Descent Travel

Chapter 1

by hypnosissir

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #f/m #fantasy #humiliation #sub:female #mc

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Descent Travel Beginnings

This chapter is the origin of the Descent Travel Agency, starting 3 days before…

“OMG you are breaking up with me? And firing me? Because I said something about you flirting and cheating with other women? You can’t be serious!” fumed Olivia Beckett, now former employee at Lancer Technologies and the former girlfriend of its CEO Cordelia Lance, who was named the rising female executive to watch under the age of 30 by Entrepreneur Magazine.

“I am serious, Ms. Beckett, I brought you in off the street, and I can certainly fire you and break up with you. Nobody, especially you for certain, is irreplaceable- receptionists are available at the click of a button,” the confident and wealthy CEO responded. “I did enjoy you, you were cute and spunky until your silly petty jealousy became annoying. This insubordination disqualifies you from any benefits.”

Olivia was fuming, fists clenched into tight little balls.

“Your Lancer technology has been confiscated and your access to anything Lancer has been canceled,” The tall, powerful CEO stated calmly. “Security will escort you out, please hand them your badge and office key on the way out. Good luck, Ms Beckett.”

“You won’t get away with this, I will go to the press,” the 23 year-old beauty exclaimed as she pointed her finger at the wealthy, connected tech CEO.

“And do what, Ms Beckett? My well paid image consultants will bury you before you finish your first interview,” laughed the statuesque CEO, waving her hand as if swatting away a mosquito. “Goodbye and good luck, Ms. Beckett.”

The CEO left the reception area of her top floor office and entered her private office, where she called the HR director, “I have just let Ms. Beckett go, send me a new receptionist ASAP.”

Upon completing the business call, she made a second call to an old college friend, “Hey Jonathan, are things in place for our new venture? I know my software is a go, is everything on your end ready?”

“We are, I just finished up the storefront location, and the jet is ready. I will send you those details, Lancer,” the man on the other end of the call said, using the nickname the tech savvy beauty obtained in college based on her last name and her laser focus on details from college. “You know the connections I have.”

“That I do, John, which is why I brought you on board in the first place,” the hottest CEO of the hottest tech company on the east coast said. “I am careful with who I invest my time and money with, and I know better than anyone what you are capable of doing. I do like the name, Descent Travel. It’s fun.”

“Yes, it does have that extra meaning, Lancer,” the man chuckled.

“I am aware, John,” the CEO laughed. “ We had that discussion already. I think I have our first ‘Spiral Special’ employee.”

“Oh really? Who, anyone I know, Lancer?” asked the travel agency owner.

“Olivia Beckett,” the jet black haired tech owner responded.

“Your girlfriend, the pretty blonde one?” asked the college friend.

“Ex- girlfriend,” the CEO said. “I just ended things with her and fired her at the same time, I think a nice long all expense paid trip courtesy of Descent Travel is a very nice parting gift, don’t you think?”

“You always had nerve, Lancer,” Adler said. “Send me the specifics for her.”

“The file has been emailed, John,” the CEO said. “She will have an amazing 6 months.”

“Damn right, Lancer!” exclaimed the travel agent. “I’ll let you know when she calls.”

“Great, here’s to a long and successful partnership,” the entrepreneur said as she hung up.

“Wow, I can’t believe she did that,” Jenna ROberts said to her friend Olivia. “What are you going to do?”

“Go to the newspapers, tell everyone what a lying cheating piece of shit Cordelia Lance really is.” the spurned employee/girlfriend replied. “Everyone should know.”

“Are you sure that is a good idea?” the friend said, “first, she is drop dead gorgeous and everyone literally buys anything she says, and she has a shitload of connections and knows people…like crazy powerful people…”

Jenna was cut off by a ring of the doorbell, and Olivia jumping out of her seat to answer it.

“Package for Olivia Beckett,” the messenger said as the door opened, wearing a smart looking uniform with a dark purple long sleeve shirt adorned with a black and white spirally logo reading ‘Descent Travel’ and black pants.

“That’s me,” Olivia responded, as she signed for the large letter-sized envelope.

