A Cure for Boredomme

Second Thoughts

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Hannah Hunt, well known and respected stage hypnotist and therapist, had delivered the work bag of State Assistant District Attorney Emily Tobias which contained her work laptop, employee and entrance badges and current files of the pretty lawyer late Friday evening following attending a "Save the Children fro Slavery" charity event. The attractive blonde ADA Tobias, after spending the evening yo-yo-ing in and out of hypnosis, dutifully was taken home where she went directly to bed and fell into a suggested night of fitful slumber at the hypnotic encouragement of Dr. Hunt.

Hannah Hunt was exhilarated by the encounter and her rapid control of her new subject, which broke her out of the doldrums of her same old same old life of therapy sessions for addiction and typical hypnosis stage shows. Despite the little nagging thought in her head that she was dealing with a very dangerous partner in Damon Santiago, she knew this was exciting enough to want to continue, though with the crime lord she was beholden to, part of her knew there really was never going to be a way out.

After her exciting Friday evening, performing at the charity event and beginning her fun with Emily, Hannah knew she needed to keep her subject busy so she would not worry about the missing work bag, so she would decide the lawyer's course of action for the day. After showering and getting ready to head out in casual, but attractive dress and makeup, she picked up her phone and dialed Emily Tobias. Emily was still in the shower when she heard her phone ringing in the bedroom.

"I hear the secrets that you keep.... When you're talking in your sleep...." was the ringtone- a catchy, kitschy 1980's song refrain from a middling band the Romantics. Hannah chuckled audibly when she set the ringtone the prior night in the limo while dropping off the Assistant District Attorney.

As the phone continued to ring, Emily was spurred to action- she needed to drop everything and answer the phone. She raced out of the shower, grabbing a towel, and left a trail of water in her wake in her frenzy to answer the phone.

"Hello," Emily answered, flustered just a bit as she tried to hold on to the towel while answering the phone.

"Hello Emily! I hope I am not disturbing you, am I?" the smiling Hannah Hunt asked.

"Oh umm hello Hannah, nnooo, not at all," Emily replied, as her cheeks blushed just a bit as she heard the voice of the woman who had relaxed her so effectively the evening before. Somewhere, her mind remembered a kiss and her touch, exciting and relaxing at the same time, but her waking mind only knew she wanted to meet with Hannah again.

"You sound out of breath Emily, are you sure I am not interrupting anything?" Hannah asked knowing that the hypnosis suggestion to drop everything and answer her call was very well received by the pretty attorney.

"NNoo, not at all Hannah... I was just umm getting ready to shower," Emily replied, trying unsuccessfully to mask her excitement and nervousness.

"That sounds wonderful, Emily, I find that showers can be very relaxing. Even send us into deep relaxation," the hypnotist said as she continued.

Emily immediately entered trance upon hearing her trigger and managed to hold onto the phone at the same time. Standing in her bedroom, dripping after being in the shower, and holding on to the towel, the attorney stopped and focused and waited for the sound of the voice that had sent her into such a wonderful relaxed state.

"Are you still with me, Emily?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yes, Hannah," was the monotone response.

"Were you in the shower when you heard my call, Emily?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily answered.

"What are you dressed in, Emily?" the dominant asked.

"Towel, Hannah," the hypnotized attorney said.

"Feeling nice and relaxed, Emily?" Hannah asked.

"Yess, Hannahhh," the submissive replied.

"It does feel wonderful, doesn't it Emily?" the hypnotist suggestively asked.

"Yyess, Hhannahh," the once again hypnotized Emily replied.

"Are you near a mirror, Emily?" the hypnotist inquired.

"Yess, Hannahh," was the reply from the deeply relaxed lawyer.

"Walk over to the mirror and look into your eyes, Emily, it will relax you more deeply," the hypnotist instructed. "Let me know when you are at the mirror."

"I'm there..." was the reply.

"Very good, Emily, do you remember looking into my eyes last night?" The hypnotist asked.

"Yesss, Hannahh," the attorney answered.

"How did it feel when you looked deeply into my eyes?" the hypnotist asked.

"Relaxxxx...." was the sleepy reply.

"That's very good, Emily, now when I snap my fingers into the phone, you will be looking deeply into my eyes, the eyes that relax you so deeply, do you understand?"

"Yesss, Hannahh," Emily said in reply.


"Do you see my eyes now, Emily?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yesss, Hannahh," the assistant DA answered.

"And you feel yourself relaxing more deeply again don't you Emily?" the hypnotist instructed as a question.

"Yesss, Hannahh," the attorney replied.

"Emily we will need to get you back into the shower in a moment, but you are beginning to realize that my conversation, looking into my eyes, and following my voice relaxes you, isn't that right?" the dominant intoned.

