The Perils of Perri Mona

Chapter 3

by hypnosissir

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The Perils of Perri Mona: Three is a Magic Number

“Good Morning, Perri,” Kimiko Tanaka cooed at her collared captive. “It’s time for a brand new day, today is day three of your lessons. I have heard that three is a magic number. Meri never even got to day three; she was mine at day two. But do enjoy the day as you edge closer and closer to becoming mine.” 

That word stuck in her head, even as she realized she was uncuffed and naked. 


Perri realized the intent of using that word- as she had been on the edge of cumming only to be brought back down until she had a cigarette with the mind control drug in it. She had snippets of memory where Kimiko was behind her giving instructions and suggestions, but nothing concrete came to the forefront of her thought. 

Somewhere, she thought she should try and run, but that thought was overridden by the fact she was shocked each time she hit the red button of the remote that hung by the door, the one she was trained to push each time she exited this room. 

“Fuckk….” Perri spat, not able to get out the ‘you’ as she intended. 

“Very nice, Perri, I’m sure the word ‘you’ was on the edge of your tongue.” the scientist teased. “But you have accepted a few things in your training. I must say, you were a well behaved girl growing up, your mother taught you well.”

“Where’s Meri?” spat Perri, wondering where her sister was after her pheromones helped propel Perri to the edgiest of the edge. How many times Perri was taken there only to be taken back down, she had no idea. 

“Oh she is going on about her life, for now,” Kimiko explained. “She serves her purpose when I need her to. So she is staying with her career as an internet influencer. You would be amazed at the people who contact her. A few very interesting people, to say the least.” 

“You just use people…” Perri said, again unable to continue her thought of calling the scientist an evil bitch, or some such thing. 

“You seem to be unable to finish those thoughts out loud, Perri,” Kimiko said with a smirk. “What were you thinking, were the words ‘evil bitch’ on the edge of your tongue again?” 

“Nnnoo…” the captive said nervously. 

Kimiko laughed. 

“So we had a wonderful training session last night, Perri,” Kimiko said after her laughter finally died down. “You have such respect for authority and proper protocols. It will greatly suit me as I train you.” 

“I won’t be trained….” Perri insisted. 

“Oh here we go again, Perri,” Kimiko said with a shrug. “You said you weren’t going to cum the way I said you would, you said you would not give in and have that cigarette that helps me mold you. You said you would never help me in any way, and we both know that isn’t true. Yet you did exactly what I said you would, isn’t that right?” 

“Yes…” Perri replied, as she went to say something after the ‘yes’, but again as her mouth opened, no words came out. 

“Remember Perri, you said you wouldn't answer my questions? What happened after the first night?” Kimiko asked pointedly. “You now answer simple, innocent questions for me, isn’t that right?” 

“Yes…” Perri answered without hesitation. 

“And you do simple tasks that are innocuous, isn’t that right?” the scientist continued. 

“Yes…” Perri again answered with no hesitation or inflection in her voice. 

“And last night, it went even better than I imagined, Perri,” Kimiko said. “What did you study in college?” 

“Pre-Law and Criminal Justice,” Perri answered immediately. 

“Exactly, and this is your ‘gap year’ to take a break from school?” Kimiko asked. 

“Yes…” Perri answered. 

“You have a very high respect for the law, contracts and proper behavior,” Kimiko said. “So very straight laced in that regard.” 

“Look at this document, Perri,” Kimiko said, handing the beautiful brunette a folder. “Read it and summarize it for me, if you wouldn’t mind.” 

Perri gave the captor a death stare, then took the document and read the pages. When she got to the end, she let out an audible gasp. 

“So, Miss Pre-Law, what is this document?” Kimiko asked. “Do tell me please, I am dying to get your thoughts…”

“It is a personal services contract….” Perri said, intentionally shortening the details. 

“Who is the contract between?” the mind controller asked. 

