The Perils of Perri Mona

Chapter 1

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #sub:female #f/m

The Perils of Perri Mona 

“Lovely to see you awake, Perri,” Kimiko Tanaka said as the woman tethered to the bed slowly opened her eyes and looked around in confusion. “I can finally allow you to be awake, now.” 

The woman on the bed felt herself unable to move more than a small amount with her hands, feet, and midsection strapped to the bed, while an IV fed her left arm.

“I know you…..” Perri Mona, the administrative assistant to the District Attorney, the lead law enforcement agent of the state. “What…” 

“You do remember me, Perri, I thought you may not, it has been a few years since the old college days,” Kimiko said. “And I graduated college when I was 18. Physically I was a late bloomer as you can see.” 

“Why am I tied down…” Perri asked, groggily. “What….” 

“Let’s just cut to it, shall we?” Kimiko said, as she moved over to Perri and attached a collar around her neck, then removed the IV. “This shock collar is set so that if you leave this room, it will shock you and knock you unconscious, painfully. This remote also can provide shocks as needed.” 

Kimiko made a point to show the remote, and hit the button, sending a shock into the body of the woman still tied to the bed. The woman with the remote untethered the feet of her captive, then waited for her to regain her senses before continuing. 

“Now then, Perri, I trust I have your full attention?” Kimiko asked dismissively as she cupped the chin of the woman whose hands and midsection were still set firmly in place. “That was half the shock you will receive if that collar leaves this room.” 

“Why am I here?” Perri asked, breathing heavily after the shock.

“I know all about you, Perri, and just how unique you are,” the pretty, well-built Asian said with an all knowing smile. “And I know all about your extracurricular activities, Perri. Let’s just say it wasn’t terribly hard to figure out.” 

“What are you talking about,” Perri asked, as she feigned ignorance. 

With a press of another remote, a screen came down across from where Perri lay in the hospital bed. 

“Here we have the headlines of a robbery halted when all of the sudden the robber just stopped his crime in progress… and he had a satisfying smile and a raging erection,” Kimiko started. “And a big wet spot in the front of his pants.” 

Perri looked on passively. 

“And here we have the story of a carjacking halted,” Kimiko continued. “The carjacker just sat in the driver's seat with an erection and a smile and never moved until he was arrested. And another wet spot in the pants.” 

Perri just stared at the screen as her captor and former college rival continued. 

“And this one is my favorite,” Kimiko said. “Here we have a little old lady getting mugged and her purse stolen. Only less than a block away the mugger stopped, left the purse slung over his shoulder as he masturbated right in public. No interest in escaping at all. Nice work with the wet spots, Perri.” 

Perri took a deep breath and looked straight at Kimiko. 

“Now look at these crowd shots,” Kimiko said. “All three of these stories have lovely photographs. And who is this in all three of the photos in these news articles? Certainly not complete proof, but I do have a few more and could continue, if you like...” 

“Fuck…” Perri muttered under her breath, seeing her image in all three story photographs. 

“That’s right Perri,” Kimiko stated. “There you are, amazing coincidence don’t you think?” 

Perri simply stared at her adversary and took a deep breath, exhaling pointedly. 

“But we both know it is no coincidence, Perri,” Kimiko said. “And I know all about you and your amazing DNA. And to think, I was sure you were just one of those popular bitches who just always go whatever they wanted in college because you were pretty.” 

“Fuck you, Kimiko,” Perri replied angrily. “People are going to look for me.” 

“No, they aren’t but we will get to that soon enough. Your grift is your gift,” Kimiko said. “How old were you when your pheromones started getting you everything you wanted?” 

Perri refused to answer and simply stared through Kimiko icily. 

“That’s what I thought,” Kimiko laughed. “And for the record, you have been here two weeks, Perri. And nobody knows you are even gone.” 

“What are you talking about?” Perri replied. “The DA’s office will obviously look for me….” 

“No, they won’t,” Kimiko restated. “Remember Nerdy Ned?” 