"Yesss, Hannahh," the attorney answered without hesitation.

"And now you are finding that following my voice, doing what my voice tells you, relaxes you deeper and deeper every time you follow what my voice tells you, isn't that right Emily?" the hypnotist continued.

"Yesss, Hannahh," was the attorney's quick and audible answer.

"And as you listen, you find that looking into my eyes, and following what my voice tells you to do relaxes you even deeper, isn't that right Emily?" the tist continued.

"Yesss, Hannahh," was again the response.

"Drop the towel, Emily," the hypnotist commanded, taking advantage of the situation.

"Yesss, Hannahhhh...." the lawyer responded.

"Very good, Emily, now begin to play with your breasts," the hypnotist suggested.

"Yessssss, Hhhannahhhh....." the assistant DA replied as she lost the towel and her hands began their work.

"Imagine my eyes, locked on yours as you follow my voice and play with your breasts, feels so wonderful doesn't it Emily?" the hypnotist suggestively asked.

"Yessssss, Hhhannahhhhhh....." the blond woman replied lost in her own eyes she now saw as Hannah's as she followed the voice and played with her own breasts.

"You sound like you are really enjoying yourself, Emily," Hannah said. "And to feel this all you need to do is, relax into my eyes and listen to my voice, doesn't that sound perfect?"

"Yessssss, Hhhannahhhhhh....."

"In a moment you will awaken, and you will pick up your towel and return to the shower. You will remember chatting about last evening, thanking me for a ride home, and remember we agreed to meet at 11 am at the coffee shop near your office that you always go to, do you understand?" the hypnotist asked. "You will take an uber since it is not necessary for us both to have a car in the city, do you understand?"

"Yesss, Hannahh," the attorney answered immediately.

"Awake when I snap my fingers, Emily," the confident hypnotist said with a smile.


"Oh well I didn't mean to interrupt, Emily," the hypnotist guided. "And I look forward to seeing you at the coffee shop at 11."

"Oh umm yes, thank you so much for talking me home last night," Emily said, shaking the relaxation from her head as she had a flash of Hannah's eyes as she looked in the mirror. "Yes, I am too, see you in a little while!"

"Excellent, Emily, looking forward to it." Hannah said as she disconnected the call.

Emily saw the time displayed on the phone and hurriedly headed back into the bathroom, where she found the water still running and the temperature lukewarm following her hypnotic detour. Once out of the shower, the attorney called for her uber to ensure she arrived on time to meet her table companion from the charity event the prior evening, someone she wanted to know better, someone she felt could relax around.

Assistant DA Emily Tobias arrived at the coffee shop around the corner from her office just a few minutes before 11, ordered her specialty drink and sat down in the corner of the shop and waited. A few moments after she sat, she watched as Hannah Hunt entered, ordered coffee and then made her way to where she sat.

"Good morning, Emily, how was that shower?" Hannah asked with a laugh.

"Ohh, well ummm good, Hannah," Emily said, unsure exactly how to reply.

"And I trust you had a wonderful night's sleep and relaxation?" Hannah continued.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily said as she looked into the eyes of Hannah, feeling a bit more relaxed as they sat there talking.

"It seems even now, my conversation is relaxing you, isn't that right, Emily?" Hannah asked with a warm smile.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily said again, falling into the pattern her hypnotist had begun setting up the prior night.

Hannah made sure to make eye contact with her subject, who was finding it increasingly hard to look away from the relaxing eyes she remembered as she stepped out of the shower earlier in the day. Emily had absorbed her suggestions like a sponge, because her desire to feel relaxed was so intense and welcomed. Hannah knew she had Emily on a string, and would enjoy pulling those strings of the pretty attorney. Emily had sunk into her chair, and her coffee, in her right hand, was rapidly becoming an afterthought.

"Then I am sure you won't mind," the hypnotist said as she reached out with her left hand to take the coffee cup from Emily as her right hand raised in front of her face. "If i tell you it is time for deep relaxation."


Once again Assistant District Attorney Emily Tobias was hypnotized in public, albeit in a nearly empty coffee shop this time. The pretty blonde attorney looked peaceful with her eyes closed as she sunk even deeper into the beige armchair.

"Open your eyes, Emily," the hypnotist said as she again snapped her fingers.

Once again deep in trance, the attorney opened her eyes and looked at the woman whose voice and eyes were continually relaxing her. To anyone paying attention, it looked like any other pair of attractive women enjoying each other's company at a coffee shop.

"Look at me, Emily," Hannah instructed. "Are you feeling deeply relaxed again?"