“Enjoy, Miss,” the messenger said as he exited the apartment.

“What’s in there?” Jenna asked, pointing to the letter sized envelope, “I have never heard of Descent Travel before.”

“Oh…shit… it’s from Cordelia, it says she is investing in a new travel agency and as the business grows she is thinking about making this the company’s official travel agent, she wants me to sample what they do… all expense paid trip for 6 months to various locations… with a stipend at the end of the six months…” Olivia said. “She also said she values my work and feedback, and this is a way to continue working…”

“Sounds like she is buying you off… are you going to do it?” Jenna asked.

“What, accept the lying cheater’s payoff? Fuck yeah, free travel and lodging, $5,000 a month spending allowance, and a stipend after the 6 months? Yep, I’m in!” Olivia said laughing. “Who needs payback when I can travel on her expense account and meet anyone I want?”

“Sounds almost too good to be true,” Jenna said. “But something about this seems off to me…”

“Oh relax, Jenna- free vacay! It will be fun,” Olivia replied. “When else am I ever going to get free travel?”

“I guess, just be careful,” her friend said. “When does this start?”

“I have to call this agency and tell them I am in, then I have to go meet with them for the itinerary, then check in with HR at Lancer, guess I am back on the payroll, lol.” Olivia said. “They will set everything up once I call them both,’’ it says. “They want me ready to travel in 2 days.”

“Wow that’s fast, are you sure you want to do this?” Jenna asked, a hint of caution in her question.

“Hell yeah, I am all in on this, free travel, expenses, all on that cheat Cordelia Lance? You bet I am in,” Olivia answered. “I had my passport renewed when I first traveled with the cheating bitch.”

“Package delivered, she called us 25 minutes after the messenger left,” John Adler said with a smile. “You sure can pick them…”

“Well, I know how to best use things at my disposal,” Cordelia Lance replied.. “She will be perfect for the job, trust me she deserves this promotion.”

“‘Promotion’… damn Lancer you are funny,” Adler responded. “She will be here in 2 days. Said she had to call your HR department. What’s up with that?”

“I’m keeping her on the payroll as a travel consultant,” the tech giant said. “It’s technically true, and well, it’s easier since her future is with my subsidiary company, Descent Travel.”

“I will call you after the initial meeting is completed,” Adler replied. “I’ll send the messenger back tomorrow with her ‘itinerary’ and information she will need.”

“Well, I have the itinerary Jenna, looks sooooo amazing! Prague, Budapest, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, and that’s just a few!” Olivia exclaimed as she nearly spilled her morning coffee from the excitement. “This is going to be great!”

“So what do you have to do?” her friend asked in a tone indicating a feeling of something being wrong.

“Well the messenger just left and according to this, I should call and make an appointment for a screening with the travel agent this afternoon to make sure the paperwork is in order. Apparently I have to do forms for both companies, and they want to help with the travel documents,” Olivia answered. “I will probably need to stop there this afternoon.”

“Wow you are really doing this, and you leave tomorrow?” Jenna asked. “This seems like a bad idea, Liv…”

“Yep, car will be here at 6:00am!” the newly rehired girl answered.

“I’m not sure what I will do while you are gone, it’s going to be so different here,” Jenna told her roommate, who was already calling from her phone to make her appointment at Descent Travel.

As Olivia made the call, Jenna reactivated the find a friend feature of her phone, having a sinking feeling that something strange was going on and using the feature to keep tabs on her roommate and friends as that feeling of something strange permeated within her mind.

“Nice setup you have here, it looks professional and like a regular travel agency,” remarked Cordelia Lance, as she arrived at the new office of their joint venture “Descent Travel”.

“Your girl is due here in about 30 minutes, when she gets here you will be able to see everything from here on the high resolution cameras,” Adler replied. “You said it took about 90 minutes for an opening session to be successful?”

“Yes, give or take,” the stunning brunette replied.

“Ok,” Adler replied, “I will tell her we have a Virtual Reality video explaining Descent Travel and our consultant requirements. Are you sure this will work?”

