Descent Travel

Working it Out

by hypnosissir

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #f/m #fantasy #humiliation #sub:female #mc

Descent Travel — Working it Out

Jenna awoke with a feeling of ease, the VR headset still on her head, vibrator still in place. As she placed the unit on its stand, she marveled at the beauty of the Barbie in the box on the nightstand next to her bed. She rose, put on her 4- inch heels and then removed the stim fit from inside of her and padded to the bathroom. She cleaned her toy and placed it where it belonged with her other training equipment.

She walked over to the training bars, and hooked the strap of her corset to the horizontal bar that had been installed at midsection height on her first day of training. She then reached up and grabbed the bar hanging from the ceiling, and began tuning counterclockwise to tighten the strap of her corset to cinch her waistline even further. It had been weeks since she started wearing her corset and she enjoyed seeing the progress. The corset was a tightening, heavy boned style in white, designed for extreme waist training, and her progress was remarkable, even as she got used to smaller, shorter breaths.

Next was a white button up top, which covered the corset’s heaviness, followed by a pair of capri jeans, which she had to remove the heels to put on, then put the heels back on after.

Effectively dressed for the day, she went to the vanity table and started her makeup, foundation first, then her subtle pink eyeshadow, pink blush and dark heavy eyelashes. Next she put in the blue tinted contact lenses, which covered her natural hazel eyes. Her makeup was completed with a bubble gum pink lipstick that matched her nails perfectly, fingers and toes.

As she left her bedroom, she saw the box with the Barbie in it and thought ‘twinning!’.

She exited the front door and there waiting was the limo, with Cordelia’s ever present driver Mallory there to escort Jenna to her first appointment of the day. Jenna greeted the driver with a hug and air kisses so as to not smudge her makeup, as she smiled and moved to the back of the car for the short ride ahead.

“Miss Lance has set everything up for you at the salon this morning, Jenna,” the driver said, looking in the rear view and catching a glimpse of the ever changing girl seated and smiling brightly.

“Thank you, she is soooo amazing!” Jenna said with glee.

The rest of the ride was silent, as Jenna smiled and looked out the window until the car came to a stop outside of the fancy salon where she was greeted by salon staff.

“Good morning Miss Roberts, you look fabulous this morning,” the girl said as she led Jenna inside. “Miss Lance has Genevieve all ready for you, she called ahead.”

“Thank you!” Jenna responded vapidly as she was taken to the private style room, where a black cape was placed around her shoulders as she was escorted to the chair in front of the mirror where the work was to be completed.

“You will be platinum in no time, Jenna,” the stylist said. “Please, just relax and let us do all the work, I know you will love the results.”

“Mmmmm K!” Jenna said with a shrug as she followed the instructions and sat and relaxed while the team began its work.

Jenna had zoned out, as she had started to do recently when she was not being directly spoken to, and was shaken alert by Genevieve.

“We are finished here, Jenna,” the stylist said as she turned the chair around to face the mirror. “It is perfect. You will need weekly touch ups to hide the roots, but MIss Lance has approved the recommended schedule so for the foreseeable future, you have nothing to worry about.”

“OMG is that really me?” Jenna asked, her hands by her cheeks, her mouth open in surprise as a platinum blonde, arrow straight hair, looked back at her.

Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, she flashed to the Barbie doll in the box on her bedroom nightstand in horror.

Her inner turmoil was short lived, as Mallory entered the styling room and began a conversation.

“Jenna, that color and style suits you, it is perfect for that makeup and you rock that look,” the driver said, quashing the doubts of Jenna. “But we do have a schedule to keep, Miss Lance is expecting us.”

“OMG wow this is sooo crazy and amazing! Thank you everyone!” Jenna said as she was led to the limo by Mallory.

* * *

In Prague, the first of the Descent Girls and Adler were being prepared in mind and body to be the lead for each of the fetishes at the locations, and Cordelia Lance gave the task of assigning them to the well paid, experienced trainer simply known as Instructress.