“Tanaka Science, LTD, Kimiko Tanaka CEO as employer,” Perri began. “And Perri Mona, employee…” 

“Is that your signature, Perri?” Kimiko asked, pointing at the last page. 

“Yes…” Perri said. “But it was signed under duress…” 

“Perri, I don’t think signing this to get the best sexual experience of your life is duress,” the founder of Tanaka Science LTD stated firmly. “Did you want to have that experience, did you want to cum, Perri?” 

“Yes…” Perri meekly replied, embarrassed at her admittance. 

“Of course you did, even though you swore very recently that you would never…” Kimiko taunted. “Is the contract binding and official?” 

“Yes…” the captive being trained replied. 

“Do you want the publicity of being called out publicly for having a kinky sexual affair with me? In a Dominant and submissive way?” Kimiko asked. “Look at these pictures, you certainly don’t look under any duress, in fact everyone looking would say two things…” 

Perri turned red at the photos that Kimiko put on the big screen in the room. Perri mauling her breasts with one hand, while wildly thrusting a large, battery operated phallus between her legs, as the lovely Kimiko, dressed in black latex, smiled approvingly from behind. 

“You were very much in control of that phallus….” Kimiko said. “And you were definitely having a great time….” 

Perri stared blankly straight ahead. 

“But again, Perri, the choice is yours,” Kimiko said. “A picture is worth a thousand words, and I don’t know if you would like the results of those words at all. If you want to pursue this legal contract in the courts, I am all for it. Think of the embarrassment, you behaving like a wild animal in heat, with me looking on approvingly. I will give you my phone if you want to challenge this legally, Perri, do you want my phone to call a lawyer?” 

“No…” Perri said, a tear streaming from her left eye. 

“So what does that make you, then, Perri, according to the contract?” Kimiko said as she put the phone back in her pocket. 

“An employee of Tanaka Science, LTD…” Perri answered. 

“That’s right, and who is the employer for Tanaka Science, LTD., Perri?” the scientist asked. 

“You….” Perri responded despondently. 

“Perri, when someone signs a contract, what does that person need to do in regards to that contract?” Kimiko asked, already knowing the answer from the previous night's training.

“The signee must honor and follow all clauses of the contract to the best of their abilities to fulfill their obligation…” Perri said quickly and with meaning. 

“You said the same exact phrase last night, Perri,” Kimiko chuckled. “Such a wonderful respect for contract law.” 

“Now, read what clause 1 says out loud, Perri,” Kimiko instructed. 

“Kimiko Tanaka is the CEO and sole employer of all employees of Tanaka Science LTD and all contract signees report directly to the CEO…” Perri read aloud. 

“So what does that make me, Perri?” Kimiko asked, wondering the phrasing her captive would use. 

“My boss…” Perri replied dejectedly. 

“How long is the contract for, Perri? It says it in the text…” Kimiko continued as her assault of the freedom of Perri Mona continued. 

“The contract shall only be terminated at the behest of Miss Kimiko Tanaka, and only when the completion of the contract of said employee is completed to the satisfaction of the employer,” Perri read. “The termination of said services is solely at the discretion of Tanaka Science LTD.” 

Perri took a breath, as she realized this was essentially a lifetime contract. Kimiko Tanaka was never going to be satisfied with Perri’s training, and certainly would not let her out of the contract. 

“And what does clause 4 say, Perri?” Kimiko asked. 

“Employee will wear designated uniform as assigned by Tanaka Science LTD…” Perri said as she gasped at how deep the hole was becoming. 

“And what does clause 5 say?” the scientist asked. 

“Employee will complete all tasks and responsibilities as designated by Miss Kimiko Tanaka, CEO, Tanaka Science LTD..” Perri read out loud in disbelief. 

“Perri, do you respect contracts that you sign?” Kimiko asked. 

“Yes…” Perri said, as her voice again cut off after the initial answer, while Kimiko laughed. 

“Perri, are you an employee of Tanaka Science LTD?” Kimiko asked.

