Trance Dispenser

by ellaenchanting

Tags: #consensual_kink #f/f #pov:bottom #real_life_hypnosis #realistic #romantic

Prompt from @sex-obsessed-lesbian : “trancing someone as a submissive act (/being tranced as a dominant one).”

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Her eyes opened and she suddenly came back to herself. 

She felt awake.

She knew she wasn’t.

She and Danni had played long enough that Mia recognized the fuzzy, trancy feeling around her thoughts- the sense that they weren’t quite all connecting yet and wouldn’t for a while. She sensed things in her brain- suggestions, instructions, ideas- that she wasn’t allowed to know at this point.

Accept,  a stray thought reminded her. Danni’s lingering suggestions were in her mind- Mia could almost hear her compelling voice. You don’t have to be in charge right now.  Just trust what happens.

Mia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She noticed she was kneeling and took a moment to let herself fall into all of the ideas that Danni had  anchored into this position for her. Submission. Obedience. Trust. Focus on the Moment. 

Mia relaxed even further into her submissive headspace.  When she felt that she was ready to begin, she opened her eyes.

As her awareness gently expanded beyond herself, she noticed Danni (Ma’am, her brain gently insisted) was sitting on the bed looking down at her. A wry, expectant, slightly smug look was on her face. 

Mia loved that look.

“Well?” said Danni, her eyebrow arching.

Mia took another deep breath. She waited for her thoughts to connect with whatever she was supposed to do next

but before they could- 

it all started on its’ own.

Mia’s mouth opened and words began to come out. “Go ahead and lie back. Get comfortable”

As Danni complied, Mia noticed the shifting and settling of Danni’s body. She felt herself say “That’s right. That’s good, Ma’am” thoughtlessly. Her voice continued- “Now pick a spot on the ceiling a little above your head...”

Mia’s patter flowed from her, pouring out of her mouth in gentle, soothing tones. She herself felt oddly distant from the induction her mouth was speaking. It was a strange sensation- her mouth and the rest of her being so seperate. (”Eyes heavier and heavier,” she heard herself say.) Mia had been hypnotizing people for years- she knew her mouth could sometimes run on autopilot when hypnotizing someone- but this was different. Even in the hypnotist’s trances she experienced when putting someone under, she usually had a part of her in the background planning her next move. (”That’s perfect, ma’am, noticing how good it feels to have those eyes finally close.”)  This? This was so quiet.  (”Letting that relaxation move through your face”) She was so hyperfixated on Danni, not worrying about what would  come next or choosing what words to say. Not even keeping track of what she was saying. The second she observed something, her mouth would just address it (”Good ma’am, let that little shift of your shoulders help you relax even deeper”). She could focus on just making Danni feel good. 

Make Danni feel good. The thought repeated through her head and she shivered at the command. She was just so happy to do that.  She wanted Danni  to feel fucking amazing. She wanted to worship her with her words. 

(”And you can just let that warm light travel down your neck, relaxing every muscle”) Mia distantly noticed her mouth had launched into a progressive muscle relaxation- her personal least favorite method. An odd choice. The words continued anyway despite that, moving the light to Danni’s neck. (”Relaxing every tendon..”) 

And then she heard it.

The softest, sweetest little moan escaped from Danni’s hypnotized lips. Her eyes rolled back under her lids. It looked almost like she was reacting to a caress.

It was the sexiest reaction. 

Mia needed it to happen again.

(”That’s right, ma’am, completely enjoying it, getting lost in how good it feels”)

Mia had known Danni got off on being hypnotized but- they had never slowed down the induction enough for her to understand just how much. Danni was clearly turned on even by the relaxation itself, the slow feeling of succumbing to trance. (”It feels amazing to let yourself fall like this, slowly succumbing more and more to my voice” she felt herself say.) 

As Mia’s words moved down Danni’s body, her little reactions became more and more obvious- moans louder, hips shifting just slightly- aroused by suggestions just designed to take her deeper. Mia was using more and more words and phrases on Danni that were uncharacteristic of her as a hypnotist  and- that part was hot too. She imagined herself deeply hypnotized earlier, mindlessly absorbing instructions while Danni programmed her with all the little words and phrases and tricks to make herself feel good. It was like Mia had become an instrument of Danni’s own hypnotic pleasure. Her good, programmed sex toy.

