The Witch, The Whip, His Wife and Her Lover


by Alan Smithee

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #pov:bottom #sub:female #D/s #f/f #f/m #sub:male #urban_fantasy

Pet’s knees ached.

Mistress was late, but disobedience never once crossed her mind. She would wait on the floor until she was needed. Any pain Pet felt then was nothing compared to the pain of her absence. Soon enough, she heard the locks moving in the hotel door. Her heart leapt. The door opened, then closed.

“On your feet,” Mistress commanded. Pet moved without hesitation. Mistress embraced her kissed her passionately. She returned in kind. The embrace soon turned to lovemaking. Mistress ran her hand up and down Pet’s body. Pet felt uncomfortable being treated in this way – almost like an equal, like someone whose feelings deserved to be considered at all, but soon she was being swept up in the moment. She eventually found her way to Mistress’ pussy, and was back in her element – pleasuring her as best she could, even if that meant allowing Mistress to respond in kind.

As their passions subsided, Mistress rolled over on the bed and stroked Pet’s head.

“Now tell me, how has everything been going? Have you noticed any changes?” Mistress said.

“Yes Mistress,” she replied. “He’s been a lot kinder. There was an incident today, though. He cornered me in the house.”

“Did he try to force himself on you?”

“I think he might have been meaning to, Mistress, but he stopped at the last moment when I said no.”

“Hmmm,” Mistress said. She rolled onto her side. Pet immediately followed and started giving her a massage. “He shouldn’t have been able to even think those thoughts by now. If he – oh, yes that’s nice – if he’s showing signs of resisting, hmmm… What do you think?”

“What would you like me to think, Mistress?”

“I don’t think we can afford to take any chances. Have you been practicing your incantations, Pet?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, good. Tell me then – what would your approach be?” Mistress said. Pet thought for several long moments. Being prompt was important, but being correct was far more so.

“Draw out another desire, Mistress. Two voices will be so much more powerful than one.”

Mistress looked her straight in the eyes and smiled.

“And so it shall be.”

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