Cuttings from the Garden

Report from New Plymouth Station

by hurglingscrungus

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The documents presented herein are provided to you under Terran Accord Priority Alpha Clearance. By viewing this document, you are agreeing to Priority Alpha security protocol, and to avoid disclosure of such information to non-Priority Alpha individuals. Any such information must be kept securely on an off-grid server, and all known copies must be destroyed where required. Failure to comply with protocol will result in charges of treason, and penalty up to including incarceration and execution.

This is a copy of the transmissions sent from New Plymouth Planetary Station, outpost of Theta Opiuchi, on April 16th and 17th of 2553. The sender has been identified as Officer Wilbur Dyer. Priority Alpha designation trusts that you will do what needs to be done with this information.

From the office of the President-General of the Terran Accord,
Humanitas, primum et solum
8:00 PM, March 15th, 2553, New Plymouth Planetary Station, Theta Opiuchi Stellar System
Recent stellar storm's been cutting off communications. Not expecting this to last for too long, but it means I gotta break out the notebook again. Scouts found some kind of wreck in the woods today, near Gardner's place. They think it might be part of some ship, but that's all we've got to go on so far. No hails were received at the station.
8:00 PM, March 28th, 2553
It's getting quieter every night. But that didn't mean it's getting safer.
Seems like every day, more missing persons reports are filed. At first, we didn't think much of them. They were all of society's have-nots: beggars, whores, addicts, murderers. It was easy to assume it was the machines, at first, coming back to finish the job of 'pruning' humanity. But there hadn't been traces of A.I. attacks in years: no heat signatures, no hacking from unknown sources, nothing.
The people left are getting more antsy on finding someone, anyone. We also lost some of our own: Officer Neil Gardner and Sergeant Abigail Crawford went missing just the night ago. We were under more and more pressure, but we had less and less answers.
One of our first talks was with the park rangers, out near the parts of the city and suburbs that had been abandoned and reclaimed by the forest. They said they'd kept seeing the outlines of some kind of trees they'd never seen before, but when they went out to try to identify them later, they couldn't find them.
Another of our investigations was with one of our informants in the city. A dealer. We don't like it, and his buddies don't like him being a toady. But he gives us information, we give him some security, and we look the other way with his clients. It's been good for his business. Until now.
He told us there's some new stuff flooding the market. There's already a few names for it; APC, Class-A, the fuzzies. The few clients he managed to chat up said the stuff was 'more reliable than heroin, and makes you hornier than alcohol'. It's stronger than anything the dealers used to provide, it's got fewer side effects, and it's accessible.
Too accessible. There's so much of it that people are just SHARING it. Can't be monopolized or marketed in any way. At this rate, he said he'd have to start looking for honest work. They're not even sure where it's coming from. How do drug dealers not know where a new kind of drug is coming from? Are there fairies flying in at night and putting syringes under peoples' pillows?
Rumour floating around is that this Class-A is coming from a place called 'the Garden from the Stars'. No one really knows where this place is yet. We're pretty sure this new drug is relevant somehow. The informant told us the drug started showing up around the same time as the disappearances.
April 1st, 2553
We found Sergeant Crawford last night. Her hair was stuck together and her uniform was covered in something we eventually figured was dried out tree-sap. She was rambling about 'masters' and flowers and 'the garden'.
When she came to, she couldn't remember where she'd been or what she'd seen exactly. She had no idea where Gardner had gone. Best we could do is find her some place to wash up and change. At least we're one less man short, now.
April 3rd, 2553
Some folks were brought to the station. We recognized their faces from missing persons reports. We interrogated them. They started talking nonsense. Same kind of nonsense Crawford did. They said they'd come back from 'the garden', that 'they' were coming to 'save us' from the Accord.
Well, the Captain's Terran Fleet old guard, and he didn't like hearing anything sounding like treason. He got real loud, told them they need to return to their homes, and that we'd start firing warning shots if they didn't comply. We're sending in a few officers to keep an eye on them.