“Yeah, wasn’t he your friend…” Perri replied. “Kinda creepy, smallish… stared at me a lot…” 

“Yes, he was my friend,” Kimiko said. “And as you can see things change. Ned is now my loyal slave.” 

“What the fuck are you babbling about?” Perri asked. 

“Ned, be a good boy and come out here,” Kimiko ordered.

         Pretty soon a smallish, nerdy looking balding man entered the room where he knelt next to Kimiko. 

“As you wish, Mistress,” the nerdy man said as he knelt, looking up adoringly at Kimiko. 

“What the fuck did you do to him?” Perri asked insistently. 

“You aren’t the only one with special talents, Perri,” Kimiko said confidently as she patted her thrall on the head. “Isn’t that right my boy?” 

“Yes, Mistress,” Ned said from his knees. 

“But unlike you, Perri, my talent is science,” Kimiko said. “You, however, are a freak of genetics. You and others…” 

“What others?” Perri asked tentatively, fearing the information that could follow.. 

“Besides you?” Kimiko laughed. “Well, I know about a few of what your boss says are the ‘secret supers’. LIke the one your boss calls Electro Man, or maybe Strong Arm, we are finding out more as time goes on, aren’t we Ned?” 

“Yes Mistress,” Ned answered. 

“So what is your game, Moussy Miko?” Perri asked, using the condescending nickname the scientist was often called in college due to her shyness and young age. 

“No game, Perri,” Kiimko said. “I am beyond games, I get what I want. Look at Ned, here.” 

“So what?” Perri asked. “You turned some loser never been laid nerd into a slave, he probably wanted it anyway.” 

“He is my slave, Perri,” Kimiko said with no emotion. “Believe me, his ego is suffering mightily, but he has no choice. He thought he was king of the nerd herd… but there is only one Queen. And you will be joining him.” 

“Not going to happen, Mouse,” Perri said sternly. 

“It will happen, the science says so,” Kimiko answered. “Have you noticed anything yet, Perri?” 

“Noticed what, you bitch…” Perri answered. 

“Such language, Perri, that’s not nice,” Kimiko said as she pressed the button on the collar remote, shocking her captive. 

Perri’s muscles strained as she felt the shock, which locked her large muscle groups for a few seconds before she was able to regain control. 

“Normally you would be sending out your pheromones, when you are in your fight or flight moment of truth,” Kimiko calmly informed her captive. “And now, you have nothing. Defenseless.” 

“What did you do….” Perri shouted. 

“I have just made it so you temporarily are unable to send out those pheromones,” Kimiko said matter of factly as she brushed the cheek of Perri as she lay tethered to the hospital bed. “And won’t until I decide you can. Which will be when you become my slave. You will be here as long as that takes, though I expect things to happen sooner rather than later.” 

“You can’t keep me, people know I’m missing…” Perri said as Kimiko moved over to Ned. 

“We have discussed this, Perri, try and keep up,” Kimiko laughed. “Nobody is looking for you and technically, you are not missing,” 

“What…..” Perri started to say before she was silenced by Kimiko’s collar. 

Kimiko laughed as she instructed Ned to strip while Perri recovered from her latest shock. 

“Perri, please stop talking and pay attention. I am about to get to the best part,” KImiko started. “As I have said, I am a scientist, not some genetic mutant. My talent is biochemistry. Ned is the first to sample my mind control drug.” 

“Figures, drugs….” Perri lamented with condescension. 

“Now Perri, please mind your manners and stay silent,” Kimiko said, tapping the collar remote. “I have also changed the structure and DNA of Ned’s cells.” 

“What the fuck does that mean?” Perri asked. 

“Perri, so impulsive, can’t even stay quiet so I can make my point,” Kimiko said. “I have restructured his cells so the cells can replicate others. He just needs to touch them and he can code that person’s DNA and replicate that structure.” 

“What?!?” Perri asked before being shocked again. 

“You just won’t learn, will you, Perri,” Kimiko said, waiting for the latest shock to work through her captive. “Anyway, I think a demonstration is in order. Ned, come here please.” 