"Yess Hannah," the assistant DA answered.

"Emily, you will answer me immediately and honestly every time I ask you a question, do you understand?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yes Hannah," Emily replied.

"Very good, Emily. Tell me what plans do you have for today?" was the question posed by the hypnotist.

"Working on a case, Hannah," was the reply, pleasing the hypnotist who noticed the tranced woman was always using the hypnotist's name as suggested the evening before.

"Very good," the hypnotist said. "When you awaken, I am going to invite you to a nice, relaxing afternoon at my home for a late lunch, an idea you will accept, won't you Emily?"

"Yes, Hannah," was the response given by the blonde attorney.

"Pick up your coffee and take a sip, Emily," the hypnotist said.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily replied as she picked up her coffee and took a sip.

"Put your coffee back on the table, Emily and look into my eyes," The hypnotist said, as the attorney picked up her coffee and took a sip.

"Yes, Hannah," was again the reply.

"My eyes and voice continue to relax you, don't they Emily?" the dominant asked.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily replied.

"Doing as my voice says relaxes you, it feels wonderful to follow my voice, doesn't it Emily?" hypnotist Hannah instructed in question form.

"Yes, Hannah," the woman again replied.

"Very good Emily, I am so glad you are enjoying relaxing," Hannah began, "When I count to three, you will awaken, feeling relaxed and wonderful and enjoying my company.



"Three, wide awake,"


Emily's eyes opened, and then she opened them wide and shook her head side to side to try and fully awaken. She smiled and held up her coffee, which had cooled more than anticipated as she took another drink.

"You okay there, Emily?" the hypnotist asked as she watched the older attorney try to regain consciousness fully.

"Yes, Hannah, Just tired from a long week," the lawyer answered.

"Oh I understand those," Hannah said. "Why don't you come to my home on the Island, I know a great place that will cater and deliver lunch, and we can talk more, I know I am enjoying your company, Emily. Unless you have a better offer or something you need to do, of course."

"Yes, Hannah, that sounds wonderful, but I don't want to intrude," Emily replied.

"No, Emily, you are definitely NOT intruding," Hannah reassured. "I do love your company, you are a very good listener."

"Thank you, Hannah," Emily said. "But I don't have my car, so maybe I can take your address and meet you there?"

"Oh no, Emily, I will drive you to my home, and later back to your home," Hannah said, "I insist."

"Well if you are sure, Hannah.... Sounds wonderful," the overworked attorney said.

"Oh I am sure, Emily," Hannah said. "It is an hour drive, so if you need to use the restroom, we will be driving for a bit."

"Yes, Hannah, I think I will head into the restroom before we go," Emily answered as she headed across the coffee shop to the restrooms. As she headed into the restroom, Hannah pulled out her phone and made a call.

"Hello Mr. Santiago." Hannah began. "Emily will be spending the day with me at my home on the island."

"Excellent, Miss Hunt, my men will need about three hours at your new friend's home to set things up and they will return her bag.. Let me know when you are on your way back," Santiago said, pleased in the performance so far of his newest employee, who thought herself more partner than anything.

"Of course, Mr. Santiago," the hypnotist said, hanging up as she saw Emily making her way back to the chairs they were occupying.

"Ready to go, Emily?" the dominant partner of the pair asked

"Yes, Hannah," the attorney replied.

The pair walked to Hannah's large, expensive Range Rover and the key less entry opened the door for Emily to enter on the passenger side, while the smiling Hannah entered on the driver side.

"Beautiful car, Hannah, wow," the lowly paid government employee said as she buckled her seat belt.

"Thank you Emily, it is a very comfortable ride, it almost drives itself," the hypnotist replied. "It's very easy to just ride and relax."

"Yes, Hannah... I see..." Emily returned.

"Very easy to go into deep relaxation," the hypnotist said as she snapped her fingers in front of her passenger, as Emily Tobias eyes snapped shut as she continued her experiences with being hypnotized.

"I'm just going to talk to you for a bit as we get to the highway Emily so just listen very carefully, nod your head if you understand," Hannah began as the head of the once again hypnotized attorney nodded affirmatively.

"That's very good Emily, you are truly enjoying feeling, this relaxed feeling my voice takes you to, nod if you understand," Hannah continued, as once again the blonde head nodded yes.

"The deeper you go into this relaxed feeling the better you feel, Emily, and you admit it feels wonderful. And in order to go deeper into this feeling of deep relaxation you simply just need to listen to my voice," the dominant instructed. "Listening to my voice relaxes you, nod your head if you agree."

Emily again nodded her head at the logical statement. Hannah's voice was the one that sent her into this state, there was no questioning or denying that fact.

