Fatal Mistakes

by lauravaleria

Tags: #business_lady #D/s #f/f #inappropriate_workplace_relations

Rose makes a mistake at work, and gets herself stuck. A vignette of a (not so?) mean business woman and her subordinate.

A vignette to get me out of my creative slump. Obviously, in reality, this is a deeply inappropriate workplace environment. However, I hear some people here might like dommey business ladies...

“I just… I thought you’d be angry, Ms.Fox.”
“Because you made a mistake? No. What are people saying about me to give you that impression?”
“I’ve heard it said that you’re quite, uh, formidable, Ms. Fox.”
“Hah.” She snorted. “Please, Sophia is fine. Let me give you some wisdom… Rose, was it?”
“Yes, Sophia.”
“Problems in businesses are, largely, process issues. People are important, of course, but their character far more than their ability.  This mistake happened because our procedures didn’t catch it, not because you filed the wrong form. What you did right was coming to me immediately. Now we can fix it.”
“I get it, but…” Rose tensed up a little more. “We lost three million pounds today.”
“We did.” Sophia replied. “And I won’t say that doesn’t hurt. The truth is, Rose, the secret to keeping power and wealth once you have it is to not throw your weight around. I could yell at you - some bosses would - only then, we’d both feel bad, and next time you wouldn’t trust me. That’s why I’m not going to shout at you today, Rose. Cruelty doesn’t pay.”
“Oh.” Rose replied. “Thank you?”
Sophia tilted her head slightly, for the first time properly turning her gaze upon the young woman in her office. Pretty thing, she was - wearing a blouse, pencil skirt, and suit jacket, the latter two of which didn’t fit quite right, but she shouldn’t judge too harshly given her position. Far more interesting is the expression she was wearing - nervous, certainly, but not uncomplicatedly so. 
It took her a moment.
“Are you… are you disappointed, dear?”
Eyes wide. Sharp intake of breath. Apparently, yes.
Rose had waited to reply far too long. “No, I jus-”
“Dinner, with me, tonight. I assume you’re not busy?”

“No, Sophia, I-”
“Actually, I think “Ms. Fox” works after all. I’ll have you picked up at 8. Back to work, now.”
Rose blinked. “I… Yes, Ms. Fox.”

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