The Witch, The Whip, His Wife and Her Lover

Chapter 4

by Alan Smithee

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #pov:bottom #sub:female #D/s #f/f #f/m #sub:male #urban_fantasy

Senator Delacroix was standing outside the senate chambers trying to calm himself down as a headache pounded inside his skull. The state senate wasn’t in session for large portions of the year, and between sittings alliances were formed, plans were made and sometimes elections were held. This was the first major test of the current landscape. That would have been enough to make him nervous. Unfortunately this uncertainty was the least of his concerns.

Starting from the moment he woke up, the Red and the Blue had been whispering things to him. Smile at the people around you. You shouldn’t let anybody know that you’re worried, he’d thought. Sometimes it was so subtle he couldn’t even hear what they were saying, but he felt the Colours all the same. Adrienne hadn’t been home since the encounter in the hotel room, not that he expected her to be. She was with her now.

Just before it was time to leave home, the united front had started to fray. Don’t go to the chambers today. Go do something fun, he thought. Images of the kind of legs you’d die for clad in the sexiest Blue Lingerie conceivable flashed through his mind. The temptation to play hooky was overwhelming. He may have actually done that, but for a sudden Red thought barging into his mind. Head into the Senate today as planned. Jonathan was extremely confused. No, don’t go in at all, he thought. DO go in, leave immediately. It’ll be so much more fun this way.

The constant push and pull started physically hurting. Resisting his ensorcellment was extraordinarily difficult, but when the two desires in his mind were fighting over what to do, how was he supposed to obey? Fortunately, the fighting eventually started to die down, and he found himself driving towards the Senate chambers.

Making small talk with the troops out front was a pleasant if temporary distraction. He’d touched base with everyone over the preceding days and weeks, but now they were all filtering in to one location slowly.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got this in the bag,” Jonathan said confidently. He knew he should smile at the people around him, and he definitely wasn’t going to let anybody know that he was worried.

“In spite of your best efforts, it seems like we do,” replied Senator Blake, smiling but obviously still unhappy with him. “I’m just looking forward to putting this all behind us.”

“You and me both,” he said.


The chambers were full, including the public section, which he’d expected going in. This was a hot button issue, and people ranging from journalists to interested onlookers were packed in like sardines. Jonathan passed through security without incident, moved through and took his seat. The Lieutenant Governor opened with a prayer and commenced business for the day.

“There are a lot of members of the public in the building tonight, and so I’d like to remind you all that the rules governing public observation of Senate business are in effect and will be enforced. That includes no tolerance with respect to the waving of signs, as well as outbursts either in support or opposition to any business being conducted. We will now present the Religious Freedom Act, 2020 for consideration and voting,” said the Chair.

And so he did. Jonathan flicked through the documents in front of him, following along out of routine more than anything else. He was already familiar with it, and it wasn’t particularly long. Soon the debates began.

“… and for that reason, it is imperative that we pass this bill to protect the rights to free association and enterprise in this state,” said one of the older conservative senators. Jonathan nodded his head and clapped at the appropriate times, but was otherwise tuning most of this out.

His phone buzzed on the desk. A new message from Adrienne. His heart skipped a beat. He turned his phone upside down. He could not afford to go down that road again, not right now. You should look at the phone, he thought. It might be something important. He felt his hands moving of their own volition.

“We’re here. Left row at the back,” the message read. His eyes darted up to the area. Sure enough, just behind the seated area in the public section stood two visions of perfection. Adrienne to the right, waving and wearing a preposterously tight dress, and Raven to the left wearing a white tank top covered by a leather jacket. Raven blew him a kiss, and it was like being struck by lightning. He physically shivered in his seat. He forced himself to look back at the Senator who was currently speaking at length about the importance of equality.

An hour of debate later, the phone buzzed again. Jonathan resolved to ignore it. He started worrying that the people around him could notice him sweating and gently shaking. Just take a peek. It couldn’t hurt, he thought. Once again, it was accompanied by a flash of Red and the memory of those lips, those lips he craved more than anything else to see once more. The message contained a photo. He opened up the image, even as he realized what a huge mistake he was making. A high resolution photograph of his wife and his intern kissing passionately filled the screen. Oh my fucking god. His breathing was ragged. He pulled the phone close to him, suddenly aware that somebody else might be able to see the screen.

“This bill is a disgraceful piece of political theater, and my Republican colleagues are putting an indelible stain on the reputation of this senate by supporting it. I pray that at least some of you come to your senses,” said Senator Christine Summers. There was a low murmur of laughter coming from Jonathan’s side of the room in response to this. Senator Delacroix managed to regain enough focus to put his phone all the way into his pocket. Shortly afterwards, the Senate moved to hold a voice vote.

Voice voting was the mechanism by which most business was conducted, since the State senate rarely voted on such controversial matters. The Lieutenant Governor drew attention to himself. Jonathan felt almost paralyzed. You should just remain silent, he thought. You shouldn’t say anything.

“All those in support, please say aye,” the Lieutenant Governor announced.

Moving his mouth was difficult – extremely difficult. He could see flashes of blue and flashes of red. He struggled to speak. He managed to inch his mouth open slightly, and compelled himself to make a noise – any noise. “A- aye”, he whispered, too quietly for anybody to hear. There was a chorus of ayes around him, and he desperately hoped that nobody noticed his seemingly noncommittal response.

“All those opposed to the bill, please say nay.”

