Birth of an Analyst

Chapter 11

by greyscribbler

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Birth of an Analyst

Part 11

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

Copyright 2023

Archived on the Read Only Mind web site by permission of the author. This story may be downloaded for personal archiving as long as this notice is retained.

“Please, fuck my arse.” Madison was so close to begging, lying face down on that table. She needed him inside her. She needed that cock inside her. He’d hardly need to flip her skirt up. The skirt she’d chosen because he’d said he wanted her to wear a short one. It was so short, now that she’d leant over she could feel it riding half-way up her buttocks. All he had to do was just push it up, pull her panties down and he could be…

Words deserted her, just images, a moan escaping her lips as she imagined what Ethan would do. What he’d be doing so soon.

What she needed.


Madison’s head snapped around. She just lay there. She wanted to lie there. She wanted him in her arse. What did he mean ‘no’?

“Please.” She was begging now. He had to give her what she wanted. She was going to die if he didn’t fuck her arse.

“No,” Ethan repeated, that maddeningly lop-sided grin on his face. “Or at least, not yet. I want something else first.”

Madison’s eyes shot wide in surprise. Something else? God, no. He can’t want to-. Her stomach flipped flop. He couldn’t want to fuck her pussy, could he? That was just…

Dirty. Don’t like it. Turns me off. The voice was so certain. Madison didn’t argue with it. Why would she? It was her voice and it was right. Even just the thought of Ethan’s cock, any cock, in her pussy was dampening her arousal.

He couldn’t want that, could he? What would she do if he did? She needed to be fucked in the arse. God, she needed it. So if he insisted…

She’d do anything.

“I want you to suck me off.”

Madison blinked. At least he hadn’t asked for her pussy. Technically, he hadn’t asked for anything. He’d told her.

Anxious, Madison gnawed at her lower lip. She didn’t want to do what he wanted. She’d never been fond of giving head. At best, she found it a chore. It wasn’t a turn-off like being fucked in the pussy was, but still. “Can’t you just, you know?”

“Fuck your arse?” Ethan finished for her. “Don’t worry. I will. You’ve got a great arse.”

Madison couldn’t help smiling at that. He was going to fuck her arse! And he liked her arse. What he thought about it wasn’t really important. It was just a means to an end. But it was nice to know.

“But I want you to suck me off.”

If he liked her arse, why couldn’t he just fuck it now? It was what she wanted.

Oh. Madison’s stomach curled up again, this time in guilt. She was making this all about her and what she wanted. She was just using him. That wasn’t right. They weren’t in a relationship. This was just about sex. So if he wanted something it was only fair.

Her moral qualms couldn’t quiet the need clawing at her. If he was going to get what he wanted, she was going to make sure that she’d get what she wanted. So after she blew him…

“Then you’ll?” Madison asked tentatively. A quiver shot through her. She knew what she needed.

She’d do anything if he’d just fuck her in the arse.


“Oh, um, well, okay.” Madison rose unsteadily to her feet. This wasn’t exactly what she’d call romantic. She didn’t really want to do it.

She’d do anything.

Madison knelt down in front of Ethan, licked her lips uncertainly. Ethan had made no move to drop his trousers. He must want her to.

She could do that. If this was what she had to do to get what she needed, she’d do it.

Even if her hands were trembling, just a little.

Swallowing nervously, trying to control that quiver in her hands, Madison undid Ethan’s belt. Her face was so close to his crotch. She could see the lump in front of her. The lump that should be…

Soon, she told herself. Soon. She’d get what she needed.

His trousers fell so easily once she undid the zip. Then she pulled his boxers down, his cock springing free. Need sang in her. She needed that cock. She’d die if she didn’t get it. But not in her mouth. She needed it in her arse. Nothing else mattered. But if she had to take it in her mouth first, she could do that.

Her arse was resting on her heels. It was so empty. Painfully, awfully, empty. She needed it filled.

She’d do anything.

For a moment, as her hand wrapped around the base of that cock, as her lips approached its tip, she wondered what that meant.

“Good girl.”

Madison almost revolted then. Or maybe she almost thought of thinking about revolting. She didn’t like what he said. It was humiliating, belittling.

She’d do anything, thoughts of what that cock would be soon doing flooding her, warming her as her hand stroked the shaft.

Her lips engulfed the head, his hand guiding her in.

It didn’t do anything for her. but anticipation had her nipples so hard and her body alight. If this was the price she had to pay, then she’d pay it, gladly, her cheeks hollowing as she took a little more of his length into her mouth.

Maybe she could show a little enthusiasm, her head bobbing as her hand fell to his ballsack, her tongue swirling under the glans, teeth grazing his length. If this was what she had to do, she’d do it.

She’d do anything.

And if she didn’t like this, she could bury herself in thoughts of what she did like.

She felt that cock twitch.

Just before Ethan pulled out.

“Maybe another time,” he smiled.

