The Perils of Perri Mona

Chapter 5

by hypnosissir

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The Perils of Perri Mona The Drive for Five

“Stone, it’s time to go, wrap that up now,” Perri stated firmly. “We have to meet Miss Tanaka in 30 minutes for your next treatment.” 

Perri Mona went about her day normally, well as normal as anyone with supernormal pheromones could, anyway. But this power was under the control of her Mistress, former college classmate/ quasi rival Kimiko Tanaka. The crafty Japanese scientist had found our about Perri through media coverage of crazy criminal takedowns, all involving them stopping in mid crime and performing sexual acts until they were caught. And now as a result of Kimiko’s efforts, Perri Mona was caught and enslaved and so was her boss and lover, the leader of a new clandestine group titled ‘The Secret Supers’. 

Stone Cain, with an immaculate record as a law enforcement officer, was also compromised. 

and busy in preparation for setting up the headquarters of this new group, which was formed quietly behind the scenes at the highest level of government. Once these secret ‘supers’, as they were referred to, began to emerge from the shadows, a league of ‘good guys’ was the goal, and Stone was the choice to lead this program. The setup included a headquarters, and personnel to fill roles within this new streamlined organization. Among the positions included an assistant as second in command with a knowledge of all things, and that was destined to be Perri Mona. 

The group needed to complete tech support, communications, and medical research positions. Tech and communications could be from any government organization- but medical research was a specialty. It would require research on the supers themselves- and keep them safe once they were on board as team members. And one name alone was floated about for the position. 

“Oh yes, of course,” Stone answered, a bit flustered at the tone and brevity at which he was being spoken to, and the fact that Perri was emitting pheromones to remind the leader of the group that he was helplessly in love with her, and would do anything for her. That was on top of his ongoing enslavement to Kimiko Tanaka. And the focus to building the new organization from the ground up. 

Once in the car, Perri simply sat next to Stone, and idly kicked her foot ever so slightly up and down as she emitted her pheromones, which the man was used to and addicted to on some level. The movement captured Stone’s attention, as he stared at the open toed heeled foot as it rhythmically moved up and down. Perri stared impassively ahead, ignoring her lover, who slowly sunk into a semi hypnotic state between the pheromones released and the focus on the methodically moving foot. Perri was satisfied as she noticed the bulge in the pants of her lover tenting with arousal, as his eyes began to hood. 

The pair made their way to Tanaka Science, and entered through the secret underground garage as the car, with tinted windows, let them off right at the elevators to take them to the office of Kimiko herself. 

“Let’s go, now,” Perri said, slightly shaking Stone from the relaxed and aroused state, pulling the large law enforcement officer from the back of the car. Once he was out of the car and standing, Perri unzipped his pants zipper and pulled him by the cock like a leash. A large, firm leash. Stone had no objections as the pheromones overtook him. 

Kimiko laughed as the elevator doors opened, as a very aroused and very subdued Stone Cain was led by Perri, who had a firm grip as she pulled him forward. 

“How fun, Perri,” Kimiko laughed. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said as she bowed. “A wise woman told me pets should be led by their masters…” 

Kimiko laughed out loud. 

“I did say that, Perri,” Kimiko replied. “And very creative of you.” 

“Thank you Miss Tanaka,” Perri answered. 

“Now, Perri, it seems your pheromones are having quite an influence on my newest soon to be slave here,” Kimiko said. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri answered. 

“Well it is a good thing I have the antidote for them then,” Kimiko laughed. “And we have work to do.” 

“Perri, your assignment is on the computer facing out from my desk, please memorize it, then kneel at my desk when you are finished and understand it completely,” Kimiko ordered. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said, releasing Stone’s cock from her hand as she bowed and went to see what her Mistress had in store for her as an assignment.  

“Mr. Cain, come with me now,” Kimiko ordered. “I will take you to your uniform and your training session.” 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” the man said, bowing as he moved to follow.

Stone was confused by his actions lately, his utter lovesick devotion to Perri, and his inability to stop himself from doing what Kimiko Tanaka told him to do. 

“You still have some freedom, and some free will, Mr. Cain.” Kimiko informed as they entered a second room off of the CEO’s office. “But we are slowly taking care of that.” 

Kimiko pointed to a chair and instructed the man to sit. 

“Strip, then put the mask on, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko ordered. 