April 6th, 2553
We tried interrogating some of the folks we sent home. Didn't work out too great. Guy just talked around in circles, tried to break his way through us a few times. Eventually, we shut him in, and he just started banging at the door, crying and screaming like a man possessed about how he needed to see his 'mistress.'
7:00 PM, April 10th, 2553
(The following entry was recovered after it was found partially destroyed in Mr. Dyer's transmission. It is not known why or how this process of destruction was left incomplete. This entry has been presented as-is, for the purposes of providing a comprehensive account of the events leading to the signal blackout at Theta Opiuchi. This entry contains material of a pornographic nature. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.)
Last night, I took a stop at Officer Gardner's house to run an errand for his wife. She had to be away for something. Gardner had been missing for weeks. We were friends, and I figured his wife should have someone she could lean on for help. I found him in his house. The house was filled with this sickeningly sweet floral scent that just gets in your head.
He was covered in this pile of roots, just coiling around him and all over the room, pushing him down against the bed, tying his hands behind his back and his legs near behind his head to show off just everything. He was dressed up in some shirt, cut in the middle that didn't really cover anything, these really long socks that went up to his thighs, and a pair of women's underwear pulled around to show his- Why the FUCK was he wearing that?
He looked like a girl. No other way I can say it. It was actually hard to confirm at first that it even WAS him. He'd really been gussied up with makeup, his skin was pale and soft and hairless, those girly whines and moans, narrow shoulders, long slender legs and the drool trickling from her wet pink tongue and her soft and pleading lips and her soft creamy thighs and her pert nipples poking out from between her shirt and her beautiful vacant eyes and soft and adorable and kissable looking co
The roots were fucking him. REALLY fucking him, with shapes that roots weren't supposed to make, in holes that a man wasn't supposed to have. His eyes were rolled back into his head. I don't think he saw me for the longest time.
It was hard to look away. I just watched, for a long while. Like I was stuck there. Couldn't shout, couldn't scream, couldn't even speak. I just watched as they pumped in and out of him, covering him with their sap, mixed with his. Semen. It was all over the place, and he was still pumping it out when I got there. There was more of the stuff flying around than any man should be able to make in that time.
a drop of her cum hit me right in the mouth and i tasted it for a split second before i spit it out and it was sweet why was it sweet and i cant stop thinking about how i missed the chance to taste the sweetness right from her cock and kiss her soft skin and moan eachothers names as the roots fucked us over and over and filled our holes with their sweetness until we forgot everything we were and then fucked us some more forever
8:00 PM, April 10th, 2553
I found Neil in a state I can barely describe. Almost unrecognizable. Whatever the plants had done to him had almost completely feminized him in the process. Neil recognized me, eventually. Asked me if my name was 'still my name', whatever that meant. I tried to reason with him. Told him he was sick, wasn't natural for him to be like this. He told me it didn't matter, that he was happy the way he was.
I reminded him that he had a wife at home. He just said that it was alright, that the 'Masters' would 'come to collect her soon', and that if she didn't accept him looking like this, then that was fine. He said that 'they' helped him realize things about himself that he'd kept buried. Said they could help me, too.
The thing that was with him just. Reared up and started changing into this woman-like shape. Started talking.
The rest of the night was a blur. I think I got my gun out. Don't remember if I shot anything. The thing swiped at me with a vine. And I ran. I left Neil there, with the thing. God. How am I gonna explain this to his wife? I got back home, somehow. The plant stung me with its venom poison? venom? Poison. Gotta figure out how to warn the rest of the station about this.
The stuff it got me with sounds like that APC stuff the dealer was talking about. Same side effects. Makes me feel warm and tingly everywhere. Skin feels hot and sensitive. FUCK, I'd see a hooker if I could FIND one. Vision's cloudy at the edges. Hard to walk straight. Had to clean and disinfect the scratches I had as I was stumbling through the wood.
