any comprehensible sounds, was just a whimpering, twitching mess of spasming need. She didn't notice her mistress and several servants standing nearby, watching. Not even when her lady knelt down beside her and spoke did she notice, and the woman shook her head slightly. "Now, now...that won't do at all, now, will it. You've worked yourself up so much I think you've broken your brain accidentally." A slow smile. "Here...let me fix it a little, so that I can break it the CORRECT way later." She reached out, tapped her pet's forehead gently. "Cum, my pet. Cum HARD, and let that intense, desperate need die down a little."

A wail of relief and pleasure tore from the pet's mouth as she spasmed for a long, long moment...but even as it hit, her mistress grinned wickedly. "And forget it as quickly as it happens, my pet...leaving you feeling just as needy, just as desperate as before, with no memory of having had any release." The cry of relief sudden turns sharp and strangled as the words take effect...the blissful expression fades, replaced again by intense desperation. Though the intended outcome is successful, as the pet is able to focus and to see again...and as she looks up, and sees the dark smile of her mistress, she cannot keep back a whimpering wail. So close...she had been so...fucking...close...

//"It will fade away...JUST like the LAST time we did this little game..."//


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