“Of course I am,” the female CEO said in an annoying tone, intimidating her partner.

“Ohh ok, sorry,” Adler said, putting his hands up in defense.

Soon after, Olivia Beckett entered the agency, where she was greeted by Cordelia Lance’s college friend, Jonathan Adler, who introduced himself as the President of Descent Travel.

“So you got all the paperwork back to us, that’s great! And I see your passport is in order here too,” Adler said with a smile. “What do you think of the itinerary as it stands now?”

“It sounds exciting, places I would never get to travel to,” Olivia responded with a hint of excitement.

“Well, come on in the conference room, we have something special to show you, it’s our new marketing video and our consultant responsibility training video,” Adler said, “But we do it with a twist, we show our promotional video in Virtual Reality headsets, top of the line, you are going to feel like you are there already.”

“Oh wow that is so different!” Olivia replied. “I have never done the virtual reality thing before.”

“It’s life changing,” laughed Adler as he led the girl by the arm to the conference room where the VR and software was set up.

“Please take a seat Ms. Beckett,” Adler offered at the chair where the VR set sat.

“Please call me Olivia!” the excited girl replied.

“Very well, Olivia, while you get set up here I will finalize all the contract information and forms for you that we will go over after the marketing and training videos, sound good?” Adler asked.

“It sounds great Mr. Adler,” Olivia responded as the travel agent picked up the VR set and placed them on the head of his new consultant.

As the headset was being placed on her head, Olivia Becket noticed the familiar logo of Lancer Technology on the slate gray plastic. Before she could even ask a question about the use of Lancer Technology, John Adler started the program beginning the cycle that would be playing and replaying in Olivia Beckett’s mind.

As the program roared to life, Olivia Beckett found the opening salvo of lights and sounds stunning her conscious mind- rendering her conscious mind to mental cotton candy- unable to think clearly or be able to consciously pay attention to the travel video she was supposedly watching. Meanwhile the messaging in the virtual reality program immediately stuck in her subconscious. As Adler looked on, he saw physical tell tale signs of something going on, her face slackening, her body relaxing, her breathing slowing, eyes glazing over.

The travel agent made his way to the office where Cordelia Lance was watching on camera as her former employee/girlfriend sat slack jawed and motionless absorbing new ideas and thoughts into her mind from the powerful new device she had created.

“Holy shit, she looks out of it,” Adler said.

“She is, the technology uses visuals and sound sequences to confuse the nervous system and cause a short circuit, for lack of a better word, overriding normal thought and reason, causing the state you see now,” the tech CEO explained. “And the best part is it renders the person in the headset deeply suggestible, like hypnosis but much deeper and much more rapid. Her conscious mind is not functioning, but her subconscious is absorbing the programming like a sponge. The mind needs data.”

“Amazing,” Adler replied. “What is she absorbing, exactly?”

“Obedience, loyalty, and of course, desire,” Cordelia Lance replied with a smile. “Obedience to me, loyalty to the brand, and desire to be the top Descent Girl, no matter what that entails.”

“Look at her, she’s drooling and it hasn’t been that long yet,” Adler said, watching the monitor.

“And you don’t even remember trying it yourself, do you,” the tech CEO cooed as she strolled over to her ‘partner’ and showed him a pin- a charm that showed a knight’s lance sitting atop a circular spiral, all in gold.

Jonathan Adler stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the pendant before him, watching as the beautiful CEO pinned the charm to her collar. His eyes glazed over, his mouth opened slightly, and his posture relaxed as he focused on the woman wearing the pendant.

“That doesn’t matter. What does matter is your reaction to me putting on the pendant. What do you do when you see someone wearing the pendant?” asked the tall brunette as she gently stroked his cheek.

“You must be obeyed,” the travel agent responded in a sleepy, obedient sounding monotone.

“Excellent,” the CEO said as she checked her phone and looked at the notes she took about his training. “Twelve hours of programming so far, holding strong and very responsive.”

“Spiral boy,” the CEO said as she snapped her fingers, nail extensions painted a blood red, in front of the travel agent.