"Listening to my voice, following the instructions my voice gives you relaxes you, takes you deeper into this wonderful feeling of relaxation," Hannah commanded. "Following my voice relaxes you, it is something you enjoy and crave, that escape from stress and tension from work. The more you follow what my voice says, the deeper you may go into relaxation, Emily. Nod if you understand."

More affirmation through nodding as the attorney lightly nodded her head up and down.

"You want more relaxation Emily, more feeling wonderful, In order to do that you need to follow what my voice tells you to do," the hypnotist suggested strongly after logically taking her subject to a place of agreement. "You may answer me now Emily, what will you do to go deeper into relaxation?"

"What your voice tells meeee....." was the barely audible reply from the deeply hypnotized blonde.

"Very good Emily, you are following along very well," Hannah praised. "Now when I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes, and look at the lines in the highway, those pretty white lines in the road. You will begin to count them silently to yourself, and you will tell me when you get to 25 lines, stop counting and close your eyes once again. Do you understand?"

"Yesss, Hhhannahhh...." the assistant DA answered.

Hannah slowed the car just a bit as they began the journey on the highway, to gauge how fast she could drive so that Emily could physically count the dotted lines on the roadway.


Emily's eyes opened as she looked out the windshield. Her body never moved as she focused on her task.

"Twenty-five," the hypnotized attorney said as her eyes closed and her chin softly fell into her chest.

"It was so easy to listen to my voice, follow what it was instructing you to do, and let you go deeper into relaxation, wasn't it Emily?" Hannah asked.

"Yess, Hannahhh..." Emily said.

"And you love the feeling of being so relaxed by listening to my voice, don't you Emily?" Hannah continued.

"Yyesss, Hannahh...." the lawyer replied.

"And you want to go even deeper, don't you Emily?" the hypnotist suggestively asked.

"Yesss, Hhannahhh..." Emily replied.

"Then you simply have to listen to my voice so you may relax even deeper, isn't that right, Emily?" the hypnotist asked with a hopeful smile.

"Yyesss, Hhhannnahhh...." the Assistant District Attorney responded. essentially closing the logical loop of listening to and obeying the voice of her hypnotist.

"Very good, Emily," the hypnotist praised. "You may again go deeper. When I snap my fingers, you will again open your eyes, and again count the dotted white lines in the road, this time you will count to 1,000.. Each line you count will take you deeper into this state of relaxation, and take you deeper into wanting to listen to and follow what my voice suggests. Nod your head if you understand."

Emily nodded her head in affirmation.

"Very good, Emily," the hypnotist praised. "You have a task to accomplish now."


Emily opened her eyes and again silently counted the lines in the road, counting herself deeper into trance, and deeper into following the voice of her new friend, Hannah Hunt. The blonde attorney's breathing was slow and steady, her chest rising and falling rhythmically as she looked out the front of the Range Rover and silently deepened her loop, counting line after line.

"One thousand," the hypnotized lawyer eventually said as again her eyes closed as she sank deeper into the passenger seat of the luxury SUV.

Hannah smiled, as she set up yet another round of deepening for her newest subject, estimating a number that would take them to the exit near her home. Counting herself deeper out of desire to relax because of her very high stress and now high profile position in the state's prosecutor's office. And after that, a nice short count just so the pretty blonde could sink deeper one more time.

"Emily, you have done very well counting you should feel very good about following my voice so you may go even deeper in relaxation," Hannah said. "You will always feel this wonderful feeling when you follow what my voice says, nod your head if you always want to follow my voice."

Emily immediately nodded her head.

"That's wonderful, Emily," the hypnotist continued. "When I snap my fingers you will remain deeply relaxed and you will open your eyes Emily, and look at me."


The pretty, glassy eyes of Emily Tobias opened and her head turned to look at Hannah, who simply looked over and smiled.

"Very good Emily, are you enjoying this relaxation?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Hannah," was the reply.

"Emily you will feel yourself drawn to following what my voice says even when you are awake, do you understand?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily said in response, as relaxation, even awake, was something desirable.

"When I snap my fingers again, you will be wide awake, remembering a wonderful conversation and enjoying spending time with me," Hannah instructed. "Looking forward to spending more and more time with me, do you understand?"

"Yes, Hannah," the hypnotized woman answered.


"Wow that ride seemed so fast, it must have been the great conversation Emily," Hannah said as the lawyer in the passenger seat slowly stretched and opened her eyes wide as she woke from the deep trance she was enjoying.

"Yes, Hannah, I agree," the lawyer responded, stretching as she said it.

"Well here we are," Hannah said as she pulled the car into the garage at the oceanfront home she owned. "Home sweet home."