Madison’s head whirled. She was sure he’d been about to cum. His cock was so erect, rigid. It was there, just before her eyes, shining with her spit. She needed that cock so bad. He hadn’t cum. But he had said ‘another time’. Did that mean he wanted to cum in her mouth? She’d never let anyone do that. Could she? She didn’t want to. But she knew, her stomach sinking, that she would. If that’s what she needed to do to get him to fuck her arse, then she’d do it. Part of her wanted to scream ‘no!’. Was almost telling her to get up and walk away.

But she couldn’t. Not with her arse still unfucked.

She’d do anything.

“Back on the table,” Ethan ordered.

Madison scrambled to obey. She didn’t mind that he was ordering her about. She was about to get what she wanted. She lay down, arms over her head, hands formed into fists. Her breath heaved, body quaking in need, as she felt her skirt flipped up, her panties pulled down. Clumsily she pulled one foot, still shoe-encased, free, spread her legs.

“You don’t want me to do your pussy?” Ethan’s voice was a whisper, his mouth must be so close to her ear. A finger trailed the length of her sopping opening.

“God, no,” she huffed. It didn’t matter how wet she was, why would she want that?

Dirty. Don’t like it. Turns me off.

The finger was nice though, it was outside, teasing her opening, tapping her clit, ratcheting up her arousal. Playing without penetration. She liked that. At least he had some idea of what foreplay was.

It wasn’t what she needed. She needed-

Madison cried out, thoughts dissolving, bliss erupting, as Ethan’s cock slid into her waiting arse.

She barely heard him, sometime and so many orgasms alter, as he told her to drop.

But she heard him.

Ethan was feeling well satisfied. Madison’s reaction had been just as he wanted. Her negative associations with vaginal penetration had taken well. “What do you think of having something in your pussy?” he asked, the hypnotised girl sprawled out in front of him, her skirt still bunched around her hips.

“Dirty. Don’t like it. Turns me off.”

Just what she was supposed to say.

Just what she was supposed to think.

She hadn’t said she hated it. He didn’t want her to completely reject the idea. Ethan had decided that he might want to breed her someday. He was pretty certain that if he forced the issue she’d let him have her pussy. In the same way she’d let him take her mouth. He could tell she hadn’t wanted that, her thoughts written plainly on her pretty face. But she’d done what she was told. So if he wanted her pussy he was sure he could get it. He wouldn’t, not for now, he wanted the thought patterns to firm up. He liked the idea of having Madison as an anal-obsessed slut who resisted the idea of having anything in her pussy. Maybe he could amuse himself by talking to her about sexual dysfunction in one of their conversations.

If he wanted some pussy, well, there were all the other girls he had at his beck and call. Like that blonde from his class. She had such a wonderful, tight, little pussy. Which she kept just for him. He’d started refining her conditioning as well. Not only was the thought of having a relationship with anyone blocked, she wasn’t allowed to touch her own pussy any more. Or cum by herself. Just play with her tits to work herself up. When Ethan did deign to fuck her, the girl came like an express train.

He needed to work on Madison now.

“Remember our conversation this morning.” Of course he hadn’t fucked her first thing. Stringing her out a bit, letting the girl’s need pull at her, suited him much better. “What did I ask you?”

“Asked what will an addict do,” the girl replied, her voice almost a mumble.

“That’s right,” Ethan crooned, stroking her back. She did have a very nice back. The way it curved down to the small, her waist wonderfully trim before flaring out to her hips and arse. He wondered just what her measurements were. He’d have to find out sometime.

Ethan let the tips of two fingers rest in the small of her back. “And what did you tell me that an addict will do to satisfy their craving?”

“Lie, cheat, steal,” the girl said. She was just repeating what she’d said earlier. Except her voice was so wonderfully empty now. Like her mind.

“Exactly. You know that. You believe that. What else did you tell me? What else will an addict do?”

Madison’s eyelids flickered but whatever hesitation there was disappeared almost before it was there. “B-betray their own morals and beliefs, humiliate themselves, let themselves be abused.”

“Good girl,” Ethan reassured her. He was stroking her arse now, the gesture rewarded by a shimmy of her hips, the girl making contended noises. “So good. You know what an addict does.”

Madison didn’t say anything, just pushed her arse back into his hands. Having her input into her own brainwashing really was the icing on the cake.

“Now, deep down, in your subconscious, what do you know about how you feel about having your arse fucked?”

“Addicted” the girl almost purred. “I’m addicted to Ethan fucking my arse. I’ll do anything to have Ethan fuck my arse.”

“Good girl. So good. You like me calling you a good girl.” He thought he might as well throw that in. He’d noticed her earlier resentment of the term. “Now, tell me that you’re an addict and what you’re addicted to. And what an addict will do.”

“I’m an addict I’m addicted to Ethan fucking my arse. I’ll do anything to have Ethan fuck my arse. An addict will-.” She stopped her, eyes wide and staring.