“Yes….” was the captive woman’s reply. 

“What are your responsibilities, as an employee?” the scientist asked smugly. 

“To complete all tasks and responsibilities as designated by Miss Kimiko Tanaka, CEO…” Perri said, her voice trailing off. 

“And there we have it, Perri,” Kimiko said. “Didn’t you say you would never be my slave?” 

“Yes…” Perri answered. 

“Do you want out of this contract, Perri?” the cunning pretty Asian asked. 

“Yes…” the captive answered. 

“There is one way to satisfy all terms of this contract, Perri,” Kimiko said, staring her pretty captive in the eyes. “Want to guess what that is?” 

Perri shook her head no, refusing to audibly answer. It was all she could do in defiance, physically answer but not verbally reply. 

“Oh Perri, cute act of defiance.” Kimiko laughed. “In order to satisfy the terms of this contract you will complete training to become my slave…” 

Perri cried at the inevitable answer to the question her captive asked herself. 

“Now, now Miss Mona, no crying,” Kimiko chided. “We have work to do today, to train you so your contract as an employee will end. Do you want to end this contract?” 

“Yes…” Perri answered, very confused. Yes, she wanted to end the contract but that would mean she would be a slave. 

“So, Perri, you want to follow proper protocol at work, do you not?” Kimiko asked. 

“Yes…” the new employee found herself saying out loud, as it was part of her dna. 

“Then who’s direction do you follow?” the CEO asked

“Yours….” Perri replied, sighing. 

Perri felt defeated, and she knew more was coming and coming fast. 

“You certainly enjoyed that training last night, Perri,” Kimiko teased. “I have a very brief training manual for you. Memorize it.” 

The scientist laughed as she threw a small booklet at her captive, who after her training was now an employee- and the perfect employee. Perri opened the ‘training manual’. It was simple. It was there in black and white, all two sentences: 

“Training Manual for Employees of Tanaka Science LTD” 

  1. Follow Kimiko Tanaka’s instructions perfectly and without delay. 
  2. Always wear the uniform of the day. 

Perri thrust her head back and screamed. 

“Now Perri, we can’t have that, we have work to do,” Kimiko told the captive. “We are going to my office, your uniform is in the bathroom, change into it. Now.” 

Perri stood and began to head toward the bathroom without any acknowledgement to Kimiko, which allowed the scientist to further get into her employee and slave trainee’s head. 

“Excuse me, Perri, please come here,” Kimiko ordered, as the captive turned around and marched before her boss. 

Kimiko eyed the naked beauty, and paced around her as she stood there. Waiting. 

“When I give you instructions, you will say, ‘yes, Miss Tanaka,’ out of respect for me, won't you Perri?” Kimiko ordered as she smiled as she enjoyed watching pieces of the tough woman chip away slowly. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said, as she began to make her way to the bathroom to put on her uniform. 

“Wait, Perri,” the part Japanese scientist interrupted. “In my culture, it is common for someone who is subservient to bow to those who are their superiors. You do not want to offend my culture, do you?” 

“No, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said as she now instinctively bowed before beginning her task. 

“Then after each command you will also bow,” Kimiko instructed. “And when you leave my presence.” 

Perri bowed and left to fo change. Alone in the bathroom, Perri had her first awake moments alone to assess her situation, and she was very frustrated because instead of formulating a plan to strike back or escape, all she could compel herself to do was put on what passed for a work uniform. 

“Oh my God…” Perri said, as she picked up the wisps of clothing that made up her uniform. 

There were no panties, and a push up bra for her underwear. Next came a red and white plaid micro mini skirt, a skin tight white crop top, white fishnet stockings, and 4 inch red stiletto heels. 

“Finished dressing, Miss Mona?” the employee asked. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said as she exited the bathroom, dressed in the sexy schoolgirl outfit that now was her work uniform. 

“Sit at the vanity, Perri,” Kimiko ordered as the humiliation continued. 