“That’s right slaves! Hold that position until you hear the chime in 10 seconds!” the rubber clad, curvily built Domme yelled, as she watched her 7 charges all holding themselves one inch above the floor as they stopped their bouncing on a 7 inch trainer that sprouted from the floor. “Hold it slaves! You will not fail me!”

“Yes, Instructress!” The six lovely ladies and Jonathan Adler, the ostensible partner of Cordelia Lance, responded in unison, all maintaining their position as they melded body and mind to work in tandem to be the most effective sexual beings they could be.

The weeks of training were a pattern for the group, 6 am wake up call, yoga for flexibility, then breakfast. After breakfast was individual training, depending on their individual needs. After the individual work, sex/task training like they were in currently with their dildoes. After the task training of the day, the group would pair off and have live training with a partner in whatever they learned as reinforcement.

As the Instructress scanned the semi circle where her pupils were posing the 10 seconds on their mounts, asses an inch off the ground, she was pleased.

Oliva Becket, former girlfriend of the architect of this endeavor, Technology guru Cordelia Lance, took her normal spot to the left of Instructress. Her training was proceeding well, as she was being trained as a ‘Jill of all (sex) trades’ and after a slow start, her VR session adjustments saw her rise to become a star pupil. Mentally progressing, and physically nearing perfection during her time under the Instructess able tutelage. Olivia smiled as she held her pose, her ass one inch above the ground, legs wide, hands on her own breasts as her physicality held the 7 inch dildo in place.

To Olivia’s left was Jonathan Adler, the lone male of the original 7, and the ‘partner’ of COrdelia on the Travel Agency, who was ably holding the dildo inside him as he was able to capably handle the physicality of the request, keeping himself one inch off the ground. A former collegiate athlete, Adler had the physical tools necessary for the rigors of such intense training, and the Instructress was focusing with the lone male on his mental rebuilding. Instructress smiled, as Adler held his position, a slight smile of enjoyment on his face as the former straight, woman chasing star athlete rode his dildo.

To Adler’s left was 19-year old Destiny, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who did nothing but spend her Daddy’s money, who would be filling the role of the lactation specialist and would be shipping out to Canada to be part of the deviant farm community. A cocktail of traditional antidepressants, with prolactin and a natural supplement called fenugreek were being fed to Destiny, and after several weeks there was noticeable movement toward lactation. Instructress noted that as she ably held her position with the others, she managed to use her hands to hold her breasts up, as the cocktail began yielding results- as she was holding her breasts the instructress noticed her right hand rolling the nipple, resulting in a tiny wet spot on her uniform. CHecking the notes, Instructress noticed a swelling of growth in the young woman’s breasts.

Kaylee was in the middle of the semicircle of 7, she was a wannabe model who was being trained in fetish wear, she had the look to pull off just about anything, but tight clothes were especially appealing on the 20 year old. Her mind and body were reshaped specifically for rubber as she was destined for the fetish factory in Ohio, but pick any fetish wear and this was the model of perfection for it. Instructress actually messaged Cordelia to allow this pretty little minion to become a fetish model in addition to her duties with Descent Travel as a fetish wear specialist. Her body was sculpted through workouts, and some added silicone here, a tiny tuck there and you had perfection. The hole in her uniform allowed her access to complete her current task, which was pleasing to the instructress.

Bondage was to be handled by a pretty little Asian associate of the Instructress, who volunteered for the training after it was explained to her by her Mistress. Kaida, or Little Dragon, was a shibari practitioner who relished having her mind and body reconfigured with the VR set and through the body shaping the Instructress laid out for her. Wax, bondage, and other features would be awaiting the young woman in France after her training. Her smile and body position indicated her familiarity with being in one place, and her MIstress smiled as she noted the perfection her protege showed.