I heard it call me by another name: Willow. It's not my name. But it doesn't feel wrong?
I need to find that damn garden. WE need to find that damn garden.
8:00 PM, April 14th 2553
It's been hard keeping the folks that came back home to stay home. Lot of them keep making their way out, somehow. We've managed to pry some information from the one that hasn't gotten out yet, about where this Garden is. Took a lot of coaxing, a lot of assurance that we weren't gonna hurt anyone.
The Captain sent some men out to investigate the lead the witness got us. We haven't heard back from them, yet. I suggested to the Captain that I should go with them. I knew what these drugs were like, I knew how to handle them. He said he wanted me elsewhere. He doesn't trust me. Why doesn't he trust me?
April 17th 2553
(The following entry was found incomplete, in a similar state to that of the one initially written on April 10th)
Visited Gardner's wife today. Still haven't heard about him since last I saw him there. His wife hasn't been taking it too well. Fuck, I haven't been taking it too well. Still haven't told her what happened. Couldn't. We just talked about things. Anything to take our mind off things. We talked about traveling, where we'd go if we had the money for it. She said she wanted to go visit some family in the Gliese system and
neil im sorry she suggested it i was so stressed out and she made me feel okay and she was so nice and her skin was so soft and she smelled so nice and i could still smell the flowers in the air from when you were there and she made me feel so small and ive never felt small like that before we just let it happen and i couldve stopped her but i didn't i didn't even try and im sorry nattie im so sorry
6:00 PM May 3rd 2553
It's getting harder to hide the changes. My hair's getting softer, my skin's getting softer. My voice keeps cracking. I'm not responding to my name as fast. One of the guys jokingly called me Princess, and I haven't been able to keep that outta my head. Jacob. Jacob was the guy who called me Princess. Was he always that tall? Have I gotten shorter? Can he tell? What if he calls me out? What if we're alone? What if he corners me, pushes me up against wall and
I've been trying to come up with excuses to work at home just so that they wouldn't see me and i just want to go home please take me home ill be good i promise ill be a good girl STOP PLAYING MIND GAMES WITH ME IM NOT YOUR FUCKING TOY I AM A MAN I AM A MAN I AM A MAN I AM A MAN
My vision's still fuzzy around the edges, it's getting hard to keep my balance, and my skin's still feeling sensitive, especially in the chest and between the legs. Crawford's been a lot of help in keeping us all focused. Me especially. We've been having conversations in private, about keeping morale up in the station. There were some other things we talked about what the FUCK were they She knows what she's doing. Nothing to worry about.
Crawford's got a plan. The team's set up some fuel, some matches. We'll head down into that GARDEN and smoke the fuckers out, burn every last one of those fucking weeds. Try to get everyone we can save out of there that we can.
9:00 PM May 3rd, 2553
We're fucked.
The plants knew we were coming, and they got us in the forest. Dozens of investigators and policemen picked off, one by one, snatched by vines, coming from out of nowhere like some fucking horror movie.
And the creatures. I saw one of them. Right in front of me. She IT called me by my THAT name. Said it was gonna take me home. Said it was sorry it didn't come sooner.
It fucking smiled with those THORNS that looked like teeth and it just. Stared at me with those eyes. I saw colors in those eyes. Colors I don't think man was meant to see. Colors that pull you in. Drain you. Of will, sanity, I don't know. Made me feel like doing things I'd never do before man or even God. Made we wanna laugh, kneel, beg, cry.
Crawford and I are the only ones that managed to make it out. We're packing our shit as fast as we can. Pretty sure we're the only ones left. I'm sending these records to you from New Plymouth Station. If you find it, TELL THETA OPIUCHI CENTRAL.
9:00 AM, May 4th, 2553
hahahiiii itswillow
abbi gave meee sum fuzzies too calm meee down
shesays mistress is comin to pik us up im so happee :)
hope weee see nattie hav 2 say imsorree :(
abbisbeen keeping us bisee shes so cute and soft :):):)
To date, the whereabouts of Investigator Wilbur Dyer are unknown. All attempts to establish contact with the residents of Theta Opiuchi have been unsuccessful, and travelers are advised to avoid hyperspace lanes leading to and from the colony.

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