“Yes Miss Tanaka,” Perri said, bowing before moving to take a seat. 

Kimiko picked up a brush and ran through the knotted hair of her captive until it was smooth. The CEO then took a pair of bright red bows and placed a part in the middle of her hair, using the bows for non braided pigtails on either side of Perri’s head. She then gave a lesson on how the eye makeup was to be done. The final humiliation was the lipstick. 

“Stand up and pucker up, Perri,” Kimiko instructed. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said,bowing, before standing and moving her lips as instructed. Her boss then took a deep red lipstick and circled the lips of her new employee until they were perfectly painted. 

“This is how you will look when we are here, tell me, how do you think you look?” Kimiko asked, spinning her charge to look at the full length mirror that stood before here. 

“I look like a cross between a schoolgirl and a hooker, Miss Tanaka,”  Perri complained. 

“It’s perfect,” Kimiko said. 

“So for today’s lessons , Perri, we had a very fun chat about pleasure last night,” Kimiko said. “But you don’t remember it.” 

Perri stared icily at her employer, unsure where this was going. 

“Perri, don’t be mad, you loved the pleasure last night, see? Look at you, such animal lust in these pictures,” Kimiko teased as a presentation of pictures from the prior night flashed on the screen, all featuring Perri Mona, trying desperately to cum.  “Don’t worry, I am going to help you remember now, isn’t that exciting?”

“Not really, Miss Tanaka,” the employee responded. 

“Please focus, Perri,” Kimiko instructed. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri said without thinking. 

As she heard the words, all the other thoughts running through her head stilled and she felt herself become very focused on her boss’ voice. All other sounds around her seemed to disappear as she looked at Kimiko and focused. 

“It’s amazing, what this drug can do,” Kimiko said as she noticed the physical change in her captive. “And you notice how focused you are right now, don’t you Perri?” 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri answered immediately, never losing focus. 

“Perri, what is pleasure for you from now on?” the scientist asked. 

“Obedience is pleasure, Miss Tanaka,” the beautiful employee answered, partially wondering where that answer came from and realizing what that answer actually meant. 

“That’s right Perri,” Kimiko began to explain, “You absolutely loved all that pleasure the last two nights and your subconscious was very eager to accept my terms to have that pleasure forever.” 

Perri tried to say something, but nothing came out. She wasn’t sure if it was because she would say something negative if she could, or if it was because she was still in focus mode. 

“There are words on the edge of that razor sharp tongue, dying to get out I’m sure,” Kimiko 

Teased. “But they will not, you are focused.” 

Kimiko paced a circle around Perri, who wondered what was next in her captivity. 

“Today you will spend the day doing simple, humiliating tasks for me,” Kimiko said as she stood in front of her captive. “Each one will bring you just a shade more pleasure. Your obedience will bring you pleasure, slowly but effectively throughout your day, doesn’t it sound fun, Perri?” 

“Nnnn….”  Perri managed to mumble the first half of the word no, before her conditioning put a stop to the rest of it. 

“Still some fight, how lovely!” Kimiko said with excitement. “It will make breaking you today all the more fun. It will be a pleasure taking you to the edge and watching you beg for relief.” 

“Now, Perri, take this box and place it on the table outside the room,” Kimiko asked sweetly. 

“Yes, MIss Tanaka,” Perri replied, bowing, and immediately realizing she would obey, and what the consequences of trying to leave the room would bring. 

Following her bow, she took the box her employer held out for her, walked to the door and pressed the red button on the remote before exiting the room. The remote to the shock collar she wore, The red button that sent a shock into the collar. The captive fell to the floor from the shock. 

Kimiko patiently waited for Perri to get up, where she looked her in the eyes and smiled. 

“Nnn…” Perri repeated, realizing she could not object, and that her task was not complete. She picked the box up off the floor, bowed again, and again walked to the door and pressed the red button. 