Now’s the time, speak up, He thought. He felt his mouth moving, but clenched it shut. He made a slight whimpering sound, and some of his peers turned to look at him. He went beet red. The nays echoed from across the other side. He closed his eyes.

“The motion is tied,” said the Lieutenant Governor.

“I would like to call for a recorded vote,” announced Senator Blake. This was about what Jonathan expected. Most of the Senate voiced their agreement with this proposal. Jonathan felt completely exhausted. He wasn’t sure he could resist any longer. The first round of voting had completely drained him. Would resisting even help? Giving in is so easy. You should just do as we say, he thought. What would this vote get for him anyway? A career, certainly. His entire future as a member of the party depended on this. But what was that in comparison to pleasing the Desires?

The dam burst. His mind was flooded with the intense memories he’d been trying to repress. The visual perfection of the Red Lips and the Cyan Lingerie. The relaxation of being able to just lay there, staring, and absorbing all of the wisdom they had to share. The sheer bliss of doing as he was told. Why would anybody even want to resist?

“Would all the Ayes please stand and allow yourself to be counted. The last fleeting vestige of resistance tried to push him to stand, but it was a hopeless endeavor. He remained seated. It took a few moments before his comrades noticed what was happening. The people around him stared in disbelief as the Lieutenant Governor marked down votes against the roll.

“What the fuck are you doing, Jonathan?” Blake shouted. More people noticed, and the floor devolved into a shouting match almost immediately. Jonathan could do nothing more than smile at him. He was lost in thoughts of servitude, of respecting women, of treating people well, of caring about the marganalized.

“Order,” the chair shouted, “Order!” The gavel could scarcely be heard, but eventually the room died down. There was still a low murmur of whispers coming from the senators and from the observers.

“Would the Nays please stand and be counted.” Jonathan’s smile never wavered. He felt blood rushing through his body and he grew hard as he stood up. The tentpole in his pants was undoubtedly visible to anybody who cared to look.

“The final count is: Seventeen votes Aye, Eighteen votes Nay,” the Lieutenant Governor announced. The room exploded in shouting voices once more.

His phone buzzed.

“Good boy. We’ll be in touch,” the message read.


Jonathan walked back into the office in a daze. He was so happy, so hard. What he’d done was just so fucking hot.

“Senator, you’re back earlier than I expected,” said Julie.

“Oh yes. It’s all over and done with now,” he replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“I take it that it went well?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “Better than I ever could have imagined. Have the others come back in yet?”

“No, not yet. Do you want me to let you know when they’re in?”

“Thanks Julie, that’d be great. You’re a star,” he said. She smiled.

Jonathan walked into his office, sat down. His career was over. His colleagues hated him. He just wiped out most of his friendship circle. He was going to be the most hated man among state conservatives. And he felt wonderful about it.

The intercom buzzed. He lit up.

“Senator Summers to see you, sir.”

“Send her in,” he said, trying to conceal the disappointment in his voice. She stepped through the door a moment later.

“Senator Delacroix, I have to say you are a man full of surprises.”

“I aim to please,” he said. She shut the door and walked closer to him.

“I still can’t fucking believe it, Jon. Political suicide. But you did the right thing.” Jonathan beamed. She’s right. You did the right thing, he thought in a lovely Blue hue.

“You’re so right, Senator. I just wish I’d seen it sooner,” he said, smiling. He could never remember being so contented.

“I… I misjudged you. Seriously,” she said, drawing closer to him. “I think your father would be proud.” She looked at him with something he’d never seen in her eyes before – desire. “I really just don’t know what to make of you.”

“I think you’re in good company. I’ll be in need of some new friends,” he said. The graveness of his situation still wasn’t doing anything to dampen his mood.

“I don’t know if I can help you politically,” she said. “But I think we can be friends,” she said, putting her arm on his. She paused, then her hand reached down. “I think I owe you quite a debt of gratitude, after all.”

“Ohhh,” he said. “Are you sure, Senator? You really don’t owe me anything.” She looked into his eyes incredulously.

“I’m quite sure,” she said. He grew rock hard. Affirming consent is so fucking hot, he thought.

“Oh god, that worked fast,” she said, laughing softly at his rapid response. “I guess you don’t mind me too much after all.” She smirked cheekily. They kissed. She took a momentary break to unbuckle his belt and started pulling his pants down. He returned in kind, dragging her pencil skirt down to the floor. The rest of the clothes soon followed.

“I certainly didn’t expect the day to end up like this,” she said, stroking his cock, then giving it a gentle kiss. “But I’m not unhappy about it.”

“Mmm, me neither,” he said. You should always reciprocate, he thought. He basked in the pleasure for a moment longer, then pulled Christine up from the ground and put her in the chair. He knelt down, leaned his face in and started going to town.

“Yeahhh, no, higher, ohhh oh yeahh, right there,” she moaned. Jonathan continued his ministrations for another few minutes, until he was satisfied that he’d reciprocated adequately. You should always practice safe sex, he thought. He went over to his desk and fished out a condom.

“Oh, allow me,” Christine said. She gently unfurled it along the length of his dick, then bent over his desk and guided him inside. “Mmmmm...”

Jonathan had never been harder in his life. Here he was, having done the right thing, and now practicing safe, explicitly affirmed consensual sex with a woman he respected. It was everything a man could ever want. The pair continued fucking for almost half an hour, with Jonathan exercising considerable discipline and ensuring that Christine came before he did.

They cleaned up quickly, and Christine gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“We’ll have to do this again some time,” she said.

Jonathan couldn’t fucking wait.

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