Pet Play Minific

by hypnoskies

Tags: #consensual_kink #microfiction #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #petplay #pov:bottom #sub:male #bratty_sub #collars #nondescript_Dom #petting

Originally a twitterfic - hence the length~ ft. my OC Vishal, a mouthy sub who quickly realizes how nice it can feel to be a quiet lil Pet.

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“You know what a pet says, Kitten?”

“MEOw--” is what Vishal manages before a finger's slipped past his open lips, the weight on his tongue making him blink as his voice catches. If only he could ever resist mouthing off.

“Thaaaat's right. Pets don't get to talk.”

Vishal sort of huffs through his nose around those fingers—halfhearted indignation—but he doesn't pull away. Nor talk back.

“That's it—“ warmth “—That's a Good Boy~” He blinks again, slower, as his shoulders sag. He didn't feel any differently when he first put the collar on, but...

But now this... Master standing over him and now holding his chin steady, holding his words back, holding him in place--

“Aah,” suddenly the fingers have left his lips. He comes back to himself with a surprised shake of his head—collar tag jingling sweetly—and laughs. “Y-- I...” his ears go hot as he struggles to think up a clever retort. It gets harder when his friend reaches down to brush a hand through his hair.

“Mmn~” that one is... not as strong as the mouth thing, but. it's niicce.. His thoughts are pleasantly scattered.

“Trying to say something, Pet, hmm?” smug as it is, it's so nice to see Master smile down at him. Vishal's lips form a couple lazy consonants as he thinks about it.

He could say something, if he wanted. But why would he? If Master was Master, and he was Pet, and... pets.. don't

“Pets don't get to talk,” Master fills Vishal's waiting mouth again, and this time it actually makes his eyes flutter. his heart flutter. “Pets get to suck.”

Vishal stares up at him through his lashes, sucking at those fingers adoringly.

“Pets can say 'Yes Master.'”

“Y'sh Mm'th,” he smiles and repeats as best he can.

“Or 'No Master.'”

“Mmm'r,” he nods and lets orders worm their way past his senses, better able to purr than speak while he focuses on sucking.

“Or they can whimper.

That's all you get, Pretty Pet~"


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