"Well this is very nice, Hannah," Emily said as she was led into the house by the hypnotist.

"This is my favorite room," Hannah said as they arrived at a room with an almost complete glass wall of windows that overlooked the ocean.

"Wow this is beautiful," the attorney said as she walked into the room and took in the view.

"Yes Emily, I often sit here and relax and watch the ocean." Hannah said as she pointed to the couch. Emily let out a soft sigh, as she walked around the white sofa and sat down, Hannah remained behind the couch, and as Emily sat the hypnotist leaned in behind the ear of the older attorney.

"Watching the ocean roll in wave after wave can send someone into deep relaxation," the hypnotist whispered as she snapped her fingers and watched as the woman once again fell into hypnosis as she sunk into the couch with her head rolled forward, chin in her ample chest.

"Emily, you may open your eyes and look straight ahead," the hypnotist instructed. "Watch as the waves roll in and out, the more they roll in and out the easier it will be answering my questions, do you understand?"

"Yess, Hannahh," Emily responded as she opened her eyes and looked straight ahead out at the ocean.

"Emily, what relaxes you?" the hypnotist asked.

"Your voice, Hannahhh..." the attorney replied.

"When you hear my voice, what do you do to relax more deeply?" the hypnotist asked.

"Follow your voice Hannahh..." Emily answered.

"If you follow what my voice says, you obey my voice, don't you Emily?" Hannah asked, looping the attorney into a pattern of thought.

"Yesss, Hhannahhh..." the hypnotized attorney said, not moving as she looked dead straight out at the waves that never stopped rolling.

"Whose voice do you obey, Emily?" the hypnotist pushed as a suggestive question.

"Your voice, Hannahh..." the hypnotized subject responded, as her hypnotist smiled at the fact that the subject was always referencing the name of her hypnotist in responding to questions as suggested the evening before.

"What do you do when you hear my voice, Emily, so you may relax more deeply?" Hannah furthered.

"Obey your voice, Hannahhh..." the Assistant DA replied.

"When you hear my voice, what will you do, Emily?" the hypnotist asked with a smile.

"I will obey your voice, Hannahh...." the attorney replied.

"That's very good, Emily, you will find obeying my voice relaxing even when you are awake, my voice will be compelling to obey even when you are wide awake, do you understand?" the hypnotist instructed, closing the obedience loop in her very receptive subject.

"Yes, Hannahhh...." the blonde replied without hesitating.

"Emily you will feel wonderful obeying my voice, it will feel natural to obey my voice, do you understand?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yess, Hannahh..." Emily responded.

"Now Emily you will awaken on the count of three, feeling wonderful and ready to follow my voice," Hannah directed.





Hannah watched as her prey was once again slowly regaining awareness and coming awake, something the hypnotist was enjoying seeing as she continued to yo-yo the attorney up and down from trance getting her subject used to being under and now used to following her voice.

"Come, Emily I'll give you a tour," the hypnotist said as she held out her hand.

The older woman rose, and instinctively took the hand of her hypnotist, and as she did she let out a slight "Ohhh..."

"Everything ok, Emily?" The hypnotist said as she understood her very suggestible and oft hypnotized new friend was following her suggestions very well, following her voice to take her hand for a tour and finding her touch exciting. The touch suggestion was from the evening prior, which made Hannah smile.

"Oh ummm yes, of course Hannah," stammered the attorney, who in a courtroom was never at a loss for words.

"Well, here is the kitchen," began Hannah on her tour, and through here is the bathroom, and here is my bedroom.

"This is a very big bedroom- it's amazing, Hannah," Emily said.

"It is, it's even big enough for two, Emily," the hypnotist said as she watched the blonde blush crimson.

"I guess it is..." Emily replied, the feelings of excitement and the comment coursing through her mind and body.

"And down these stairs we go," Hannah said, leading her subject by the hand. "This is my office space, the entire floor, reception is here."

"Wow, so professional," Emily said. "Your patients come here? You said you are a doctor."

"Yes, Emily, some do," Hannah started. "Others I see in my office in the city. Sit here, Emily, I have to take care of one thing."

Hannah pointed to the patient's couch in the office, which Emily looked at and immediately sat on. It was lower than a normal couch, which put the hypnotist at a far greater height than whoever was sitting, or lying, on the couch, a fact not lost on the doctor. Hannah made her way behind her lavish oak desk and sat down, and opened the laptop.

"I am just going to order lunch for us, I am usually working from here and the menu and online ordering are saved here," Hannah said. "What's your email address, I will send you the link so you can see the menu."

Emily immediately recited her home email address, not her work address to her new friend, and waited as the link was sent to her. When she heard the ding, she opened the menu and looked to see what was appetizing.