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave responded. 

“Please show our friend Perri what you have been doing since she has been here,” Kimiko instructed.

The Asian scientist sat on the bed as Ned took a deep breath and closed his eyes, as his body’s muscles tensed, before relaxing from foot to head. As his body relaxed, Ned was no longer Ned, as his feet took a definitive feminine shape, with that femininity continuing its way upward until his transformation was complete. 

Perri looked on in shocked horror. 

KImiko laughed. 

Perri Mona’s doppelganger stood at the foot of the bed, in the body that formerly was nerdy Ned. To look at them, the only difference was the collar on the original Perri as she was strapped to the hospital bed. 

“Perfect, don’t you think?” Kimiko asked with a mini maniacal laugh. 

“Ned, tell Perri about her life the last two weeks,” Kimiko instructed. 

“Yes, Mistress,” the naked Perri doppelganger replied, sounding exactly like the original. “We have worked hard, overtime almost every day with the investigations into these new secret supers. On Mistress’ command I have been fucking your boss, getting information from him to pass along.” 

“What the hell…” Perri said incredulously. 

“Perri, Ned here has your DNA matched perfectly,” Kimiko responded. “That includes your pheromones. Your boss was easy to seduce. I mean, look at you, the jet black hair, the almond shaped hazel eyes, pretty face, those perfect 36C’s, who wouldn’t want to fuck you?” 

“This is sick….” Perri said. “Let me go…” 

“No Perri, you will become my slave,” Kimiko said. “And  I am going to do it slowly, using your own gift against you to do exactly what I want. Slowly and permanently, just like Ned here. Have you enjoyed your time as Perri, slave?” 

“Yes, Mistress, because it pleases you,” Ned replied, sounding like Perri Mona, mimicking her movements exactly. 

“And tell the original Perri what  you have been doing now, Ned,” Kimiko asked. 

“I have been using pheromones to seduce the Director, the boss,” Ned said. “He has not been able to resist anything.” 

“How’s the sex been, Ned?” KImiko asked. 

“Wonderful, Mistress,” Ned replied in Perri’s voice. “I love his cock inside me.” 

“Of course you do, Ned,” Kimiko praised. “And you like sucking his cock?” 

“Yes Mistress,” Ned replied. 

“Of course you do,” Kimiko added. 

“Ned, get your purse,” Kimiko ordered. 

The naked Ned, body courtesy of Perri’s DNA, padded over to the corner where he brought over a simple white purse. Perri looked on cautiously as her doppelganger obeyed. 

“Now Perri, here’s what I want you to know,” Kimiko mused. “I have developed a mind control drug that puts someone into a very receptive state to accept new ideas as their own.” 

“So you are going to use that on me now?” Perri asked. 

“No, Perri I am not,” Kimiko responded. “But you will decide to take it all on your own.” 

“No fucking way,” Perri swore. 

“Don’t doubt the science, Perri,” Kimiko replied. “Ned, I think you need to relax now.” 

Ned reached into the purse and took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, then took a cigarette out of the pack, and sat in the chair Kimiko indicated and lit up. Perri looked on as her body double sat and had a cigarette. 

“What the fuck is this?” Perri asked sternly. 

“This, Perri, is how the mind control drug is administered,” Kimiko answered smartly. “It is a drug that when it reacts with intense heat provides the chemical reaction that sends the person into that highly suggestible state I just told you about. The cigarette provides that heat, the smoke inhaled contains the drug.” 

“Sorry, I don’t smoke so you are out of luck, Mouse,” Perri answered. 

“Oh, Perri, I am not worried about that in the least,” KImiko laughed. “And I am sure the mugger never masturbated in public and the carjacker was never that aroused to forget to drive away, or the robber being too aroused to finish the job. So spare me what you won’t do. You have no idea where that line is.” 

Perri took a deep breath and struggled in her bonds. 

“Yet….” Kimiko said as she removed her hand from Perri and made her way over to Ned, still finishing the cigarette. 