Jonathan Adler sunk into trance.

“You are getting too comfortable for a submissive male,” the tech CEO started. “You will always defer to me in all things and always refer to me as Miss Lance. Forget all about your own training, but always respond to your triggers and the pendant when I awaken you.”

The hypnotized man nodded in understanding and awaited more instructions.

“You will make a wonderful toy for some very wealthy women and men,” Cordelia teased. “Doesn’t that excite you, Johnny?”

“Yes, Miss Lance,” the old college friend replied.

“I can tell it does, such a good boy,” the wealthy young dominant CEO said as he saw a rise in the pants of her partner/trainee. “Take your pants and underwear off, now.”

Adler slowly and steadily removed his black pants, exposing his underwear. Cordelia let out a small laugh as she saw the purple speedo he was wearing under his Descent Travel uniform. She smiled as he removed them.

“Kneel’” the CEO commanded.

“Yes, Miss Lance,” her college friend replied as he got to his knees.

Cordelia smiled as she stood before her ‘partner’. She bent down and placed his hands behind him, and put his left wrist inside his right hand at the small of his back. She then pushed the center of his mid back indicating he was to arch the back, before gently pushing his chin into his chest, forcing him to look down at her perfectly manicured toes, also in blood red polish.

“Stay quiet. This is how you are to kneel,” Cordelia said in a voice dripping with condescension.

Adler simply did what he was told.

“Focus on my feet, you love sexy feet now,” the CEO said, sliding her heel off of her right foot as she sat on the desk in front of the kneeling man. She took her right foot and began gently stroking the man’s rapidly rising cock with her foot. “From this moment forward, you have a very definitive fetish for women’s feet, sexy heels, feet, pedicured toes are your biggest turn on. Kneeling at the feet of a powerful woman in sexy boots, heels or barefoot with pretty painted toes is what you crave. It is what excites you the most…”

Cordelia sat on the desk as she pulled her foot from his crotch. She laughed as she playfully and slowly moved her feet, one with a stiletto heel of red, the other shoeless in front of his line of vision.

Adler was confused as to which he wanted to focus on, his eyes darted between the pretty pedicured foot and the shiny high heeled stiletto foot. As she played with Adler, she watched as in the conference room Olivia Beckett drooled on her shirt, hitting her ample right breast with a pool of drool. The CEO smiled at the screen, and then pet Adler like a stray puppy seeking affection.

“Now when you awaken, you will put your speedo and your pants back on, as if it were completely normal. When your pants are back on and you are fully dressed again, you will awaken forgetting the session, but your subconscious will remember everything that I instructed. If you understand, nod yes for me,” the CEO instructed.

Adler, as he was hiking up his black pants over the purple speedo, nodded up and down slowly. Cordelia stroked his left cheek with her right hand and smiled as she put on her shoe.

“And to think, you were the star athlete, the cocky jock who was God’s gift to women… now you are a gift, giving yourself to our feet….” Cordelia monologued out loud. “Wake up at three like a good boy. One, two, three.”

The travel agent shook his head and slowly returned to consciousness.

“So Jonathan, this is the itinerary for the private flight to Prague?” the stunning CEO asked, smiling, as she sat on the desk, holding the page where he had to observe her feet.

“Yes, Miss Lance,” the agent replied, not noticing the reverence with which he addressed his college friend as he handed over a file showing the exact locations, or that his vision strayed to her perfectly pedicured feet in the 3 inch heels, momentarily losing focus of the conversation from the newly implanted distraction.

Cordelia relished the moment, as Adler scrambled to regain composure, his pants tenting at the sight of the red toes in the heels.

“We have purchased this old religious school with a convent in ummmm.” Adler stammered, unsure why he was losing focus on the chat but focusing on the feet of his partner.

“Did you mean Prague? That’s excellent,” the confident Miss Lance replied as she looked through the file, and at Adler as he was a ball of confusion, half aroused trying to remain composed. “It will be a fabulous location for training.”

“Yes, Miss Lance,” the smiling submissive man answered.