"I am going to do the grilled portabello sandwich special," Hannah said. "It is one of their very best. What shall I order for you?"

"That sounds good, Hannah, I will have that as well," Emily said.

"So tell me Emily, what's a beautiful, smart and funny woman like you doing being single?" the hypnotist asked.

"Oh uh, well I don't really have the time for a relationship with a man right now, I am really occupied with work," Emily answered.

"Well Emily, that is really an excuse, isn't it?" Hannah said. "And why limit yourself to men? They are self centered and incredibly needy."

"Iii guess it is an excuse, Hannah," Emily said. "And I have never seriously thought about women, the only thing that's come close is I experimented a little in college."

"Well then you have thought about it," Hannah offered. "What made you back off?"

"I went to a Catholic university," the attorney said.

"So what happened to your husband?" Hannah asked.

"He left after I had our son," Emily said. "He left us when things got difficult."

"And no man has warmed your heart enough since then?" the doctor asked.

"No, Hannah," Emily said. "I threw myself into finishing my law degree and worked my way to where I am now."

"And you are doing a great job according to the press," Hannah offered. "But being alone is not good for people, I should know. You should keep an open mind to finding the right person, the one who feels right, the one who does the little things like finishing your sentences, or get you excited with just a touch, or the one you feel totally relaxed around."

"Yes, Hannah, I will try," Emily said. "But I feel like I am being analyzed sitting in your office on your patient couch."

"Oh, well, no, I'm not analyzing you, Emily," Hannah said. "I would have to bill you if I were."

Both women laughed as Hannah stood from her desk and came around in front of the assistant District Attorney and once again held out her hand and nodded as if the older woman should stand and take it once again. Emily did stand, and reached her right hand into the left hand held before her, and upon the touch felt a twinge of excitement, just enough to set her into a little mini shiver. Hannah smiled.

"Everything ok, Emily?" the doctor asked.

"Yes, sorry, not sure what happened," Emily said. "I guess I am."

"Just hungry or something," the women said at the same time.

"Oh well no worries, they said lunch would be here in 40 minutes," Hannah said, leading the woman up the stairs and back to the main room overlooking the ocean. "I hope you are comfortable just relaxing until then, Emily."

"Oh yes, I have not been this relaxed on a Saturday in a long time, Hannah," Emily replied.

Hannah smiled again, as she led Emily to the center of the couch that overlooked the ocean and pulled her hand away as she motioned for the attorney to sit, which she did.

"We can just sit here and relax a while, Emily," the hypnotist said as she stood in front of the overworked attorney. "I know I am enjoying your company."

"Thank you Hannah, I know I am enjoying this too," Emily responded as Hannah walked to the side of the couch to the right of the blonde attorney.

"Emily, get the candlestick and the torch from the mantle and bring them back here, please," the hypnotist ordered, as she watched and waited. Hannah smiled as Emily followed the voice and walked over to the mantle and retrieved the items and made her way back to the couch.

"Put the candle on the table in front of you and sit down," the hypnotist said as she moved behind the couch. Again Emily obeyed. "Pick up the torch and light the candle please."

Emily followed the voice that relaxed her and lit the candle, barely registering what she was doing.

"Put the torch down and sit back, Emily," Hannah ordered.

Once Emily sat back, Hannah began to gently begin playing with Emily's hair. The light touch was soothing, yet exciting at the same time. The conflicting thoughts had the older blonde a bit confused, but her depth and amount of trance allowed her to simply enjoy the moment.

"When I snap my fingers Emily you will sink for me," Hannah said simply. "Your subconscious mind remembers the feeling, remembers how good it feels, to be very relaxed when I snap my fingers."


Emily's head rolled forward as her eyes closed as she followed the instructions of the voice that was reinforcing relaxation.

"Emly, when I snap my fingers again you will open your eyes and focus on the flame, as it dances and moves and relaxes you much more deeply," Hannah began. "Each time I snap my fingers you will once again open or close your eyes. Your mind remembers how to do this, how wonderful it feels, nod if you understand."

Emily's head nodded perceptibly up and down, as Hannah continued to play with her hair.

"Emily, tell me about your time experimenting with another woman," Hannah started. "What was her name? How old were you?"

"Jessica..... 19.... Hannahh..." Emily replied.

"And why did you stop being with her, Emily?" Hannah continued.

"Catholic school.... Sinful...didn't want to be caught, Hannah...." Emily answered.

"Who's idea was it to end things, Emily, hers or yours?" the hypnotist continued.

"Hers, Hannah," Emily said, eyes still closed.