Stone reached down and started pulling off his belt, and thought it strange to be stripping for the woman. Once naked, he reached over and put the clear mask, with a tube attached to a silver cylinder, and placed it over his nose and mouth. As he did, Kimiko turned the valve on to start the gas. 

“Oxygen, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko said. “I want to clear your head from all the work Perri did on you. I want you to be your best self for the next phase of your training.” 

A muffled “yes Miss Tanaka,” muffled by the mask preceded another bow. Kimiko had the naked Law enforcement officer lay back, draw deep breaths and relax, cleansing the system of Perri’s pheromones. 

As Stone lay quietly breathing, Kimiko prepared him for his next round of training. She took metallic looking tabs and placed one on each nipple of the man, then another set, and placed them on each temple. Around his upper arm she placed a band, thinner than a blood pressure cuff, but it had censors on the inside. Once the four silver tabs were in place, she pulled the mask off and turned off the oxygen. She held out one last object in her hand. 

“Mr. Cain, do put these on now, you remember how it is to be worn, don’t you?” Kimiko asked pointedly. 

“Yes, MIss Tanaka,” Stone replied as he flinched for a split second before he took the undergarment as he bowed. He looked around the room for a moment, and when he looked at Kimiko, she held out a small jar of lubricant. 

Stone lubed the back side of the undergarment, and pulled it over his legs, slowly wiggling the small sized phallus into his ass. About halfway into the journey, Stone stopped and sheathed his cock in the pouch at the front of the garment. The sheath wasn’t soft, but the material was not hard either- it had flexible sensors in it.  

“This is night five for you in training, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko said. “Each night you get closer to breaking. Your girlfriend broke on day number 4.” 

Kimiko made sure all the connections were attached properly and his undergarment was snug. Stone flinched when she checked the wireless connections as small jolts hit him in the nipples, on his temples, on his cock and through his phallus snug in his ass. The petite scientist then put airpods in his ears and synced the video. 

“Tonight I think you may break, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko teased talking into the computer through the air buds. “I know you want to please me.” 

Kimiko hit start on her computer, and Cain watched video scenes flashing on the screen. A male dressed like Stone kneeling before a pretty Asian woman. 

Zzzzaaappppp… the sound indicated all the wireless electrodes attached to Stone were pulsing and sending jolts of electricity into the man. 

“FOLLOW! Faster!” the Asian woman on the screen yelled, as Stone did not follow the action on screen and kneel live in person. 

The jolts sent Cain to his knees. 

“Yes Miss Tanaka!” Cain screamed, bowing from his knees. 

On screen, a phallus appeared before the man, who instinctively started licking it. Cain, not wanting that jolt again, followed suit and began licking on the phallus attached to a small wall in front of him. 

Thrummm…. pleasure coursed into the law enforcement officer from the wireless electrodes, the phallus in his rear, and the sheath housing his manhood. All from the second he obeyed and began licking. 

When the man on screen heard the command “SUCK!”, he began aggressively bobbing up and down on the phallus. Stone hesitated. 

ZZZZAAAAAPPPPP…… a bigger jolt this time sent cain to the floor with a groan. 

“FOLLOW! Faster!” the Asian woman on the screen demanded as Stone Cain made his way to his knees. 

“Yes Miss Tanaka!” Cain quietly repeated from his knees, nearly falling over as he bowed from his knees. 

The video showed the male again working on the phallus on the wall, and this time Stone followed suit, though not as enthusiastically as his onscreen counterpart. 

Thrummmm…. a small pleasure burst hit Cain. 

And that was how the next hours went, Stone Cain being rewarded for obedience, or punished for failing to follow as his actions and results were synced with the computer program. 

Kimiko did not simply want to drug the man into submission, but use classical conditioning to finally break him. The drugs, on males in particular, had shown in her studies that they lowered intelligence. Kimiko wanted a fully intact Stone Cain at her disposal, after the drug began his journey a few days prior.. 


Meanwhile, in her office, kneeling at the foot of the desk was Perri Mona, who had just completed watching the instructions for her first assignment. 

“Do you understand your first assignment?” Kimiko said to her kneeling submissive. 

“Yes, MIss Tanaka,” Perri replied. 

“Very good, Perri, I think you should enjoy this,” Kimiko demanded. “Now, any questions?”

“Yes, Miss Tanaka, am I going to become a ‘secret super’?” the pheromone enhanced beauty asked. 

“No, Perri, you are much more valuable to me in the shadows,” Kimiko replied. “Disappointed?” 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka, I wanted to help society,” Perri replied. 

