A Cure for Boredomme

A Cure for Boredomme - Foreshadowing

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

"I'll be there when I finish up here, Mr. Santiago," the hypnotist told the crime lord who was paying her very well to control the Assistant District Attorney, who was currently kneeling naked, hypnotized, and using her tongue to begin pleasuring her new dominant friend. "Yes, sir, I will call you when I am on my way there."

The preoccupied lawyer, kneeling and focused on her task of proving her talent by using her tongue, had no idea her partner was even on the phone, let alone discussing her newly changed future. Emily Tobias, ADA for the state, currently focused on the one task her hypnotized mind was given. Prove how talented her tongue was as she brought pleasure to the woman who captivated her subconscious through hypnosis over the last few days and was beginning to do the same to her awake and conscious mind.

"Oh my Emily, you are a very talented one, are you sure you haven't done this since college?" the hypnotist asked half jokingly.

Though she couldn't be sure, she thought she heard her kneeling, naked subject say something like "I'm sure Hannah," through a muffled comment as she momentarily stopped before resuming her most important task of using her tongue in the most private of areas of the most influential person in her life.

"Certainly you can pick up the pace, Emily, I do have other things to do today...." Hannah said as she encouraged her hypnotized submissive to pick up the pace of her sapphic display. "That's much better, Emily, such a good girl you are, so talented....ohhhhh...."

"There's a good girl...mmmm........ooohhhhhhhh there it is Emilyyy......" the hypnotist said. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

Hannah came after the hard work of her submissive, who never stopped or paused in her efforts, before instructing "kneel there quietly Emily."

As she gathered herself after an impressive display by her hypnotized lawyer, she stood and patted Emily on her head, then gently stroked her hair. The hypnotist then cleaned up and put herself back together and again sat in front of her hypnotized subject, who continued kneeling perfectly in the position she had just been taught earlier.

"Emily, please pick up the candlestick and the torch from your dresser and follow me into the kitchen," Hannah instructed. The candle was no longer aflame, at some point going out after burning enough to deepen the hypnotized Emily to become an enthusiastic licking lesbian.

"Yes, Hannah," the ADA said as she rose from the carpeted floor, knees pockmarked. Emily walked over to the items, picked them up and followed her hypnotist into the kitchen.

"Sit here, put the candle in front of you," Hannah ordered as she pointed to where the naked woman was to sit, doing as she was instructed.

Hannah pulled her purse from over the arm of the chair she sat on and opened it, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter as Emily simply sat and looked at the unlit candle on the table before her. The hypnotist stood and opened the cabinet all the way to the left.

"Do you smoke, Emily?" the hypnotist asked.

"No, Hannah," the lawyer responded.

Realizing that meant there would be no ash trays, the hypnotist then took out a small ceramic bowl she found in that first cabinet and set it on the table between the women's seats.

"Light the candle, Emily," Hannah ordered.

Emily picked up the torch and lit the white candle in its silver holder, then put the torch back on the table.

"Look at me Emily," the hypnodomme said as she pulled out a cigarette out from the pack and then leaned in and lit the long white cigarette with the candle.

"Emily, When I snap my fingers you will do exactly what i have done, take out a cigarette and light it with the candle. You will then focus on the candle and each time I snap my fingers you will blink hard, take a drag of your cigarette, open your eyes and refocus on the dancing candle flame, do you understand?" the domme asked.

Emily hesitated in her answer, shaking her head a bit at the last suggested command.

"Nnn...." started the submissive.

"So you do have some fight in you after all," the domme said to her naked sub.

"Close your eyes, Emily," the dominant instructed as she watched the eyes of her host close. "Forget what I have just instructed you to do. Tell me who's voice relaxes you?"

"Yours, Hannah," the lawyer said.

"Open your eyes and focus on the candle flame, Emily," the hypnotist said, watching her subject open her eyes and look at the multi-colored flame dancing on the end of the candle before her. "Who's voice do you follow to relax you?"

""Yours, Emily," the hypnotized lawyer responded.

"Close your eyes Emily," the hypnotist continued her patterning as she put her cigarette out inthe bowl between them. "Whose voice do you obey because it relaxes you?"

"Yours, Hannah," the ADA said, naked and eyes closed.