“Look. Perri, your twin is nearly ready,” KImiko teased. “The eyes are so glassy, she is ready for suggestions.” 

Kimiko walked over to the naked doppelganger and sat in a chair behind her. 

“Ned, darling you will respond to the name Perri and will seduce the woman in the bed,” Kimiko instructed. “You will use your pheromones and she will not cum until after she has had a cigarette, make her beg.” 

“Yes, MIstress,” Ned said as he put the cigarette out. 

“Well Perri, I am sure you have heard the term ‘go fuck yourself?” Kimiko teased sarcastically. “You are going to actually live that out, isn’t that exciting?” 

“You’re sick… you won’t get away with it…” Perri said. 

“Oh Perri, it’s too late, you had no chance the second you were captured,” Kimiko said. 

“Have a good time girls,” Kimiko said as she moved to the exit. “I will take the bird’s eye view. Oh Perri, don’t forget to smile, you’re about to fuck your life away.” 

Perri, tethered to the bed, was visibly nervous as her doppelganger approached. 

“Stay there, don’t come close….” Perri admonished. 

“Oh, don’t worry, I promise you’ll love this,” the doppelganger said, as she slowly began caressing the cheek of the bound woman. “You are in for a real treat, pretty girl.” 

Perri flinched as her evil twin began to cut away the hospital gown she was wearing. 

“There, that is much better,” the evil Perri said as she slowly started to run her hands all over the captive. 

“Please…. Stop…..” captured Perri begged. 

“You don’t want me to stop, I think you are starting to really get into this,” the doppelganger Perri said with a smile, leaning in to kiss the captive, as the pheromones began their release, making their way through the room. 

“Wow, this feels so familiar...” the doppelganger said as she played with the breasts of the captive, playfully pinching the nipples before reaching and grabbing her own breasts. 

“But this…. This feels like home….” the mind controlled Perri said sensually as she reached between the legs of the bound Perri. 

Unable to fend off the ministrations with her arms still bound, Perri simply moaned audibly as the skilled hands of her DNA twin did their evil best with the pheromones ramping up her excitement tenfold. 

“Now you know what this feels like from the other side,” doppelganger Perri mused. “And now you are starting to really get into it. I love how you are trying to grind into my hand as it works between your legs.”

Perri, bound and feeling the pheromones, moaned. 

“Your very wet between your legs….” the former Ned mused. 

The doppelganger eased off, and slowly and steadily raised the level of the original Perri’s arousal. Nipples hard and becoming wetter between the legs, the doppelganger leaned in and kissed the originator of the DNA. 

Captive Perri tried to hold back, but the ministrations of the hands, the pheromones and the kiss were too much as she was slowly being driven into mindless lust. 

“Too bad you don’t have your own pheromones to use right now,” the doppelganger mused. “It looks like a fun ride, is it a fun ride, Perri?” 

“OOooooooohhhhh,” the original cried, as she felt levels of pleasure she never felt before. 

“It can be a quick trip to bliss, can’t it Perri?” Doppelganger teased. “But Mistress has other plans. A nice, slow, trip for you today, Perri.” 

“OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh,” captive Perri moaned as she desperately tried to move well enough to grind into the hand that skillfully worked between her legs. 

The doppelganger alternated putting original Perri on the brink and bringing her back down, playing her like a violin, using the pheromones to instill desperation to finish before backing down and discussing what it would take to be able to finish. 

For original Perri, she simply laid in the bed, and alternated between being taken to the highest level of arousal she had ever felt, being desperate for release, before being led back down to have discussions of slavery, obedience and mind control. 

There was no timetable, as Kimiko watched her minion take her captive up and down, to those highest heights of arousal and then down to discuss becoming a slave as she thought to herself “everyone will break at some point.” 

After what may have been original Perri’s 20th trip to the brink of orgasm, she really had no capacity to count at that point, only to be led back again, doppelganger Perri began her conversations again. 

“Do you want to cum, Perri?” the shapeshifter asked. 

“Yyyyyessssss……..” the original replied, sweat dripping from her body and desperation in her voice. 