“”Well, my dear, the only one you need to concern yourself with helping, is me…” the scientist said as she gently lifted the chin of her kneeling sub to look her in the eyes. “Now, off you go to complete your first assignment, I think your boyfriend will break completely tonight.” 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said, as she stood, bowed and headed to the elevator. 


After a tumultuous roller coaster ride, Kimiko eventually ended the session for a weary and fatigued Stone Cain. She looked at the computer program readings and seemed pleased. His ride was up and down, but the trend was that he was ready for his final submission. Less pain, more pleasure in this series. Brainwaves indicating more submissive tendencies.

“Much better, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko praised. “I think we are almost there, is there something you want to tell me?” 

“Obedience to you is my pleasure, Miss Tanaka,” the LEO replied, kneeling, eyes on the feet of the woman running the show. 

Thrummmm…… as the pleasure was released into Stone as Kimiko tapped a button on her phone.

“That is better, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko laughed. “Just two nights ago you were telling me ‘fuck you’, I like this much better, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Stone replied from his knees. 

“Do you remember what you told me you would never do unless you were enslaved?” Kimiko taunted as she pulled him by the hair to look her in the eyes. 

“Yess, Mmmisss Tttanaka….” Stone replied nervously. 

“Well then, final showdown, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko said as she finished a text. “Submit and all that pleasure you felt, will be yours, no more pain, no more shocks….It’s time to let go, Mr. Cain…” 

As the beautiful scientist finished her mini monologue, Stone’s blood ran cold. In walked the double for Stone Cain, dressed exactly alike, same sensors, same undergarment, same everything, painfully tenting the pink undergarment he was wearing. 

“This is Nerdy Ned, my one time lab partner in school. Funny, we were in the same class as Perri,” Kimiko laughed. “He became my first slave, using the mind control drug in the cigarette. Then I started experimenting, and he was such a willing subject, weren’t you Ned?” 

“Yes, Mistress,” the replica Stone Cain replied. 

“And in that experimentation, I was able to manipulate Ned’s DNA to be able to replicate any person he touched,” Kimiko informed. “Anyone he touches, their DNA is stored in his, and he can become them. Unfortunately, this will be a one and only time for this, the odds of ever having this result again are over 100 trillion to one. Strip, Ned.” 

“Yes, Mistress,” the doppelganger answered. 

“Now, Stone, you know what to do to end all that pain, all those shocks…” Kimiko teased. “You know what you need to do to feel all that pleasure… It seems your mind is liking that pleasure according to your readings this session….submit, obey, become a slave to my pleasure…” 

Stone, still kneeling, grunted. 

“Crawl, Stone,” Kimiko said. “Go end that pain, enjoy the pleasure…” 

Stone crawled over to his doppelganger, sat up high on his knees, and reached out with his hands. HIs left hand balanced himself holding onto Ned, his right hand reached out and stroked the cock. His cock. Ned was Stone. Stone was confused but giving in. Pleasure.

He opened his mouth, and started to tongue the cock before him. As he did, Kimiko hit the pleasure sensors on Stone, who took a deep breath and continued on his task. 


Slowly, he took the large cock in his mouth. In the recesses of his mind, he knew this was wrong, and strange, as he looked like he was giving himself a blowjob, but the pleasure overwhelmed him. 


His own cock, still sheathed in the undergarment, reached full staff. 

In his airpods, Kimiko was giving encouragement to the law enforcement officer, who in 5 days was becoming her slave. 

“Get into a rhythm, slave,” Kimiko said, as she watched the formerly straight law man bob up and down on his doppelganger, getting more and more aroused as he found the rhythm. Kimiko ensured the pleasure was overwhelming, using the sensors to overload the man’s senses and cognitive ability. 

After several minutes of a steady pace rhythm, up and down. Kimiko spoke into the airpods again. 

“If you want to finish, admit you are my slave, Mr. Cain,” Kimiko said. “Admit you are my slave and we can get you that pleasure you so desire…” 

Confused, Stone tried to speak with his mouth full of cock. Kimiko laughed at the sight. 

“Take your mouth off your cock and tell me what you want, slave…” Kimiko said. 

With a loud pop, Stone removed his mouth from the hard cock in front of him and said “I am your slave, Miss Tanaka!” 

Kimiko smiled like a cat capturing  a canary. 