“I will see you on the plane,” the tech CEO responded as she ran her finger across her submissive travel agent’s cheek. “We have Olivia, and a few other special guests attending the opening of training. I will contact you tomorrow, you know what to tell Olivia, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Lance, of course, Miss Lance,” the ‘partner’ of the Descent Travel Agency replied.

“Excellent,” the CEO said as she confidently strided out of the office and out of the building to her limousine where her very pretty chauffeur waited patiently. The shapely LImo driver, decked out in a barely there suit and tie combination, had a message for the CEO when she entered the back seat, causing Cordelia to smile.

Jonathan Adler never even realized the way he was addressing his so-called partner, or that when she talked about service to men and women he got aroused. As his excitement subsided, he prepared for the end of Olivia Beckett’s first session.

A sound toned at the end of the session, awakening Olivia and allowing Adler to realize the 90-minute session had ended. Adler removed the VR headset and watched as Olivia Beckett stretched and shook her head to shake the cobwebs of her first session.

“So, what do you think of our presentation? Good enough for selling our tours and company?” Adler asked.

“Wow! that was amazing! I felt like I was there!” the girl responded as programmed. “I have never seen anything like it!”

“That’s valuable feedback,” Adler said, smiling. “So how about the part that pertains to your role with Descent Travel?”

“I am sooo excited! I can’t wait to prove myself, I want to be the best Descent Girl there is!” Olivia responded gleefully.

“That’s wonderful, Olivia,” Adler replied. “No matter the job, no matter what it takes.”

“No matter the job, no matter what it takes,” the girl mimicked almost mindlessly.

“I think Miss Lance will be pleased that you are so eager, Olivia,” Adler said,

“Yes, well I hope Miss Lance will be pleased with my work,” the girl replied, indicating her programming went as planned. “This is the best opportunity of my life, I want to be the best Descent Girl!”

Jenna patiently waited for Olivia to arrive home, as the find a friend feature said her roommate was at the office of the Descent Travel Agency for two hours. Jenna, after a drive by of that office, saw Cordelia Lance leave the agency and enter her limousine.

“How was the meeting, Liv?” asked Jenna, wanting to probe to see what exactly was happening with this offer to her friend.

“It was so great! I learned about my job and my role as consultant and I can’t wait to get started! Leaving for Prague in the morning!” Olivia beamed in reply.

“What is your role with this company?” Jenna asked.

“Consultant of course!” Olivia answered with a half empty look on her face.

“What does that include?” Jenna followed up.

“Whatever the job, whatever it takes!” Olivia answered in an odd cadence and tone, one her friend had never seen her use before.

“So your meeting with Cordelia went well?” Jenna asked as she looked at her friend curiously.

“She wasn’t there, I met with Mr. Adler, the travel agent,” Olivia replied.

“Really? I drove by and saw her leave the office and get in her limo,” Jenna offered.

“I am sure she wasn’t there, she would have met with me if she were, I don’t know what you are talking about,” Olivia answered with a shrug.

“Ok…” Jenna said as she was attempting to put together pieces in her head about what was going on with her best friend. She felt something was off, and she felt that was something she needed to look into further.

“What is that bitch Cordelia up to?” Jenna thought as she began to formulate a plan to figure things out. And those things, in Jenna’s mind, started with Cordelia Lance.

Olivia seemed a bit off to Jenna all evening as they spent the last evening having dinner and getting things ready for Olivia to travel early the next morning. Jenna had hoped for a reasonably normal evening, but Olivia was super focused on her new venture, which Jenna chalked up to excitement, travel, new frontiers and the like. But the way she was so super excited was not like her friend, and something bothered Jenna about her demeanor.

“Well I will obviously get up and see you off in the morning, Liv,” Jenna responded once the dust of the evening had settled.

“Oh well the limo is coming at 6am, and taking me right to the private jet!” Olivia beamed. “I have only ever flown commercial and always coach so this is really exciting!”

“Private jet huh, I guess Cordelia is putting a lot into this idea,” Jenna said skeptically. “Still seems weird, she literally fired you, broke up with you and threatened you a few days ago, Liv.”