"Emily, you will remember the feelings, the excitement of being with Jessica as you find my touch exciting you, do you understand?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yes, Hannah...." the lawyer said sleepily with her chin still in her chest.


Emily remained deeply hypnotized as she opened her eyes and looked at the flame on the candle, behind her the ocean waves rolled on.

"Very good, Emily, what are you focused on right now?" Hannah asked.

"The flame, Hannah..." the assistant DA replied.

"Tell me about the men in your life, Emily, start with your father," the hypnotist suggested.

"Don't remember him, left when I was 2 Hannah..." Emily said as the hypnotist smiled with concern as she walked to the front of the couch and sat next to her subject.

"And your husband, Emily, what happened with him?" Hannah asked.

"He left when I had our son, Hannah," Emily responded.

"And since then no men have stayed around, have they Emily," the hypnotist questioned.

"No, Hannah," the hypnotized Emily answered.

"Why haven't they, Emily?" the dominant asked.

"My career... no chemistry.... Different desires...Hannah," the hypnotized Emily responded.

"And your son, he moved away for school didn't he, Hannah, far away," the hypnotist emphasized.

"Yes, Hannah..." was the reply.

"So the men in your life have all left, moved, gone away," Hannah stated.

"Yes, Hannah...."

"And you have no close, sexual relationships do you Emily," the hypotist said.

"No, Hannah...."

"You need to find someone who excites you, someone where you can just relax and feel comfortable being relaxed around, someone who can help you feel relaxed when needed and excited when you want to be, don't you agree, Emily?" the hypnotist asked, leading the lawyer to her logical conclusion.

"Yes, Hannah..."

"Emily, you will know when you find that person won't you?" the hypnotist asked. "It may even be a woman, and that won't bother you because you have always wondered ever since you were in college, isn't that right Emily?"

"Yes, Hannah..." the lawyer replied, knowing she had always wondered on some level.


Emily's eyes closed once more, as the hypnotist smiled at her progress.

"You are doing very well, Emily, so wonderful to be so relaxed following my voice," Hannah said. "Are you enjoying following my voice?"

"Yes, Hannah..." the woman replied.

"Do you enjoy doing what my voice says?" the hypnotist asked.

"Yes, Hannah..." was again the reply.

"What happens when you follow my voice, do what my voice says?" the hypnotist asked.

"Relax.....Hannahh..." Emily said.

"Yes, following my voice relaxes you which feels wonderful doesn't it, Emily?" continued the hypnotist.

"Yess, Hannahhh..." was the lazy reply.

"Doing what my voice says relaxes you which is what you desperately need because of your intense work schedule and pressure, isn't that right?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Hannahhh..." Emily said.

"You like to follow my voice to be so relaxed, obeying my voice feels relaxing, doesn't it Emily?" the hypnotist furthered.

"Yes, Hannah...." the hypnotized woman answered.

"You want to obey my voice to relax, don't you Emily," the hypnotist added, almost finishing her conditioning for the time being.

"Yess, Hannahhh...." the older woman said.

"You want to listen to my voice, the voice that relaxes you, the voice that you want to OBEY, isn't that right Emily?"

"Yess,Hannahh..." the deeply hypnotized lawyer responded.

"When you hear my voice, what do you want to do when you hear me tell you something Emily?" the hypnotist said as she continued to weave her logic into the mind of her hypnotized subject.

"Obey...Hannahh..." Emily said.

"That's very good, Emily, even awake you will find my touch exciting, my voice relaxing and you will want to obey, won't you Hannah?" The hypnotist asked, completing the circle she established.

"Yess, Hannahhh....." Emily Tobias, Assistant District Attorney, was now compromised.


Emily opened her eyes and looked again at the candle flame, and waited to hear the voice that relaxed her so wonderfully.

"Blow out the candle, Emily," Hannah ordered.

"Yes, Hannah," the attorney replied as she leaned in and blew out the flame on the candle that had so successfully focused her on deepening her relaxation.

"Very good, Emily," Hannah praised. "Now take the torch and the candlestick and return them to the mantle where you found them, turn to face me and stand and smile."

The lawyer obeyed her commands flawlessly as she placed the candlestick and torch where she found them then turned and smiled at her hypnotist.

"Walk to me, Emily, always smile when you are with me," the domme instructed.

'Yes, Hannah," Emily replied as she walked to the woman whose voice was captivating and relaxing her, smile beaming wide.

"Give me your hands, Emily," the hypnotist demanded.

Without hesitation Emily placed her hands in those of the hypnotist, and as she did she felt that wave of excitement, enough to make her face flush and her knees buckle ever so slightly.

"Did that feel nice and exciting Emily?" the domme asked with a confident smile.