“Then by all means, finish yourself off,” KImiko said. “When he finishes, so do you, Mr. Cain…” 

Stone Cain did double time on the cock, finishing with a flurry. Unsure what to do, he pulled out halfway as his doppelganger was cumming, ending up with cum in his mouth and on his face. He also filled his undergarment as he finished at the same time. 

“What a lovely show, slave,” Kimiko teased. “Take a moment and savor it. Make sure  you swallow what you have in your mouth. Look up slave!” 

As Stone looked up, Kimiko snapped a photo and sent it to Perri Mona. 

“Welcome to your new life, Stone Cain, a life of pleasure as my slave….” 


Perri picked up the carryon bag and purse as she left Tanaka Science, on her way to the airport in the car provided. She looked at her itinerary, and at her phone, pleasantly laughing at the picture of the Stone Cain, face full of cum. She was excited to be given a task for her Mistress, and was eager to do well in her endeavor. 

She was dropped curbside at the airport, and made her way to the ticket counter, presenting her ticket to the agent. 

“Lovely, heading to the Maldives,” the agent said, handing back the ticket. “I hear it’s lovely there…” 

“So do I, thank you,” Perri said, taking the ticket back and then heading through express security screening. 

Once through security, there were just a handful of people in the boarding area, as there was only one plane leaving for Dubai Airport. And that was where Perri spotted her, scientist and geneticist Dr. Alina Gradkova. According to her Mistress, the Dr. was on her annual cleansing pampering solo retreat to the Maldives for rest, recreation and rejuvenation. It had taken some effort, but Kimiko Tanaka had gotten her slave on the same flight, and in the same group of huts on the island as well as in some of the same relaxation and recreation activities as Alina.

Perri sat with her back to the Dr. and slowly began emitting her pheromones. The slave simply read a book as she allowed the pheromones to do their work. Alina, feeling flush, got up and made her way to the restroom, as Perri looked on and smiled. Perri also got up and made her way to the bathroom, and waited. She knew the Dr. was the only one in the restroom, and as the woman turned the corner of the bathroom, Perri left her no room but to crash into her. 

“Oh…. I am sooo sorry, I didn’t see you there!” the Doctor said, helping Perri to her feet. “Are you ok?” 

Perri was certainly fine, exaggerating her fall. 

“Oh I am fine, thanks,” Perri said, holding the hand of the Dr. for an extended moment. “And you certainly are a woman on a mission!” 

“I am soooo sorry, I just never seem to be able to get away enough and I am just very excited,” Alina offered. 

“Same for me! I’m Perri,” the slave said, again offering her hand to the Dr. 

“Alina,” the Dr. said, taking her hand and smiling. 

“Let me guess, Dubai?” Perri asked. 

“Yeah….. How did you know?” Alina asked. 

“I’m in law enforcement,” Perri laughed. “But to be honest, it is the only flight out of this boarding section. I'm on flight 449 to Dubai, and then switching planes to go to the Maldives. I haven’t been here since I was 19 and doing some modeling.”

The women laughed as they headed to the boarding area. 

“No kidding?” Alina replied. “I am going to the Maldives too, what a coincidence!” 

“How about a drink?”  Perri asked with a smile. “We have two hours to kill before the flight. My book is not as interesting as talking to someone who ran me over.” 

“Sure, but nothing alcoholic for me,” Alina said. “I am on a strict no alcohol policy for the next week. And I am buying, I ran you over, it's the least I could do. I am curious about you, a model and now police work sounds like a story.” 

“Sounds good to me,” Perri said, as the pair headed to the airport lounge. “Oh not such a great story to be honest.” 

The pair made their way to the lounge, ordered soft drinks and moved to a corner booth where it was quiet. Perri smiled at Alina, and took a deep breath and began emitting her pheromones at a higher rate. Since her enslavement, Perri had found she could more readily control her pheromone blasts and increase the intensity easier.

“So you used to model?” Alina asked the pretty and well proportioned brunette. “That must have been fun.”

“Not exactly,” Perri said. “I was young and naive. I was not ready for it. At all. Yeah the modeling was cool and all that but the creep factor was scary.” 

“I’m sorry, I guess everyone just thinks of the glamor.” Alina answered. “So now police work that's quite a difference!” 

“Yes, I work with one of the three letter agencies,” Perri said. “I work with the top brass. Nobody would suspect me being on the job.” 

“Well, no, because you are gorgeous, Perri,” Alina admitted. “Who would think you are a fed?” 

