by lauravaleria

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Bad days are inevitable. Bad days, when mixed with insecurities around love, can lead to defiance. Mia had told her Domme “Next time, just break me.” She was happy to oblige.

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She smiled with a gentle innocence completely unbecoming of the situation she found herself in. It’d be easy to think the most remarkable thing about the scene would be Mia’s face and chest covered in saliva and her Domme’s cum. In reality, though, it was her eyes.
You see, Mia had a bit of a bratty side. She was playful, witty, sharp – traits that Ann loved and appreciated – but when Ann ran against an insecurity, one of those deep, painful things that Mia herself barely understood, she could veer into defiance. The first few times, Ann helped her talk through it. Last time, it took a few days of cuddles, talking, and crying before they came to a solution. Afterwards, Mia looked up at Ann while fiddling with her collar.
“Next time, just break me.”
Mia had had a bad day. In all honesty, bad was an understatement. An awful client with some awful news, while managing to be patronising and misogynist the entire time.
“Good evening, darling.” Ann called from the living room. She rushed to the foyer as she heard a thud, and saw that Mia had practically launched her bag into the wall. “Is everything alright?”
“Yeah. I mean, no, but...” Mia tried to put on a brave face, but Ann, if noone else, could see the truth – anger, despair, shame. “I need to finish up some work. I’ll be upstairs.”
“...Alright.” Ann replied. “Dinner’s in half an hour, I’ll come get you then.”
Mia nodded, otherwise wordlessly stomping her way up the stairs to the office.
Not a great sign, Ann thought. She steeled herself.
“Dinner, darling.” Ann stuck her head round the office door, seeing her love staring at a spreadsheet. “S’on the table.”
“Huh? Oh. No, it’s fine, go on without me.” Mia didn’t look up. “I’m going to be at this all night.”
“You’re having dinner, my love. It can wait a couple of minutes if you’re in the middle of something.”
“I’m not hungry.”
Ann paused. “When’s it due?”
“Mid next week. But it’s okay, really, eat without me.”
“You’re taking a break, darling. Let me look after you.”
Mia’s eyes widened. She shook her head. “No, I-”
Ann pounced. In a flash, she had one hand around her sub’s throat and the other wrapped in her hair, pulling to give a pain that sat on that edge between demanding attention and consuming it.
“That wasn’t a negotiation.”
“I’m sorry, Miss, please, I d-” Mia pleaded, cutting herself off with her own whimper as the pain coursed through her.
“There’ll be time for sorry later.” Ann whispered, leaning down to Mia’s ear. “But you asked for this.”
Ann swiveled Mia’s chair to face her, leaning and planting a knee between her legs. “I’m normally quite nice, Mia. I invite you into trance, into subspace, with a gentle hand. Guiding you. Exploring with you.” Ann punctuated her point with another twist of Mia’s hair. “Not today. Today you’re going to fall into trance to escape, because you don’t have a choice.”
Mia began to sink in her chair, her eyes beginning to glass over – so used to her Domme’s voice, to falling for her, that it’s second nature. Not this time.
“No. Not yet.” A slap, sharp and surprising in equal measure. “You don’t get to. Not yet. You wanted to fight me, so fight me, Mia.” Slap. “You wanted to, didn’t you?” Slap. Slap. Slap.
Tears began to well up in the corner of Mia’s eyes, the beginnings of sentences, apologies, pleas, each cut off by another flash of pain. Seemingly forever. Not a word from her Domme, just sensation – at some point, it stopped being pain, no longer a response to firing nerves and instead just her reality. An entire ocean of feeling that she kicked and thrashed about in to keep her head above water.
Now only half aware, Ann pulled her to the ground by her hair – where she landed with a thud, the discomfort mixing seamlessly with the pain as she felt herself sink. She assumed her Domme’s hand was in her hair still, sharp bursts that clawed at her senses, and she could feel her weight pressing down on her, immobilising.
Mine.” Came a growl. “You. Are. Mine.”
Mia opened her eyes. She noticed she was crying. Her Domme looked down at her expectantly.
Y...yours?” Mia felt her mouth form the words but definitely couldn’t remember moving it. “Yours.”
That’s right, darling.” Ann smiled in a way that would have been considered sweet if not for her teeth, bared, primed. “You just have to suffer a little bit more for me. I’ll fix it all. I promise.”
Ann moved to straddle Mia, pulling her head up to meet hers. “No sound. Not a peep. You use it to cope with pain, to let it out without feeling it. Not today.”
Mia limply nodded; she felt like she was falling, or would be if not for the firm hand still in her hair.
Then, teeth.
Ann loved to nibble and bite, as affection, to be playful. This was not that. Ann tore into Mia’s neck, almost letting out a roar, feeling the flesh give way bit by bit.
To Mia, it was like nothing else existed. A square inch of her neck was all that she could feel. Not sensation, in some abstraction, just pain. Blinding, excruciating, pain. Danger. Threat. The feeling of being torn to pieces. Devoured.
She tried to scream.
She couldn’t.
It could’ve been forever before she was released – she felt that last spike of agony as her flesh conformed to its new shape. To her mark.
I’m not done with you yet.” She heard her Domme tell her. “Open wide.”
She did, she assumed, because the next thing she felt was her Domme’s cock slipping through her lips, firmly but slowly pushing its way to the back of her throat. Mia felt the urge to gag, to pull away, but even her instincts, her basic survival reflexes, lacked control over even a single muscle.
She was helpless.
Her Domme let her breathe again and began to thrust – jerkily, a little arrhythmic, the position being a little awkward, but comfort was not the point. The point was ownership. Complete, and total. Undeniable. Ownership over this beautiful, barely-there mess who had not long ago thought to fight her.
It was insecurity, Mia had said last time, that drove her to want to push her away. That made her want to fight being looked after. When raw, when vulnerable, she wanted to push back – to hurt herself by denying what she wanted most.
Now, there was no more want left in her. There was only Ann.
Ann came. Pulsating pleasure led to moans as she, for the last time, pushed her way down her property’s throat.
She lingered for a moment, then pulled away. Mia spluttered as Ann eased her to the floor.
She smiled with a gentle innocence completely unbecoming of the situation she found herself in. Ann couldn’t help but admire her handiwork – every ounce of defiance, of willfulness, gone. Her eyes wide, gentle, as if she was made of nothing but love and trust.
Yours.” Came the gentlest of replies, in a voice so faint it was a strain to hear. “Yours… Yours... Yours...” She didn’t choose to speak, she couldn’t help herself – a word caught in her mouth escaping again and again. “Yours...”
Ann moved to lie beside her and began stroking her hair. Long, slow movements, each one in time with another faint utterance from her love.
Rest, my darling. Dinner can wait a few minutes.”

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