"Open your eyes, Emily," the hypnodomme instructed. "Who do you obey?"

"You, Hannah," the hypnotized lawyer said.

"Close your eyes, Emily," Hannah ordered. "Who is your earthly master?"

"You, Hannah," the hypnotized homeowner answered.

"Open your eyes, Emily," continued the hypnotist, as she moved to stand behind her hypnotized subject. The hypnotist reached down and began to play with the exposed breasts and nipples of the hypnotized lawyer. "And who's touch excites you..."

"Yours, Hhaannnahhhhh......" the lawyer replied, feeling that excitement build as her hypnotist toyed with her breasts.

"Close your eyes, Emily," the hypnotist ordered, watching her eyes close on command. Emily smiled and moaned as she enjoyed the excitement her hypnotist's hands brought her simply through her touch and suggestion. "Who is your earthly Master?"

"YYYoouuu, Hhhhaannaaahh," the submissive and hypnotized lawyer answered as she continued to enjoy the arousal from the hands of her hypnotist.

"Open your eyes, Emily," the hypnotist demanded. "I am your earthly master, then what does that make you?"

"Yyyyour, sssssslaaaave, Hhhaannnaahh," the once again aroused ADA replied.

"Close your eyes, Emily," the Mistress instructed. "What do slaves do when given a task from their Master's?"

"OOOooooooobeeyyyy.....Hhhaaaannnnahhhhhhhhhh...." the submissive replied, eyes closed, sitting naked in her kitchen, hypnotized and aroused as the hypnotist skillfully weaved thoughts into the subconscious mind while her hands commanded the body to arousal.

"Open your eyes, Emily," the hypnotist instructed. "When I give you a task, what will you do?"

"OOOooooooobeeyyyy.....Hhhaaaannnnahhhhhhhhhh...." the responded, her body enjoying the arousal as her mind followed to the logical conclusion led by her hypnotist.

"Close your eyes, Emily," the hypnotist said as she moved her hands with more meaning and deeper between the legs of her seated and hypnotized submissive. "When I count from three to zero your arousal will increase ten times with every number. When I reach zero you will cum like you have never cum before, do you understand?"

"Yyyessssssss, Hhhhhhaaaaannnnaaaaahhhhhh........" the hypnotized and aroused lawyer answered.

"Three," the hypnotist began the countdown, sending more pleasure through her submissive.

"Two," continued the domme, her hands moving skillfully to increase arousal.

"One," the hypnotist whispered in the ear of the submissive, eliciting a a moan from the naked woman, who knew not whether she was aroused for a minute or an hour.


"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,," Emily shouted from her seat in the kitchen, which was intense and loud as her climax hit her hard.

Hannah returned to the seat next to the hypnotized woman, who still had her eyes closed as her breathing eventually began to regulate to a normal rate after her most exciting climax.

"Open your eyes, Emily," the hypnotist commanded.

Hannah smiled as her subject opened her eyes and stared into the flame unprompted.

"Take out a cigarette, Emily," the hypnotist said as she held the pack in front of the candle.

Emily hesitated a second before she reached out with her right hand and took out a cigarette.

"Very good, Emily," the hypnotist continued. "WHen I snap my fingers you will light your cigarette with the flame of the candle."

"Yes, Hannah," the hypnotized woman responded immediately this time.

"After your cigarette is lit, whenever I snap my fingers, you will take a drag on your cigarette, blink hard, exhale and then open your eyes and focus on the flame as it deepens you," the hypnotist instructed.

"Yes, Hannah," the subject replied, with little to no hint of disobedience left.


Emily leaned in, placed the cigarette between her lips and lit up. Hannah gently pushed the woman's shoulders to lean her back against the kitchen chair.

"Very good Emily, I am pleased," the hypnotist said as her subject leaned against the back of her chair, cigarette in hand.


Emily took a drag on her cigarette, blinked hard, opened her eyes and exhaled, focusing again on the flame.

"Very good, Emily, we can't have any more resistance my dear," Hannah said as she stroked the arm of her subject. "Tell me you will always obey."

"I will always obey, Hannah," the attorney said as her eyes stayed focused on the candle flame.

"Very good, Emily," the hypnotist said in reply with a smile.