Needs a little push. Not really a surprise. Deep down in her mind something was resisting the association between the ideas of what she was and what an addict would do. He could help overcome that, his fingertip playing at her starfish. “Remember what you said. An addict will lie, cheat, steal. Betray their morals, humiliate themselves, let themselves be abused, anything to get what they want. You said it. You believe it. An addict will do anything. Now try again.

“I’m an addict I’m addicted to Ethan fucking my arse. I’ll do anything to have Ethan fuck my arse. An addict will.” There was almost a pause. “A-an addict will lie, cheat, steal. Betray their morals, humiliate themselves, let themselves be abused. An addict will do anything to get what they want.”

Ethan couldn’t help smiling. So right. “So good. Tell me again.”

The girl’s eyes were so wide, staring into nothing, her cheeks flushed. “I’m an addict. I’m addicted to Ethan fucking my arse. I’ll do anything to have Ethan fuck my arse. An addict will lie, cheat, steal. Betray their morals, humiliate themselves, let themselves be abused. An addict will do anything to get what they want.”

No pauses, no hesitation.

“You’re an addict,” Ethan declared. “So you know what you’ll do. Tell me what you’ll do.”

“I-I’ll lie, cheat, steal. I’ll b-betray my morals, humiliate myself. I’ll let myself be abused. I’ll do anything to get what I want.”

Ethan stroked the girl’s hair. Her defences would be almost gone now. “Tell me again.”

“I’ll lie, cheat, steal. I’ll betray my ideals, humiliate myself to get what I want. I’ll let myself be abused. I’ll do anything to get what I want.”

Ethan tucked a lock of the girl’s hair behind her ear. He could do that. He could do anything to her. Soon, so soon, she’d let him do anything he wanted when she was awake. He was looking forward to that. “And what is you want?”

There was nothing in her eyes, just a void. “I want to be fucked in the arse. Need it. I cum from being fucked in the arse.”

“Tell me again what you’ll do to get that,” He ordered.

“I’ll lie, cheat, steal. I’ll betray my morals, humiliate myself to get what I want. I’ll let myself be abused. I’ll do anything.”

It was amazing, hearing her say that, his cock rising again at the girl’s words. He wasn’t going to get her to do all that. Stealing and cheating wouldn’t get him anywhere. But it was all about the associations. Madison knew what an addict would do. He needed to make her accept what she was and what she’d do.

“So deep now, listening to my words. Believing them. You’re an addict. You’ll do anything to get what you need. Having your arse fucked is so good that you don’t want to stop being an addict. Tell me that.”

Madison moaned. For a moment Ethan worried it might be another sign of resistance. But then he recognised the sound. It was one she often made, just as he penetrated her, raw and wanton. “I’m an addict. I’ll do anything to get what I need. Having my arse fucked is so good that I don’t want to stop being an addict.”

“That’s all buried down in your subconscious.” He could almost see the thoughts, the feelings, burrowing into the girl’s mind. God, it was such a turn-on. Maybe he was addicted to the control. If he was, he didn’t care. He didn’t need to lie or steal to get what he wanted. Just hypnotise pretty girls and turn them into his playthings. Morals be damned. “You don’t think it consciously, but you know it, deep down. And when I tell you to, you’ll accept that you’re an addict. You won’t want to change it. The idea of changing it makes you feel ill.”

Madison just lay there, soaking up his words.

“And let’s not forget what you think about having something in your pussy. What do you think of that?”

“Don’t like it. Dirty. Turns me off.”

He loved the little twitch of her nose as she said that. “Now, from the top. Tell me you’re an addict. What you’re addicted to. What you’ll do.”

The girl didn’t hesitate. “I’m an addict. I’m addicted to Ethan fucking my arse. I’ll lie, cheat, steal. I’ll betray my morals, humiliate myself to get what I want. I’ll let myself be abused. I’ll do anything to get what I need. Having my arse fucked is so good that I don’t want to stop being an addict. I know that in my subconscious. I don’t think about it. Can’t think about it. When you tell me to, I’ll accept that I’m an addict. I won’t want to change it. Idea of changing it makes me feel ill.”

He ran her through it all, over and over and over.

Back at her desk Madison frowned at her screen. At least she could concentrate now that she’d had her arse fucked. Better than just concentrate. It was like she was on a high. Laser-focused on her work. She’d more than make up for the time they spent. Maybe they’d do it again after lunch. Ethan never seemed interested in twice a day, but maybe she could change that. Do something. Cock her hips. Play at the hem of her short skirt. Something would give him the idea.


But if she did, he’d probably want something in return.

Like a blow job.

Or screwing her pussy.


But she would if she had to. If that was the price of getting her arse fucked. She’d do anything to have her arse fucked. But having a cock in her pussy was just, well, blah. Worse than blah. The idea turned her off. Made her feel nauseous

But she’d do it, no matter how bad it made her feel

She’d do anything.

She just wanted Ethan’s cock in her arse.

(To be continued)

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