“So what is your story, Alina? Gorgeous, traveling alone,” Perri asked the tall blonde. 

“Dr. Alina Gradkova,” was the reply. “I am a geneticist, and I live in my lab. I own my own company and even have an apartment and gym there. Married to my work I guess.” 

“Wow, that’s impressive,” Perri said. “I sucked at Punnet Squares in high school.” 

The women laughed as the conversation flowed, and pheromones flowed in greater concentration. 

“So this trip is your getaway,” Perri said. 

“It is, I go once a year to clear my head and rejuvenate,” Alina said. “Is it warm in here?” 

“That’s awesome, most scientists probably don’t do that,” Perri said, reaching out and touching the arm of her acquaintance. “No, I think it is perfectly comfortable right here.” 

“Oh, well  I don’t know what’s come over me, I feel flush,” Alina said. 

“Probably just excitement for your trip,” Perri offered. “Come on, let’s take a walk and see if we can board yet.” 

Alina agreed, and  the women walked together to where Alina’s things were still situated. 

“I’ll go see, I will let you know what they tell me,” Perri said. 

“Oh ok, I’ll wait here then…” a red faced Alina said as she sat down and closed her eyes. . 

Perri smiled at the tell tale signs Alina was showing. Pheromones still on blast, Perri walked up to the male ticket agent at the desk. 

“Hi there,” Perri said, reaching out and pulling at his nametag. “Steven, can you tell me when we can board?” 

“Ohh umm, about 30 minutes,” the ticket agent replied. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” 

Perri noticed that ‘please don’t walk away’ look, and went into seductive mode. 

“Pheromones make men stupid,” the seductress thought. “Well, more stupid anyway.” 

“Actually, Steven, there is,” Perri said, moving closer, leaning on the counter so the agent could get a glance down her shirt. “Is this flight full?” 

“Nnnnoooo,” the man replied. 

“How about first class?” Perri asked. 

“We have one open pod…” the agent explained. 

“Pod?” Perri asked. “Sounds interesting explain please?” 

“Umm yesss, the first class section is in four parts, actual enclosures in four sections for privacy,” Steven answered. 

“Steven, that would be perfect,” Perri suggested, with a little rub up and down the agent’s bare arm from her fingers. “Do you think you can do me a very big favor, hmmm?” 

“Ohh,” Steven replied, his libido in overdrive, his pants tenting under the counter. “What’s the favor?” 

“Please move me and my friend to the open pod in first class,” Perri asked, puppy eyes, cute pout and pheromones on full. “Please?” 

Steven fumbled and dropped the mouse for the computer as he moved it to make new seating arrangements on the plane. 

“Yes… Miss…” Steven said, “Please, tell me your name Miss?” 

“I am Perri Mona,” Perri replied, placing her finger under his chain as she spoke. “And my friend is Alina Gradkova.” 

“Ohhh kkk… thank you Miss Mona…” the man said, his arousal evident. “You’re both in first class… Pod 4….” 

“Steven, thank you darling,” Perri said with a wicked smile. “It has been a pleasure. You should go take care of that now.” 

Perri was pointing to the tented pants of the  ticket agent, smiling. 

“Go ahead, run along,” Perri teased. The ticket agent, absorbing such a full blast of pheromones, had no choice.  

Perri laughed as the agent tried to go unnoticed to the bathroom to relieve his big problem. From experience, Perri knew he would be at least two hours before he could finish, and by then the plane would be long gone. She smiled all the way back to Alina, sitting eyes closed, unaware she was rubbing between her legs surreptitiously. 

“Good news,” Perri said as she returned to Alina, who was disturbed from her moment of quiet with her growing arousal.

“Ohh umm what is the good news?” Alina said, trying to compose herself, and failing. Miserably. 

“We are in first class,” Perri said with a smile. A knowing smile. A seductive , ‘ve got you smile. 

“Wait… how?” Alina asked. 

“I just flashed my badge,” Perri said. “He was quite agreeable.” 

“Oh wow… is that all you flashed?” Alina said, pointing to the open buttons on Perri’s shirt. 

“Is that a problem, Alina?” Perri teased. “I was simply agreeing with you that it is warm in here…” 

Perri took the seat next to Alina, and resumed her pheromone laced seduction. As she sat, her phone buzzed. She opened it and found a message from Stone and she smiled. 

“Something interesting?” Alina asked, trying to change the subject. 

