A Treatise on the Ego

by lauravaleria

Tags: #bimbofication #D/s #f/f #GRS_Mention #sexual_content #trans

Sometimes, bimbos have deep thoughts. Othertimes, those thoughts are just the word “Miss” over and over again. Ann deeply enjoys both.

“It’s about like, freedom, you know?” Mia enthusiastically rambled, straddling Ann’s lap. “It’s not about being dumb, it’s about not having any inhibitions!”
“That’s a big word, darling.”
Mia felt something click into place in her head. “Oh! Click! I mean… yeah! Inhi… inhibble? Inhi...”
“Carry on, my silly thing.” Ann purred, drawing out a gasping moan by squeezing her breast. “You can do that at least, right?”
“Yeah! So it’s like… you take away the eeeeeeego. E go? Who goes? No he here! Hehehe!”
“You take away the ego, and…?”
“Oh yeah! It feels good. It feels...” A finger glances across her nipple. “So fucking good please, Miss, please, I-”
Now, now. Not yet, my darling. You were saying?”
Oh okaaaaaay. So yeah, it feels good! Free! Like me!”
Your collar might suggest otherwise, darling.”
That’s free too! Free-dom! Free-dumb! Oh, that one’s good. I get to live for you! S’a big world in you!” Mia looked up with the widest eyes she could muster.Can you… can you touch me properly now?”
Ann looked her beautiful, ever-so-desperate girlfriend up and down and couldn’t help but smile. She slipped two fingers into Mia’s mouth, who let out the most exquisite moan Ann had ever heard – since the last, at least. Her tongue always eager, Mia got to work, each and every muscle movement the culmination of years of training and conditioning, perfectly moulded to her tastes and desires – just like the rest of her.
Ann let her have her fun, every few moments a new moan, a new gasp, a symphony she’d been writing in every second they’d had together before now.
Ann didn’t need to change the noises Mia made, she just wanted to. So now she had this, absolute perfection.
Absolutely hers.
A small whimper of disappointment slipped out of Mia as Ann’s fingers did, followed very quickly by an anticipatory gasp as she noticed the fingers moving between her legs. Unfortunately for Mia, Ann stopped so close to touching her that Mia would have called it excruciating - if she were able to use that word right now, that is.
You have to earn your touching, darling, you know the rules.”
Huh? Earn how?”
I’d say “penny for your thoughts”, but that wouldn’t be worth it for me, now would it? Might be worth some pleasure, though, so...”
Oh! More! I can do more. I want more. Yes miss! So uhhhhhhhhhhh, ego! All the best things happen when its out of the way, you know?” A whimper. “Like, when you’re not full of antic… anti? Ant? Antici?” A deep moan. “That thing! You don’t do that, and what comes, comes! Like me!”
Not for a little while yet, darling, but keep going for me.”
Pation!” Mia giggled, only to be interrupted by another of her whimpers. “When you have less stuff in here, you feel the rest more! Like grounding exercises, you know? Hearing, touching, uh… the rest! You get more of those! The senses! More senses when you have no sense! Why is it called grounding anyway, are you supposed to ge- oh Miss please harder, more, please...”
And feeling owned, don’t forget that one.”
Yeah! I mean, that’s a feeling and you feel more! Like feeling your fingers, it’s a sense thing! Otherwise they wouldn’t call it a feeling, right?”
Mia’s nerves were very much still healing; she’d expressed being worried about getting too much in her own head about it, even though she’d definitely had fun before. Ann, always willing to help – while putting her own twist on things – had come up with this solution.
Alright, sweetness. I think you’re done with talking now.” Ann pulled her into a kiss, the kind one could lose oneself in. Mia couldn’t pull away, even if she wanted to – it’d been years since Ann took that ability from her.
Ann drank in her moans through their locked lips, testing the waters by ever so slowly slipping a finger inside her, still gently rubbing at her clit.
By the time Ann broke off the kiss, it’d been long enough that Mia was gasping for air. “Misssssssssssssssss...
Yes, darling?”
Oh, nothing else in that head of yours? Good girl.” Ann cooed, with an inflection so sharp it could cut. “You’re doing so well at just feeling for me. How are your thighs, pet?”
Mia hadn’t quite realised she was shaking, that her thighs were burning, until Ann had pointed it out. Soooore.” She moaned.
Want to stop, darling?”
No, no stop, please no stop.” Even in this state she was well trained enough not to ask to move, she knew that things came with costs. “Miss, please. Misssssssssss.
One day, a couple of years ago, Ann had stumbled across a particularly hot bit of hypnosis porn. To this day, if she closed her eyes, she could recall the sound of the sub’s voice as she couldn’t help but fall into repeating whatever word or idea was on her mind again and again and again.
Miss, Miss, Miss, Misssssssssssssss...” Mia moaned.
She’d shown Mia that video and told her that she was going to be like that from now on.
If you’ve never sculpted someone’s mind and body like Ann has, you wouldn’t understand the high. You wouldn’t understand the thousand daily thrills of noticing each and every way you’ve changed a person, every mannerism or way of speaking that’s yours.
Miss, please, Misssssssssssss.
Mia was helpless. Not just in this moment – but definitely that too – but the kind of deep helplessness that comes from having given yourself to someone for so long you couldn’t unpick them from you even if you tried.
The truth is, as Ann would never admit out loud, she was helpless too.
Mia’s speech had begun to slur and was now basically incomprehensible; all she could communicate, all she needed to communicate, was desire. She knew, on some level that she didn’t even need words to access, that Ann liked it this way. She was what Ann liked.
Ann buckled, falling forward into her Domme, letting out a deep noise about which even Ann was not sure where pleasure ended and pain started. Her breath heavy, arrhythmic, her muscles limp.
Well done, my darling, well done.” Ann wrapped her arms around her property. “I’ve got you now.”
Misssss...” Mia said softly into her Domme’s neck.
Mine.” Ann whispered back.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Love me some bimboification and some brainwashing... As always, feel free to comment - I'm enjoying these little experiments.


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