“Oh yeah well that’s all in the past, I have a new path now, I want to be the best Descent Travel consultant there is,” Olivia replied with eagerness.

“You still haven’t told me what the job includes, Liv. Care to elaborate? What is the job?” Jenna asked.

“Consultant, of course,” Liv replied. “It includes whatever the job, whatever it takes.”

“Yeah, got it…” Jenna replied, half in wonder, half in fear at the response. “See you in the morning then I guess. Make time to call and facetime me, Liv.”

“Sure thing!” the seemingly over excited girl replied as the pair called it a night.

The alarm went off early, as the two women awoke to see Olivia off on her new career adventure for her former girlfriend and boss Cordelia Lance as a ‘travel consultant’. Jenna Roberts stretched as her alarm went off, before finding a bra and shirt to wear with her comfy sweat pants as she was preparing to see her best friend off.

Jenna arrived in the small kitchen of the apartment first, making a pot of coffee for the pair, and she heard her friend rolling a small suitcase along the hardwood floor as she made her way out of her bedroom. Jenna left the kitchen and was stunned at what she saw.

“Hey Liv, what’s with the outfit?” Jenna asked, as she saw her best friend wearing a short black skirt, a deep purple sleeveless top, black leggings, and 3 inch black heels. Her shirt had a logo on it, one that Jenna had never seen before, a small spiral with the word “Descent” written through it. Silver spiral earrings, purple lipstick and matching nail polish and her black hair in a tight ponytail with a silver band in her hair.

“Like it? It’s so we stand out of course!” Olivia replied, way too bubbly for the early hour.

“Well it’s kinda like a schoolgirl uniform but only…. Less of it…” Jenna replied to her friend who looked far younger than her real age of 23.

“It’s part of the branding Jenna, remember we tried to look this hot when we had to wear uniforms like this in high school,” Olivia reminded.

Both girls laughed as Jenna offered her friend a travel mug filled with coffee.

“Sorry, not for me, they are having meals on the plane for us!” Olivia replied with excitement.

With that, there was a car pulling up outside the apartment stairs, but not just a car, a black limo that honked twice.

“OMG Jenn, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I will call you when I land in Prague!” the excited girl said as she took her rolling carry on luggage of purple and black out the door and into the limo.

“Yes, don’t forget Liv,” Jenna reminded as she watched the woman driver get out of the limo and open the rear right side door for her friend. Jenna moved to the living room to get a better view of the side of the limo, and she swore she saw someone else in the back, but not dressed like Olivia.

“Shit,” Jenna said, “that’s Cordelia Lance’s driver, I saw her yesterday….”

Jenna put on her shoes, gathered her purse and keys and set off to follow the limo to the airport. She knew the back section of the airport was mostly private aircraft, so she headed to that area and hoped to see what was going on up close.

She ended up parking illegally outside the airport, as she made her way along the back of the airport where she saw a single plane with its stairs down awaiting passengers. She realized she had the right plane based on the logo on the tail, it matched Olivia’s shirt.

Jenna settled in and watched, as a man in a male version of Jenna’s uniform made his way from a town car into the plane, followed by five other women dressed identically to Olivia, all coming from different cars as they arrived. Last to arrive was the black limo.

The pretty chauffeur exited the driver side and opened the back door closest to the plane, where the first person out of the back was none other than Cordelia Lance, closely followed by Olivia. The only luggage seen was the rolling carry-on bag she had seen Olivia drag out earlier, but Jenna found it strange that the chauffeur was carrying it to the plane, not Olivia. As she made her way around the back of the car, she saw Cordelia hold out her hand toward her friend, and watched as her friend took the hand of her ex girlfriend like a child taking the hand of her mother. It was disconcerting for Jenna to see, and her wonder at what was happening only grew.

Once in the plane and out of sight, Jenna wondered what was transpiring inside. The five other women, and Jonathan Adler in addition to Olivia had their bags stowed away and were instructed where to sit by Cordelia, who held the rapt attention of all on board. All of the purple and black clad passengers had received the minimal training that Olivia had, and all revered Cordelia Lance and wanted to prove themselves to her.