Kimiko Tanaka smiled as she continued to slowly chip away at the psyche of Perri Mona. After the fifth try, Kimiko decided to move on to the next task, and she simply removed the battery to the shock collar as Perri lay on the floor. 

On the sixth try, Perri again picked up the box, bowed, and made her way to the door and pressed the button. The woman dressed like a schoolgirl tensed up as she pressed the button, but was surprised no shock came. She proceeded out the door and placed the box on the table. She had thoughts of running floating in her head somewhere, but the overriding thought was that she needed to be a good employee and honor her contract. She walked back into the room and stood, unsure what to do. 

“Very good, Perri,” Kimiko praised. “How do you feel when you successfully complete a task for your employer?” 

“I feel good, Miss Tanaka,” Perri replied, the words seemingly coming out automatically. 

“Here is your next box, place it next to the one you just put outside the room on the same table, Perri,” Kimiko ordered, holding a second, identical box. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri replied, as she bowed, took the box, and headed to the door, where she again pressed the red button on the remote. 

Perri didn’t tense her body anticipating a shock, having not seen the scientist replace the battery while she was in the hall with the box, so the captive was surprised by the shock, as she again fell to the floor in a heap. 

Kimiko waited for the captive to make her way to her knees before speaking. 

“Stay on your knees, Perri,” Kimiko instructed, as she moved Perri into a more proper slave position. 

Perri knelt, back arched, head down, her hands holding the underside of her breasts as if presenting them to her new employer. 

“You no longer have to complete the task with the box,” Kimiko said. “This is how my employees are to wait for their next instructions, do you understand?” 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,'' Perri replied, looking at the perfectly polished black calf high stiletto boots of her employer. 

Kimiko dropped a towel on the floor in front of her employee, where Perri didn’t move. 

“Perri, polish my boots,” Kimiko ordered. 

Perri picked up the towel, stood, bowed and said “Yes, Miss Tanaka.” 

Perri dropped to her knees and worked on the boots. When finished, she assumed the kneeling position before the scientist. 

“Beautifully done, Perri,” Kimiko said, patting her on the head.  “When you kneel after completing a task, here is what you will say out loud,  ‘I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting’.” 

“Yes Miss Tanaka,” Perri replied. 

“You have completed a task, Miss Mona,” Kimiko reminded. 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting,” Perri repeated. As she repeated it, a very faint thrum coursed through her body, a sexual, almost imperceptible thrum. 

Kimiko smiled as she noticed the ever so slight movement in her captive. 

“Perri, what is pleasure?” Kimiko asked. 

“Obedience is pleasure, Miss Tanaka,” Perri answered, feeling that sexual thrum in her body. . 

Kimiko put Perri through all sorts of simple, humiliating tasks. 

Perri cleaned and polished all of the boots in her employer’s closet. 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting,” Perri repeated from her knees after completion. 


Perri dusted the entire house. 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting…”


Perri polished silver. 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting…”


As the day moved on, and Perri completed task after task, Perri couldn’t help but notice she was being pushed to the edge once again. Each task, she realized, was giving her that thrum of excitement and arousal. She could not stop, and she realized that desperation of being so close to the edge was coming back. For the third time in three nights. 

Once it began getting dark, Kimiko moved a mirror in front of her kneeling employee. 

“You are doing a wonderful job today, Perri,” Kimiko praised as Perri knelt, head down waiting for the next task. “Remain kneeling. Look up, keep looking at yourself in the mirror.” 

“Yes Miss Tanaka,” Perri replied, as she saw herself presenting her breasts dressed as she was, makeup still looking good, hair in pigtails. 

“What have you noticed, Perri, every time you complete a task?” Kimiko asked. 

“Every task gets me more aroused, Miss Tanaka,” Perri admitted. 

“And what happens when you repeat your phrase after each task?” Kimko asked. 

“I realize the pleasure is obedience, Miss Tanaka,” Perri answered, realizing the gravity of her situation. 