Next in line from her traditional left to right order, the Instructress noted the progress of the oldest of the trainees, a 31 year old former medical school student, whose past would be put to good use in her future role at what Cordelia termed the “MedFetish” building in the UK. The old hospital would feature activities for those into the medical fetish world, and who better to lead them than a former medical student, who nearly became a doctor? Evie, at 31, was pretty, and her body needed a bit of extra work, as after her decision to wash out of the medical field she was in need of comfort, which she found in food. Instructress noted her work ethic, and was pleased her body was toning and her pose in this exercise was nearly flawless.

The last in line was 20 year old Alexia, a pretty young girl who in her efforts to make it as an actress ended up doing some soft porn shoots to make ends meet. Her auburn hair was striking, and she was destined for “Toy Box” location in the United states. Though she did not look like any doll specifically, her background would enable her to take the role of any doll or toy. And as for her abilities, the INstructress noted she was probably the most capable for her new purpose, and her pose was perfect, her smile seductive, and her body very fit.

After the day’s group session would be individual sessions, where the group would pair up, and Adler would work with Instructress on reinforcement- always on the receiving end. After that would be lunch, then individual VR sessions, with their destiny programming continuing to tune them to their new ‘talents’. After that another group workout session then dinner.

After dinner, a group session led by Instructress, who would capably weave the elements of training to reinforce old training or to highlight upcoming training where the trainees may need improvement. Group sessions, the Instructress found, helped the submissives push each other subconsciously. Soon enough the group would be tested with individuals from outside the group in controlled environments to assess the training. After the group session would always be a sleep session, where the individuals would insert their stim fit vibrators, don their VR headsets, and learn as they slept.

But for now, the Instructress, clad in her trademark skin tight black rubber with a shine like no other, was going to keep her students on schedule.

“Excellent job Slaves! Report to your basket for your strap ons and stand at attention for further instructions!” the Instructress bellowed.

“Yes, Instructress!” All seven responded with the synchronicity of a gold medal swim team, as they ended their current exercises and reported to their baskets, which only had their first name on it, and was filled with sexual equipment.

“Here are your assignments, whores!” Instructress informed.

She waited for them all to be at attention before continuing.

“Station one! Alexia, down!” the leader ordered. “Kaida, up!”

“Yes Instructress,” the pair said in unison as they met at the center of the semicircle, kissed, then held hands as they made their way to station one, where a king size bed of purple waited. Alexia affixed her 7 inch strap on, then the pair stood at attention awaiting further instruction.

“Station 2! Evie, down!” came the command. “Destiny, up!”

“Yes Instructress,” the pair said in unison as they too met at the center of the semicircle, kissed, then held hands as they marched to station 2, where a king size bed of black waited. At this station, Evie attached her strap on, then both stood at attention awaiting their next instructions.

“Station 3! Olivia down!” the rubber clad instructor demanded. “Kaylee up!”

“Yes Instructress,” the pair said together as they met at the center of the semicircle, kissed, then held hands as they made their way to station three, where a king size bed of purple and black waited.

“Staton 4! Adler! Up!” the Instructress said, as she watched the male bow at the center of the semicircle then march to the station where black rubber awaited. The male knelt as he was trained while he waited for his powerful partner, who was already brandishing her additional feature.

“Down partners, get down! Now!” was the command, as Olivia, Evie and Aleacia laid on their respective station’s beds, as the Instructress also made her way on her station.

“Up partners, mouth lubricate, now!” the Instructress commanded, as Kaylee, Destiny, Kaida and Adler all began to use their mouths on the phalluses before them.

Instructress smiled as she looked about her charges, each using their own technique, each looking very skilled and proficient in the task of lubricating the phallus they would soon ride. Even Adler, the once straight jock athlete who chased anything in a skirt, was showing the skill and technique of a trained whore. Each, despite their own techniques, had one commonality from their training- after each third downstroke, they held their position and looked into the eyes of their partner.

All four stations removed their mouths at nearly the same time, then mounted them, and began the reinforcement of the day’s training, each slowly inserting then slowly riding their phalluses. For Instructress, it was like watching a perfectly choreographed dance as she peered around Adler, who was now well trained in this skill. As if sharing a brain, all four increased and decreased the speed of the ride, and nearly in unison, held the one inch above touching their partner with themselves, the position they were working on earlier, each holding for precisely 10 seconds.