Emily again took a drag, blinked heavily and exhaled.

"Listen carefully, Emily, this is what you will do today, you have one more confession to make tonight...."


"Come in, sit down Ms. Hunt," the crime lord Damon Santiago. "How are things going with my investment?"

"Very well, she was desperate for relaxation and relieving that stress of her career," the hypnodomme replied. "I just gave her what she craved, even if she didn't know it yet. Another big step is coming tonight."

"Good. Things are going to pick for her very soon," Santiago said. "Make sure you have her controlled, I will fill you in as things happen."

"With all due respect, I may need time for things..." the dominant started before being cut off.

"With all due respect, I am paying you very well. Do your job, do what I say when I say, I don't like excuses and I don't tolerate failure," Santiago said.

"So, what's with the ex wife?" Hannah asked the crime boss who was paying her to control the Assistant District Attorney as a way to change topics. "What's got you all concerned?"

"She says wants to come back to me," Damon Santiago said. "So I'm very skeptical. I want you to get in her head and find out what she's really doing."

"Why is she back now and why come back at all?" Hannah ased.

"We had an agreement, she stayed out of my way and I wouldn't kill her," the crime lord informed the hypnotist. "I told her she needed to see you first. She is seeing you Wednesday in your office in the city. Find out what her game is and what the fuck she's doing."

"I don't work on Wednesdays," the hypnotist replied.

"I know that, and I don't care, she will be there at 11 am. Take all day, find out what the fuck she is up to, here's her file," Santiago retorted. "That's it."

"Yes, sir..." Hannah replied, taking the folder with the information as she was escorted out of the office.

Once in her car, Hannah glanced through the file, then called Emily, who of course picked up the phone immediately after hearing her special ringtone.

"Hello Emily, what are you doing?" the hypnotist asked, feigning ignorance.

"Working on a case, Hannah," the Assistant District attorney responded.

"I am in the city, Emily, I will pick you up for dinner at 6," The hypnotist directed.

"Yes, Hannah sounds good to me," the attorney answered, sounding a bit nervous.

"Who knows, we may even have time for some deep relaxation," the hypnotist told her submissive. "Are you getting your work done, Emily?"

"Yes, Hannah," the attorney responded.

"Excellent, Emily," the hypnotist commended. "Any time you are working, you will be very focused and on task, won't you Emily?"

"Yes, Hannah," the attorney replied.

"You will do everything you can to make sure you are successful with your work, won't you Emily," the domme asked.

"Yes, Hannah," the ADA answered, ensuring she would make her career an important focus.

"Very good Emily, your work is very important," Hannah reiterated. "And you will always be focused when you are working."

"Yes, Hannah," was the reply.

"Awake on three, remembering we discussed picking you up at 6 for dinner," the hypnotist said.




"Well Emily I can't wait to see you at 6," the hypnotist flirted.

"Oh, well yes, Hannah," the ADA said, "Me too."

Hannah smiled as she ended the call, satisfied she had her submissive attorney on a string.


"Hello Alicia," a voice called out from the treadmill to the left. "Or do you prefer 'Doctor' these days?"

"Hello, do I know you?" the woman named Alicia said, spying the blonde with big breasts with a careful eye.

"We did," the blonde responded. "But it has been a while."

"Well, why don't you tell me who you are, otherwise, I will get back to finishing my workout," the woman said.

"I'm Liana Santiago," the busty bottle blond replied. "But you knew me as Liana Langston."

"From 13th Street Middle School?" Alicia answered. "You married that criminal...."

"It's complicated, but yes," the ex-wife of the crime lord replied. "Give me 15 minutes right now while we workout, and I will tell you my story, and why I need your help..."


Hannah regrouped at her office inthe city before venturing over to Emily's for her dinner 'date' with the increasingly suggestible Assistant District Attorney. After reading the file provided to her by Santiago regarding his ex-wife, the hypnotist made her way to the home of Ms. Tobias, who was nervously waiting for her new friend to arrive. Hannah made the bold move and pulled into the driveway, and walked purposefully to the front door, where Emily was waiting.

"Oh, my Emily, hungry, eager or both?" asked the hypnotist as the door opened as she stepped onto the porch.