"Yes, Hannah..." the woman responded, these feelings and suggestions taking hold as she remained hypnotized.

Hannah leaned in and gave her companion a light kiss on the lips, which caused Emily's knees to fully buckle, and her body to shudder from excitement. The hypnotist pulled the lawyer in for a hug, and another kiss as she placed her hands on the ass of the hypnotized lawyer. Hannah was pleased as the Assistant District Attorney kissed back instinctively. The hypnotist let the kiss linger, but not too long before pulling away, and as she did she noticed the smile, not a hypnotized smile, but a satisfied smile on the deeply tranced lawyer.

Hannah Hunt broke the embrace completely and took the hypnotized lawyer by the hand to the full-length mirror by the entrance, where she turned Emily to look at her reflection as she moved to stand behind the hypnotized lawyer, who was still smiling.

"You are doing very well Emily, you are enjoying the relaxation aren't you?" Hannah asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes, Hannah..." the hypnotized woman replied.

Hannah then moved in closer, and took the woman into a hug from behind, her hands meeting at the waist of the lawyer, who again shuddered at the more sensual touch.

"This is what you will dream of, Emily," the domme began as she whispered quietly in the ear of her tranced companion. "This deep relaxation from my voice, the excitement of my touch..."

Emily's swooned. Hannah smiled, and pushed further. She lowered her right hand to gently rub between the legs of the lawyer, while simultaneously taking her left hand and gently caressing the full breasts of the assistant DA.

"Dream of this, Emily," Hannah whispered, moving her hands subtly but effectively. "Exciting touch, relaxing voice.... A desire to feel this touch, to obey...."

Emily was deeply relaxed and incredibly excited at the same time, a confusing fact that was lost on her hypnotized mind. She smiled sexily in the mirror as her partner continued.

"You want to dream about my touch, dream about obeying..." Hannah added as she became a bit more aggressive in her touch, adding a light kiss to the neck. "What will you dream about Emily?"

"Your touch.... Obeyyyingg...." the hypnotized woman replied.

With that there was a knock at the door, their catering order had arrived. A young face looked in the window that was next to the doors, seeing the women in their overtly sexual embrace, and seeing Hannah touchinng the blonde intimately, even through clothes.

"Emily, you will awaken at three, your subconscious mind will remember my touch and what you must dream of, your awake mind remembering a wonderful house tour, sitting and relaxing and talking about how we enjoy one another's company, you will then volunteer to answer the door and get the order for lunch," Hannah finished.





Emily awakened, paying no attention to the feeling between her legs or the fact that her nipples had fully engorged and still pointed through her blouse as she woke, looking at her reflection in the mirror. A moment later she woke fully.

"That's the catering? I'll get that Hannah," Emily said, reaching for the phone in her back pocket.

The young delivery driver, no more than 17 or 18, was surprised as Emily opened the door- her nipples still peeking through her bra and blouse, visible for anyone to see. Especially a teenage boy. Emily offered the young man a nice tip in cash as she fished through her phone for cash as the boy waited.

"Oh ummm no, Ma'am, Dr. Hunt always includes the tip when she orders, but thank you Ma'am," the delivery boy said, eyes never leaving the breasts of the lawyer until he left.

Emily took the bag with the meals from the boy, closed the door and turned to see Hannah standing there, smiling.

"That was a little weird, his eyes never left my chest," Emily said to her hostess.

"Well Emily, they are very nice," the doctor laughed. "He may have never seen D's before."

Emily laughed at the remark, replying, "Good guess, Hannah."

"Take the food to the dining room, Emily, off the kitchen to the right," Hannah instructed, as Emily smiled and listened to her voice. "Everything is in the bag to set up two place settings, please set up the place settings and set out the food. Then go to the wine cabinet and take out the white wine all the way to the left of the cabinet and then pour a glass for each of us. Wait for me before sitting."

"Yes, Hannah," Emily replied, waiting for Hannah to finish before moving.

Hannah watched as the lawyer obeyed flawlessly and stood waiting.

"I will sit here, please pull out my chair Emily," the hypnotist demanded.

"Yes, Hannah," Emily said as she obeyed, seating her hostess.

"Please sit, Emily," Hannah commanded, smiling at how quickly the lawyer was accepting being conditioned to obey. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Tell me, what are your Sunday plans?"

"Mass at 10 am at St. Stephen's, then home to relax and most likely work," Emily said.

Hannah smiled wide, saying "St. Stephen's is that beautiful Catholic cathedral isn't it?"

"It is," Emily replied.

"Deep relaxation," Hannah said, sending Emily into hypnosis once again. "You have a confession to make tomorrow after mass, listen to what you will do...."


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