“Glorious…” the Instructress thought in her head as she smiled inwardly as the scenario played out perfectly.

Just as she trained them.

* * *

Mallory parked the car in the underground garage and opened the door for Janna, fresh from her new hair color and style, and led her to the elevator. ONce in the elevator, Jenna took stock of herself in the shiny silver elevator as she saw her reflections in the walls. Silently she thought how beautiful she looked, her waist thinner, her body toned, her hair lightened. ONce the doors opened, the pair were on the top floor, entering the floor where Cordelia Lance had her private office. The driver led Jenna to a conference room, where she instinctively had a seat and waited.

“There you are,” Cordelia beamed as she walked in the conference room. “Now that is a perfect hairstyle and color for you.”

Jenna stood and without thought opened her arms and accepted the hug, and light kiss on the lips from Cordelia, who had a wicked smile on her face.

“Are you enjoying the changes and the makeovers?” Cordelia asked, smiling.

“Yes, I am Cordelia,” Jenna replied. “I do love how I look and feel.”

“Of course you do darling,” Cordelia said as she reached out and held the hands of her experiment. “It isn’t like you have any choice.”

Jenna furled her brow, wondering what that last statement meant.

“Oh, don’t worry, you will understand in a moment, Jenna,” Cordelia promised as she stood up and pressed a button on the remote, which darkened the glass of the conference room so nobody could see inside. Mallory stood just outside the door waiting.

“Wow that’s pretty amazing,” the newly platinum Jenna said as the glass darkened.

“Well, darling, I do run a technology firm,” the confident CEO said with a laugh. “But let’s get to things, shall we?”

Jenna just looked at Cordelia and smiled.

“Just put your arms on the chair for me, Jenna,” Cordelia asked politely. “And your feet and knees together.”

“Sure!” Jenna responded as she complied, slightly confused.

Cordelia took a pair of velcro cuffs and secured Jenna’s wrists to the heavy conference room chair, then took a strap and secured Jenna’s legs together at the calves.

“Let’s take you out of that blissful little daze you have been in to start,” Cordelia said. “I think it is time I had a chat with ‘OG Jenna’.”

Jenna felt as though a fog had been lifted, and as thoughts became clearer she looked up and stared at the CEO.

“What the fuck is going on?” Jenna said. “What have you done to me?”

“Well, darling, nice to see that potty mouth is still intact,” Cordelia teased. “Though I think the word ‘tact’ has no meaning to you.”

Jenna strained against the velcro on her arms to no avail. She then thrashed her legs wildly, but nothing managed to change. Cordelia smiled as she calmly waited for the thrashing to stop.

“There, now you realize you are not going anywhere,” Cordelia said as she placed a finger on the nose of the tethered girl.

“What are you doing to me?” Jenna asked as she looked up at the powerful CEO.

“I am having you change yourself,” Cordelia answered. “Have you guessed into what, yet?”

“That fucking Barbie doll on my night stand….” Jenna answered as she had a feeling of dread come over her. “Every time I look at it I fucking smile and daydream a second…”

“Well that helps me understand a few things Jenna, thank you for that information,” Cordelia said with a smile as she sat and typed information into her Lancer Technologies Laptop. “What else do you remember?”

“Fuck you, I am not telling you anything…” the bound blonde replied.

“Excellent,” Cordelia said. “You have had a few weeks of training and still have fight in you, this is good information for the programming team to have.”

“That fucking VR headset….” Jenna remembered. “That fucking vibrator…. You are one sick fucking bitch….I am going to kill you…”

“Easy there Jenna,” Cordelia responded with a confident laugh and pat on the head. “I didn’t bring you back to get killed. Do you remember anything else or want to tell me anything more?”