"Oh well, maybe both?" responded a blushing Emily, who stepped aside allowing her new friend to enter her home.

"Wow Emily, cute place!" Hannah said, feigning as though it was her first time in the home of the ADA.

"Thank you, it isn't much but I do my best," the lawyer replied.

"Oh, don't be modest, you do very well, Emily," the dominant said. "Now why don't we sit and chat for a while and relax."

"Oh sure, that would be nice," Emily replied. "Would you like a drink?"

"I'll have white wine," Hannah said. "Make that two, you'll join me."

"Yes, Hannah," the usually in charge attorney replied, scurrying to get the two glasses of wine while her guest smiled on the couch in the living room.

"Ah, that's lovely, Emily, thank you," the dominant said as she accepted the wine with her right hand, while patting the couch directly next to her with her left. "Sit here, Emily."

"Yes, Hannah," the attorney responded, sitting next to her dominant, even if her conscious mind was not fully aware of that fact.

"So what has you so nervous, Emily?" the domme asked with a crooked, knowing smile.

"What do you mean, I'm fine, Hannah," the lawyer argued unsuccessfully.

"Emily, I am a trained professional and I know what nervous looks like," the dominant added. "Look at me, Emily."

"Yyyyesss, Haannnahhh..." nervously replied the lawyer, who found herself looking into the relaxing eyes of her new friend.

"Tell me why you are nervous Emily," the hypnotist demanded in a firm but careful tone.

"Yes Hannah..." the lawyer began nervously. "Before I met you I never relaxed at all ever. Never thought about being with anyone."

"Go on, Emily, you are doing wonderfully," the hypnotist said as she reached out and took the right hand of the lawyer with her left, then caressed it with both hands.

Emily shifted and sighed slightly at the touch before continuing.

"This weekend I learned that I feel so relaxed and so excited to be around you, Hannah," the ADA added.

"So tell me, how was church today?" the smiling domme asked, pretending not to know exactly what went on.

"Oh well ummm it was good, Hannah," the lawyer stuttered out, blushing slightly.

"That sounds interesting, Emily," the hypnotist responded. "What was the message? What did you learn?"

"That slaves obey their earthly masters with sincerity as they would the Lord," Emily said.

"That is interesting scripture, Emily, does that apply to you?" the hypnotist asked.

"Oh ummm, it's scripture, it applies to everyone, well it's supposed to..." the lawyer replied earnestly.

"What a wonderful answer, Emily," the hypnotist said, her eyes still engaged with the eyes of her prey, her hands still gently holding her hand.

"Thank you, Hannah," the lawyer said, not concerned at all as she found her gaze staying diligently focused on the eyes of Hannah.

"And what about after the service? What did you do?" the hypnotist furthered.

"I lit a candle..." the lawyer responded, her eyes growing a bit more vacant as she answered.

"And it seems you are seeing the relaxing flame in your mind as you tell me this, Emily?" Hannah said with a smile.

"Yyess, Hannahhh..." the lawyer responded.

"And after you lit a candle what did you do, Emily?" the domme pushed.

"I went to confession, Hannah," the lawyer admitted, eyes almost vacant.

"Of course you did, Emily," Hannah said to her submissive. "What did you confess, Emily?"

"I ummm, ohhhh, well that's ummm....." the lawyer stuttered trying desperately to not answer her hypnotist.

"Emily, you are fighting so hard to not tell me, it's cute, even admirable," the hypnotist said. "But enough of that."

Hannah Hunt uncoupled her hands from the lawyer while staring into the eyes of her submissive, while straightening her back.

"Why don't we recreate your confession, Emily," the hypnotist demanded. "After all, confession is good for the soul...."


And with that, Emily Tobias, Assistant District Attorney of the state, got off the couch and knelt before Her hypnotist in the position she had learned earlier that morning.

"Go on, my child," the hypnotist started.

"Bless me Mistress for I have sinned, it has been 7 hours since my last confession...." Emily began her confession, eyes aglaze, kneeling dutifully, hands behind her back. "I am lesbian and I am submissive, you are my earthly Mistress..."

Hannah Hunt smiled as her hypnotic assault had broken her target.

"Good girl, Emily, very good girl..."


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