“That’s right Perri, you have put yourself in quite a little loop haven’t you?” Kimiko laughed. “Your moral compass says you have to complete your contract, but your contract is leading you to the path of becoming my slave, what do you think of that, Perri?” 

“It’s….” Perri could not respond, her training did not permit her to say negative things about her employer. 

“There we are again, words right on the edge,” Kimiko chuckled. “Is it exciting being on the edge, Perri?” 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri admitted. She couldn’t lie, being on the sexual edge was exciting. 

“Stand, Perri,” Kimiko ordered. 

“Yes, MIss Tanaka,” the slave replied. 

Kimiko placed Perri in a pose, chest out, head high, hands behind her back. 

“This is how you will stand when we are together alone, Perri,” Kimiko ordered. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri replied. 

“Is seems you are excited, Perri,” Kimiko said, as she reached out and gently pinched the breasts of her captive. “Your nipples indicate as much…” 

Kimiko walked and placed the mirror in front of Perri. 

“Look at yourself, Perri,” Kimiko instructed. “Those nipples are very visibly hard…” 

KImiko walked behind Perri as she looked at her nipples, protruding through the clothing she wore. Kimiko then reached under the incredibly short skirt of her captive and placed her hand between the legs of her employee. 

“Oh, my Perri,” Kimiko laughed, pulling her wet hands from under the skirt. “It seems you are enjoying being my employee…” 

Perri didn’t move or answer her captor, she just looked at herself in the mirror, as Kimiko took her fingers and placed them in front of Perri’s mouth. 

“Suck…” Kimiko ordered. 

Perri opened her mouth and took in the extended fingers of her employer. 

“Very good girl, Perri. Kneel for me. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat your after task phrase for me, Perri,” Kimiko instructed. “Consider it a task….” 

Kimiko watched as Perri knelt, her arousal again reaching its highest point. 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting…” 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting…” 

“I want to be a slave for Miss Tanaka, being a slave is very exciting…” 

Kimiko let Perri loop herself deeper, while she watched for her finishing touch for the day to be ready . 

Once ready, Kimiko instructed Perri to stop, rise and get back into the bed she had been in the last two nights when she was finally allowed to be over the edge. The heels, combined with her arousal, made it difficult to walk steadily, which didn’t go unnoticed, causing the scientist to smile broadly as she knew the takedown of the captive Perri Mona was progressing perfectly. Kimiko tethered Perri’s wrists to the bed, and she was stuck in the same position as the prior nights. Kimiko inserted the same battery operated phallus Perri used the prior evening, and left it on low. 

“There you are, Perri, ready for another fun evening,” Kimiko taunted, turning on the screen in front of her. 

Perri flinched at what she saw come to life on the screen. 

“Recognize anything, Perri?” Kimiko asked wryly. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri answered. 

“What do you see?” Kimiko asked. “Tell me everything you notice.”

“My apartment…” Perri began. “Stone Cane…. Me that’s not me… Ned…” 

“Very good Perri,” Kimiko praised.  “What are they doing?” 

“Kissing, Miss Tanaka…” Perri answered. 

“Very good, now listen carefully Perri, it is very important you hear them clearly,” Kimiko said. 

“Yes, Miss Tanaka,” Perri replied as she focused as best she could on the dialogue. 

The onscreen Perri, the DNA clone of Perri, Ned was saying, “that’s right Stone, you are helplessly in love with me, and want to always do everything I tell you, isn’t that right?” 

“Yessss, Ppperrri…” the naked, well endowed and incredibly aroused male said as he sat on the bed. 

“You want to be my good boy, don’t you Stone?” onscreen Perri cooed as she tickled his manhood with a single fingernail. 

“Yyyyesss……Ppppperrriiii….” the lead law enforcement officer responded. 

“Then tell me exactly that and we can have even more fun darling….” the doppelganger Perri said. 

“Iiii wwwanttt too be yyourr gggoooodddd bbbboyyy….” the large man responded, while the pretty brunette smiled at her control. 