“What will you do to cum, Perri?” the doppelganger asked, still touching her captive intimately, but backing her off the brink, lessening the pheromone jolt. 

“AAAaaaaannnnnnyyytttthhhiinnnnngggg……….” the captive replied, desperate. 

“You have said that before, Perri, yet haven’t done what I have asked to allow me to allow you to cum,” the doppelganger replied, sending a short, intense burst of pheromones out. “Tell me you want to be Kimiko’s mind controlled slave….” 

“Nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo…..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” Perri responded, but weakly. 

“I am in no rush, I can do this all day,” the doppelganger answered. “I doubt you can….” 

Again up and down, again more one sided discussion on becoming a mind controlled slave. 

After more of the same, there finally was a change in the original Perri. Gone was any semblance of the tough, focused young beauty, but instead a lust filled, glassy eyed girl who looked as if she were on the edge for hours laid before the doppelganger who was putting her into this condition. 

“Oh, this is what I like,” the doppelganger said, noticing the eyes of the captive. “The lights are on, but nobody’s home.” 

When the doppelganger leaned in for a kiss, the original Perri kissed back, hard. Harder than she had earlier in her ordeal. Harder than she had with anyone, ever.

“”This is much better Perri,” the shape shifter said. “I like this blind lust Perri, it suits you… well, us I guess….” 

The doppelganger took the captive to the edge again, only to back off. 

“Tell me you want to be Mistress Kimiko’s mindless slave,” the shapeshifter stated matter of factly. “Tell me you want to be a slave and you can finally cum.” 

“Iiii wwanntt tttoo bbbbeeee sssllaaaveee…” the captive replied, broken, staring glassily at her captor’s beautiful minion. Her twin.

“That is wonderful news, Perri, Mistress Kimiko will be very pleased with you,” the doppelganger praised. “Now I am going to undo your bonds on your right arm, you will take a cigarette from the pack and light up.”

The doppelganger untethered the right arm of Perri and held the pack out for her, as the captive took one from the pack, then she put the cigarette to her lips as the doppelganger lit the lighter in front of her as Perri lit up, taking a small drag as she coughed. 

“Very good, Perri,” the doppelganger said as she continued her work on the captive, taking her to the edge once again.  

Perri felt the effects of the cigarette, as her mind immediately felt slower. 

“Take a drag on your cigarette, Perri,” the doppelganger commanded as she worked the captive to the sexual edge.

Captive Perri obeyed, sinking her mind while her body filled with arousal as she took another drag, coughing as she exhaled.

The shapeshifting minion led the captive through a few more drags, ensuring the mind control drug it was laced with permeated through the captive’s system. 

“Perri, be a good slave and take one last drag now,” the perfect match ordered, smiling as the aroused and drugged captive obeyed. 

Original Perri was a sweaty, aroused mess, as she was then told to put out the cigarette in the ashtray provided. 

“Good girl, Perri,” the shapeshifter commended. “Let’s get  you to cum now, so you can be on your way to being a slave.” 

The doppelganger ramped up the pheromones to overwhelming, while working feverishly with only her hands to finish the job. 

“Slaves need permission to cum, Perri…” the minion reminded as the captive moaned loudly, her nipples never harder, between her legs never wetter. 

“You were a good girl, now on your way to being a slave, so now you  may cum!” the doppelganger said, finally pushing the captive over the edge. 

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Perri the caprice screamed as she came like never before. 

In the control room, Kimiko smiled as she watched her former college rival orgasm at the hands of her look alike. 

After the intense orgasm, Perri lay  motionless, the effect of the orgasm combined with the drug. 

Her look alike propped her up on the bed, and placed headphones on the girl as she lay, staring straight ahead. The minion turned on the screen before Perri, gave her a kiss on the lips and left the room. 

“Good girl, Perri,” KImiko said through the headphones. “Now focus on the screen as your slave training begins!” 

Perri simply obeyed, and focused on the screen as best she could, as Kimiko started her training. 

“Welcome to your new life, Perri Mona….” 

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