(”And I know that this relaxation turns you on. So much. And it’s OK here to feel that too.”) As Mia’s thoughts got hotter, her words got hotter. She began to realize how much she wanted Danni’s pleasure. She NEEDED Danni’s pleasure. She needed her to feel good- just as good as Mia could possibly make her feel.  (”Growing and growing, more and more”)

Danni looked so lost now, mouth open and body squirming. Focused on Mia’s words. Her fingers twitched, clearly wanting to move.

“And when it gets SOO overpowering that you can’t help it, SOO strong that you just need to give in, you can touch yourself,” Mia heard herself say.

Danni reacted instantly. One hand went immediately to her pussy while the other starting rubbing and squeezing her breast. She practically came off the bed as she fucked herself so hard into that first touch.

‘God you’re so hot,” Mia heard herself say in response.

She was. 

She felt the urgent need to touch Danni with her hand, her mouth. Anything. The smell of Danni, the sound of her rubbing her wet pussy was just too much for Mia to take.  Suddenly aware of her kneeling body again, she tried to move off her knees and.



Mia moaned in frustration as she tried to gather up all of her will to get closer.


No. She couldn’t move. 

Even lost in pleasure like this, Danni was still in control of her.

It got Mia even hotter. 

She found her frustration redirected, neediness echoing through her head and her words. “Please, ma’am, please please touch yourself faster. Please make yourself feel so good please please”

Danni made a high pitched moan in response. Mia was in awe of how incredibly sexy she was right now. She needed Danni’s blissed out abandon more than she could remember needing anything. Mia couldn’t fuck her with her hands or mouth right now, though. Danni had seen to that. So Mia needed to fuck her with her words.

“Please ma’am rub yourself deeper for me get yourself off I need to see it I need you to feel it more and more intense and better please please please”

The words became a jumble- instruction and pleading and worship and descriptions of how hot Danni was like this. Mia didn’t filter, couldn’t filter. Couldn’t move. She was just as overwhelmed as Danni was, mesmerized by the sight of her fingers rubbing her cunt, getting her off faster and faster to Mia’s encouragement.

Danni’s moans got higher and louder. Mia knew those moans. They meant she was close.

Mia needed to push her over the edge.

“Please ma’am you’re so hot it feels so good you go deeper as it grows and gets stronger and all you are is pleasure all you need is pleasure more and more and building. So close to the edge. So close to coming for me.”

At Danni’s loud gasp, Mia knew it was happening. She gave a last push.

“Cum for me ma’am, please please I want to see it want to see it take you please please cum please”

Mia’s words continued but she couldn't even hear herself over Danni’s last, lost moan. Danni’s body went entirely stiff and still for a moment, then 

- the wave of orgasm crashed through and took her. 

Mia’s mind was stuck in awe at the sight- even as her mouth kept up its’ own constant mindless stream of praise and worship. 

Mia could not have told you how long this moment lasted. It felt endless. She herself was just too gone.

Eventually, though, she heard her voice return to more soothing tones, telling Danni she had done well. That she could relax. That she could stay in the afterglow as long as she needed.

Then Mia drifted. For a while. Just there. Letting it all happen. 

Slowly, she heard her voice starting to count herself up, moving towards more and more wakefulness with every number. At 10, she opened her eyes.

She realized she had pins and needles in her knees. She quickly moved out of her kneeling position and started stretching her legs.

Mia looked over at the bed at Danni, who had a huge satisfied smile on her face. She seemed to be slowly coming back to wakefulness as well. When she did, she scooted over in the bed and opened up room next to her under the covers. 

‘Come here,” she said, adoringly.

Mia fell into her arms - nuzzling herself into the cuddle. Mia’s words, that had been so naturally flowing out of her mouth before, had stopped and she found herself just wanting to be held. Danni began praising her as she pet her hair, talking about how hot that scene  was and how well Mia did and thanking her for fulfilling one of Danni’s long-held fantasies.

They would talk more later- about what this would mean (if anything) and how things might look in their future. But right now, it was ok for Mia to just be here. OK to know that she had done a good job. OK for her to feel warm and happy and held and loved. 

Thank you for reading! I love comments so please feel free to tell me what you thought. 


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