“Yes, just a message from my boyfriend, wishing me a nice vacation,” Perri replied. She lied, the message was from Stone, but the text actually said ‘I am a slave to Miss Kimiko Tanaka. My obedience to her is my pleasure…’

After closing the message, Perri opened the photo gallery and popped up a picture of Stone Cain. 

“Here he is, this is my boyfriend,” Perri announced, looking to take the sexual edge off of the last few minutes. 

“Oh wow… he’s gorgeous…” Alina said. 

“What about you, have a boyfriend? I see you aren’t married,” Perri asked, pointing to the ringless hand of the Doctor. 

“Nnnoo… I’m married to my work…” Alina replied, looking shyly away. 

“I really shouldn’t have assumed,” Perri said. 

“Assumed what?” Alina asked. 

“About a boyfriend,” Perri answered. “It could be a girlfriend you are after.” 

As she said it, Perri upped her pheromone levels to their highest. 

“Ohhh… ummm nooo…” Alina responded slowly. 

“That doesn’t sound like a firm no to me, Alina.” Perri replied. 

“Welll Iii hhhave never been with a woman,” Alina stuttered. . 

“Well, judgning by this reaction,” Perri said with a smile, “It looks like it is something you should definitely try, don’t you think?” 

“Ohhh Iiii don’t knowww….” the scientist said. 

“Well, if I were you I would leave that door open,” Perri said, staring into the eyes of the doctor. 

“Oooo kkkk….” Alina answered, a bit frazzled, and flush, her nipples poking through her bra. The same look the ticket agent had. 

The lousdpeaker blared “Now boarding flight 449 for Dubai, gate 12, passengers in first class” 

Perri smiled, looked at Alina and held out her hand. 

“Come on, Alina, we can board now,” Perri said to the confused and aroused blonde, who took the hand without thinking. “I have your boarding pass, just roll your carryon along.” 

“Oookkkk….” Alina replied, rolling her luggage with her left hand, while holding Perri’s with her right, without a second thought. 

“Good girl, Alina,” Perri said, giving  her new friend a light kiss on the cheek as they moved to the plane. 

The first class passengers began to settle into their pods, leaving the pods open for the pre flight ritual. 

Alina rolled her carry on into the plane, where Perri moved to store it with hers. The Doctor, engorged nipples out for all to see, sat in her seat while Perri fastened her seatbelt for her. While fastening the seat belt, Perri slightly grazed the chest of Alina, who moaned slightly from the light contact. Perri smiled inwardly. She took out her phone, and while Alina was reveling in the moment, with eyes closed, Perri snapped a photo of the blonde beauty reveling in her pheromone fueled bliss. . 

On the other end of the photo text message, Kimiko Tanaka smiled, as she immediately noticed the faraway facial expression and the engorged nipples poking through the bra and top. The future geneticist for the Secret Super group was being seduced and prepared for enslavement. 

“Stone, darling, look at this photo of your girlfriend,” Kimiko said, showing the photo of a proud and smiling Perri next to the pretty blond with eyes closed and engorged nipples. “She is doing her job as a good little slave. Jealous?” 

“Yesss… Miss Tanaka…” Stone said honestly. 

“Oh how cute,” Kimiko said. “But the only person you need to please is me.” 

“Yesss, Miss Tanaka,” the male said, clothed only in a collar and a leash. 

“I think it only fair that if your girlfriend is seducing someone, then you should too,” Kimiko laughed. “Don’t you agree?”

Confused, Stone simply answered “If you say so, Miss Tanaka.” 

“Oh I say so,” Kimiko laughed. “Let’s see, you only gave a blowjob and came in your underwear. I think more is in order for you. Your lover for the evening will be here soon.”

Kimiko sent out a text. 

Stone’s heart skipped a beat when he saw himself walk in, naked save for a collar around his neck. Twinning. Again. 

“Well Stone, I want you to understand how fucked you are,” Kimiko laughed. “Now go fuck yourself. Then get fucked.” 

Stone’s heart sank. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” the pair said in unison. Bowing then beginning to kiss to start the festivities. 

“Have fun boys….” Kimiko turned the cameras in the room on to capture the fun. 

Stone Cain was obeying, and he never thought to stop himself or question a thing, which was not lost on Kimiko Tanaka. 

“Mission accomplished,” thought Kimiko as he watched the pair, noticing the boring position they were in. 

“Or should I say Missionary accomplished?” 

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