A Witch's Domain

by fennywrites

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwashing #collars

The voice in the forest beckoned you, luring and pulling your mind to walk in it without a care. You finally went in… and finally walked into the trap.

The forest was silent to my ears no matter how much I strained it, not a single insect buzzing or animals calling for one another able to be heard. Only leaves rustling as they were blown by the wind, and those surely were a normal phenomenon.
My throat felt dry as I gulped my saliva down, feeling my heart beating just a little too fast. I could no longer hear the voice in front of me, that giggling laugh that seemed to encourage me to walk more, without worry of what I left behind. Even though I could no longer hear it, surely it meant it was safe to go deeper? And yet I couldn’t be so sure, the memories of the villagers warning me still fresh in my ears as they repeated it over and over every time I walked out.
“Dear, the village isn’t as safe as the city, don’t go too deep into the forest…”
“The Faes won’t take your existence kindly.”
“Or… the Witch. They both dwell deep in the forest, and you better try to avoid both of them.”
I had followed a mysterious laughter. This… This was bad, wasn’t it? Fear started to worm its way into my heart as I turned about, ready to try finding my way out. And yet I could see nothing, merely such a thick forest I couldn’t even spy the sky from within. Turning my head back to where I was walking, I could see the rough, and yet still see-able path.
Bad to worse for sure. This whole thing screamed ‘trap’ so hard I didn’t know who expected it to be able to catch anyone. And yet, here I was, about to continue the trap because I knew if I walked back now I would be even more horribly lost.
Going back meant I would have to brave the forest, and see if they would be helpful… and the chill I could still feel on my back I had a lot of doubts. So I had only one choice, and it would be to see whoever set this whole trap—whether it was whoever that laughter’s owner was, or maybe even the Witch. I had no idea which, but I still lifted my foot up, ready to start moving to wherever the path would bring me to.
The sound of laughter could be heard again, high and tinkling like a bell. A sweet sound, and yet it wasn’t like before. I let my body follow it automatically, without much input from my thoughts. The owner should be a woman like me, especially since I never once heard a man ever have that kind of laughter. They were more likely to be boisterous or deep. Or they would have appeared in front of my eyes, laughing cruelly while stalking closer—
Ugh. Even the thought of those leers made my body shiver. Shaking those thoughts out, I noticed that I had finally arrived at a sort of… clearing. Trees still surrounded the area all around, but I could see a beautiful lake, its water reflecting the wonder of the sky, and a small hut near its side.
I wished to run, but with my thoughts still running all around, I kept myself still. First I had to find out the source of the laughter, then… then what? I didn’t know, but I could ponder that after this. For a moment I briefly pondered why I thought it was so important to find her out, but that was easily justified. That was the whole reason I went here after all, and going back without even finding out would be stupid manoeuvre for me. And I wasn’t stupid, no sirree.
So, instead of going away like some parts of me insisted on doing, I slowly inched myself forward. Angling my head here and there, I tried to find the source—and there it was, my eyes catching a little shine. I just needed to walk further, away from the relative safety of the tree towards the more open area.
From afar, I could see a twinkle of something, of glitters that continued to move, my head bobbing left and right with every movement. Was that the Fae I heard so much of? I had no idea, but I let myself be beckoned, the sound of a ringing bell coming in my ears.
Each foot came forward easier than the last, the apprehensiveness, the worry I had before melting away with every step. And then I was there, near the edge of the lake and the little Fae just bobbing her body, her wings fluttering behind her so wonderfully. I barely noticed her pink hair, the white dress. No, I just looked at the way she was moving.
Left. Right. Sparkles. Left. Right…
My eyes focused upon them, each mote of light making me twitch just so I could look at them. To concentrate…
Time ceased its meaning, my mind only able to see what was there in front of me. My head too, moved like the lights, and my thoughts felt all sloshy. When I followed them to the left, I felt like I would only be able to let my head fall to my left shoulder. But then the lights moved to the right, and I couldn’t help but let my head lolled towards my right.
Eyelids slowly lowered themselves, letting me focus better upon them. To only have those lights, to let the lights burn my thoughts until there was nothing left.
I didn’t even notice when my thoughts started to turn like that, just following the whispers at the edge of my hearing. Not one I understood, but I just let them wash over me, my eyes squinting and narrowing towards the one focal point.
Those lights. And just listen to the voices…
“That’s it, you are doing so well, my dear.” I could hear the voice much clearer now, but I ignored her in order to focus better. “Just continue looking, letting your thoughts blanking away, filled with my voice.”
Maybe if this other woman had come when I was just starting to look, it would have been easy to use the voice to net me out of here. But right now all I could do was let myself drown in her voice, especially as fingers started to slip under my clothes. Their warmth felt good, the slight scratch and feel pulling me ever deeper. My mouth had long since slipped open, drool pooling in them.
“Good girl.” She whispered, blowing air to my sensitive ears and making me moan. “Go deeper, let your thoughts go blank. Just listen to my words. Those lights are beautiful, no?”
“Yes…” I mumbled, and a few drops escaped the corner of my mouth. I had to fight this…? But it was hard to gather any sort of thoughts, every word feeling like they were turning to motes of light every time. “C-confused…”
“Hehe… That’s alright. That’s why you have me to think for you.” She explained, laughing condescendingly that made me jolt slightly in her hold. Or maybe it was because she was pinching my nipples, the pain feeling so delicious in this state of mind. “That feels good, right? You love to be this blank, to just let your brain be empty and easy to be filled with my words.”