Cordelia put the pendant on her collar in front of the seated passengers, and watched as they all stared blankly back at her, just as their VR training suggested.

“Ladies and gentleman, meet your trainer for your time in Prague, you will refer to her as Instructress, do you understand?” Cordelia asked her passengers, already focused on her every word.

“Yes Miss Lance,” all the purple-wearing passengers responded in an almost creepy unison.

Outside the plane, Jenna moved through a hangar to get a better view. She did see in the plane, but could only see the back of Cordelia as she stood in the aisle. Nothing much to see, and not close enough to hear.

Inside the plane a tall woman with impossibly dark features stood with Cordelia as she emerged from the rear of the plane.

“Obey her as you would me, consultants,” Cordelia continued. “Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss Lance,” again was the in unison reply.

“Very good,” Cordelia began. “Under your seats are your VR headsets specific for each of you, put them on now, you will be wearing them for the duration of your flight to Prague,” Cordelia told them.

All seven of the purple wearing passengers responded “yes Miss Lance,” in unison as they reached under their seats and donned the VR headset that would further their programming.

“Remember the Descent motto, everyone,” Cordelia added.

“No matter the job, no matter what it takes,” the seven responded in unison.

Cordelia and the Instructress walked the aisles, and began the VR Programming headsets of all of the new consultants.

As she departed the plane, she grabbed the instructress’ arm and said, “they are all yours, you know what to do.”

The dark featured woman simply nodded her head once and the tall brunette CEO left the plane and got back in her limo, in full sight of Jenna, still hiding in the empty hangar.

Once the plane taxied away and the limo containing Cordelia Lance left, Jenna made her way to her car and then home. Jenna was lost in thought all the way back to her apartment. Her train of thought was further disrupted when she arrived at her apartment complex and there, in front of her apartment, was the black limo from the airport. As Jenna exited her car and walked to her front door, she saw the chauffeur open the rear door and Cordelia Lance emerge.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Cordelia asked the dumbfounded Jenna.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jenna demanded.

“Invite me in and I will show you,” Cordelia responded.

“Show me what?” Jenna emphatically replied.

“In due time, Miss Roberts,” Cordelia answered as she followed the girl into the apartment.

The women, including the chauffeur carrying a mid-sized box, entered the home of Olivia Beckett and Jenna Roberts.

“Tell me what the fuck is happening, Cordelia, tell me right the fuck now,” Jenna said once they were inside.

“Calm yourself, Miss Roberts, and the language,” Cordelia said in mock horror as she sat on the couch in the living room. “How about I show you what is happening.”

The chauffeur put the box on the table in front of the couch her boss was seated at, and took out the state of the art VR headset.

“Sit with me, Miss Roberts,” Cordelia said, waving her hand above the spot next to her on the couch. “And I will show you in virtual reality what exactly is happening.”

“There is no fucking way I am sitting, and no fucking way I am ever putting that on,” Jenna replied. “Now tell me, or get the fuck out of my apartment.”

“Very well, Jenna,” Cordelia responded, nodding at her chauffeur before rising and making her way to the door. “I had hoped to do this the easy way.”

Instead of putting the VR headset back in the box, the chauffeur instead took out a taser, and pointed it and shot it at Jenna, who collapsed on the floor face up, her eyes wide open and her body unable to move.

The chauffeur picked up Jenna, and placed her on the couch, where Cordelia sat next to her. Jenna could see, hear and understand, but her body betrayed her and she was, for the moment, immobilized from the taser shot.

“I had so wished to do this the easy way,” the tech CEO said as she gently rubbed the back of her hand along the cheek of the immobile host. “But I saw you following me to the airport, I saw you in the hangar at the airport and I knew you were wondering what was happening with your friend.”

Cordelia nodded at the chauffeur, and the driver brought over the VR headset and handed it to her boss.

Jenna flinched internally as she saw Cordelia get closer with a sinister smile crossing her beautiful face.

“And now, Miss Jenna Roberts, you will understand what your friend is going through…”

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