Meanwhile, the real Perri was flailing at her bonds. Part of her was appalled at what was transpiring and wanted to run… but another part of her, already so close to the edge, wanted to put her hand between her legs and have her own fun. Her captor smiled as she turned down the sound. 

“That’s what you have been doing the entire time you have been here, Perri,” Kimiko teased. “Well, not you, but the perfectly exact Ned, as you. DNA twin Perri has been conditioning poor Stone Cane to fall madly in love and do anything Perri wants. What do you think, Perri?” 

“I….well….what do you want?” Perri struggled to answer, unable to say anything negative and being so aroused her thoughts were fleeting and slowed. 

“Right to the point, Perri, I like that,” Kimiko teased. “What I want is for him to be in love with you, and for you to turn him into my slave. You are going to turn him, Perri.” 

“Nnnn…….” Perri half said, her prior evening’s training kicking in. 

“Perri, I know you would never turn him into my slave, you would never…. We have heard all this before,” Kimiko teased. “And you said you would never have a cigarette, yet here you are two days in and you have no way out, do you Perri.” 

“Nnnn….” Perri again grunted a response, knowing she had lost the last two nights, had caved and been conditioned after reaching for a cigarette when she could no longer fight the need to cum. 

“Focus, Perri, the good part is starting,” Kimiko said, pointing to the screen. 

Peri looked and was stunned. Onscreen Perri was mounting Stone, who laid on his back, hands cuffed to the corners of the bedposts with his own handcuffs. 

“Start now, Stone,” Onscreen Perri said, and with that phrase, Stone nodded his head and began to speak. 

“I love Perri, I will always obey Perri…” 

“I love Perri, I will always obey Perri…” 

“I love Perri, I will always obey Perri…” 

As the law officer continued his mantra, onscreen Perri began to slowly, rhythmically ride the man.



“I love Perri, I will always obey Perri…” 



“I love Perri, I will always obey Perri…” 

After several minutes of watching, Kimiko turned down the sound of the livestream of Perri’s apartment bedroom and started whispering in the original Perri’s ear. 

“Look at the power of  your pheromones, Perri,” Kimiko said. “You can get people to do anything you want them to…. Look at how excited you are already.” 

Perri moaned as she watched the conditioning of Stone continue onscreen. 

“Don’t take your eyes off the screen. Remember Perri, no cumming until I allow it,” Kimiko instructed, while Perri was a bit too close to the edge to respond. “When Stone cums, you will realize what you need to do to cum, Perri.” 

Perri moaned as KImiko removed the phallus that was dancing between her legs. She was surprised when the captor unshackled her right wrist, freeing her right hand. 

Perri, realizing her right hand was free, thrust it between her legs. 

Soon, Kimiko noticed the two Perri’s were in sync, matching in perfect rhythm, which had the scientist smiling widely. 

Perri had no idea how long her doppelganger was riding her boss, but she finally let out a sigh as the man came on the screen with a loud moan. Once the show ended, and the onscreen couple finished their sexcapades, Perri reached out with her right hand to the tray table where she finally found the box she was seeking. She opened it with her right hand, and took out one of the mind control drugged cigarettes, putting it to her lips before taking a second pass to find the lighter. In her mind, the sooner she had the cigarette, the sooner she could cum. Her only thought was to finish as she was another step past the edge. 

Finding the lighter, she lit the cigarette and took a deep drag, feeling the effects of the drug almost instantly. At Kimiko’s urging, Perri took drags from her cigarette, until it was finished, leaving Perri completely aroused and ready for suggestions from her employer. 

“Very good Perri, we are going to continue your path of pleasure is obedience, and your goal is to be my slave….” Kimiko teased. “Say ‘yes, Miss Tanaka, if you understand.” 

“Yes, MIss Tanaka,” Perri replied in a monotone, the drug making her eyes glassy. 

“Now let’s discuss that and how you are going to make Stone Cain my slave…..”     

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