“Mmnn.” I half-assented, half-moaned, the feeling intensifying in my guts. I could feel it, the tightening in the lower part of my stomach. “Blank… good…?”
“Indeed, my empty-headed cute girl. You love being empty, you can feel your mind getting emptier with every movement the little fae made…”
Every word was done so perfectly that I couldn’t have done anything except to follow them down. I could only look and stare as the fae never stopped, those lights continuing to take my attention and my thoughts away.
Leaving myself empty.
So I could be filled with her words.
That made my breathing hitch slightly, the thought suddenly making my stomach churning. Maybe it was related to what the witch said, but I was suddenly quite aware of how my body was feeling. The blankness was still there, but they were now filled, written in by the heat in my stomach. The wetness I could feel soaking my panties. I moaned, because she would be happy to hear the noise, to hear how good I was feeling from her words…
She was doing more things to me, I knew. From the edge of my thoughts, I could feel myself nodding, murmuring yes to every question she asked—and that made me even hotter, even wetter.
I love to be hypnotised, to be mind controlled and moulded into what she wanted me to be. If she wished for me to be a blank pet that could think of nothing, I would become one. If she wished for me to be able to talk, to be her conversation partner, that would be what I become.
“Now, now, my good girl. Stay here for a bit, continue letting your fingers play with your snatch like that, let the pleasure swamp your thoughts.” She whispered, and that made me realise I was fingering myself.
My fingers were down there, playing, flicking with my clit occasionally even as they pushed into me, and each one felt like they were pushing something else out of my head. My name? I had no idea, but I never stopped. I fucked myself, even as I looked ahead and see the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walking closer to the fae.
The red headed woman was holding a golden cage, smiling and motioning for the tiny thing to come into it. Even from this far I could see the glaze within the Fae’s eyes, the blankness… and I shuddered in pleasure in realisation.
Everything was a bait to me. I wasn’t sure why she wished for it, why she did all this complicated manoeuvring—but I just let loose another moan as the Fae dipped into the cage, the entrance closing just like how my previous self was. Was she still there, deep inside me? I wanted to ponder, but the witch came closer, her body swaying slightly and that drew my eyes away from the cage.
All my attention came back to her, and only her. “Are you still suggestible and just want to listen to me, my good girl?” She asked, her hands gently caressing my cheeks.
“Yesssss, m’m…” I moaned back, every part of me that got touched felt incredible. The pleasure went straight to my core, and I could feel myself growing even wetter, my body tightening up even more as I was getting ever closer to the peak I wished. “Feels… good.”
“Yes, just like that… you are doing so, so well. You are close, aren’t you?” The hands slowly moved downwards, making my neck shiver before she finally kneaded my breasts from over the shirt. Just playing with them, occasionally pinching the nipple and sending more jolts right into my clit. And yet I couldn’t come, no matter how much I pushed in my fingers, no matter how much I tried to play with myself. “Do you want to come, pet?”
I jerked at the sudden change of nicknames, and yet I could feel it coalescing in my mind. I love that so much, the thought of me being her pet… I shuddered again. “Y-yes!” I whimpered out, pressing my body against her, feeling the constant pressure within me growing bigger and bigger. I wasn’t even sure how I could stay sane like this, but I continued to let loose a few whines against her even so.
“When you come, all my commands, all my will is going to be permanent within you. You’ll be turned into this adorable, needy pet who will need someone like me to tell you what to do and think. Is that what you want?” She asked me with a condescending laugh, and yet those words merely ignited the flame within me ever hotter, making me moan in answer. “Mm, what a good pet. You are already thinking about it, aren’t you? How you will be if you are kneeling right in front of me…”
Another needy moan came out of me again, my body pressing against hers. The thought of being hers like that made me soak my panties even further. “Please, please…” I begged, feeling every part of myself like they were on fire. My body was continuously pulled to the edge, unable to reach the peak and yet still there. Still tight and primed to do it, but I couldn’t. Not unless she gave me permission.
“Tell me how much you want to come, show me how bad you want to become my silly pet. My blank pet that can only do what I told her to do.” She said, smiling predatorily down at me and making my core pulse further with need. “I can see your body flushing, the glazed look on your eyes… But you haven’t really told me how needy you are, hm?”
Not even feeling shameful, I grinded myself against her as I babbled, my mouth moving without much input from my brain. Not like I could really think anyway, she was the one holding my brain now. The one whose words I am thinking. “I’m so wet, Mistress, please… I need you, I ca—can’t think, so blank, empty except for you… please…”
“So you’ll become my pet, forever and ever? Do all my commands with pleasure and relish and obedience?”
I didn’t even think about it. “Yes, yes!”
“Then come.”
And I was completely, and utterly swamped by pleasure. My eyes saw red from the sheer intensity of it, screams coming out of my mouth as she—no, my Mistress held me and petted my hair as I moaned and drooled on her outfit. She didn’t care for it, merely cooing and whispering how good I am, telling how long she has been waiting for this… The many things she wished to do, just waiting for the perfect, blank pet to land on her lap. And I would be one for her. I just wanted to be good to her.
When the pleasure finally receded, I could only lean towards Mistress, eyes closed and yet feeling so safe and warm within Her hold.
“Let’s go back home, shall we?” She asked, but she didn’t wait for an answer before bringing me with her towards the cottage. Where I would serve her forever, as her beloved pet.

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