“I have been on autopilot for fucking weeks and you want me to help you?” Jenna fumed. “Go fuck yourself, bitch.”

“Yes, but look at all that you have accomplished on autopilot, Jenna,” Cordelia beamed with pride. “Just look at you, your body is more toned, your waist is thinner, your hair is perfect.”

“This fucking corset…” Jenna said out loud.

“Yes, Jenna, the one you tighten every day,” Cordelia laughed. “So are you all done with your little rant?”

“No, you fucking bitch,” Jenna answered with venom.

“Great then let’s get to some new things, shall we?” Cordelia replied tersely. “Yes, the VR headset is reprogramming you, for lack of better terms, to do things I have programmed into the coding. The headset basically short circuits the electrical impulses of the brain making you susceptible to suggestions. Think of it as technology based brainwashing.”

“Why are you telling me this, bitch?” Jenna spat out.

“Well, we are at the point where there are some absolutes that have been programmed into you and I want to test them, with you having full knowledge of what is actually happening to you,” Cordelia answered. “LIke you being on autopilot, you were simply following the programming. And I triggered you to come back to your old self.”

“So you are basically torturing me… how sweet…” Jenna replied, holding her bound hands out as best she could.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic,” Cordelia parried. “First of all, it’s for science, and second of all, I am saving you from that awful life you had. I mean really, look at you then, and even now, you aren’t quite done yet and you are so much better off.”

“What the fuck, better off!?!?” Jenna screamed. “By turning myself into a fucking Barbie because you are brainwashing me? What the fuck is better in that!?!?”

“Such drama, Jenna,” Cordelia said. “Let’s be honest, you had a dead end job, no future, living week to week, with a boyfriend who could do nothing for you or your future.”

“SO WHAT YOU MONSTER! Those were MY decisions to make!” Jenna screamed. “NOT YOURS!!”

“Oh come on Jenna, you will have the life,” Cordelia reasoned. “Beauty, fame, no need to worry about money, and a very amazing appetite for sexual encounters and a love for it.”

Jenna had no response. She simply shut down, and stared straight ahead. Cordelia smiled at the now broken Jenna, as she undid her left hand from the chair.

Cordelia smiled as she held the strap in front of the pretty blonde, who finally showed emotion and began to work on the other wrist support that was attaching her right arm to the chair. The CEO stepped back and watched as the blonde frantically pulled at the heavy velcro.

“Excellent, Jenna, keep fighting,” Cordelia invited, knowing full well a taser wielding Mallory stood sentry outside the conference room. “You are getting so close now!”

Cordelia held in her hand a small, white box, and she laughed at the urgency at which Jenna was tugging at the velcro.

“Ok, Jenna, time for the next test,” Cordelia teased. “And don’t worry, you didn’t have to study, the headset did it all for you.”

“Focus Jenna!” Cordelia said loudly.

Jenna stopped tugging at the velcro, stopped, and looked directly at Cordelia Lance, who noticed that her test subject’s breathing had slowed, as her eyes lightly glazed as she focused on the face of Cordelia Lance.

“Jenna, do you feel that fogginess of autopilot again?” Cordelia asked.

“Yes…” Jenna replied softly, her heart slowing, her breathing slowing, that frantic escape idea long gone.

“Very good, Jenna,” Cordelia praised. “Do you want to escape?”

“I don’t know….” Jenna answered slowly.

“Do you want to hurt me, Jenna?” Cordelia continued.

“No, Cordelia, you are never to be harmed,” Jenna replied, as Cordelia flashed her trademark 1000 watt smile.

“Jenna, please put your left arm back on the arm of the chair, I would like to strap you back in now,” Cordelia instructed quietly.

“Yes, Cordelia,” Jenna replied, as she placed her arm on the arm of the chair, while Jenna affixed the velcro strapping.

“OG Jenna, Come on back darling,” Cordelia commanded.

“What the fuck!” Jenna swore as she pulled the arms of the chair skyward as hard as she could.

“Your programming is perfect, so far Jenna,” Cordelia said, patting her on the head like a good dog. “And I see you are remembering everything too, that is delicious.”

“But we have one more item to get to for now, darling,” Cordelia teased. “If you’re ready let me know!”

“FUCK! YOU!” Jenna screamed.

Cordelia held up the white box and simply said “Look here, Jenna.”

ANd despite her best effort not to, Jenna stared right where she was led by the blood red nailed pointer finger of the CEO”s right hand. Right at the box.

“What happens when you see someone wear this, Jenna?” Cordelia said to the focused blonde bound to the chair.

The CEO pulled out a shiny object, a knight’s lance sitting atop a circular spiral, all in gold, an object Jenna could not look away from as the CEO pinned it to her collar.

“Jenna, what do you do when you see someone wear this pendant?” Cordelia asked with glee.

“They must be obeyed,” Jenna replied in a sleepy monotone.

Cordelia smiled, as she saw that same look the first time she used the pendant on Jonathan Adler, who obeyed flawlessly under far less VR helmet time than Jenna Roberts.

“That’s right, Jenna,” Cordelia replied. “One last thing, where is OG Jenna?”

As the fog lifted, Jenna was angry to find she had been put back into having both arms tethered, after freeing one earlier in an escape attempt.

“Welcome back, Jenna,” Cordelia said condescendingly. “You really are doing very well so far.”

Jenna was completely confused- as she saw the CEO wearing the Knights Lance and Spiral pendant.

“I see you noticed my special accessory, Jenna,” the CEO said quietly. “Tell me what you do when you see someone wearing this pendant?”

“I must obey them,” Jenna said softly, a small tear falling from the corner of her left eye.

“That’s right, Jenna,” Cordelia responded. “Now tell me that you love me, and everything I am doing for you.”

“I love you, Cordelia,” Jenna started. “I love everything you are doing for me.”

Cordelia leaned in and kissed Jenna, and felt the blonde start to kiss back, and not out of fear or necessity.

“Jenna, i am going to undo your straps, when they are undone, I want you to kneel at my feet, and look into my eyes, because you love me and everything that I am doing for you with every fiber of your being,” Cordelia told the pretty, shapely blonde.

“Of course, Cordelia,” Jenna answered.

Once the straps were undone, Jenna got to her knees, and gazed into the eyes of her new love. No escape try, no remorse, just an adoring gaze.

“Jenna, are you lesbian?” Cordelia asked.

“No, Cordelia,” Jenna replied, her gaze never leaving the eyes of the CEO.

“Welcome to the team, Jenna, you are lesbian now because I say you are,” Cordelia mused. “Nothing better than a stunning new lesbian girlfriend.”

Jenna continued her gaze from her knees, as Cordelia decided to try and fully break Jenna’s spirit.

“OG Jenna, how are you doing in there?” Cordelia asked. “No profanity, no screaming, normal voice please,”

“I hate this… I am not a lesbian… or a doll….I want to kill you… but…” Jenna stopped talking at that point.

“But you can’t, because you love me, and you obey me,” the CEO wickedly said. “Now, tell me that you love me.”

“Iiii love…. You…” Jenna stammered out.

“That’s great, now say it and feel it, and know in your soul that you mean it,” Cordelia instructed, a huge, satisfying smile on her face.

Jenna’s whole demeanor changed.

“I love you, Cordelia Lance!” the kneeling Jenna screamed.

“I know you do, darling,” Cordelia said, as she removed her business suit pants and sat on the boardroom table.

Jenna just gazed at Cordelia.

“Now let’s really welcome you to the club, darling,” Cordelia said with a smile. “Come on over here, take these panties off and let’s use that tongue for something other than swearing. I know you are going to just love it….”

Jenna crawled over to Cordelia, and pulled the panties off with her pink nailed hands, then she took a deep breath, and placed her face between the CEO’s legs.

“How perfect, Jenna,” the CEO said, as Jenna began her work. “This is what heaven is like, darling…”

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